Virgin Bali Trip! ❤

Flew right after the big day because I can finally afford to travel since NDP is over!!! Couldn’t wait to have a getaway trip after these busy 4 months! Just wanna really chill and relax for this trip so there was no itinerary planned at all. And most of the time it was lazing around in cui mode so not many photos taken as well, except for photos of the pretty villa and beach! (:

Was damn damn damn worried that this trip wouldn’t go well due to the volcano ash clouds and all. Many flights were still being cancelled the day before! So when I arrived at the airport and realised that our flight has been delayed by 30 minutes, I was so damn scared that it will eventually be cancelled x.x

I even asked the counter staff if it’s due to the ash cloud but thankfully, she laughed and said no…hahaha! Phew~! I really didn’t wanna miss this trip because it’s somewhere I have been wanting to go!

 photo 20150810_083513_zpszfygdvzx.jpg

Boarding time~ ((:

But the worry only really ended when I finally landed, because the plane could make a U-turn anytime if the ash cloud situation is bad, which happened before! So damn relieved that everything went smooth and I had a good short nap in the flight! 😀

Went to get alcohol first from their duty-free place and surprisingly, it was quite expensive -.- We later learned that the bottle we got is selling much cheaper in their supermarket! Lesson learned: DO NOT buy from their duty-free!!!

It wasn’t easy finding our driver because there were so many hotel pick-ups holding the boards and I had to scan through that big crowd to find my name! Thanks to the mighty brown eyes, we found our nice driver and had a 30-minute ride to the villa~
 photo 20150813_110440_zpsucxqzwsc.jpg
 photo 20150813_110416_zpsc1cx8ugp.jpg

Was really excited for this trip because the villa was recommended by Yinning and the pictures look really nice! And it was indeed like heaven enough for me, which is why there weren’t much activities for these few days because the villa was simply damn comfy!
 photo 20150810_141353_zpscscggzct.jpg

 photo 20150810_141407_zpsl3pqdlyj.jpg

Big and comfy bed! What else do you need~

 photo 20150810_141414_zpswxdaqxvp.jpg

Love the swan towel that I kept spamming photos of them! Hahaha!

 photo 20150810_141527_zps0jhdl7hf.jpg

Spacious bathroom!

 photo 20150810_141438_zpsfritj7fi.jpg

With bathtub ❤

 photo 20150810_141451_zpsxmiqp04d.jpg

And clean shower suite!

 photo 20150810_141538_zps6lyjja78.jpg

Miss shit-watching 😛

Of course there’s TV and all but I just realised I did not take a panoramic view of the interior! I only took one of the exterior and now you know why I said it’s a heaven~
 photo 20150811_100132_zpst3ceyqym.jpg

 photo 20150811_100054_zpsqmiuiwiq.jpg

Spacious living room!

 photo 20150811_100106_zpsgp0yvpjx.jpg

And best of all, a private pool!!!

So most of the time was basically spent in the villa watching TV, soaking in bathtub, swimming (though only managed to do it once), going for the villa’s massage, napping and etc because it’s just way too comfy~ So much that I am starting to miss the place already! x.x

Finally stepped out in the evening to look for food and I am glad that my research came useful! Anyway food are easily located within like 7-10 minutes walk so it’s super convenient!
 photo 20150810_194519_zps1hmdv6o8.jpg

 photo 20150810_191208_zps70bn2ksz.jpg

Nasi Goreng!

 photo 20150810_191139_zpsanphs6be.jpg

Portobello Mushroom Burger! 😀

Went to explore the area and chanced upon a few interesting bars, like this stairs one! A pity the villa stole a large part of our time and hearts that we didn’t get to check it out…hahaha!
 photo 20150810_203815_zpsmcqfpmmu.jpg

Back to the villa for a nice soak and a good rest!
 photo 20150810_221346_zpst3aignko.jpg

The amazing thing about the villa is that I hardly fall asleep so easily on a “foreign bed“, which means I usually take a while to fall asleep when I am overseas but it wasn’t the case here! I had pretty good sleep every night somehow! (((:

Rise and shine for breakfast provided by the villa! ^^
 photo 20150811_101653_zpsbjnevfai.jpg

Custom-made glass noodle which I actually love! But the portion was a bit small x.x
 photo 20150811_101645_zpsmohrkuuy.jpg

There’s actually like a farm just opposite the villa and the animals are all not fenced up! So amazed and happy to see carefree animals!
 photo 20150812_094137_zpswxwy08rv.jpg

Went back for a short swim to help digest a little before going for the massage within the villa and I was pretty looking forward to it! Needed a good one but too bad I got the twin sister masseur that wasn’t as good~ It was still a relaxing 90 minutes that I even fell asleep for a while! Haha! I seldom fall asleep during massage xD

