Bangkok 2015!

Flying off again after just 1 month plus! I thought I will be having less trip this year since I already had a major one in March, but it turned out that I am having more trips than any other year! x.x

More trips = more broke, but of course every experience is worthwhile. And since this is a long-awaited trip with the girls as we had been talking about going Bangkok together for yearsssssss, I have to squeeze this in no matter what…haha! Now it’s only left with the first trip with PPGs that is not fulfilled yet~

Didn’t take that many photos for this trip because most of the time was spent shopping, shopping and more shopping. So thanks to my girls for the photos-contribution! 😀

Chanced upon Artisan Boulangerie Co at the airport before meeting the girls and I finally tried my raspberry lava cake!!! ❤
 photo 20150923_114301_zpsdzc6kvkw.jpg

 photo 20150923_114347_zpsrmf825lr.jpg

Love the sweet & sour taste! ((:
Suddenly felt 依依不舍。。。

Joined the girls and we were ready to embark on our adventure~!
 photo 20150923_125051_zpstnlu8jl3.jpg

There were too many hiccups prior the trip that we couldn’t help but feel some paranoia about this trip. First it was Abby’s missing first name for the flight and we almost had to pay $100 penalty to add the name!

Thank goodness we decided not to and just take the risk; she cleared the custom eventually! Then came the bombing incident that almost caused us to cancel this trip… Well, thank goodness once again, we are back safely now (:

 photo IMG-20150923-WA0005_zpssr97b9lt.jpg

Leaving on a jet plane once again!

 photo 20150923_125450_zpsz0lzgvky.jpg

First time taking Cathay!

 photo 20150923_130348_zpshk7ngjtm.jpg

Selfie while waiting to board~

 photo 20150923_130353_zpsdjtob65j.jpg

For the 6 days of misses ❤

 photo 20150923_131054_zpsjywm9dnf.jpg

Emo shot of Chii Hian! xD

 photo 20150923_131049_zpsxjj1y0re.jpg


 photo IMG-20150923-WA0009_zpsbys8vbya.jpg

Wefie on board!

There was no movie for the flight since it’s a short one but managed to catch 1 episode of 康熙 and part of a Running Man episode~ I guess the thing we were looking more towards was the food, however it turned out to be quite a disappointment to me because the pasta didn’t come with any gravy! T.T

 photo 20150923_143353_zpsofae60lh.jpg

For a moment I thought they forgot, but apparently it’s the same for all and it’s just weird to be chewing on bland pasta. The raspberry cake was nice though! ❤_❤

Arrived at the land of smiles (no longer the case though) after like 2 short hours and took their train for the first time to our hotel! Since it’s quite a hassle to get a cab for 6 persons, we figured that train will be a better and more economical option (:

Thought the walk to our hotel is pretty straightforward but it still took us much walking and dragging-luggage-up-numerous-steps before we finally found it! It’s a pretty accessible location but just that it’s our first time getting there, so kinda lost.

 photo 20150923_174421_zpsz3qemjxr.jpg

Our big family room! 😀

Split the room by air-con lovers VS non-air-con lovers again and obviously I belong to the latter, along with Shuning and Kai Bin! Hehe!
 photo 20150923_174429_zpswgatkzc1.jpg

 photo IMG-20150930-WA0080_zpsiab0u8bg.jpg

Clean and spacious bathroom!

Tried Berkeley Hotel this time round as recommended by Germain and because I know that many hotels in Bangkok are known to be haunted, I did a thorough research before booking.

Berkeley seems pretty safe from my research but apparently, I just got to know from Ping that her friends did encounter something during their stay there. Thank goodness we did not encounter anything except for the weird man “praying” to the door down the corridor on the last night =/

But overall it was still a pleasant stay~ Convenient location that we hardly have to travel by the train. Okay, maybe the WiFi was kinda irritating, going on and off every few minutes. And the long walk from the main tower to the tower where we stayed is also quite a hassle.

