TH 10th Anniversary!

Collected the health reports on Saturday morning and decided to have a healthy lunch – 雷茶饭! (:
 photo 20150919_113319_zpswmiw6ko0.jpg

Not that I’ve got anything major but it’s not the perfect health condition I have had from the previous years, so I’ve decided to work on it and lead a healthier lifestyle! Of course I won’t be having salad everyday and all but just gonna cut down on alcohol, junk food, desserts and all~ (Cut down! Not abstain completely!) That’s just my way of not letting people around me worry for me; my way of being responsible towards them (:

Off for a car wash and I was surprised by the familiar signboard! I had not been there before, but I had seen it on MINDS Facebook page previously! It’s the car wash service by them! 😀
 photo 20150919_133042_zpsqnukkdze.jpg

So glad that despite the long car queue and the usual impatience, we persevered and eventually got serviced by these cute people! We even met the poster girl!!! Hahaha! They were so happy to take photos (as usual), and all of them rushed over for this shot! xD
 photo 20150919_132439_zpsfclzjgmf.jpg

One of them even requested to take a solo picture with me after that! So happy to be serviced by them and even happier to see the smile on their faces! ((((((((((:
 photo 20150919_132459_zpsiadf8jjl.jpg

Off for MINDS but this time round it wasn’t the usual project held at our usual site, but it was at Bowen Secondary School because we were having a party~!
 photo 20150919_172529_zps0tz9rwk2.jpg

It was our project group’s 10th anniversary and I finally, finally made it for this year’s celebration…hahaha! Last year I think I was in Vietnam; last last year it clashed with SNG rehearsal and for the remaining 6 years that I was with them, I can’t remember why…LOL. But in other words, the timing is just always not right! 😛

So now that this year I could finally join them, and especially for such a significant big 10, I didn’t mind doing more~ Took up the challenge of performing for them this year to make up for my 7 years of absence! Haha! Anything as long as it’s not a solo performance – that was my only request!

This year the organising committee has decided to let the residents have a chance to experience a D&D night and the theme was retro! This explains the polka dots balloons put up by fellow volunteers since hours before the party! (:
 photo 20150919_154314_zpsh5rtxulo.jpg

 photo 20150919_154323_zpsvrbtpitt.jpg

Feeling retro?

 photo 20150919_154307_zpsdxppg6jj.jpg

Mr Photographer cum cleaner cum sai kang warrior 😛

 photo 20150919_172559_zps4d17alux.jpg

Happy 10th Anniversary! 😀

 photo 20150919_161123_zpsvdk3yra4.jpg

Busy rehearsing!

Started our rehearsal by singing together before moving on to the stage~ We didn’t have time to rehearse before hand except for the short meeting we had 1 week ago, so everything is pretty last minute I would say. There were some hiccups here and there like I still can’t get the Banana song lyrics right, the key for 我只在乎你 is too low and I felt very “suppressed” having to match to the ukulele’s key and etc.

 photo 20150919_172355_zpspvnaucss.jpg

The guys rehearsing 情非得已~

 photo IMG-20150920-WA0011_zpsm5lmsnaq.jpg

Mass rehearsal for banana song I believe~

After much limited rehearsing and doing whatever we could (e.g. sacking Mr Law for 我只在乎你 so that we don’t have to match his Ukulele…LOL), we girls finally got changed to our “retro” outfit to fit the theme! I know my qipao is more of vintage than retro but it was said that “you can describe a vintage item as retro but never a retro item as vintage!” 😛
 photo IMG-20150920-WA0005_zpsprksnuox.jpg

Our guests have all arrived for our party! 😀
 photo 20150919_185928_zpskddsepbd.jpg

And what’s D&D without a photo booth session! Not that I had any D&D experience as much as I really wanna have one D:
 photo 20150919_183958_zpsjxhsq6ny.jpg

The cute residents posing with their cute props (that’s a gigantic Hulk fist by the way)! Too bad I couldn’t show their faces; you would be surprised how good they are at posing! Hahaha!
 photo 20150919_183956 copy_zpsbxfkiccq.jpg

Found a head gear that suits my outfit! LOL! Return of 还珠格格???
 photo 20150919_182040_zpsmurnn3ah.jpg

Performed the Minion song first followed by the girls’ 我只在乎你, then it was the guys’ turn to sing!
 photo 20150919_200250_zpsgh5jhq0t.jpg
 photo 20150919_200256_zps9bwahaep.jpg

 photo IMG-20150920-WA0003_zps3rlmvdd2.jpg


 photo 20150919_202259_zpsoctvhgds.jpg

Fashion parade~

Residents voting for the best-dressed Kor Kor and Jie Jie! 😀
 photo 20150919_201448_zpswlfp2uf5.jpg

 photo 20150919_203628_zpslydzhvi6.jpg

Cake-cutting time! (:

But the night doesn’t end without a disco session, at least not when the residents are around! They just love to dance so much that I finally figured out why every MINDS event is so exhausting…hahaha! Cause you gotta dance along with them and you will be amazed how well they remember all the dance steps taught during the past years camps!

 photo 20150919_210052 copy_zpsci07kfgh.jpg

Dancing to Super Junior “Sorry Sorry” dance xD

And finally it was the end of the D&D night! We felt that the residents were unusually quiet tonight (except for the last disco part), probably due to the seating arrangement and all, but at least there weren’t any major hiccups and the party went smoothly! (:


With the ladies!

 photo 12038785_985416224833075_2162436246592990155_o_zpsjbhfxchm.jpg

Got tricked to do an angry pose -.-“

 photo 12039037_985416271499737_1078759749155687087_o_zpslco9qzzc.jpg

Part of the performing team!

 photo 12015043_985416314833066_8629429144648404056_o_zpsts8qcjeu.jpg

The full performing team! 😀

 photo 12032681_985416284833069_6646437620863599759_o_zpsqf96mzel.jpg

Glad to be part of this 10 years journey! ((((:

Sunday was a busy one since it’s the last weekend before I fly and there were much to be done before leaving~ Finally went for my dental checkup, got my fringe trimmed, and also brought new friends back again! 😀
 photo 20150920_122045_zpsmad0xf6f.jpg

Did I mention that all our fishes died during our Europe trip? 😦 The tank has been empty since then and I finally bought new fishes again! Happy to watch them swimming around…hehe!
 photo 20150920_130435_zps8cblf47f.jpg

Off for Trinity outing cum buddy’s advance birthday celebration, since I won’t be around on his actual day! The birthday boy chose ramen so I brought him to the ramen place where I had with le ex-colleagues~

 photo 20150920_141135_zpspe1sy6hq.jpg

Nice green tea Cola!

 photo 20150920_141229_zpsbozgu8eo.jpg

Crab stock ramen again! 😀

 photo 20150920_143517_zpsop45btgw.jpg

Back to short fringe ^^

Introduced the guys to the yummilicious Godiva ice-cream but we were all too full from the ramen, so we did some walking before eating it! They ended up blaming me that they might get one every time they past by now because it’s just way too awesome…hahaha!
 photo 20150920_153911_zps9flq7ha6.jpg

 photo 20150920_154016_zpsvbitgohw.jpg


 photo 20150920_153927_zpsjixaq1ap.jpg

With the tam-jiak Gui!

 photo 20150920_153925_zpscseprszt.jpg

Buddy’s photography skill is mediocre >.>

Bumped into the characters of an upcoming movie and it wasn’t me who suggested taking a photo with them, it was Gui who did, can you believe it? =O
 photo IMG-20150920-WA0006_zpst5cxhe1c.jpg

Intended to go back early because I needed to pack my luggage, but dropped by buddy’s house to finally meet his chubby nephew for the first time and got hooked on to him! He is sooooooo cute and smiley please!!!
 photo 20150920_203653_zpsjdupnzbq.jpg

I think it’s in the genes because buddy’s family likes to joke a lot in general and so they are blessed with a little 笑佛, smiling and laughing at every little thing 😀
 photo 20150920_203843_zpsew6cb1pl.jpg

See! He didn’t wanna let me go home too 😛
 photo 20150920_205318_zpsbct2rhzj.jpg

 photo 20150920_205236_zpsvz4eubll.jpg

So chubby and cuteeeeeeee!!! ❤

 photo 20150920_205331_zpstifquug6.jpg

不舍得回家了 -melttttt-

2 days work week for me! 😀

 photo 20150921_103959_zpspvt9pbel.jpg

Last Peony Jade durian mooncake 😦

 photo 20150921_200346_zpscc4luvl5.jpg

First try on Bali Thai~

 photo 20150921_200740_zpspnuvs5oo.jpg

Super spicy but shiok Tom Yum soup!

 photo 20150922_141409_zpskwxqp6as.jpg

Doraemon @ Bugis!

 photo 20150922_183511_zpsgwhpp8ic.jpg

Director’s visit! 😀

 photo 20150922_183529_zpsytzu3z4y.jpg

Yay!!! 又有口福了 😛

Chillin‘ at East Coast the night before flying~ The 海风 was extra strong that night (:
 photo 20150922_203641_zpsb88kd6nx.jpg
 photo 20150922_203512_zpslgdfvmmf.jpg

 photo 20150922_203617_zps7vshkxfa.jpg

Melon Mojito & the blue drink again~

 photo 20150922_204242_zpsjxdcetwu.jpg

Last dinner 😦


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