Excursion Part 2!

Continued to fully utilise Lyn’s pass by having another day of excursion~! Actually it’s more of because she was dying to take the G-Max reverse bungee and I had promised to take with her, so there I am, fulfilling my promise 😀
 photo IMG-20151019-WA0026_zpsqbtnrg6g.jpg

In case you don’t know what I am referring to, it is this bouncy thing in Clarke Quay that you often hear people taking screaming their lungs out at night~
 photo 20151018_150139_zpsqrd4kzwt.jpg

Basically instead of a bungee jump which brings you from up to down with gravitational force, this is a reverse which bounces you down to up with whatever force that is.

Doesn’t sound like a big deal right? Well, I underestimated that whatever force. I was still telling Lyn that I think bungee will be much scarier because that will be like jumping off a building and you may hit the ground should anything goes wrong whereas this is going up and “you can touch the clouds!” HAHAHA.


Ready to hit cloud 9~

In reality, when the thing shot us up into the sky to touch the clouds, I let out a scream because I didn’t expect the force to be so strong! It’s really like bouncing us off from the ground and off our seats!

But that wasn’t the worst part – the worst part came when it continued with a 360 degree turn! And that turn caused another shock (when I had yet to recover from the shock-ness of the force) because I didn’t know there’s gonna be a 360-degree turn! I thought it’s basically shooting us up and that’s it!

I got giddy after the first turn; not sure if it’s because of the pressure or shock or just pure dizziness. But all I know is we got bounced up and down a few more times, turned 360-degree for at least another 2-3 times before I could feel the decrease in the force and start getting back my consciousness.

Oh! Eric actually came down to give us his moral support by taking video for us…hahaha! But it was a silent video because he couldn’t hear us scream at all! Actually I only screamed for the very start and stopped right after all the turnings came in @.@

The feeling is pretty much like you’re in a ball being kicked all around…LOL. And all I could think of when I was up there was – “WTF. Why this force so strong till it can turn us so many times?! How long more will it go????!” ROFL.

And when I finally regained my consciousness, all I could say was, “很晕。。。很晕。。。很晕。。。很晕。。。” because it was really giddy!!! I wouldn’t say it was scary and that I would never take it ever again kind (it’s definitely better than Forest Adventure), just that it was really unexpected and definitely – a giddy ride…hahahaha!

Not bad; still had fun, but I wouldn’t pay $40+ for it. And if I have known that Lyn secretly paid for the discounted tickets (I thought it was free!!!), I wouldn’t have taken them either -_- It’s still way too overpriced I would say. Because the whole ride only lasted for like 1 minute and that’s it? Nevertheless, glad to at least have this once in a lifetime experience xD

Here’s a glimpse of our unglam GoPro video (there’s a GoPro camera right in front of us throughout the ride)! This was towards the ending when I was already damn giddy…LOL!

High-tea at Liang Court after that! 😀
 photo 20151018_161646_zps2iczu0mq.jpg

 photo 20151018_161944_zps3vaxwkso.jpg

Desserts ❤

 photo 20151018_161747_zps0v2rfhgd.jpg

Chocolate Swiss Roll!

 photo 20151018_161818_zpsvyke1gfl.jpg

Matcha Chiffon!

 photo 20151018_161800_zpsmazb0ypa.jpg

Mixed Fruit Chiffon!

And an additional homemade Chocolate Lava Cake from Ah Lyn~! Calories overload!!! Hahaha!
 photo 20151018_162740_zpsatfgzqtz.jpg

Off for a free River Explorer ride to further ultilise Lyn’s pass! 😀
 photo 20151018_174824_zpsfnienzm5.jpg

 photo 20151018_P1020072-2_zps3nmuuc4s.jpg

Checking out the route~

 photo 20151018_P1020070-1_zpsiscndvsf.jpg

An eye for an eye xDDD

 photo IMG-20151019-WA0030_zpsea5qgvax.jpg

While waiting for our boat!

 photo IMG-20151019-WA0029_zpsjkwx0065.jpg

Not acting cute but because Lyn said my “twist” got cut off -_-“

 photo 20151018_175056_zpsgpm1eisi.jpg

On board! 😀

 photo IMG-20151019-WA0027_zpsrfjyogcn.jpg


Selfie-time! ^^
 photo 20151018_P1020080-5_zps7hehfh3o.jpg
 photo IMG-20151019-WA0024_zpsp4grjs04.jpg
 photo IMG-20151019-WA0025_zpssgf8oki9.jpg

 photo 20151018_174924_zpslisqzpby.jpg

Cruising off~

 photo 20151018_175034_zpsr3yoixdg.jpg

Clarke Quay Central

 photo 20151018_175604_zpscks4cmav.jpg

Elgin Bridge!

It was a pretty hazy Sunday and the photographer Eric couldn’t stop sighing at his pictures taken…hahaha! The haze indeed covered up the beauty of our pretty skyscrapers!
 photo 20151018_175748_zps9zj2x3cr.jpg
 photo 20151018_175826_zpsbtrri7hz.jpg
 photo 20151018_175809_zpsohncgmub.jpg

Got attracted by this cute baby on board instead! xD
 photo 20151018_175210_zpssdjqviyg.jpg
 photo 20151018_175218_zpstapuoxg9.jpg
 photo 20151018_175220_zpsajuobzf0.jpg
 photo 20151018_175213_zps9si2cztb.jpg
 photo 20151018_175354_zpsddqhsw6f.jpg

 photo 20151018_175352_zpsrk9sm9ya.jpg


Trying to get the MV feel with the help of Lyn’s portable fan! LOL.
 photo IMG-20151019-WA0010_zpsnpgz4owz.jpg
 photo IMG-20151019-WA0016_zpscs7dhh8p.jpg
 photo IMG-20151019-WA0018_zpsxg9zb3nh.jpg

Got MV feel??? xDDD
 photo IMG-20151019-WA0008_zpsgkjo3lnf.jpg
 photo IMG-20151019-WA0017_zpsomupris0.jpg

 photo IMG-20151019-WA0013_zpsuqxuryrl.jpg

When MV feel goes wrong…hahaha!