Anyhow, since we only arrived in the late afternoon, there weren’t much time left for the day except for a good dinner! Walked over to Central World to check out Kalpapruek, one of the recommendations gathered from Limin’s research~

 photo 20150923_195320_zpszt91qoms.jpg

Trying the recommended red curry!
Nice but too watery for my liking…hmmmmm

Spent the rest of the time at Naraya and I did not buy any Naraya bags for myself this time because I have so many of them that I hardly use now! In fact, my biggest accomplishment for this trip was not buying ANY bags! 😀 Supposed to not get any more shoes as well (because I simply have no more space to put!) but that’s still quite a challenge…hehe.

Headed to Big C, which is just opposite, for our mega hypermart shopping!!! Another of my weakness because I ended up buying the most again! Food is the best souvenirs for everyone and I have like so many people to give to, so I ended up loading my trolley with bulk purchases of different snacks! Embarrassed to say, I think I spent close to S$100 there ._.

Back to the hotel at past midnight, just when I thought we could have an early rest tonight~ Guess yours truly we lost control in Big C and forgot about the time…hahaha!

24 Sep 2015 – Day 2

 photo IMG-20150930-WA0074_zpsojqgfsr9.jpg

Mister Donut for breakfast! 😀

Selfie while waiting for the other room to get ready~
 photo 20150924_101217_zpskj9qlel5.jpg

 photo 20150924_101150_zpsglk6yvde.jpg

Photobombed >.>

 photo 20150924_101156_zpshta4p0y1.jpg

Okay lah take with you lah 😛

Recharged after a good sleep to embark on our upcoming shopping challenge! Planned to go Pratunam market for the day and to make the shopping easier, we split into 2 groups – the shopaholics and the leisure team (which was eventually called the senior citizen team).

Although splitting into groups means less bonding, I think it makes the shopping easier because I can’t imagine 6 persons shopping together, there will be much more waiting to do because person A’s kind of clothes may not be your kind and every time 5 persons will have to wait for 1 person to finish and etc.

In anyway, I think it was a good idea to split up since the senior citizen team got the time to enjoy their high tea and “occasional” snack breaksssssss while Shuning, Chii Hian and I – the shopaholic team were like having a Running Man challenge! 😛
 photo IMG-20150930-WA0073_zps4ezc0avs.jpg

Combed through the lanes of Pratunam and we all got quite some loots! Break for lunch after 2-hour plus and we met up with the other team for the famous wanton noodle! I didn’t try it the previous time because I valued my sleep more…hahaha!
 photo 20150924_131911_zps6henh5uu.jpg

It’s indeed nice but the portion is indeed damn small too! I could finish in like 3 mouthfuls. But food ain’t my priority for this trip so I didn’t quite mind~ I was telling the girls this trip would be a good 减肥 trip for me by eating less and yet exercising for hours with the shopping marathons! Hehe!

The girls repacking their bag of loots for more shopping! 😛
 photo 20150924_131914_zps35lhlkrw.jpg

 photo 20150924_131918_zpsmurmj0ac.jpg

The champion for now! xD

Continued chiong-ing our shopping at Pratunam right after we finished our lunch, leaving the senior team to slowly finish up theirs~ And after we kinda finished the place, we moved on to Platinum Mall!
 photo IMG-20150930-WA0025_zpsg0q55da9.jpg

The must-have crepes to recharge first! 😛
 photo IMG-20150930-WA0070_zpsp8fkajsu.jpg
 photo IMG-20150930-WA0072_zpshov5iupr.jpg

 photo IMG-20150930-WA0061_zpsrjci0jed.jpg

One savoury – crab stick, pork floss & ham!

 photo IMG-20150930-WA0063_zpsj08sdiy4.jpg

One sweet – Nutella banana!
Haven’t had so many bananas for a long time! T.T

There weren’t much at Platinum Mall because everything’s rather expensive. The cheapest we could find was probably around S$10, which is still rather expensive as my budget for myself is Pratunam’s S$4 (if you are lucky) – $8 price range, unless for gifts (:

