NDP long weekend!

The week just before the big day was spent running all the last-minute errands for the upcoming trip! 忙完了, time for a good meal~! 😀
 photo 20150803_203412_zpsicrj2yhs.jpg

I actually wasn’t very hungry but after looking at the menu, the dishes all look so yummy and I was starting to get hungry! Hahaha! Especially the chilli crab photo and this sambal fish!!! OMG~ Super nice and I can give up on my stingray for this xD
 photo 20150803_203334_zpsmct79gkr.jpg

Tofu golden pillow that is also very nice but can get gelat because each piece is quite big~
 photo 20150803_203356_zpsoho2iche.jpg

Chanced upon Chapter 55 while roaming around and I had been wanting to try ever since one of the APs recommended me their durian ice-cream. Was kinda full to eat but I don’t know when will I have the chance to come by again so decided to squeeze it down nevertheless! Haha!
 photo 20150803_215108_zpsrhvdzmih.jpg

 photo 20150803_215119_zpsx2zkc6io.jpg


Had our very very last practice for the year because we are not gonna have any more practice on the actual day~ It was the last opportunity to really touch up everything and our last chance to nag and remind the participants because there were still people who forget dance steps and etc and it’s very worrying D:

Got a bit frustrated when I was trying to explain to everyone what 老师 wants but nobody believed me (even my partner) probably because I am the most junior one. I was very confident that I understood correctly because I was the one who did that part of the formation and I knew who is the first person and who is not. So it was really infuriating when you’re the only person who understood correctly and hence everyone doubted you just because they understood it the other way! ARGH.

 photo IMG_20150804_210908_zpss75fc0qf.jpg

The last lap!

Was given a choice again but this time it was Holland Village VS Dempsey and even though both are places that I miss, I chose the latter without much hesitation because it’s been eons since I last went to Dempsey!!! I didn’t even realise it’s been almost 3 years!

So much changes here and there and the same bar is no longer around 😦 But still delighted to be able to visit again! Hehe! Settled in Harry’s for some Sunset Paradise and Bellini! Realised I did not take photo of the food, probably too hungry x.x
 photo 20150805_194951_zpsc18yzs1f.jpg

 photo 20150805_195817_zps9zy06yif.jpg

Favourite coaster again! 😀

 photo 20150806_103704_zpsvkijdfvp.jpg

Alcoholic boss O.O

 photo 20150806_134644_zpsdk9rze1e.jpg

Super yummy Tom Yum noodle recommended by colleague!!!

Thursday night was spent with Kumar, as in the comedian! Because I was sad to miss the Kumar show in Hard Rock, so when I got to know that he’s gonna be performing in Hougang for some Arts festival thingy, I was dying to go! Free some more, so I dragged buddy and Shrine along 😛
 photo 20150806_195815_zpsnej9fnq7.jpg

The show involves many other characters and they definitely won’t as funny as Kumar, sad to say, so it would have been a whole lot better if it was just him. Never love hearing someone talk for hours so much…hahaha! He never fails to crack me up! 😀
 photo 20150806_200636_zpsxthtjci8.jpg

Then came the long weekend~ An extra long one for me ((:
Spent the first day preparing my annual cookies for the NDPeeps, and this time round, for my 45 group members as well! Could already imagine taking up the whole day to finish, so I didn’t dare to even step out~ Thank goodness I invested on 1 more baking tray to double the productivity! Haha!

 photo 20150807_151159_zpsia4mqnus.jpg

Chocolate chip butter cookies again!

 photo 20150807_151203_zpsj6cveiue.jpg

Batch after batch~

 photo 20150809_005546_zpso7guls1h.jpg

Baked with love; packed with thanks ((:

A Saturday with no NDP felt weird~ But at least the weekly brunch still stays! Had a light one this time because I had Gui’s birthday celebration after that!

 photo 20150808_093625_zpsii71imps.jpg

Current favourite carrot cake 😀

 photo 20150808_112930_zpszui7cuxu.jpg

Finally having my First Love again!!!!!!!! ❤

 photo 20150808_120319_zpsrssqfgjl.jpg

Mochi face!

Off to meet the Clique at Square @ Furama for our buffet lunch and no pictures because we were all busy eating~ Then the guys decided to play the escape room game again and this time round we tried BreakOut and man, it was tough!!!

We chose the magician-themed room and instead of breaking from 1 room to another, we kinda only had 1 room with ALL the clues inside that can get us out. That makes us have to split into groups amongst ourselves to solve different puzzles, but yet that caused a communication breakdown because we wouldn’t know what we are solving may actually be the clue that the other group is looking for! =O

Managed to solve a few puzzles but most of the time I was pretty lost, running among different puzzles trying to help out~ We spent the last bit of time trying to solve the 2 puzzles from these 2 diaries and we were totally outsmarted by geographical knowledge and creativity – the ability to think out of the box!

Had to ask for help in the end and I think we wouldn’t have been able to solve the alphabetical one even if we had solved the map one. Seriously tough and I can’t believe there’s someone who managed to escape successfully within the time limit! We missed it by a few minutes even with help, but only ONE group managed to complete the mission so far so I guess it was really just too challenging.


Mission failed but still must take group photo!


And as long as I get to take with him! 😛

 photo 20150808_230208_zpsz5krmkt6.jpg

Gifts from Hong Kong! 😀


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