Polling Week!

 photo 20150907_105011_zpshrtzxdtg.jpg

New addition to the family! 😀

 photo IMG_20150907_103908_zpsbtxjmvhk.jpg

Cutest poop ever~

 photo 20150907_104006_zpsud3bijcx.jpg

Gonna have him accompany me for work everyday! xD

 photo 20150908_140703_zpsmpaufij4.jpg

Cheap and good ice-cream!

 photo IMG_20150907_094303_zpsvshgdw2m.jpg

Babysitting Isaac’s fishies while he’s on holiday! (:

Quite free for the week so I spent it reading the scripts of the upcoming drama project~ It’s gonna be a challenging one and I even had to draw a mind-map because the plot is just too complicated!
 photo IMG_20150908_155751_zpspj5lttso.jpg

 photo 20150908_155305_zpsi9rm4uyr.jpg

Script-reading with my friends! 😀

 photo 20150908_155346_zpsmnydzbso.jpg

Fell asleep and Cony laughed at me~

 photo 20150909_143931_zpslgvhanbr.jpg

Big sunflower! ❤

 photo 20150908_184445_zps0xpgg8d4.jpg

Doraemon doriyaki ice-cream!!!

 photo 20150908_184613_zpsjyx8dscd.jpg

So cuteeeeee! But kinda overpriced =/

 photo 20150908_221101_zpsfdfhjinh.jpg

Checked out Bar Bar Black Sheep! Mehhhhh~

 photo 20150908_201931_zpsdftju1qq.jpg

Chilling out over Mojito & Margarita (:

 photo IMG_20150908_234912_zpsoxgxgtqy.jpg

Durian cheesecake delivery from Yinning!
Cause she knows I love durian!!! ❤

 photo 20150909_203358_zpsnlzsuz7x.jpg

Surprisingly good Tom Yum hotpot! 😀

Impromptu visit to No.5 after that! Kinda surprised, just like the first time ((:

 photo 20150909_221126_zpshuhytsic.jpg

Miss my Peach Martini!!!! ❤ ❤ ❤

 photo 20150909_221104_zpswbyik5yu.jpg

Artistic shot with the signature red lanterns 😛

 photo 20150910_135357_zps88ghgwmf.jpg

Sumptuous lunch! 😀

 photo 20150910_135403_zpsdu2on3tc.jpg

With yet another sinful assam curry dish (@ ^.^ @)

Cooling day with le volunteers! Had the same fish soup again for dinner but somehow the quality ain’t as good as that day 😦 Starker after that!

 photo 20150910_222740_zpso2asyhfx.jpg

Cooling with a glass of Cosmopolitan! 😛

Took the chance to celebrate the 2 September babies’ birthdays! Happy Birthday, Mr Mah!
 photo 20150910_230510_zpsizo07xyw.jpg

And happy birthday, Jason!
 photo IMG-20150910-WA0012_zpsnhwc5gut.jpg

 photo 20150910_230530_zpss88yskql.jpg

With the 2 美女s~

 photo 20150910_230652_zpsk9rwrqpb.jpg

Their second time celebrating birthdays together xD

 photo 20150910_230607_zpshnqmdazc.jpg

September babies and a few awkward people…LOL.

 photo 20150910_230720_zpsscfc8wo8.jpg

Making wish together~

 photo 20150910_231348_zpscnt3bnnv.jpg

每次 sabo 我的马先生 D:

Group photos to end the night!

 photo IMG-20150911-WA0002_zpsugihgbs1.jpg

Candid shot!

 photo IMG-20150911-WA0005_zpsu8sqvibt.jpg

“Formal” shot! xD

Then came the “BIG” day. Not that I care much about it, because no matter what the result is pretty much expected, if not just more disappointing.

Spent the day finally clearing up my wardrobe and digging out all my unwanted bags to throw/sell! 旧的不去, 新的不来 isn’t it? 😛 Didn’t have time to do the same for my clothes because the bags already took half a day. Finally headed out to drop my vote and for some fresh air!

 photo 20150911_184134_zpsnmbkl7kp.jpg

Second time voting! (:

The mandatory shot of the day according to Facebook and Instagram posts? 😛
 photo IMG_20150911_1_zpsbbeub6za.jpg

Chillin‘ at d’Good cafe while waiting~ Thank goodness I brought my new Miss Pro out to clear more agendas! But I almost like freeze there x.x
 photo 20150911_193154_zpsirdutnso.jpg