Only managed to cover one and a half level before the shops started closing one by one at 6.30pm. I think I only got like 1 or 2 non-clothing items there~

 photo 20150924_175816_zpsbr3b1eza.jpg

Rilakkuma jacket!!!
But it was 16 bucks 😦

 photo 20150924_175830_zpsj8wng90y.jpg

Latest fashion in BKK – literally pussy >.>

Reunited with the girls after 7 hours of shopping and off we went to Siam Paragon for dinner! It was quite a walk but thank goodness Limin remembers the way from her previous trip; can’t count on me to remember the directions obviously…haha!
 photo IMG-20150930-WA0055_zpsdppn9cwo.jpg

Wefies session aka 抢镜头 competition outside the mall! 😀
 photo IMG-20150929-WA0017_zpsdal0srzl.jpg
 photo IMG-20150929-WA0018_zpsdunfrozc.jpg
 photo IMG-20150929-WA0025_zpsqnvzjmnv.jpg
 photo IMG-20150929-WA0027_zpsly8wrbkn.jpg
 photo IMG-20150929-WA0022_zpsqmfix1vl.jpg
 photo IMG-20150929-WA0021_zps2zka5wvq.jpg

I gave dinner a miss because I was still rather full from the bananas! Haha! Can save moolah for more shopping too~! xD

Thought we will be heading back to shop at the night market below our hotel but Bangkok has such vibrant night life that night markets are just everywhere! Found one below the train station of Siam and it was quite a long one~
 photo 20150924_220511_zpszsevrd53.jpg.

 photo 20150925_162918_zpskgkbprvz.jpg

Booby soap, anyone?

Got my first pair of shoes there and it was already quite cheap (S$6), but I got further discount…hehe! Finally finished the whole day of shopping and walking and we were no doubt all exhausted~~~

Took the train back because we didn’t wanna walk the long way back again. But we still ended up dragging ourselves back to the hotel because the nearest train station to our hotel is also a distance away x.x

And that wasn’t the end of our night because we still have an important mission to carry out, which is to celebrate Limin’s birthday! We were in the lift when it struck 12 so we sang her a birthday song in the lift…LOL. Then we had a celebration with the complimentary cake from the hotel! 😀
 photo IMG-20150925-WA0007_zpsjgigjxcf.jpg

Not so surprised by the celebration but at least kinda surprised that the hotel provided such a pretty and nice cake right? xD
 photo IMG-20150925-WA0009_zps3rfisqjb.jpg

And I offered her a birthday kiss but got rejected!!! –CRY!
 photo IMG-20150925-WA0003_zpskn69o5r1.jpg

 photo IMG-20150925-WA0004_zpshum67ay2.jpg


 photo IMG-20150925-WA0008_zpsybtoasr8.jpg


Actually I was supposed to be just posing, but she kept giggling and the peck became real…LOL. Nevertheless, happy birthday to my Sec 3 & 4 partner (we sat beside each other)! Hehe!
 photo IMG-20150925-WA0011_zpskfypn9b4.jpg

 photo IMG-20150925-WA0001_zps1jhnvpg5.jpg

Friends for more than a decade! ❤

 photo IMG-20150925-WA0005_zpsgomhmtzl.jpg

Happy Birthday, Limin! (And Soon Song too!!!)

 photo IMG-20150925-WA0012_zpszvrxscmf.jpg

Eyeing on the yummy cupcake! xD

25 Sep 2015 – Day 3

 photo 20150925_103214_zpsiwh4hxt3.jpg

All ready for another day of shopping!!!

 photo 20150925_103341_zps0bhjrrgt.jpg

With my matcha soy milk (:

Fulfilled Chii Hian’s A&W wish by suggesting it for breakfast!
 photo 20150925_113827_zps7luah7v4.jpg

 photo IMG-20150930-WA0056_zps04zonkpg.jpg

Curly fries! ❤

I remember how much I wanted to eat it during my previous trip too but all of them didn’t wanna eat, and I ended up eating it ALONE, so I had to fulfill Chii Hian’s wish by hook or by crook because I can understand that desire! Hahaha!

The day’s itinerary was set to finish up Platinum Mall (all 3 towers!) and once again, we split into our 2 teams to aid the efficiency! Even shopped till we forwent our lunch and after 6.5 hours of NON-STOP shopping, we finally finished the mall and headed for a good and cheap Thai massage!