Back to the villa to nua and we decided to head out slightly earlier this time so that there’s more time to explore and to check out the beach! 😀 The beach is just like 15-20 minutes walk away but it was a bit hot so I was craving for ice-creammmmmmm! Hahaha! My favourite caramel biscuit flavour for Häagen-Dazs!
 photo 20150811_161555_zpspcfnvrha.jpg

Chanced upon another interesting-looking bar (:
 photo 20150811_163941_zpsbmtmkjtq.jpg

Finally arrived at the beach!!! ❤
 photo 20150811_164529_zpseaotvoro.jpg

Okay, I must admit that when I first arrived at Bali, I was a little disappointed that it looks more like Batam than the Bali that I had imagined. Of course I love the villa and all, but I had always imagined Bali to be a more atas part of Indonesia with a bit more resemblance to Redang. In the end, the streets and traffic really reminds me of Batam and I couldn’t find that mini Hawaiian element that I had imagined~

BUT! Not till I finally visited the beach! 😀 The Petitenget beach in comparison with Batam is really 一个天一个地 and I finally see the part of Bali that I have imagined! Hehe!
 photo 20150811_164501_zpsoi9nbuxv.jpg
 photo 20150811_171118_zpshbkwnwyh.jpg

 photo 20150811_164832_zpsb7vvypqj.jpg

Really, really love going to the beach!!!!!!!!!!!

 photo 20150811_165356_zpslz7danps.jpg

Kampong feel~

 photo 20150811_165249_zpsiedsuzm4.jpg

Nice colours (:

I know Bali is also popular for its water sports but I’m not really a water sports kind of person and like I said, the main motive of this trip is just to chill! Haha!
 photo 20150811_170044_zpsgk6zvnzc.jpg

 photo 20150811_174153_zps7jebsov7.jpg

In love with the sandy beach~

And love having the water washing over my feet (:

 photo 20150811_170723_zpsmlda9jwq.jpg

Footprints (((:

 photo 20150811_170603_zpsvco3a3ub.jpg

Waiting for sunset!

 photo 20150811_181438_zpsdogaegcs.jpg

Selfie #3982749829

 photo 20150811_170829_zps0hprsqgq.jpg

Kinda like this “stream”~

 photo 20150811_170834_zpsl3jlfw5i.jpg

Isn’t it a beautiful beach?!

 photo 20150811_171028_zpsnbfkybp8.jpg

Beach girl! xD
Just lack the bikini~

 photo 20150811_171655_3_bestshot_zpskxikn53w.jpg

Jump shots! 😀

 photo 20150811_171420_zpsklpbio1w.jpg


 photo 20150811_173220_zpsyvif6bsi.jpg

The wind has messed up my specially-blown hair x.x

 photo 20150811_172814_zpsmhvysatx.jpg

Sun setting!

 photo 20150811_172606_zpswn9kx1de.jpg

Emo shot

 photo 20150811_172628_zpsemjfowrx.jpg

Trying-to-look-candid shot

 photo 20150811_172916_zpsawl1vd5s.jpg

Sunshine ❤

 photo 20150811_173300_zpsyr0gchsj.jpg

Favourite shot! 😀

They said watching sunset in Bali is a must, so I am glad that my wish is being fulfilled despite the heat, the sand, the dirt and all ((((((:
 photo 20150811_174211_zpspkcof8wz.jpg

 photo 20150811_175415_zpsuzue0kva.jpg

Can’t love this egg yolk more~ And watching it diminish gives this warmth feeling in the heart somehow ❤
 photo 20150811_180518_zpssgplnnlb.jpg
 photo 20150811_180723_zpsn5l2e1jd.jpg
 photo 20150811_181021_zpsfoyjbgpq.jpg
 photo 20150811_181054_zps5iwv6ndr.jpg
 photo 20150811_181104_zps60lcuwh7.jpg
 photo 20150811_181129_zpsiubs0jql.jpg
 photo 20150811_181209_zpsmlrlrlay.jpg
 photo 20150811_181147_zpsnaovpevl.jpg

Chanced upon a gelato shop and there’s always no reason to resist a second serving of ice-cream! Hehe!
 photo 20150811_182948_zps6csv9e6g.jpg

Off to the famous Potato Head which every friend kinda raved about when recommending me to places in Bali!
 photo 20150811_212117_zpsdt0wflec.jpg

Didn’t take us too long to find our way from the beach because I have a walking street directory~ Felt like a mystic place initially with security check for vehicles and all…
 photo 20150811_211854_zps4ugxdslq.jpg

It’s actually a pretty cool chilling place by the pool that is very popular amongst the angmohs!
 photo 20150811_211445_zps6zbsig4o.jpg
 photo 20150811_190127_zpsmqbdak7k.jpg

