Post-Holiday Mode

Went back to work on a Friday; how sad can it be right~ Totally still in my Bali mood! T.T

 photo 20150814_201408_zpshycvqtib.jpg

Mao Shan Wang treat from MBW!

Because it was a promise made over Instagram some time ago..whahaha! 君子一言, 驷马难追! *thumbs up!* And the lucky Jenelle also shared the luck of having some good durians~
 photo 20150814_201643_zpsfimlkfyq.jpg

Explored Whampoa after that and MBW brought us for some good 鱼头炉! The soup is really damn niceeeeeee!!!
 photo 20150814_212353_zpsbe4ybkti.jpg

Off to Sis’s house to help babysit the little monster so that Sis and Vic can finally go out for their midnight movie date! Such a joy waking up to see the surprised-turning-into-cheeky smile on his face whenever he sees me xD

 photo 20150815_080439_zps99huvfhr.jpg

The yellow banana watching his silly shows in his majestic chair (:

Saturday brunch was made up of 2 parts again, starting with a carrot cake breakfast~ Then off for a walk at Hort Park to digest while waiting for the lunch stall to open 😀
 photo 20150815_112503_zpswugwlpbi.jpg

 photo 20150815_112715_zps6qn5moso.jpg

Pretty garden (:

 photo 20150815_111804_zps4mct5rnr.jpg

Pretty flowers bloom for you and me ❤

Spotted a pretty pink dragonfly!!!
 photo 20150815_113259_zps0dktoclg.jpg

 photo 20150815_113434_zpsvxu5xxja.jpg

Makes me miss photography outings back in school~

 photo 20150815_113459_zpsfxni0mzv.jpg


 photo 20150815_115641_zpsravwf5m3.jpg

While waiting for toilet 王

Off for my long-awaited favourite 鱼片米粉 lunch, but sadly the stall was closed (again)! Seriously not fated with it –CRY!!!

But at least I had a satisfying and shiok 酸辣汤 for lunch! 😀 Love it!
 photo 20150815_125450_zps1q7q3npu.jpg

Had my first reunion with the residents after my long annual NDP hiatus as they needed volunteers for the Discovery Centre outing~ In the end the resident that I was in-charge of did not come, so I was rather free (and bored); I didn’t know Discovery Centre is so boring! =X

 photo 20150815_170203_zpskzw1jodq.jpg

Missing NDP already~

 photo 20150825_183949_zpslsaqjsqy.jpg

Sweetness from le resident again! 😀

Headed down to Geylang to meet the NDPeeps for DURIAN againnnnn…haha~
 photo IMG-20150816-WA0017_zpss6mnaxam.jpg

 photo IMG-20150816-WA0013_zpsxkfhvuu2.jpg

Bargained for a long time~

 photo IMG-20150816-WA0016_zpsmzzrortt.jpg


 photo IMG-20150816-WA0015_zpsurycxfg0.jpg

Happy NDPeeps (:

I wasn’t in the group photo because it was taken when I was still loitering around the ‘dirty‘ streets, finding my way~ I didn’t even know I was on the wrong side – the real red light district side! All look the same to me -.-”

Sunday was Chienny’s birthday outing day and she was craving for something spicy, so we decided to check out Boneless Kitchen! A pity the food all turned out to be not spicy at all~

 photo 20150816_141859_zpstise7v73.jpg

Kimchi fries with little elements of kimchi

But still like my army stew because of the cheesy flavour! 😀 Added some chilli powder and it was much better! *YUMS!*
 photo 20150816_141650_zpssavwnzga.jpg

 photo 20150816_141806_zpsy5e29dh9.jpg

VJC Korean Day ❤

No plans for the day and we ended up walking from Raffles City to Orchard Central because Joanjoan and I were craving for Lady M but we were too full! Haha! Poor Chienny was melting under the hot sun with us even though she doesn’t like cakes =/

 photo IMG_20150816_173200_zps6d772r3f.jpg

Craving satisfied!!!!!!!

 photo 20150817_140246_zps9illi7ba.jpg

好久不见 (:

 photo 20150817_201319_zpsar8vdkea.jpg

Andersen’s family fondue with loves! 😀

And it was a night full of laughter due to some hairy mole fetish! LOL. Okay it all started with me trying to mimick Lyn’s prominent mole on her arm…

But I didn’t ask for a hairy mole!!! ROFL.


Kanna forced for hair implant~

 photo 20150817_204544_zps7chuckic.jpg

After implantation! (Damn disgusting…LOL)

And as the fetish increases, the hair donation increased from 1 to 3! xD
 photo 20150817_204729_zpsixvtw6ig.jpg

The long-lost hairy mole sisters! Seriously laughed till stomach cramp and I am so glad that Lyn managed to capture videos of the funny moments and expressions!!! HAHAHA!
 photo 20150817_205010_zpsrijht8zr.jpg

Went to my “secret hiding place” after that and I had not been there for yearssss~
 photo 20150817_214814_zpsvnfmawwv.jpg

Used to sit here and just chill while enjoying the beautiful night scene (:
 photo 20150817_214728_zpstuuciksi.jpg

 photo IMG_20150819_115253_zpsyegpnbio.jpg

Taiwan gift from Ally! ^^

 photo 20150818_131110_zps1jzwclgn.jpg


 photo 20150818_200754_zpsubkgdbrw.jpg

And OBean again!!! ❤ ❤ ❤

 photo 20150818_205155_zps5yk3p7t0.jpg

FLOR dessert after burger 😀
Always craving for cakes!

 photo 20150818_215944_zpsc3bvedlo.jpg

Chilling out at Privé! (((:

 photo 20150819_142531_zpsl9hfetq1.jpg

Dessert after one of the days’ lunch~

 photo 20150819_175853_zpsmi9ho6ea.jpg

August birthday affair in office! 😀

 photo 20150819_175743_zpsn6j266xh.jpg

The usual agony when we caught her before she sneaks off…LOL

 photo 20150819_175755_zpsz25sswuj.jpg


 photo 20150819_1757590_zpsp79lyybu.jpg

 photo 20150819_175759_zpszzz6fyvb.jpg

 photo 20150819_175916_zpsjbwmo44j.jpg

The silent killer~

 photo 20150820_195748_zpsnyo5kbk9.jpg

Pretty bee tier cake spotted!!!!!! So pretty please ❤

 photo 20150820_211144_zpsu5cawio6.jpg

Back at WineBos!
A bottle for 2 is no joke~

 photo 20150820_213345_zpsjlgdxifk.jpg

The missed cheesy pizza!

 photo 20150821_110408_zpstktw2mlo.jpg

爱心 breakfast again ((:

 photo 20150821_140730_zpsmiqaiwht.jpg

White Chrysanthemum!

 photo 20150813_200042_zpsnxvfukdc.jpg


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