So glad that we checked out the massage below Glow Hotel (at level 6) because it was so so so good!!!! I was screaming in pain and asking for more at the same time…hahahaha! Could feel all my tired muscle knots being loosen one by one and it was simply shiokkkkkkkk to the max! So good that we immediately booked another session for the last night! 😛

Joined the other team for Limin’s birthday dinner after the 1-hour massage and I felt sooooo energetic! Haha! Could have gone for another round of shopping! 😛

Skipped the dinner again as I was saving space for the famous After You desserts after that! I hadn’t heard of it but apparently, it’s like one of the must-haves when you come to Bangkok 😉
 photo IMG-20150930-WA0057_zpsjuxkjypz.jpg

 photo 20150925_212405_zps5hqdrgxd.jpg

After You Dessert Cafe!

 photo 20150925_212409_zpslxusbbwl.jpg

Popularity usually comes with queue and it was finally our turn!

 photo 20150925_214152_zps4m0jqgjx.jpg

The signature and must-try toast! YUMS~!!!

 photo 20150925_214549_zpsqzqlfo42.jpg

Ferraro mille crepe!
Still not comparable with Lady M 😦

 photo IMG-20150929-WA0016_zps9nez0ntq.jpg

With Abby’s UK mate who is a local!

Shopped our way back from the Central World night market to the one below our hotel! Thought we could go back early for a good rest to prepare for Chatuchak the next day, but Bangkok is just such a shopping paradise!

26 Sep 2015 – Day 4

Finally it’s the weekend and we could hit Chatuchak! I was rather looking forward to it because I was only there for a couple of hours the previous time~
 photo 20150926_110404_zps9xss98ih.jpg
 photo 20150926_110330_zpsvolek6bf.jpg
 photo 20150926_110427_zpsi9zse6jc.jpg

We have definitely all heard a lot about the place and how you can never finish it in a day. Nevertheless, the shopaholic team was still determined and excited! After all I was fully recharged after such a good sleep, thanks to the awesome Thai massage! But that was just the start…
 photo 20150926_123942_zpsde5eoxea.jpg

I always come up with strategic plan to shop so that we can cover every single lane, and we did so for Chatuchak as well. After finishing 1 area and although we didn’t buy much – the stuff there are all ridiculously priced (350 baht and above; worse than Platinum Mall), so I think there’s a lot of bargaining to do and I’m too tired to do so – we were still feeling hopeful.

Chanced upon a group of staff eating these yummy-looking breads and we went to get some too! 😀 It’s indeed so nice!!!
 photo 20150926_131139_zpsdkrf3q4e.jpg

Then the girls found their famous coconut ice-cream~ Eeeeek. Not a fan of coconuts =/
 photo 20150926_131614_zpskzzyb5xy.jpg

Moved on to the next area and that’s when we started feeling lost! Not lost in the sense that we don’t know where we are, but lost because there are too many lanes and areas and we simply did not know how to go about shopping!!!

Furthermore, after combing through so many lanes, we only got a few items and it was kinda demoralising. In the end we decided to just shop the outer lanes first, since most of the inner lanes are shops with heavy price tags.

But outer lanes also mean battling directly with the hot sun T.T
 photo 20150926_124004_zpskj4ml7sr.jpg

It was so so so hot that I wanted a cold drink badly, but I was afraid of my cramps at the same time~ In the end I couldn’t take it and got myself a mango ice-cream! Hehe!
 photo 20150926_152631_zpsmv1prj52.jpg

Was seriously exhausted and demoralised after the hours of walking because I did not get many loots there! 😦 Not to mention we were all sticky and disgusting, and holding a bladder for hours because the toilets in Chatuchak are pretty horrible I heard.

Still managed to have a few happy buys though – like a pair of pretty shoes and this pretty dress!
 photo 20150926_163043_zps5xpgpxym.jpg

Felt in love with it the moment I saw the heart-shaped back! Not sure if I will dare to wear, but it’s quite cheap and way too pretty not to buy! Haha! Guess I will have to wait till I have an occasion to wear it to too!
 photo 20150926_163317_zpscirgmw0o.jpg

Chii Hian was asking for recommendation on drinks between XXX grass jelly and YYY grass jelly, and I chose Thai milk tea, which is not in one of her 2 choices given but it’s something that Thailand is famous for.

