Excursion @ Sentosa!

The musketeers went on an excursion again and this time to Sentosa~! 😀 Kudos to Lyn’s pass, we managed to visit so many attractions for FREE! Hehe!

Started with a good breakfast first and although I usually cannot resist the prata there, I chose the assam laksa this time! ❤
 photo 20151017_095203_zpsxfbiv9nx.jpg

Off to the island! Took the Skyride from beach station over to Imbiah first~
 photo 20151017_110354_zpst0awjrxy.jpg

 photo IMG-20151018-WA0003_zpsazdnxips.jpg

Selfie while hanging high up!

Took the Tiger Sky Tower first since Madame Tussauds was rather crowded~
 photo IMG-20151018-WA0011_zpsi34dqr9m.jpg

It’s been 10 years since I last took this! Back then it was still the Carlsberg Sky Tower; Lyn didn’t believe me -.-”

(via wikimedia.org)

(via wikimedia.org)

 photo 20151017_113058_zps97mxor9v.jpg

Scenery from top!

 photo 20151017_113206_zpsvmhkmcli.jpg

It has changed so much…

 photo 20151017_113549_zpsnswfh3bi.jpg

Panoramic view of the island!

Finally off to Madame Tussauds museum and I was rather excited because of all the places we went, this is one which I had not been to before! Hehe… Thanks to Lyn for the complimentary tickets, I finally did! (((:
 photo IMG-20151018-WA0010_zpsjuzmca1b.jpg

But before the museum, we visited Images of Singapore next door first and that was where I used to work! The backdoor area is still the same but the interior has changed quite a bit~

We weren’t quite sure what kind of journey we would be brought on to but we just went because we had free tickets! Hahaha! In the end it was a history lesson with lots of talking so no photos taken =/

Took the short boat ride to end off the journey and off we went to the wax museum!
 photo 20151017_123333_zpsb2okvsxo.jpg

The first person that we met is someone we are probably very familiar with!
 photo 20151017_123636_zpsqmtzmtpa.jpg

“You know who is he?”

“Of course! I see him everyday :P”

Hahahaha! How can I not know our first president~

 photo IMG-20151018-WA0032_zpsbh0lgabh.jpg

Another familiar face of the parliament~

 photo IMG-20151018-WA0026_zpscnjtysny.jpg

Selfie with Mr Goh! xD

 photo IMG-20151018-WA0029 copy_zpsmswv7oni.jpg

Posing with Obama!

 photo 20151017_123724_zpsadg1xazy.jpg

The respected man of Singapore (:

 photo IMG-20151018-WA0017_zpslhebk1l4.jpg

Photobomb! Haha!

 photo IMG-20151018-WA0052_zpsw4cy4ttd.jpg

With my mega HOT boyfriend!!! ❤

 photo IMG-20151018-WA0050_zpsgnawpaun.jpg

Force-kiss again…LOL

 photo IMG-20151018-WA0059_zpsmtssspgp.jpg

Scored so many goals! 😛

 photo IMG-20151019-WA0148_zpsbbu5xtfb.jpg

Blocking Yao Ming’s shot!

See! I can actually reach his height! A pity it was blur~ But nevermind, I shall do a reenactment!
 photo IMG-20151019-WA0143_zpsisyup7lc.jpg

 photo IMG-20151019-WA0146_zpsbu9jsgy3.jpg

Okay, I admit I was carried for this xDDDD

After basketball, it’s time for some boxing! Makes me miss my Muay Thai even more~~~
 photo IMG-20151018-WA0075_zpsotmmuhcm.jpg
 photo IMG-20151018-WA0076_zpsotrjqxaw.jpg
 photo IMG-20151019-WA0155_zpsbcqocgk8.jpg
 photo IMG-20151019-WA0157_zpstv1ebs3s.jpg
 photo IMG-20151019-WA0151_zpshs2ep8bm.jpg

And she got knocked out by my hook! xD
 photo IMG-20151019-WA0153_zpsr5gwjlcz.jpg
 photo IMG-20151018-WA0074_zpsn7ympewm.jpg

 photo IMG-20151018-WA0073_zpswdjvynjc.jpg

The having-fun-bullying-her face…hahahaaha!

