Night Festival 2015!

Caught Inside Out early in the morning on Saturday, thanks to the free tickets from le pig brother’s company! 😀

I am usually not a fan of animation but since Ally said it’s nice and the reviews were good, I decided to grab the tickets! So glad that I did because I enjoyed it very much!

I think it’s a film that everyone can relate to, regardless of gender or age, because everyone has got emotions! It also makes one realise how you can be controlled by your emotions sometimes and I strongly agree that happiness and sadness come hand in hand, which is also the moral of the story, because there are many times I felt happier after a good cry (:

Off for buffet brunch!
 photo 20150829_140803_zpsohpjnzui.jpg

Not buffet style but at Boufe 😛
 photo 20150829_140743_zpsxauuxrsq.jpg

Finally got to try!!! 😀 The previous time it was full house~
 photo 20150829_131559_zpsz9tqt8yy.jpg

Super love the interior especially the outdoor garden!!!
 photo 20150829_140221_zps3vtc8rmj.jpg

 photo 20150829_131536_zps4ny0gav5.jpg

Lovin’ everything about it (:

 photo 20150829_132100_zpshusncae8.jpg


 photo 20150829_132337_zpsrxn0q0hi.jpg

Eggs Benedict!

 photo 20150829_132326_zpsqzsdusjh.jpg

Eggs Benedict with mushroom!

 photo 20150829_132426_zpsrxriphyb.jpg

Eggs Royale!

 photo 20150829_134145_zpsgcub9crk.jpg

Super duper nice signature dessert!!!
OMGGGGG~ Orgasmic max!

Love this shot a lot and love the swing too! So wanna have one at home~
 photo 20150829_140357_zpsrmhl0rus.jpg

There was some unfortunate hiccup which made the ride feeling like a fast and furious one, except that it was slow and yet furious *boil boil boil* =/

Only left with a bit of time which was spent on bowling again! This time round I wasn’t the stressed up one…haha!

 photo IMG-20150830-WA0009_zpsnhfaac0u.jpg

Caught in my very unprofessional pose~

Somehow it wasn’t such a pleasant bowl as the previous, but oh well~ Still spent some quality time with my 2 <3s! And I improved again! By 2 points…hahaha!

Off for night festival with Ah Lyn and since we were still early, we decided to have some ice-cream at Tom’s Palette! So long since I last been there! At least more than a year! =O
 photo 20150829_191104_zpszcnaqr1r.jpg

 photo 20150829_201056_zpsrpqmapcr.jpg

The start of the young night! (:

 photo 20150829_201119_zpsgkdwdpzj.jpg

SG50 Night Festival

 photo 20150829_201425_zpsagw9mqzv.jpg

Reflection (:

 photo 20150829_201745_zpsp6ijwnlq.jpg

A very cool “book light”!

 photo 20150829_222046_zpsaeqzjyc9.jpg


 photo 20150829_200038_zpstyxaa7br.jpg


Trying to selfie under the lighting but somehow Lyn’s face always got a shadow covered…LOL.
 photo IMG-20150830-WA0014_zpscigjwuuw.jpg
 photo IMG-20150830-WA0013_zps3k4mshly.jpg
 photo IMG-20150830-WA0021_zpst4p2qw47.jpg

 photo IMG-20150830-WA0015_zpsrqjdmubk.jpg

Finally an equal brightness shot! xD

 photo IMG-20150830-WA0017_zpsqhnpv5xi.jpg

Contributing my story (:

 photo IMG-20150830-WA0018_zpsgebgf4vm.jpg

Not difficult to guess what am I drawing! Haha!

 photo 20150829_200547_zps6ooiryne.jpg


 photo IMG-20150830-WA0028_zpseubh5dqz.jpg

Unicorn spotted in the story box!