She was skeptical about it but gave it a try eventually after I kept choosing that, ignoring her 2 choices…hahaha! In the end, the girls were amazed by how nice it is! Wish I could have a cup for myself too!
 photo IMG-20150930-WA0039_zpsz7wrk8oa.jpg

Shopped till evening time and as the shops were getting ready to close, the national anthem was played and suddenly everyone around us stood so still! Interesting sight (:
 photo 20150926_175859_zpst9yui4be.jpg
 photo 20150926_175853_zps5d4fnd78.jpg

For once, I couldn’t wait to end a shopping trip because I wanted to go to the washroom badly! Reunited with the senior citizen group after 8 hours of non-stop shopping again and we cabbed back to the Platinum area for dinner~

Me: So were you guys walking most of the time or eating?

Kai Bin: Eat, walk, eat, eat, eat…

Hahaha! Indeed the senior citizen team! xD
Abby even went for a foot massage halfway so I guess they were really on a leisure trip rather than a shopping one~

 photo 20150926_204445_zpsbwdqezp3.jpg

7-11 Rilakkuma promo!

 photo 20150926_204430_zpsfurt8xiv.jpg

Lemon Rila (:

Went Big C again after dinner for more snack-shopping because the girls tried some of my snacks and they wanted to buy some too! Hahaha! This time round I only bought a few more items and was the first to finish shopping! 😛

 photo 20150926_212739_zps5aeah0rq.jpg

Night scene of Bangkok

 photo 20150926_212748_zpsgehwhx3f.jpg

ALWAYS having traffic jam~

27 Sep 2015 – Day 5

Woke up at 5+a.m feeling super cold because we forgot to switch the air-con to the average mode… And even after I switched it, I couldn’t fall back to sleep somehow! Tossed and turned for a longgggg time before I finally decided to get up to take a hot shower, at 6am -.- Finally could fall back to sleep after that!

This was the last official shopping-day of our trip! Because we won’t have much time on the next day since our flight is in the noon~ Usually for all my trips, I will set a free & easy day on the last day to cover places missed out or places that we did not have time to cover, and this day was the day (:

Just nice the girls wanted to go back to some stalls in Pratunam and Platinum to get one more of this or that item, or the item that is being KIV-ed previously, so we used the day to cover all these places.

It was another Running Man race because we had set a time to meet for our bra-shopping and desserts, followed by massage and Asiatique at night. Chii Hian was like our timekeeper, reminding us we have how many more minutes left…hahaha!

Finally finished getting all we need in Pratunam and Platinum, and off we went to Central World again, where I spent all my remaining cash on a bra! Couldn’t resist the beauty of it x.x

 photo 20150927_132515_zpscdcis3iy.jpg

Super nice mochi ice-cream!!!

Off for desserts at After You again because the other must-try dessert was not available the other day…haha! Waited a longer time this time round but it was worth it!
 photo 20150927_152525_zps9rzsavml.jpg

 photo 20150927_155146_zpsvrwu9rlp.jpg

The yummy must-try strawberry ice!!!
Even has cheesecakes inside! ❤

And just when we were rushing off for our massage, it started raining heavily outside! Went around the mall finding ponchos but to no avail. In the end we had to push back our massage and also couldn’t get the same masseurs that we wanted 😦

Had 1 hour of foot massage and another hour of Thai massage this time and although my old masseur wasn’t very good with my feet, she was damn good at the Thai massage! Probably better than the previous masseur! So it was still a super shiok session ((:

 photo 20150927_173838_zpsxg64schv.jpg

The girls enjoying their foot massage after all the shopping~

Decided to give Asiatique a miss because some of us are broke and Asiatique is like our Clarke Quay, so Clarke Quay on a rainy day just sounds disgusting. Did not have any more cash on me but we still had some left from our common fund (used to pay for transport and etc), so I suggested having a cozy dinner party in our room by buying different street food back. I thought that could kinda make up for the lack of bonding for the past few days~

Well, eventually I got kinda tired of keep having to make all the decisions of where to go and where to eat and etc so I decided to split the fund and let everyone get their own dinner. Half of them chose to dine in at the restaurant where we ate the previous night, while Kai Bin and I decided to have cup noodle in our cozy room. (Limin was having her pedicure at this point of time.)

