4th (:

Had a super impromptu birthday celebration for le colleague because of the impromptu leave announcement~ Didn’t prepare a cake in time hence we used my Doraemon mooncake! xD

 photo 20150914_170143_zpso1x9ep7u.jpg

It’s mango-flavoured and it’s damn yummy!

The birthday boy claimed that he didn’t expect it since it’s too impromptu but I don’t believe it! Hahaha! I thought it was quite obvious and expected~
 photo 20150914_171101_zpsmkskwei6.jpg

And we kept saying that he would be disappointed by the cake since he only eats expensive stuff (not that my moon cake is very cheap also) 😛
 photo 20150914_171110_zpsfrtcffmj.jpg

 photo 20150914_171118_zpsif6jjbsa.jpg

With his humble birthday cake xD

 photo 20150914_171208_zpsvoktfogu.jpg

Acting surprised cause we said he’s not surprised enough! LOL.

 photo 20150914_171329_zps7eymhioo.jpg

Getting entertained…hahaha!

 photo 20150914_171152_zpskwfqsxfu.jpg

Can’t see his eyes!

 photo 20150914_171354_zpsrzflhcwn.jpg

The real surprised look!

 photo 20150914_171338_zpsxjdbjpzw.jpg

Before bursting into laughter! LOL!

Because there was yet another cake! xD
We actually bought a $10 atas cake for him during lunch and the mooncake was just to see if he was disappointed! Hahahaha!
 photo 20150914_171418_zps0cryt9aj.jpg

 photo 20150914_171558_zpsn8xiw1y5.jpg

Happy Birthday, Mr Mini Eyes!!!

 photo 20150914_171738_zps9yyyccyw.jpg

2 yummy cakes!!! 😀

 photo IMG_20150915_101321_zpsfhw2nndm.jpg

Colleague’s love (:

Back for the xiong Hot Stretch yoga class and this time round I felt so much better! Can stretch further, can hold longer~ Still damn shagged at the end of it, but at least I could walk like double the speed for the first week! Hahaha! Could even walk to get a cake! xD

 photo 20150915_214511_zpsnib5a19c.jpg

First try on Cake Spade – Peach Tofu Cheesecake!

 photo IMG-20150916-WA0015_zpsds73qu9o.jpg

Ramen day with dear colleagues! 😀

The birthday boy and Ally who are having their long break actually came down specially to lunch with us!
 photo IMG-20150916-WA0014_zpsq5ggqkoz.jpg

Such a lucky birthday boy, with 4 girls celebrating birthday with him 😛 Ever since Uncle J and gang left, it had been an all-girls team for some time before he joined as the next victim! Hahahaha! We have had fun bullying him…LOL.
 photo IMG-20150916-WA0013_zpstfz0flog.jpg

 photo 20150915_182615_zpslmhutus4.jpg

Hello Kitty black forest mooncake!

2015-09-17 15.24.36

Found a toy in office and we started playing with it the whole day! Hahahaha!
 photo 20150917_101952_zpsyzk0rafm.jpg

 photo 20150917_102010_zpsjnvey07c.jpg

The technology of lazy human~

It’s actually not that easy to control, especially the speed! But it was still quite fun despite banging into numerous walls xD

And after a whole day of practice, like a pro now!!! LOL.
 photo IMG-20150917-WA0018_zps0azvarhm.jpg

Favourite fish bee hoon again!!! Despite being not very hungry, I just cannot resist this~~~
 photo 20150916_185721_zpsgamkmzym.jpg

 photo 20150916_194428_zpszv0mfuvx.jpg

Alcoholic gelato after that! ((:

 photo IMG_20150916_172847_zps28op1cf3.jpg

Random junk food-shopping with Ping because we were bored at work!

 photo 20150917_184410_zpsevrj8ysq.jpg

Hello gigantic parrot, here we meet again!

 photo IMG_20150917_191006_zpscux1fbe9.jpg

Miss the Butter Studio chocolate tart!

The rare Fridate! (:
Mooncake-shopping in the east before a simple celebration~

 photo 20150918_203338_zpsv62e4j3i.jpg

Cute but funny Minion cake!!! xD

Didn’t choose that though because I’m not a fan of banana~
 photo 20150918_204012_zpsylxzoom6.jpg

A cute mango birdie as replacement! 😀
 photo 20150918_203906_zpsmveanyg5.jpg

And mille crepe! Not 香 enough like Lady M‘s though~
 photo 20150918_203922_zpsj7hh0gie.jpg

Moved on to Punggol Park to chill by the sea! ❤
 photo 20150918_215739_zps5hwgiknu.jpg

 photo IMG_20150919_093645_zpszk5hthaq.jpg

160911 (:


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