Farms Visit & Photoshoot!

Can’t believe that I am missing the market food when I came back from BKK! Hahaha!
 photo 20150929_142342_zpspclrqlol.jpg

Attended the Thank You party for this year’s NDP after missing the past 2 years’ because it has degraded so much that I don’t truly feel appreciated. This year’s was still a cheapo simple version held within the HQ itself, but since I’m nearby I decided to drop by~

It was pretty boring, I must say. Basically the same buffet dinner; people walking around to say Hi and take photos; long service award presentation and that’s about it. It’s really a vast difference from the first year‘s, which is the only year’s party I have enjoyed, so I guess I made the right choice not to attend the past 2 years.

 photo 20150929_194147_zpsqp34czgq.jpg

Colonel Tan again! 😀

Lyn wasn’t around so I was pretty left out, but I found someone equally lost like me because of Lyn’s absence so we stuck together! LOL!
 photo 20150929_194156_zpselfftung.jpg

 photo 20150929_195735_zpseedpa4b2.jpg

Surprise performance put up by the vintage group!

This is my first time seeing Steven 老师 in an actual performance and I guess that made the trip worthwhile! Hahaha!
 photo 20150929_195819_zpszj0gvkt2.jpg
 photo 20150929_195821_zpsuq6qj8nq.jpg

 photo 20151005_224517_zpsrgsekyld.jpg

With the chatty member from my group! (:

I mean of course it’s still nice seeing everyone again, especially those from my group, but I just think the whole event is too “scattered“, and it felt pretty much like our usual lunch before a practice session instead =/

 photo 20150929_214015_zps9kp1uazt.jpg

Mango 冰淇淋 after that (:

 photo 20151001_203349_zpsnhmp3i7p.jpg

Finally satisfied my craving after a ‘strenuous’ exercise! 😛

The awesomelicious mango pomelo! ❤ Tasted more yummy the previous time but still nice!!! ((:
 photo 20151001_203319_zps7rz6gt3d.jpg

And finally got to try the durian mousse there!!! I officially miss durian after tasting it! OMG~ Now I can easily have this instead of going all the way to 一碗甜品!
 photo 20151001_203033_zpskbgdesbv.jpg

Night stroll cum exercise at Pasir Ris Park and if not for the haze, it would be nice to chill by the breakwater again~ Miss simple nights like this, like a lot, a lot, a lot.

Friday night with PPGs and we went alcohol-free this time! Hahaha! Had porridge instead because Yinning lost her voice completely and had to communicate with us by typing in her Whatsapp! >.<

Tried these red velvet and white chocolate Hokkaido cheesecake and we had a fun time trying to describe them…LOL. “鸡蛋糕 placed outside for some time” xD
 photo 20151002_212335_zpshkannkf3.jpg

Passed the BKK goodies to the girls and I got some in return from Xiao Qian too! Cause she went few months before me and forgot to pass us! Hahaha!
 photo 20151002_213021_zpsjxr6kxxh.jpg

We were so happy to see the gigantic version of our favourite childhood milk candies!!! We used to have them in our canteen selling at 10 cents each~ So nostalgic! (((((((:
 photo 20151002_213039_zpsgesxhusv.jpg

Had a fun excursion on Saturday which was supposed to be a mysterious nature reserve excursion, but we ended up visiting the different farms again 😛 And it’s been 4 years?!?!

Started off with the goat farm! 😀 Lyn’s last visit here was when she was still a kid!
 photo 20151003_112516_zps4nyegpzk.jpg

A pity the goats were all closed behind the gates now, which makes me miss my sheep in Cing Jing!!!
 photo 20151003_112102_zpsvoquxafh.jpg

 photo 20151003_112055_zpsv8yhvzfr.jpg

Caught my camera!

 photo 20151003_112107_zpsqvyam2u5.jpg

Thirsty meh meh~

 photo 20151003_112440_zps3oi9jcbk.jpg


This was the closest we could get to the goats, but they are still behind the bars 😦
 photo 20151003_112259_zpsrbyp4nmp.jpg

 photo 20151003_112351_zpslzcn29ws.jpg

Whatcha lookin’ at?

 photo 20151003_112625_zpsm9hgvrwh.jpg

Super cute goat!!!

 photo 20151003_112654_zps773bn376.jpg

Licking away~

 photo 20151003_112713_zpsdw766hdo.jpg

Posing to camera 😛

Caught in a passionate kiss!!!! xD
 photo 20151003_112747_zpssvzd1ixj.jpg
 photo 20151003_112749_zpscbkvlvto.jpg

 photo 20151003_112755_zpsqum8twq7.jpg

“Oops…we got caught on candid camera~”

 photo 20151003_112905_zpswcf7ii7w.jpg

Alert face~

 photo 20151003_112800_zps2zdqbjhx.jpg

Blushing face xD

Taking selfies together! 😀
 photo 20151003_112953_zpsa6tvztlw.jpg

She seems to be enjoying the cam-whore session! Hahaha! (‘She’ because she feels like a female to me!)
 photo IMG-20151005-WA0011_zpsw17gnhcf.jpg

 photo IMG-20151005-WA0009_zps6a9so0qf.jpg

With 2 goats!
Miss Lyn is a goat~

 photo IMG-20151005-WA0012_zpse0ocognm.jpg

Wish I can feed them!