Finally had a chance to take this picture again! Everyday was a rush because in Bangkok, time means shopping 😛
 photo 20150927_204819_zps7fw6ito1.jpg


A replica of 2 years ago! xD

In the end, Limin – the street food craze, decided to join us for the cozy dinner and she bought so much street food back to share with us! So our lonely cup noodle dinner turned so 丰富 and 温馨 (((:
 photo 20150927_212817_zpsytd1eamc.jpg

Came back early to pack our luggage but the girls ended up setting their own night market in their room to take photos! xD
 photo 20150927_234253_zpsofrb4wwi.jpg


Berkeley night market!

And we had a mini mid-autumn celebration too because the traditional Kai Bin didn’t wanna miss the occasion 😀
 photo 20150927_235315_zps6ltdpobv.jpg

Had such a good sleep after the Thai massage again! (((:

28 Sep 2015 – Day 6

Woke up to realise that Shuning was missing from the room, because the shopaholic has gone down to Pratunam at 6am for more last-minute shopping with Chii Hian! I am a shopaholic too, but I am now a broke shopaholic…LOL.

Did all our final packing before we left for our afternoon flight! Almost couldn’t fit everything into my luggage (I even brought my biggest one – the one I brought to Europe!) and even after I did, I realised there’s a hole on it!!! Thank goodness it was still not a very big one T.T
 photo IMG-20150928-WA0001_zpsqmingdvb.jpg


Loading up!

On the way to the nearest train station! Did not wanna take the cab all the way to the airport because it’s more economical this way and we were also afraid of the jam~
 photo IMG-20150929-WA0010_zpsvipdf4sb.jpg
 photo IMG-20150929-WA0008_zps3z5i2oth.jpg

 photo IMG-20150930-WA0018_zpskqeofaie.jpg

No EZ-link card, just a token! (:

 photo IMG-20150929-WA0005_zpswc0a5dlf.jpg

Wefie again at the station!

 photo IMG-20150929-WA0000 copy_zpstvq0qlk2.jpg

And guess what was the joke of the day?

A button protruding out from Kai Bin’s luggage! LOL!

 photo IMG-20150929-WA0001_zps6wof5wfd.jpg

With all our loots!

In the end, my luggage weighed the heaviest, exceeding by 3kg of the weight limit! Thank goodness it was a group check-in, so I could still use some of the girls’ allowance to load up my 23kg worth of loots 😛

 photo 20150928_115616_zpszdyjaure.jpg

Playing with Shuning’s caps!

 photo 20150928_115648_zpsoqlhxuzg.jpg

Looks like Charlie Chaplin =/


Another disappointing lunch 😦
I miss my Emirates food!

Finally home sweet home! The joy of seeing the familiar silly face the moment you’re back –flutters– (((:

Setting up my own night market in my room too! Hahaha! In the end I realised I really did not buy much for myself 😦 (Most in the top row and some in the bottom are not mine, so I’m only left with like 18 clothes, 1 bra, 3 shoes and lots of pads~)
 photo 20150928_194719-1_zpsdwyqtpz8.jpg

Guess I am still more suitable for opening a Mama shop instead! xD
 photo 20150928_190009_zps0lfa5wnr.jpg

Did a comparison with 2 years ago and I think I have improved??? LOL. But like I said, most are for gifts, so I’m not left with much for myself too x.x

Overall, I’m glad to be back to this shopping paradise and I am even more glad to be able to travel with my accommodating girls again! Although it can get a bit tiring making all the decisions, I still enjoyed my days with them and we shared lots of laughter together during the trip! I hope everyone enjoyed as much as I did and are happily flaunting their loots now 😀


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