NDP Appreciation @ RWS

Took a day off work because I had to attend some NDP appreciation function at Resort World Sentosa, not as guest, but as performer~ I didn’t quite know what is it about, but I thought it’s yet another new experience and I wouldn’t mind trying.

Since I was only needed in the afternoon, of course I wouldn’t let my morning go to waste! Strolling and chilling with a man and his best friend~ But not so chill for the exhausted best friend I guess…hahaha!
 photo 20150826_112943_zpsbr6wsvmr.jpg

 photo 20150826_112950_zpsgj5lbkym.jpg

吹海风 ((((:

Off for lunch and I finally, finally got to have my favourite fish beehoon again!!! ❤
 photo 20150826_124918_zpslnylauoh.jpg

Reported for the event with some excitement and positivity! ^^
 photo 20150826_164832_zpswuo9vgvr.jpg

But after we got informed that the event actually only starts at like 6+ and we would only be needed from like 7.30pm, the excitement was no longer there..Zzzzz. I mean I really hate waiting, let alone wasting 1 day of my precious AL to wait for 5 hours!

Even the nice in-charge who was in-charge of us (performers) for the day didn’t quite comprehend why we were asked to report so early and he was so apologetic seeing us walking around having nothing to do.

 photo 20150826_170756_zpsstu7zwix.jpg


 photo 20150826_171003_zpsaotcxqvr.jpg

Spotted our vintage group members!

 photo 20150826_170956_zpse6maiqym.jpg

The familiar faces (:

 photo 20150826_171810_zpsczjspnpu.jpg

Spotted the bee too!!! Hehe!

 photo 20150826_171833_zps9loxesto.jpg

Wonder what happened to it now… 😦

I couldn’t sit still for even 1 hour, so I decided to head out on my own to explore the whole RWS~
 photo 20150826_154048_zpsuxktscp2.jpg

Then finally settled down for a good cup of Matcha and a yummy mango cheesecake! I need to cheer myself up for wasting my time.
 photo IMG_20150826_160156_zps69imxx6a.jpg

 photo 20150826_160007_zpsuot1k6jd.jpg

Even the Minion is feeling >.> for me!

By the time Ashid texted me to go back for dinner, we still had like 2 more hours to go and I was completely left with 0% excitement now -.- Especially after seeing our very sad bento set which everyone agreed that it tasted quite bad.
 photo 20150826_165355_zpspel4pnzc.jpg

I don’t know how I managed to but yea, I finished rotting that 5 hours off and it was time to get changed and get ready for our duties~

Okay the event was basically an award ceremony cum appreciation dinner for all the sponsors and organisations involved and our duty wasn’t to perform, but just to walk around in our costumes during the dinner reception to take photos with the guests and share our NDP journey when asked.
 photo 20150826_202131_zpsd7qzwuer.jpg
 photo 20150826_202803_zpsl0mgrwcj.jpg

So much yummy food but not for us D:
Well, at least not at the start~
 photo 20150826_202128_zps3j2djs5o.jpg

Honestly, I think nobody quite understood why we were there walking around in our costumes, and I think like less than 5 people talked to us. Most of them just smiled and nodded to acknowledge our presence and it was kinda awkward walking around having pretty much nothing to do, except for, smiling *grin*

I don’t remember anyone coming up to us for pictures either and it was more of we asking to take pictures with some of the VIPs that we know~ The only ones that came up to us for pictures were our in-charge from PA, and that was the only brief interaction we had for the night.

Nevertheless, I was still glad to see some familiar faces, especially when it’s such a rare chance to catch my idol 老师 in such a smart outfit!!! xD
 photo IMG_20150826_195103_zpsax9bh5du.jpg

Kidnapped him to the photo booth to take a picture as well! Haha!

The performers from other groups were also just walking around, smiling, so we decided to take pictures amongst ourselves…hahaha!