Craving” for some 海风 and this was the nearest that I could think of… Same same but different~
 photo 20150912_002806_zpsarvslazw.jpg

 photo 20150912_095351_zpsjyaqorfe.jpg

Saturdate breakfast! (:

Followed by a random stroll at a random place ❤
 photo 20150912_103829_zpsdxaccn3z.jpg

 photo 20150912_103349_zpsrcm1mdvn.jpg

Good weather!

 photo 20150912_103814_zpsckbx6jut.jpg

❤ the nature

 photo 20150912_103629_zpscdrqczeg.jpg

And the pretty flowers that make up the nature of course! (:

 photo 20150912_103642_zps2wucfpov.jpg

Beautiful purple flowers!

Another random stroll at Pasir Ris Park and ended up with a traditional ice-cream! I love this too (but I only like the chocolate one), because it tastes different from the usual chocolate; more 香 😀
 photo 20150912_112711_zpslbpmqczx.jpg

终于把心中的苦恼说出来,我只想说,我也很尽力,只是不同人用不同的方式来尽这份力。At least I have a slightly better understanding now and know what’s added on to the “dislike” list. Just still trying to figure out the “like” list and I think the difficulty level is gonna be like mind-reading…hmmmm.

 photo 20150912_143010_zpsxtk42dzk.jpg

Long-missed VeganBurg ^^
Happy to eat it again, but not upset without too~

 photo 20150912_145458_zps5pxyruta.jpg

Back after 4 years (:

Off to MINDS but project was cancelled at the last minute due to the haze, so we just went up to visit and chit-chat with the residents for a while~ They were all sad that project was cancelled! Haha!

Had meeting cum rehearsal for the upcoming anniversary party and a generous volunteer brought these expensive champagne moon cakes from Raffles Hotel to share! 真有口福! Super nice one!!!
 photo 20150912_161552_zpsdenxx9xc.jpg


Probably the most difficult song I have to master x.x

Didn’t wanna have a stay-home Sunday since I already stayed like more than half a day at home on polling day~ Headed out to NEX for a little dessert and some shopping!

Was keen to try on this new Milo flower pot ice-cream but I wanted to see if it’s enough to share with Lyn, so I asked the staff how big is the dessert and guess what’s the answer I got? “Oh same size as this *pointing to dessert’s picture on the menu*

I was kinda shocked and a little skeptical at the same time, because we all know that pictures are for illustration purpose and it’s not quite possible that the ice-cream will be as big as what’s shown in the menu! So I was quite taken aback by the way she answered me because no one would actually describe a size using picture, but rather by hand gesture or at least using objects on the table to gauge.

And when the ice-cream was served, I couldn’t help it but place side by side with the menu to question her. Yet she insisted it’s the same size -_- Seriously??? From which angle is it the same size, can anyone tell me???
 photo 20150913_153356_zpsznqk1tlu.jpg

Of course I wasn’t expecting it to be the same size as the one in the menu because that would be really big. But my point is that’s seriously not the way to answer to customers’ enquiries. Zzzzz.

Anyhow, did mooncake-shopping again and I got this best, best, best buy!!! I’m not a fan of mooncakes at all except for snow skin ones and those with pure durian flesh (non-lotus kind)!

Last year, I remember I finally invested on the Goodwood Park ones and got kinda disappointed~ But this year, I made the right choice for sure by investing on Peony Jade‘s Mao Shan Wang mooncakes! It’s so, so, so nice that I can’t bear to eat the only one left now x.x


 photo 20150913_224830_zps0wb4folm.jpg

A rare Sunday night with <3s! ((((:
Miss Sundays like this!

Bimbo moment #21897239721973: *drew a 花 tile* Why is 冬 labelled no.4??? Isn’t it supposed to be 1? Cause 冬南西北 mah…

LOLOLOLOLOL. Brain was definitely in sleep mode already…HAHAHAHA! But I was still the biggest winner again!!! Lost like 49 bucks in the first round but I won them back in the second round and even won another $20! Wahahaha~ Not a very big win but considering that I “earned” back $69, it’s a big earning! 😛

Could have won a bit more if I had known the rules better! There were things that I wasn’t taught that I’m not supposed to do and also things that I can actually do to win some money! Next time I will be more alert! Hmfp!

Guess what Diamond’s doin‘?
 photo 20150913_185819_zpsdybrfszq.jpg

 photo 20150913_190019_zpsgxlelg0q.jpg

“I’m practising yoga yo!” xD


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