 photo 20151003_113234_zpshr7i9fkf.jpg

Literally goatee!!! xD

And we spotted a cow in the goat farm! HAHAHAHAHA! Totally got ostracised by the rest~
 photo 20151003_113414_zpsdktdhddy.jpg

Had my virgin try on goat milk!!!
 photo 20151003_113930_zps5rha03sq.jpg

I’m not a fan of milk because I don’t quite like the smell of all dairy products – butter, margarine, cheese (except cheddar cheese) and etc. So even when I drink milk or eat yogurt, it has to be flavoured kind to “cover up” the smell! But it turned out that the chocolate-flavoured goat milk ain’t really chocolatey enough to cover up the smell! So it still has that ‘salty‘ taste of the usual plain milk…eeewwwwwww~!!!!!!!
 photo IMG-20151003-WA0001_zpshnscxd3q.jpg

Next’s up – Lyn’s biggest weakness!!!

Musketeer 1: Hmmm…where’s next? Frog farm??

Musketeer 2: O.O I don’t like fr……..

Musketeer 3: Okay!!! *knowing her weakness*

Musketeer 2: Frog. *reluctantly* Okay, but we can go…..


And she was so so so scared to get close to them, kept pulling on to me, as though any of them is gonna jump on her anytime! HAHAHAHA! Mad funny sight! xDDD
 photo IMG-20151005-WA0015_zpsa5yjfhys.jpg

 photo IMG-20151005-WA0020_zpsc5h9g36j.jpg

Frogs and more frogs!

 photo IMG-20151005-WA0013_zps2jvylrwh.jpg

And ducks too???

 photo 20151003_120801_zps3kalspyj.jpg

Baby frogs!!!

 photo 20151003_120757_zpsim8cdxhr.jpg

So cute xD

It’s quite interesting watching them from little tadpoles, to big tadpoles, and then some with legs coming out!
 photo 20151003_120950_zpsdhoxcj4u.jpg

Unfortunately, there are also some tadpoles and baby frogs that didn’t make it 😦
 photo 20151003_121207_zps46ejvy3j.jpg

It was really funny watching how the little girl didn’t wanna get close to the frogs yet wanna take photos of them…LOL. She’s even scared of their croaking sound by the way! That’s how much she dislikes them xD
 photo IMG-20151005-WA0018_zpsiudewf6a.jpg

 photo IMG-20151005-WA0021_zpse4nojg3a.jpg

Big fat froggie!

And at the end of the overcoming-frog-phobia trip, Ah Lyn fell in love with a frog prince! LOLOL!
 photo IMG-20151003-WA0005_zpsjhnagxcf.jpg

Third farm – tortoise farm????
 photo 20151003_124356_zpsj67kisub.jpg

It was actually a fish farm which happens to have tortoise as well! And once again, fishes ain’t Lyn’s favourite too…LOL. She even jumped away from this big fish when she saw it! Hilarious xD
 photo IMG-20151005-WA0022_zpsqiyee81w.jpg

Then finally, we arrived at our intended excursion site – Sungei Buloh! Can’t remember when was the last time I was here or whether I had even been here before =/
 photo IMG-20151005-WA0014_zpsssur0ils.jpg

At our Teletubbies land!
 photo IMG-20151005-WA0073_zpsnbv2nlft.jpg
 photo IMG-20151005-WA0072_zpsmhv9zsp1.jpg
 photo IMG-20151005-WA0070_zps56bbr64o.jpg

 photo IMG-20151005-WA0071_zpsfavmovpc.jpg

My Maria carrying bag for me xD

 photo IMG-20151005-WA0025_zpssi4dpr3u.jpg

On the hazy day!

Was having fun with this “manual transport” thing when this scary kid hopped up and deported me to the other end! LOL! Damn scary!
 photo IMG-20151005-WA0028_zps5ww2oka0.jpg

Started a crazy photoshoot session which lasted for the next hour! So many hilarious NG takes and whoever who suggested the jump shots, please piggyback me for the rest of my life if I can’t walk anymore one day! LOL. Jumped till my feet hurt due to the 289174182739873 NG takes!

But we had so much fun! ((((((((:
A pity the photos are NSFB, but here’s a glimpse to our magnificent jump shots!
 photo IMG-20151005-WA0061_zpss4nowsxj.jpg

 photo IMG-20151005-WA0044_zpsil31b7zm.jpg

Jumping with joy!!!

And landing with much aura…LOL!

Ended off with yet another farm place and we got so entertained by these smart parrots!!!


This is mad cuteeeeeeeee one!!!!

Left for my little prince’s birthday celebration after a sweaty excursion! Shall cover that in my next post 😉


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