Europe Day 1 – London!

So, I am finally taking time off to blog my long-procrastinated Europe entries! Not that the trip wasn’t worth mentioning of course, but there are just too many photos and too many days to catch up on >.< And the bad thing about overdue posts is, the memory ain’t as clear now so I can only blog whatever I can remember. I don’t even know if the photos are in sequence! Haha!

Anyhow, Europe had always been my dream country to visit and it took me 26 years before I finally have the ability to fulfill my own wish! But apart from the budget, another constraint is usually – travel partner(s). It wasn’t easy finding ‘steady‘ people to go on such a long trip with you because some will have cash flow difficulty, while some with not enough leaves and etc.

However, I was quite determined to fulfill this wish on this 26th birthday of mine. Plus I could visit Thapa, who is in UK for study and it would be killing two birds with one stone! So on one fine day when we were watching TV, I randomly asked my brother, “Wanna go Europe together?” And to my surprise, he agreed readily and excitedly. 爽快!I like! So we went ahead to make all the last-minute plannings and etc for our first-ever trip together, but the process was pretty exhausting @.@

Planning for this trip was like planning for 5 countries (London, Paris, Florence, Venice & Rome) all at the same time and there were so much research to be done! It so happened that le pig brother was super busy rushing to finish his work before we fly so I ended up having to do most of the research and plannings. I’m not the kind of person that can fly without an itinerary! Haha!

20-21 March 2015

Look who came to send us off! My cutie pie loveboy! ❤

But 没有不舍得 because it was a day I couldn’t wait to fly 6,736 miles away from my heart. Like just wanna get far far away from this tiny red dot and never come back~
 photo 20150320_193628_zpsh9bkafec.jpg

First time flying Emirates! 😀 The staff weren’t as friendly as SQ but it was still a comfortable flight~ And I like their food! Hehe!
 photo 20150320_204139_zpsek6jnog9.jpg

Sat beside a man from Dubai who is a frequent flyer and he started a conversation with me, so I ended up talking about work, about society, about myself. I mean I may be sociable but I really don’t quite like talking to strangers. Yet he’s like right beside me and I didn’t know how to end a conversation (biggest weakness!!!) or throw a hostile attitude to someone you gonna face for many more hours >.<

Yea so we ended up talking for quite a long time and he taught me how to “steal” Wi-Fi from the business class. But when he learned that I am flying over partly to visit an old friend, he was very surprised that one can value friendship so much. So I explained how important friendship is to me and we ended up on a debate as to whether I will still think this way when I’m married.

Basically he is a rather conservative and traditional man, like many Middle-East people, so I am not surprised that he doesn’t agree to my action of specially flying over to visit a “guy friend“. I don’t know if I will feel the same or my future husband will feel the same as him when I get married, but all I know for now is friendship is worth those miles, period.

So because I know the culture of the Middle-East, I didn’t order the wine that I wanted badly. I even asked him if it’s offensive if I drink in front of him and he ended up telling me about how he doesn’t get why alcohol is allowed in the society because they are like drugs and can lead to social problems like rape, fights and etc. Yep, so I dropped the idea even though he said I can still go ahead, and even though I’m not gonna rape or kill anyone in the flight >.>

Finally ended the conversation when the meal was finally served, I think? But alas! I was so damn cold and hungry!!!
 photo 20150320_223013_zpsxp6f1xxk.jpg

I was feeling relieved when I saw the conservative man going to sleep and I thought I could finally rest after the meal. But guess what? He actually leaned on my shoulder for 3428689743568273612683270362478684628476328 times when sleeping, by accident or not, I don’t know, but I could hardly sleep in peace because I felt so unsafe!!!!!!

I tried to jerk his head off by moving around to wake him up each time but it just kept happening again and again and because we are “friend” now after such a long conversation, I didn’t dare to like be nasty to him –CRY!!!– My pig brother was pigging out in deep sleep so he couldn’t save me either 😦 Hardly slept a wink and 7+ hours passed, which means we were reaching our stopover – Dubai @.@

Thought we would have like 2 hours to slack at Dubai airport before our next flight, so we were intending to look for a place to nap. But after asking around for the local time, we realised that we didn’t have much time till our next flight!

Either our first flight got delayed a lot, or the whole time-difference thing almost screwed us up – I still haven’t figured out, but our connecting flight was on boarding status by the time we realised -_-”

Another 7+ hours long flight and I think I managed to catch some sleep this time~ Also managed to catch a movie on board; I think it was The Theory of Everything, which I missed in the cinema.

