破财了 :'(

Monday with Ducky!
 photo 20151005_121333_zps0jf11tr1.jpg

Since Ally ain’t back yet, I’ve been given a task to look after Ducky~ We are a family staying under one roof, so we take care of each others’ babies 😉
 photo 20151005_121307_zpskj3izdxd.jpg

Finally had some time to clear up the mess in my room and the remains in my luggage! Cute customised owl pouch from Limin during BKK trip (:
 photo 20151005_230349_zps9cra668t.jpg

We were so glad that we have 1 less group of friends to buy souvenirs for (the group travelling with us) but who knows Limin still got us something!
 photo 20151005_230419_zpstalrobjd.jpg

Have been pretty unlucky lately; just suffered a financial loss of S$700+ because of some unauthorised transactions made on my card 😦 The first discovery was made when I happened to be checking on the amount my colleague transferred me for a duty-free perfume. Then I discovered a S$300+ (made in USD though) transaction made on the day I flew, followed by a S$11+ transaction to the same merchant in US.

Usually I would doubt my own memory more when I see transactions that I can’t recall. But this isn’t a small amount and I just couldn’t recall that I spent it. Furthermore the S$11+ transaction was just made on the day before I checked my account, and I clearly remember that I only went for yoga and then back home after work.

Called up the bank and got my card blocked, but it will take 1-2 months to investigate before they can resolve this matter… Transferred another S$500 to my account to maintain the monthly minimum balance and guess what? 1 week later when I tried to transfer 80 bucks to my Sis, I was informed that I do not have enough in my account to do so! Fuckkkkkk.

Yes, that was my first reaction. Checked on the history again and found yet another S$300+ transaction made to the same merchant!!! The transaction was made before I blocked my card but usually card transactions take a while to be approved and appear on your statement. Yep. So that’s how I lost S$700, for nothing. Seriously hope the person who used my card to do this falls into a drain and tear your new damn jeans!

Anyhow, heard the rave about Sufood some time ago and had been wanting to try, but didn’t get the chance to. Finally did on an unplanned surprise visit! 😀

It’s a 7-course meal starting with the appetisers! Love the plum jelly thingy!!!
 photo 20151006_194903_zpsn6swuszv.jpg

Second course – plum fruit vinegar to cleanse the palate and The Very Berry drink! (:
 photo 20151006_195840_zpsb1endjwk.jpg

It’s kinda cool because they really serve course by course, and they even have different fork sizes for different courses! (Supposed to have 1 more fork but I took this after the appetiser~)
 photo 20151006_200602_zpssdevyxji.jpg

Third course, which is not exactly a course, but don’t look down on that bread, it’s nice!
 photo 20151006_195822_zpsfoofds55.jpg

Fourth course – Mushroom salad! ❤
 photo 20151006_195725_zpsvtmv34rq.jpg

Fifth course – Pumpkin soup!
 photo 20151006_201527_zpsma5iiked.jpg

Sixth course, which is also the main course – Star Pizza! (:
 photo 20151006_202008_zpsb7minq5f.jpg

Last but not least, the dessert – Vanilla Ice-cream with Hot Chocolate!
 photo 20151006_203634_zpscgmzon1j.jpg

Went for a xiong Hot Flow class and I’m not sure if I’ve done it before, but I felt badly tortured…haha! Mad shagged but super proud that I did my bridge without any help! I mean I used to not being even able to get up on my own 1 year ago when I did it with Lyn and Tiff, so this is indeed quite an achievement 😀

 photo 20151008_132716_zpsrrcjd5gs.jpg

Yummy Tom Yum lunch! 😀

Hadn’t caught a movie for damn long and finally there’s a movie worth catching – The Martian!

It’s pretty interesting, with all the Science facts that you never thought would help you one day. And even though it’s pretty long, there are occasional jokes to bring the movie back in mood. So it’s not the mundane kind of man-stuck-in-Mars-for-X-number-of-days kind of documentary.

 photo 20151007_130436_zps9homlqq9.jpg

New-found love!!!

So on a very free day at work, Ping and I started watching Tried & Tested together and 1 of the episodes recommended these Hanjuku eggs~ Then right after work, we headed to 7-11 to get them! LOL!

OMG~ They are so addictive that we got them again to add to our porridge lunch on another day xD
 photo 20151007_130955_zpsqyusdp9p.jpg

Caught another movie on Saturdate – The Intern!

Pretty funny and thought-evoking~ I do like it because it’s quite light-hearted, supposedly (:


Toastbox breakfast before movie! ❤

Randomly mentioned Hillcrest because I suddenly recalled the gigantic pizza place and the nice ambience in the area and the next moment, I arrived there! Haha! Chanced upon Beyond Veggie by Secret Recipe there and we decided to try! (:


Shiok shiok assam laksa!!!
But quite expensive too~

Had some me-time with my lappy after that and while finding a cafe to settle in, I tried my luck at Ply Baked Goods (even though they close on weekend), but I found Windowsill Pies there instead!!! Yes, it used to be near my office but they have now moved to Thomson! So damn happy to find them there, but also kinda sad that there goes my nicest rainbow cake then………….. 😦

But oh well, for now, let’s enjoy a pie first! 😀 One of my favourite – lemon strawberry meringue! LOVE IT!!!

Thought it’s gonna be a lonely Saturday night since project was cancelled at the last minute again due to PSI, but some of them who actually went to visit the residents decided to come all the way down to accompany me! Damn on~!!!

Because I said Kovan is too far, so the next moment I received a call saying, “You okay if we come to Thomson? If yes we gonna hop on the bus now!” Hahaha! Of course I would love to have the company of 3 gentlemen on this boring night~ Felt so honoured and touched 😀

Someone got a pay raise again so I got an ice-cream treat! Hoho! Udders‘ rum & raisin is like the dopeeeee please~


Spotted a bee chair! ^^

Sundate with loveboy~! He dated me to make pancakes together again
 photo 20151011_105250_zps0o5xsidi.jpg

Random idea to make a paw when my head failed to look like a head~
 photo 20151011_105206_zpsytrvkw3e.jpg

Turned out cute! xD
 photo 20151011_105606_zpsbntmcj4m.jpg

 photo 20151011_105846_zpss9q2tznb.jpg

Smiley! 🙂

 photo 20151011_112101_zpsvlwuauoh.jpg


 photo 20151011_111220_zpshwt8ucli.jpg

The must-have!

 photo 20151011_111759_zpsgdvrxunt.jpg

Looking cute 😀

 photo 20151011_111215_zpsvbilklvf.jpg

Making weird pancakes again ._.

After eating so much carbohydrates, it’s time to work out! Had a fun but shagged badminton session with NDPeeps~! Our first together ((:

Thank goodness we only booked one court because we were mad shagged after 3 hours! Hahaha!
 photo 20151011_161844_zpsh1oscocq.jpg

Took the chance to celebrate Kelly’s birthday in advance!
 photo 20151011_174840_zps48jyfumd.jpg

 photo 20151011_174849_zpsrgbag6w1.jpg

Making wish~

 photo 20151011_174912_zpscypsfrvq.jpg

Happy Birthday!!!

 photo 20151011_174921_zpsgzfl7dsk.jpg

Still must untie hair to pose -_-

So glad that everyone was looking forward and eventually enjoyed our first badminton session together! Mommeyyyyyyy even came straight from the airport just to join us! Appreciate everyone’s effort made to make this a fun and fulfilling Sunday! ❤

Snacking session after dinner 😛

 photo 20151011_195356_zpstv99vcem.jpg

7kg of smuggled loots in June’s bag!!! xD


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