The Unexpected Weekend! :D

The weekend started with an impromptu Mahjong session on the Friday night (yes, my weekend starts on Friday night :P)!
 photo IMG-20150823-WA0007_zpssz5mu57a.jpg

But guess I was still having a hangover from the bottle from WineBos so I was pretty blank~ Already “xiao xiang gong” in the very first round which made me wanna be more careful and so I took extra long (than the usual already-very-long time) to think…hahahaha!

And there was this round whereby I threw a tile… Thought for a long time what to discard… Then I went into blank mode again and I was like, “I need to draw a tile now or discard ah???” LOL.
 photo IMG-20150823-WA0010_zpsmsiwnzqk.jpg

The biggest winner who won an auspicious $88 in total ended up being too guilty to take our money, and she even gave some discount! Hahahaha! Wasn’t expecting to win in the first place but it was still a fun and rare Friday night spent (((:

Ran out of ideas or rather, too many ideas for Saturday’s brunch, but it was eventually settled on prataaaaaa! 😀 Hadn’t been there for so long and the whole place has revamped! So pretty now!
 photo 20150822_111931_zpsgh1o6i5t.jpg

Had the urge to snap a picture for Limin because the design has her feel! She likes all these DIY stuff and it turns out that she has patronised before and loves the place! Hahaha!
 photo 20150822_111909_zpsnslvyqkz.jpg

Roamed around Changi Village area before settling down for a cute cup of drink! Hehe!
 photo 20150822_134021_zps1dqzxy7u.jpg

I asked for Brown to be drawn and I was hoping for a surprise for the other drink but they drew Cony 😦 Me no like Cony. Brown cannot like Cony too~
 photo 20150822_133947_zpsqo1fshrr.jpg

But it’s still quite cutely-drawn I would say~
 photo 20150822_133819_zps0tkk6ewg.jpg

With my Brown! ❤
Thank you for always capturing the right angle and bringing out the best in me!
 photo 20150822_134428_zpsk1kywn5g.jpg

 photo 20150822_135224_zpseiwe1rs2.jpg

Toast-face Brown! Hahaha!

 photo 20150822_140755_zps7pzaeyir.jpg

The end of Brown~

 photo 20150822_140723_zpsk10attm6.jpg

The end of Cony…LOL

Impromptu bowling session with the pro and although it was rather stressful at the start, since I am ‘Queen of Longkang‘, it’s a new bonding experience and I didn’t mind trying~ It turned out to be pretty fun and I think I did much better than usual after all the professional guidance…haha!

Went off after 2 games since I had another workout session with le volunteers! Hadn’t played badminton for so long (because the damn courts all around SG are always full!) and it was also another stressful session, but my partner claimed that I played so well that he didn’t get to do anything..LOL!

Only managed to play the last 30 minutes because of the stupid gate system in the school but it was an intense 30 minutes! The last match was extra stressful because it was with 2 pros and they played it the professional way, so I had to keep changing position and stuff which got me so confused ._.


Great workout!

Off to Chomp Chomp for dinner before they found a place to chill~ I was in my monthly ultimate grouchy mode and MBW kept laughing at me because I kept complaining about the heat, the smell, and basically everything else. I didn’t even wanna drink and everyone was just surprised!!!
 photo 20150822_200040_zpsigngif8o.jpg

So I became the photographer since cheers-ing with warm water is not allowed D:
 photo 20150822_200121_zps1zk16hoq.jpg

Celebrated Min’s super belated birthday on Sunday and I finally tried the buffet that le colleague recommended~ Comes with a complimentary mentaiko prawn and I am a sucker for anything mentaiko!
 photo 20150823_122946_zpspvwf90nl.jpg

 photo 20150823_120519_zpsnhvxm5mq.jpg


Not many photos taken because we were busy eating again =/
Then off for some dessert at Daily Scoop because the birthday girl wanted some ice-cream!
 photo 20150823_145008_zpsw2axxndb.jpg

 photo 20150823_144609_zpsu2ejiwbr.jpg

I actually forgot what flavour I ordered ._.

 photo IMG_20150827_145809_zpsivasgsto.jpg

The benefit of having your buddy in OCBC 😛

Left the Clique to go for my hair appointment because I desperately need to rebond my hair and yet I couldn’t find time for it! So had to squeeze the appointment in after the lunch date~ Finally some presentable hair! *swings*

Despite being rather tired after being out since the morning, I was drawn to the pasar malam nearby because I knew there will be a high chance to find my tutu kueh there! xD
 photo 20150823_200527_zpskkvr4bk3.jpg

 photo 20150823_201424_zpsvadfbdvi.jpg

Irresistible ❤

Mondate @ Dong Po Colonial Cafe! Because 26 Tapas has closed before I even tried 😦
 photo 20150824_194013_zpspfrywmkv.jpg

 photo 20150824_194037_zps65v46zpu.jpg

Yet another retro cafe (:

 photo 20150824_194024_zpsgdzcd6uj.jpg

Old school books

 photo 20150824_192718_zps25dxosmn.jpg

And old school snacks! xD

Finally got to check out 1 Tyrwhitt but unfortunately, I was not in the right state for these yummy finger food and drink due to the 2-day-old pizza I ate in the morning x.x
 photo 20150824_203900_zps3ogvzlgs.jpg

 photo IMG_20150824_102428_zpszureyh6t.jpg

Spicy noodle donation from Ally! ^^

 photo 20150825_1403550_zps3m5utjsn.jpg

Favourite soup craving satisfied! 😀

And finally had my first try on Milkcow after much pondering because I heard that it’s milkier than Honey Creme and I’m not quite a fan of milk~ But it turned out quite nice and the chocolate syrup covered up the milky smell well enough…hehe.

 photo 20150825_161906_zpsymagszst.jpg

Miss day dates like this! (:

Checked out Hangout Cafe at night since buddy mentioned it a few times and it turned out that we have been there before! But it was another name back then and the menu was different too! Haha!
 photo 20150825_213559_zpsoxko552r.jpg

The interior is more or less the same, just minus the spider lamp~
 photo 20150825_213608_zpstxaswmoa.jpg

 photo 20150825_214430_zpsxll4cq48.jpg

Like this cozy table!

 photo 20150825_213938_zpskwahougy.jpg

Camera lens utensil holder!

 photo 20150825_213258_zpsqm0wkdps.jpg

Not a fan of soda but this lychee soda is niceeeee!

 photo 20150825_213252_zpsy0wkma8k.jpg

Yummy mushroom pasta! (:

 photo 20150825_212649_zpslu8fsoy0.jpg

Sucker for lemon meringue!!! ❤


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