NDP Preview 2015!

This is probably gonna be the NDP preview with the least photos taken these 5 years! Haha! Started the day with a good brunch again but this time round with the trainers and selected group leaders (:
 photo 20150801_115850_zpsycgwrsqj.jpg

Read somewhere about this $8 Godiva ice-cream and it was said to be a must-try, so I was totally tempted by it even before the brunch! Hahaha! And despite being super full after the Papparich meal, I insisted on giving it a try and omgwtfbbq~ It was indeed super nice!!! Super chocolatey and I am drooling just thinking of it right now! ❤_❤
 photo 20150801_124139_zpsmhnlsskx.jpg

Off for NDP and I was actually supposed to reach early for an interview, but it’s okay because I got the lovebirds to do it first! 😀 I am not a fan of being on cameras (except for photos :P) but because it was a favour from a friend at work, I agreed to it and helped to look for a few other interviewees too~ It’s for cable TV anyway so I doubt many will see it! xD
 photo IMG-20150801-WA0014_zpslbvqsv0d.jpg

Anyhow, the interview was about passion for NDP, so I don’t mind sharing it too. Though I still think I belong more to behind the camera -.- So awkward to be in front of it! Thankfully it wasn’t a talk-straight-into-the-camera kind of interview, but more of a chit-chatting session with the nice director, who is also coincidentally my Deyi senior from batches before me! Hehe!

 photo 20150801_141911_zpsfk4uox9i.jpg

Anyone seen sleep-dancing before??? xD

Had a short but good practice under the hot sun again and it definitely paid off! Off to Suntec and I was busy with the second part of the interview, so no time for photos~ Only managed to take this group photo as requested by the director! Haha!
 photo 20150801_183026_zpswn0lwzsf.jpg

 photo 20150801_185014_zpsiipm0var.jpg

Beautiful sky on the way to Padang!

I think the performance went pretty well again as compared to the disappointing one the previous week~ Knew the practice gonna pay off for sure! 😀

 photo IMG-20150803-WA0016_zpsgudiprxq.jpg

With Ah Lyn!

 photo IMG-20150803-WA0014_zps4em7m83d.jpg

Majulah Singapura!

 photo IMG-20150803-WA0017_zpsaioaf5qb.jpg

Someone’s replaced due to overwhelming popularity 😛

 photo 11822656_936475623062507_4451396549143255798_n_zpstzq6bouw.jpg

With members from our group! 😀

 photo IMG-20150803-WA0009_zpscfohse38.jpg

Another shot with our nice aunties!

 photo IMG-20150802-WA0003_zpscblypazi.jpg

Finally a shot with the busy man!

 photo IMG-20150803-WA0019_zps4rmcdpzq.jpg

The annual Mei & Kor shot

 photo 20150801_203609_zpsdami81ny.jpg

Group 2A, HURRAY~!

And finally a proper shot with le bee!!! The army guys were pushing it off and I was like walking along with it, dying to take a photo with it! Hahaha! Die die must take! 😛
 photo 20150801_204324_zpsgxcafuqc.jpg

Winebos again after the show but no pictures because we were only there to finish up our last bottle~ Gonna miss the sofa and their cheesy pizza!!!


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