Saw this display and Lyn couldn’t configure out what is it, so she said that’s Art -_- In the end I guessed correctly! Haha! Even Art has got its meaning what!
 photo 20150829_202321_zpsf0cet7g5.jpg

 photo 20150829_203427_zps4cwlsnba.jpg

Super cute and pretty Vespa with a “spaceship” beside!

 photo IMG-20150830-WA0024_zpshp97etrl.jpg

With the Volkswagen van selling old school items!


Found my childhood-favourite grape 10 cents lollipop!!!
But of course it’s no longer 10 cents D:

Got to know that there’s instant Polaroid printing at SAM as long as you upload the picture to your Instagram and hashtag SGNightFestatSAM, so we started taking different photos to print! xD
 photo 20150829_204221_zpsvmfvz2ab.jpg

 photo 20150829_213116_zps2ppkvqph.jpg

Night scene~

 photo 20150829_220353_zpsejhhentm.jpg

Dining under the pretty lights!

 photo IMG-20150830-WA0023_zpsxdojxx1j.jpg

Turning yellow =/

 photo 20150829_214358_zpsquxquezv.jpg

Neh Neh Pop crave, anyone???

Got attracted by this durian canboleh thing because how can we resist anything durian, right? xD
 photo 20150829_214835_zpsa2ixvojm.jpg

But it turned out to be a great disappointment because we almost wasted 10 bucks on these 2 sour durian crème brûlée! We went back to the stall and was told that it’s actually passion fruit, cause durian has sold out. Like whattttt? We didn’t ask for passion fruit?!

But never mind, we just took them and Lyn was like, “You still dare to eat?” I gave it the benefit of doubt that it’s indeed passion fruit and so it makes sense for the sourish taste. But upon the second mouth, I realised something’s wrong – there’s durian smell!

Lyn confirmed my sense of smell and we went back to the stall once again~ The stall holder didn’t quite believe our claim, until we got him to try it himself. Then his face kinda changed after his first try, and he finally concluded that there’s indeed something wrong after a few more tries, so we got our refund. Thank god the salted egg yolk fries were still okayyyyyy.
 photo 20150829_215205_zpsgiofb9pa.jpg

 photo 20150829_223539_zps9vshtxin.jpg

A rare happening night scene in Singapore!

Light displays hanging on the trees!
 photo 20150829_222643_zpsp9hjxdok.jpg
 photo 20150829_222809_zps5dgzbaqd.jpg
 photo 20150829_222736_zpsab2kxvap.jpg

 photo IMG-20150830-WA0022_zpsasfascia.jpg

Failed selfie with the display xD

My deepest impression of last year‘s night festival was the Buddha trees, and this year instead of Buddha, we have birds!
 photo 20150829_221857_zpsaetigr6g.jpg

 photo 20150829_230258_zpspvionkgc.jpg

Pretty birdies! 😀

Chanced upon people waiting for an upcoming Garden of Angels performance so we decided to stay and watch~
 photo 20150829_231116_zpsaw3ci9cf.jpg

 photo 20150829_232950_zpsugdh0277.jpg


Pretty impressive performance! (:
 photo 20150829_232226_zpsu7n7qqip.jpg
 photo 20150829_232241_zpsrfgogrnt.jpg

What we wanted to catch most was probably the cute Anooki show that everyone posted, but we didn’t know that there’s timing for that as well~ Thankfully it was just a short wait and the first Anooki appeared! 😀
 photo IMG-20150830-WA0003_zpszerako5r.jpg

 photo IMG-20150830-WA0000_zpsjr49vxwm.jpg

Super cute one!

Too bad my phone was dead after a whole day of photos, so thanks to Ah Lyn for the cute pictures! (:
 photo IMG-20150830-WA0001_zpswy9ivfrs.jpg
 photo IMG-20150830-WA0002_zpsqad4hjue.jpg

In the end, because of Anooki, we missed the last train just by minutes 😦 Thought we could still make it in time! Sigh~ A dangerous cab ride to end the long, long day!
 photo IMG-20150830-WA0031_zpsbusvokvr.jpg


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