With the nice Chairman of NDP 2015 Show Committee – Colonel Tan! 😀 We took a selfie with him back in Kranji camp and he also came on our actual day for the cake-cutting ceremony so I think he kinda remembers us, so he was the only one who talked to us the most for the night~

 photo 20150826_203954_zps8bilnyom.jpg

The stilt walkers!

 photo IMG_20150826_211410_zpsy3urb8ep.jpg

With 叶佩芬!

 photo IMG_20150826_200102_zpsx1ltanw2.jpg

With the super VIP of the night aka the new Chief of Defence Force!

All the other performers were already enjoying their food because their group in-charge took for them and we were too paiseh to go queue for the food on our own in our outfits 😦 So when permission was finally given for us to help ourselves with the food and drinks, I grabbed a glass of wine immediately!!! Hahaha!
 photo 20150826_202750_zpsektxyy2y.jpg

And then attacked my favourite corner – the desserts 😛
 photo 20150826_201903_zpslf9pka9m.jpg

Okay lah…actually I did not eat much because I wasted some stomach space on that awful bento set x.x
 photo 20150826_210532_zpsz5rhnts8.jpg

Finally end of duty! But stayed till the very end of the event because we were waiting for the photo booth pictures..hehe. Although the 5 hours of waiting was really a major turn-off, I’m still thankful for every new experience during this SG50 (:
 photo 20150826_213553_zpsybmm09fj.jpg

 photo 20150826_213659_zps9qdnfn3l.jpg


One last photo booth shot with the nice in-charge! Not our group in-charge of course, but the in-charge that was taking care of us the whole day, being really thankful and appreciative of our presence! 😀

Surprised to see these ice-carvings still here!
 photo 20150826_215413_zpswbiu0fws.jpg

 photo 20150826_193510_zpsjsmvyfhm.jpg

Ice Merlion!

 photo 20150826_215444_zpsrwsb6pgh.jpg

Aren’t they COOL?!
*pun intended* 😛

Back to work on Thursday and ended the night with a getai show! Cause I watched one earlier in the week and was rather intrigued by it! Haha! I even know how to sing some of the songs because my parents used to play them over and over again at home, so I kinda enjoy listening to them again~
 photo 20150827_215020_zps2fb0g0cq.jpg

Friday craze in office!
 photo 20150828_111646_zpsgmvllowu.jpg

We were trying to mimick our photo taken 3 years ago! xD

Lots and lots of attempts~
 photo 20150828_111758_zpsjjiicxjt.jpg

 photo 20150828_112034_zpsnfnqlths.jpg

Unglam NG shot! LOL
But GP said, “It’s okay, I’m still pretty.”

 photo 20150828_111914_zpseeaf4nl3.jpg

Finding the angle xD

 photo 20150828_112022_zpsojnsjpir.jpg
 photo 20150828_112054_zpsx89caj0p.jpg
 photo 20150828_112214_zpsnaqs0sge.jpg

And after attempt #38261487634, we finally got the best that we could~ Hahaha! Can’t believe we have been crazy together for 9 years! xD
 photo 20150828_112247_zps5vqtxqo9.jpg

 photo 20150828_141637_zpsnisybmuj.jpg

Eggplant for lunch! ❤

 photo 20150828_201511_zpsenk2rxgh.jpg

Thai Express taro!!! Miss it! ❤ ❤ ❤

Celebrated Shuning’s birthday in advance on Friday night and it’s been some time since our last catch-up session! 😀 Hope our upcoming trip will be safe and successful~
 photo 20150828_212213_zpsq3g9khei.jpg

 photo 20150828_212315_zpswcoidcnx.jpg

Yummy tarts @ Fruit Paradise!

 photo 20150828_212454_zpslfouk9mh.jpg

Mixed fruit!

 photo 20150828_212333_zpsjuc77oki.jpg

Mixed berries chocolate!

 photo 20150828_212342_zpslr2oblyi.jpg

Mango strawberry!

 photo 20150828_222316_zpsqapfls9i.jpg

Couple shoe with Kai Bin! xD

She excitedly told me that we are wearing the same shoes and I was kinda skeptical because I’m pretty sure the price isn’t the same when it comes to Kai Bin’s belonging…LOL. And it turned out that her Keds pair costs 4-5 times more than mine, because mine is only from Qoo10! Hahahaha!


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