And after beating Lyn down, it’s time for my next opponent! xD
 photo IMG-20151019-WA0154_zpsn87lvm88.jpg

 photo 20151017_130942_zpsdyykndyc.jpg

好久不见的文永大哥 (:

 photo 20151017_130935_zpssnwvii9j.jpg

“I’ve stayed true to my passion”
So proud of him!

Most of the wax figures look pretty close to the real person, like Jackie Chan‘s nose~
 photo 20151017_132804_zpswowzukg2.jpg

But there are also some really bad replicas like Jay Chou!!! Super ugly please~ Or is he really that ugly in real??? =/
 photo 20151017_132206_zpsqvm1uaub.jpg

 photo IMG-20151019-WA0079_zpsn9rczi0v.jpg

With Hollywood stars now! 😛

 photo IMG-20151019-WA0092_zpsxiv7ax5u.jpg

Tom Cruise!

 photo IMG-20151019-WA0095_zpshenl22z7.jpg

Taking over Arnold 😛

 photo IMG-20151019-WA0119_zpsmot0sh3t.jpg

With Stephanie Sun! xD

 photo IMG-20151019-WA0122_zpslqqgspvh.jpg

With another local talent – JJ Lin!

 photo IMG-20151019-WA0104_zpsrqawoiwf.jpg

Kanna kicked by Bruce Lee x.x

 photo IMG-20151019-WA0120_zpslfxmms0h.jpg

With our jellyfish heads! LOL

 photo 20151017_131705_zpsfgd4wjsj.jpg

The one who earns 1 million everyday!

 photo IMG-20151019-WA0121_zps0ip3xyjm.jpg

With the messy hair Taylor Swift!

 photo IMG-20151019-WA0123_zpssgi79hyr.jpg

Caught messing up her hair even more xD

Playing with the vision mixer and missing studio productions! 😦
 photo IMG-20151019-WA0136_zpsjwfgu4bf.jpg

 photo IMG-20151019-WA0127_zpsrkxd7qfa.jpg

When you get on the director’s chair xD

 photo IMG-20151019-WA0128_zpsmysfjnks.jpg

With Ah Jie!

 photo IMG-20151019-WA0131_zpsadro3w2z.jpg

Just adjusting her outfit lahhhh 😛

 photo IMG-20151019-WA0152_zpsoepjut6j.jpg

Trying to make another Stephanie Sun~

 photo IMG-20151019-WA0139_zpssu7rx5ha.jpg

How’s my creation? xD

 photo IMG-20151019-WA0137_zps9j4tysnk.jpg

With Phua Chu Kang & Bob the Builder! LOL!

The museum was smaller than Hong Kong’s and the figures were made in a way “less inspirational” for poses, so I didn’t take as many photos~ But still glad that at least I finally managed to visit our own Madame Tussauds! (:

Went for the Desperado game which is like the 4D adventure they used to have, except that this time round you don’t get water splashed at you but you get to shoot down baddies! And we beat Mr James Bond with Lyn coming up first and I’m second! 😀
 photo IMG-20151019-WA0074 copy_zpssj6wvzhj.jpg

Finally off to take the Luge ride – another that I was excited for because I remember it was pretty fun the previous time we played! Hehe!
 photo IMG-20151019-WA0052_zpsi6glt6et.jpg

 photo IMG-20151019-WA0059_zpslmhmjhtb.jpg

With our helmets on!

4 years ago, I did not have my licence yet and I indeed drove like I didn’t have one~ 4 years later I got my licence, and I could feel myself driving more cautiously, avoiding all the barricades and making sure my S-route is smooth and all…LOL.

Perhaps the fun of the luge ride is to drive like a crazy driver, like how I used to, banging into the barricades and all and not going slow despite of the SLOW signs…hahaha! But still had fun because I get to drive! (:

 photo IMG-20151019-WA0041_zps9t2edi7o.jpg

Ending with a cautious brake xD

Next’s up – The Merlion!
 photo IMG-20151019-WA0072_zpsfxo0xs4y.jpg

 photo IMG-20151019-WA0076_zps0tkihron.jpg

Mimicking THE excited face…LOL

 photo IMG-20151019-WA0077_zpsvppg9f8i.jpg

Okay a normal one~

Views from Merlion top!
 photo 20151017_144900_zpsnrazbur1.jpg
 photo 20151017_144405_zpssgl4fpgf.jpg
 photo 20151017_144353_zps2u41u42d.jpg

And someone couldn’t open her eyes because it was too bright…LOL.
 photo IMG-20151019-WA0065_zpsgwqwp1pg.jpg

Last stop was the S.E.A Aquarium! I’ve been there before but didn’t mind going again since it’s been 2 years =O
 photo IMG-20151019-WA0033_zpsuwogavxs.jpg

“Hmmm…looks different leh. Last time Underwater World didn’t look like that…”

“Huh?! This is not Underwater World!!! This is S.E.A Aquarium ._.”

