Officially a PRO!

Sunday was spent with le loveboy before he goes for his long holiday! Just nice cause Sis needed help to make some Teachers’ Day gifts (:
 photo 20150830_141547_zpsxaftb9gl.jpg


Mr 越帮越忙 -_-“


Arranging the colourful flowers!


Claiming credit for the flower I made! LOL

I don’t know which is harder – to make these flowers or to get him to pose with one -.- Actually the flowers are pretty easy to make, but to make like 16 of them is quite tiring…hahaha!

 photo IMG_20150830_1745071_zps8elxmal3.jpg


Another “Art & Craft” session at night – pancake-making! Hehe! Finally got to try the DIY pancakes and had much fun making them!
 photo 20150830_204557_zps2g03hjw4.jpg

 photo 20150830_204101_zpsjflyiazo.jpg

 photo 20150830_204553_zpsr17s6qzl.jpg

Eating my heart~

 photo 20150830_204739_zpsqjf5tzqc.jpg

Failed bear attempt D:

 photo 20150830_210052_zpsxtufuzy7.jpg

Second attempt…

 photo 20150830_210610_zpsxfwsvicu.jpg

Failed again! T.T
Looks like pig.

 photo 20150830_205800_zpskbyjssqt.jpg

Third attempt! *never give up spirit!*

 photo 20150830_212106_zpsf87pbaok.jpg

Ta-duh~! Much better now 😀

 photo 20150830_212535_zpsmb1emupr.jpg

Chao tah bear =/

 photo 20150830_212448_zpslhbyrdq3.jpg

Not bad, but could have been better if eyes are black!

 photo 20150830_211018_zpsgzokqhoo.jpg

Skinny bee~

 photo 20150830_211403_zps1eqwhlme.jpg

Another attempt! (:

 photo 20150830_211500_zpszrpv6oxv.jpg

Proud of my bee! 😀

 photo IMG_20150830_222812_zpsedapwzl4.jpg

Love Story of Bee & Bear

Did not join the NDP party at RWS but still managed to catch the fireworks from across the island!
 photo 20150830_220512_zpsrgyddeon.jpg

A brand new week and my breakfast delivery guy is back with atas chocolate from the States! xD
 photo IMG_20150903_131145_zpstnpe4wpp.jpg

 photo IMG_20150831_1527071_zpsdateyd6v.jpg

Nearest tutu kueh to office!

Finally back for hot yoga again after a 9-month hiatus and gosh~ It almost killed me! I mean the master did praise me a few times because my flexibility is still there, but not my strength and endurance! And for the first time, I actually felt a little giddy and nauseous in that 40-degree room and I was so so so drained of all energy after the 1 hour!

Could barely even walk properly, let alone going down the flight of stairs from the yoga studio and train station x.x
 photo 20150901_210949_zpstw1kevu1.jpg

Was craving for O’bean kway chup right after the class and someone attempted to satisfy my craving the next day, but due to unforeseen circumstances, it was changed to Whole Earth~ Still appreciate the effort nevertheless! ❤

 photo 20150902_201938_zpspmjmggar.jpg

New tries at Whole Earth (:

Night stroll at Robertson Quay before ending up at Harry’s!
 photo 20150903_220418_zpsgoqoip4m.jpg

 photo IMG_20150903_225205_zpsyecloxlx.jpg

My artistic shot 😛

 photo 20150903_135941_zpshz3b8pff.jpg

Sinful lunch!

 photo IMG_20150902_162426_zpsttpbchrg.jpg

Super nice Délifrance tart treat from le colleague!!!