Actually the whole Seminyak area is mainly for bars, Caucasians, night lives and all, and Potato Head is just one of the cooler places because where else do you get to lie on sunbeds to chill?!
 photo 20150811_210125_zps0y1sh6ej.jpg

 photo 20150811_190253_zpssd1nm8fz.jpg


 photo 20150811_190100_zpsuxdkib1m.jpg

By the pool

So glad that I managed to check out this place! Because they said if you have not been to Potato Head, then you have not been to Bali before~ Haha!
 photo 20150811_190303_zpsi76gs353.jpg

There’s a minimum spending of S$50 for each table but that’s still not too ridiculous. Although the drinks are slightly more expensive than other places, it’s still cheaper than Singapore! So it only took like 3 drinks + some food to hit the amount~
 photo 20150811_193117_zpsalfdxnhy.jpg
 photo 20150811_194433_zpsd6yhdqkx.jpg
 photo 20150811_191614_zpsjlkiftfe.jpg

 photo 20150811_203300_zps4m5kktbo.jpg

Third drink that got us BERRY full!

 photo 20150811_214855_zpskg7da255.jpg

Villa lounge at night

 photo 20150811_230715_zpsulrxmi6f.jpg

Back for more alcohol! xD

 photo 20150811_230615_zpsizfse5mb.jpg

Soaking in bathtub while drinking (:

It was supposed to be a get-drunk night but the Potato Head session got us too full to do so! Hahaha! It would end up as more of a puking night~

 photo 20150812_092222_zpsdubfs67d.jpg

Day 3 breakfast! 😀

 photo 20150812_092210_zpsvpwhzvbj.jpg

The same glass noodle but bigger portion! Hehe!

Back to room to nua again before heading for another 90-minute massage! Felt like a millionaire there so we were quite generous with the massage…hahaha! Mine was in fact 150 minutes because there was this “Buy 2 Get 1 Free” promotion going on so I decided to do 2 in a day!

Took the package for neck, shoulders and back because those are the areas that I needed more focus on, but in the end it turned out more like a 90-minute stroking cum nail-scratching session -_- Thankfully the second 60-minute massage was really good!!!

Headed out in the late afternoon again to explore the other side of our area~ Blending in like a kampong girl because I tied up my messy hair…hahaha! Definitely not a photo day 😛
 photo 20150812_174348_zpsfycbyhva.jpg

Chanced upon the beach again and I was given another chance to catch the beautiful egg yolk! (((((:
 photo 20150812_175128_zps7vvno3as.jpg
 photo 20150812_175849_zpsr0c4oin0.jpg

Even has got horses at the beach this time! =O
 photo 20150812_175356_zpsi2noovox.jpg

 photo 20150812_180050_zpspiyro8dh.jpg

In love with the sunset!

 photo 20150812_180154_zpsap4tjrjk.jpg

Was having this sudden craving for chocolate lava cake and although I know it’s quite impossible to find it in Bali, I am still happy for the effort in trying to satisfying my craving…hehe! Found something close, but still can’t satisfy 100% of my craving xD
 photo 20150812_182450_zpsiciovugq.jpg

 photo 20150812_182436_zpsiw7yvgri.jpg

Yummy chocolate cake! 😀

And then a few more steps down the road, guess what? We actually spotted a french pastry shop!!! French makes the possibility of a lava cake higher and indeed! THEY HAVE LAVA CAKE!!!
 photo 20150812_183142_zpsphqblgaz.jpg

Never thought my little whine would be taken seriously and let alone made possible, which only makes this lava cake mean a lot more to me ❤ Mission-impossible accomplished!
 photo 20150812_183313_zpszrxs1cik.jpg

 photo 20150812_183124_zpswgjd70uh.jpg

2 cakes in a day! Hehe! YUMS~!!!

Back to the villa again to enjoy the very last night with in-house cocktails promotion! Each glass is already like half the price of Singapore and yet they are having Buy 2 Get 1 Free promotion as well which makes it even cheaper! And not to mention, although the price is half or even 1/3 of SG, the amount of alcohol is double! Gonna miss these dirt cheap cocktails x.x
 photo 20150812_210053_zpsi6wplq8p.jpg

 photo 20150813_092036_zpslmwwkpid.jpg

Last breakfast before checking out 😦

 photo 20150813_101953_zpscm0vyvkd.jpg

Clearing up the alcohol!

 photo 20150813_110547_zpsr9r320k7.jpg

4D3N passed real fast~

 photo 20150813_110452_zpsite8eq2h.jpg

Goodbye my friends!!!

 photo 20150813_165015_zpsiixhqm8v.jpg

Back to SG!

Finally caught a glimpse of the rainbow!!!!!!!!!!!
 photo 20150813_183326_zpsqgm38hjp.jpg

 photo 20150813_183337_zpsjqm8xulo.jpg

Rainbow with Rainbow (:

 photo 20150813_183203_zpsusasi472.jpg

A blessing in disguise, I hope.

It was indeed a nice getaway after these busy months and although it wasn’t a perfect one, I am really happy to have this trip. After all, it’s a very belated birthday wish come true ((:

I will be back, Bali!


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