HAHAHAHAHAHA! Damn cute one xD

 photo IMG-20151019-WA0034_zpsmly1vat0.jpg

In the tunnel with fishies!

 photo IMG-20151019-WA0046_zpsjssytzrq.jpg

Wefie with the sharks!

 photo IMG-20151019-WA0050_zps8ybgrgub.jpg

And more sharks!

 photo 20151017_155034_zps8mmtj3sn.jpg

Scary-looking eels!

 photo 20151017_155259_zps2qfqrheb.jpg

Looks damn big please!!!

 photo 20151017_155157_zpsrsfgidcr.jpg

Eel with leopard prints~

 photo 20151017_155521_zps8vuf1syv.jpg

Sea urchins!

 photo 20151017_162950_zpslyxkimfu.jpg

Halloween theme!

The aquarium that always reminds me of Wisma! (:
 photo 20151017_155538_zpshfawjf46.jpg
 photo IMG-20151019-WA0043_zps0xfqgpvq.jpg

Lots and lots of small fishies!
 photo 20151017_155640_zps0i1l5c1a.jpg
 photo 20151017_155617_zpslj5patuq.jpg

 photo 20151017_155806_zpsdncpeemu.jpg

Puffer fish that is not puffed up =/

And this is probably my favourite, with so many pretty and colouful fishes!!!
 photo 20151017_160242_zpslciiarif.jpg
 photo 20151017_160212_zpsolpx2fpv.jpg
 photo 20151017_160208_zpspkzsrnjt.jpg
 photo 20151017_160245_zpsrpv2ci43.jpg

So pretty~~~ ❤
 photo 20151017_160504_zpskm2vjwkn.jpg
 photo 20151017_160508_zpsgtqh6lu4.jpg
 photo 20151017_160236_zpsbfg0jaqh.jpg

 photo 20151017_160554_1_zpsxo6n9jyf.jpg

Big lobsters!

 photo 20151017_162144_zpsksi2e72h.jpg

Big crabs!

 photo 20151017_160949_zpslfxfetjn.jpg

Finding Nemo!

Finally found my pretty jellyfishes! 😀 And Lyn is the second person whom I know that thought that the jellyfishes can change colour on their own! LOL.
 photo 20151017_161919_zpspr6vci4c.jpg
 photo 20151017_161927_zps1n4cztt1.jpg
 photo 20151017_161944_zpssa6i9iba.jpg

And the weirdest creature there is probably this sea dragon~ Why on earth will a creature look like a plant and yet it is actually a fish?!
 photo 20151017_163410_zpsarxfadm4.jpg

Such an ugly fish…….
 photo 20151017_163327_zps0kyumnup.jpg

Sea horses are at least cuter!
 photo 20151017_164005_zpsftwjv1ya.jpg

Cause they are so small and simple, just floating around, nonchalant to what’s going on around (:
 photo 20151017_164017_zpsieb0cb77.jpg
 photo 20151017_163951_zpsgm9njrrc.jpg

Supposed to visit Underwater World as well but since we had already spent a whole day in Sentosa and someone’s hands were getting itchy, so off we went for the yummy fish soup before another Mahjong session!
 photo 20151017_181036_zpshi19kgru.jpg

Lost this time round but at least it was a happy loss! As in it was a happier game so 输了也输得开心!Haha! And initially I lost like 85 bucks!

I really thought that was my last $15 to play and it would be the end of the night, but thank god I started winning back my losses and minimised them to $30+! So on a brighter note, I actually “won back” around $50…hahahaha!

Kept thinking that the next day is Monday so I didn’t wanna continue the game, but who knows it was actually only Saturday night and I could have played another round to win back all my losses! xD


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