And finally, O’bean – checked! 😀
I think I can seriously just live on the soy kway chup without anything else!!! It’s damn nice please~ *drooling now*
 photo 20150903_195345_zpsilvcpnyw.jpg

 photo 20150906_023634_zpsvn8oibkf.jpg

Biennial health check to kick off Saturdate (:

Pancake-making again! Thought it would be a good bonding session but I guess it turned out not~
 photo 20150905_104708_zpskndquwdj.jpg

 photo 20150905_105758_zpsosee5lzg.jpg

Obscene-looking pancake >.>

 photo 20150905_112034_zps391oxv2c.jpg

Drawn by yours truly!
With only visual reference (:

Went for the COMEX show and ended up spending like 6 hours there! Partly because I had such a hard time parting with my money x.x
 photo 20150906_092048_zpsdndchikh.jpg

But I know it’s also time to part with my 7-year-old MacBook because it’s getting damn slow and problematic, so goodbye MacBook and welcome, MacBook Pro~! Finally a pro ((:
 photo 20150906_092215_zpsrqoqyk80.jpg

Late night chilling session with PPGs because the night is still young! Was actually down with flu but somehow the cider cured it! I’m not kidding!
 photo 20150905_231628_zpswuerpj5h.jpg

Finally checked out Chillax Cafe and tried their salted egg mushrooms as recommended by Nad! It’s yummy but turned out to be a little too salty this time~
 photo 20150905_232038_zpss9weg02q.jpg

 photo 20150905_225337_zpsvmbnhfnt.jpg

Cute Japanese gifts from Yinning! 😀

Still managed to wake up the next day for JB trip with NDPeeps and I was even the first to reach!!! How surprising~ And while waiting for the rest (cause I was really pretty early), this guy approached me to borrow my phone because he claimed to be from Malaysia and his friend wasn’t there to pick him up or something…

I was a little skeptical and also hesitant because I don’t like strangers having my number (by using my phone to call his friend, his friend will have my number). But at the same time, I was thinking what if it’s true and I am in his shoes, I would want someone to help me too.

Helped him dial his friend’s number in the end and there was no answer, so I helped him find a shop selling prepaid cards~ Then the friend called back on my phone and through their conversation, I think it’s true and I am glad that I did a good deed! 😀

Off to JB and it didn’t take us long before we reached! But the queuing of the curry fish head was a bit long and the 2 newbies – Eric and Leng Leng weren’t quite expecting that! Hahaha! Luckily both of them agreed that it’s nice!
 photo 20150906_134700_zps0wqnia0s.jpg

 photo IMG-20150906-WA0002_zpsjgokeyv2.jpg

Shopping time~!!!

 photo IMG-20150906-WA0015_zps2wsp1c2e.jpg

In need of a haircut x.x

Tiff went for her manicure while we shopped, but not long after, Eric was asking for a place to sit down for desserts! Hahaha! He claimed that it was due to standing too long when queuing for the fish head! *faintttt~*

 photo IMG-20150907-WA0024_zpsz5vwvw3m.jpg

Shaved ice & 杨枝甘露!

 photo 20150906_174020_zpsud9v5nur.jpg

Tiff’s Craftholic-themed manicure!

 photo IMG-20150907-WA0023_zpseczciyzv.jpg

Non-stop eating – 花枝!

 photo 20150906_153822_zpstxijnocc.jpg

Funny Batman & Spiderman Minions spotted! xD

 photo IMG-20150907-WA0022_zpswlzngr6l.jpg

Probably the ugliest Doraemon ever…LOL!

 photo 20150906_193817_zpsbazruv2o.jpg

Penang laksa for dinner!

The main motive of this trip was to get the annual Hello Kitty and Doraemon mooncakes, and of course, to stock up all my necessary toiletries and for Lyn, all her necessary food supplies~ But somehow the 2 newbies, especially Eric seemed to be a little overwhelmed by our loots! I guess he hasn’t seen us with our usual amount of loots man~ I didn’t even buy any clothes! x.x

 photo IMG-20150906-WA0013_zpsdpve5edx.jpg

End of a long day~

 photo IMG-20150907-WA0000_zpsesmxk24q.jpg

First and last JB trip? 😛


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