More photos from Eric’s mighty cam!
 photo 20151018_P1020074-3_zps8db5moqc.jpg
 photo 20151018_P1020107-9_zpst1zrvwos.jpg
 photo 20151018_P1020108-10_zpsmkjtlmm6.jpg
 photo 20151018_P1020109-11_zpsluohythc.jpg
 photo 20151018_P1020110-12_zpsay7axk2j.jpg

Fullerton Hotel!
 photo 20151018_175918_zpskklfuymt.jpg
 photo 20151018_180007_zpsrbllzrnz.jpg
 photo 20151018_175943_zps2fhewfmw.jpg

Our iconic Merlion fighting the haze (:
 photo 20151018_180356_zpsmrflgydl.jpg
 photo 20151018_180249_zpsn8ssec0g.jpg

 photo IMG-20151019-WA0031_zps2inomg73.jpg

Wefie with Merlion!

 photo IMG-20151019-WA0023_zpsdhgns5kk.jpg

Fortune water? xD

Hazy MBS!
 photo 20151018_180423_zps926keyji.jpg
 photo 20151018_181053_zps7xnpoxcx.jpg

And more hazy photos~! >.<
 photo IMG-20151019-WA0003_zpsls0r0mp9.jpg
 photo IMG-20151019-WA0022_zpshjrxdune.jpg
 photo IMG-20151019-WA0015_zps0zc4vn3i.jpg
 photo 20151018_181126_zpsu3dntcxf.jpg
 photo 20151018_180627_zpszhxdk9mk.jpg
 photo 20151018_180631_zpsi7uxmf8b.jpg
 photo 20151018_180934_zpsz7tpmz6a.jpg

One last wefie before we got off! (:
 photo IMG-20151019-WA0004_zpsrif7qp42.jpg

 photo 20151018_181918_zpsscbc1sf8.jpg

Alighting point: Flyers~

 photo 20151018_P1020113-14_zpslffzwnar.jpg

With Chicken Little again! 😀

Roamed around Marina Square for a while and chanced upon an interesting exhibition~ Then I spotted a familiar face from a video and exclaimed, “宝顺老师 leh! 宝顺老师 leh!! 宝顺老师 leh!!!” Too bad Lyn only managed to capture his signature shiny forehead…LOL!
 photo IMG-20151019-WA0005_zpsi6biym0e.jpg

 photo IMG-20151019-WA0009_zpsfty7lnwn.jpg

Spotted on the ceiling~
Photo credit: Roselyn L.S.J 😛

Off for our last bit of expedition as a 1-day tourist – The Singapore Flyers~!
 photo 20151018_193236_zps2nhf2mp0.jpg

Before boarding!
 photo 20151018_P1020123-16_zpseqc12vup.jpg
 photo 20151018_P1020122-15_zpsigwpkjwd.jpg

Scenery from the Ferris wheel! Thank goodness the night view wasn’t that affected by the haze (:
 photo 20151018_200414_zpsv0szu8sb.jpg
 photo 20151018_200446_zpsxwwmsthj.jpg
 photo 20151018_200500_zpsj655eeka.jpg
 photo 20151018_194921_zpsb3s2k8mz.jpg

Took many nice photos, thanks to Eric!
 photo 20151018_P1020131-18_zpsrmxbot0h.jpg

 photo 20151018_P1020128-17_zpsgrq0xdf1.jpg

Emo Queen xD

 photo 20151018_P1020134-21_zps3cywjtdf.jpg

Someone’s eyes are threatening to close again…hahaha!

 photo 20151018_P1020133-20_zps0hyryfsi.jpg
 photo 20151018_P1020132-19_zpsjhhmozsc.jpg
 photo 20151018_P1020139-22_zpslwupfprw.jpg
 photo 20151018_P1020140-23_zps1pmfysck.jpg

 photo 20151018_P1020141-24_zpszym69toc.jpg

Enjoying the night view~

With the photographer joining in!
 photo 20151018_P1020146-25_zpsuoe61mva.jpg
 photo IMG-20151019-WA0168_zpseivekszz.jpg
 photo 20151018_P1020147-26_zpsex234edx.jpg

 photo 20151018_P1020154-27_zpslsetjhyl.jpg


 photo 20151018_P1020158-29_zpscn6iknmb.jpg

Beautiful shot by Eric!

And more beautiful shots of us 😛
 photo 20151018_P1020156-28_zpsawonue6d.jpg
 photo 20151018_P1020161-30_zpsfnd5s83l.jpg
 photo 20151018_P1020163-31_zpsvcwhl5ru.jpg
 photo 20151018_P1020164-32_zpsnkulx3pl.jpg
 photo 20151018_P1020167-35_zpspjaqe5ei.jpg
 photo 20151018_P1020166-34_zpsbv99wsz4.jpg

 photo 20151018_P1020171-36_zps5svoaylm.jpg

Emo-ing together~

 photo 20151018_P1020172-37_zpsbmzvk3xx.jpg

Ambassadors of Singapore 😛

 photo 20151018_P1020165-33_zpsacptlb1r.jpg

Got VV face? xD

Fulfilling excursion weekend! Thank you, Ah Lyn! (((:


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