And then the long-awaited breakfast was served!
 photo 20150321_062137_zpst7nucknl.jpg

Reaching London early in the morning at 7am!
 photo 20150321_074807_zpseckozaw8.jpg

So touched that Thapa came to pick us up at the airport even though it’s so damn early and he gotta take like an hour train to reach! Gave him a big big hug upon seeing him, of course! Can’t believe it’s been more than 6 years since he left! He has grown much chubbier that I almost couldn’t recognise him, if he wasn’t the one who spotted me…hahaha!

Got the Oyster card with Thapa’s help and made our way to our hostel in Holborn via the tube. It was quite a long journey, took us around 50 minutes, but it was the cheapest way~ And upon stepping out of the station, Bro and I kinda ran back inside, because it was so damn cold out there!!!!

It was around 8°C according to Thapa and we totally didn’t expect it! The last time we checked it was still 2-digit and we definitely didn’t expect our entire trip to be this cold! We only brought like normal jackets and gloves! T.T

Shivered our way to the hostel and it didn’t help that the wind was blowing against our faces, threatening to freeze my nose! Had to cover our ears with the jacket hood but I wish I have a mask to cover my face too~ So damn coldddddddddddddddd!!! Suddenly regretted coming during this season because I am not a fan of cold countries; makes me wanna stay indoor 24/7!

Finally reached our hostel and indoor places are so much warmer than outside, thank goodness. I think I forgot to take pictures of our room but it’s nothing fancy. Just a small room with a bed, a TV, a bathroom, a dressing table and a microwave (our BFF!)~ It’s recommended by Yinning and since Bro and I are not picky about accommodations, we managed to save on this area for this trip (:

 photo 20150321_134831_zpsdexhxryv.jpg

The only good thing about cold countries – I get to wear my beanie, finally! xD

Actually there ain’t much to see in London; the main purpose was just to visit Thapa~ Plan for the day was to walk along River Thames to explore the attractions along the way, but it was so so cold outside that I didn’t feel like going anywhere anymore 😦

Photo-taking became such a chore and dilemma because my phone screen couldn’t detect my finger with the gloves on. So whenever I wanna snap a picture, I gotta sacrifice one of my hands and in the end, my right hand was so much coarser than my left! It really looked like the old woman kind of hand and it’s damn scary!!! Almost looked eczemic x.x

And another annoying thing was when Bro and I were munching on some nachos that I brought from home, we had to decide between keeping our gloves on and dirtying them, or getting our hands freeze! I chose to dirty my gloves in the end because my fingers got numb once I removed them. It’s really so COLD! (You gonna hear me whine about this all the time.)

Started on our long day after grabbing some bites from the supermarket nearby. Oh apart from going budget on accommodation, our meals were quite budget too. Because there is no coffeeshops or food court in Europe, obviously, so everything is pretty expensive~

Most of our meals came from the supermarket – microwavable kind, which is why the microwave is our BFF! Haha! You can trust my brother when it comes to saving money, he is even better than me. So poor Thapa, gotta suffer along with us xD

Thapa was supposed to be our tour guide but because he lives nearer to Liverpool and he only visits London when he visits his sister, he wasn’t quite sure with the directions either. So it was kinda like blind leading the blind, and we basically just walked around randomly like he suggested.

Came by this place which we have no idea what is it but Thapa was proud that his “random walk” led us there and we started cam-whoring inside! Haha!
 photo 20150321_102853_zps5rbagoku.jpg
 photo 20150321_102816_zpswg2ggl98.jpg

Keeping my hood up all the time to block off some wind~
 photo 20150321_103223_zpshx20ovnn.jpg

 photo 20150321_102958_zps3fgefp1i.jpg

With Thapa! ❤

 photo 20150321_103005_zps9ahojmyx.jpg

The hoodies~

Okay, I seriously cannot remember where are all these places so I shall let the pictures speak those thousand words 😛 Some are just random architectures that we chanced upon anyway.
 photo 20150321_104302_zpsyzzyzerp.jpg
 photo 20150321_103614_zpsom64pqhu.jpg
 photo 20150321_104443_zpszlqjxywo.jpg

 photo 20150321_104703_zpscztyeez1.jpg

The signature red postbox!

All their architectures look so beautiful (like castles!) and with one look you know you are in a foreign country (:
 photo 20150321_104453_zpseltbeowk.jpg

A pity it was the gloomy season so we didn’t have pretty blue sky most of the days~
 photo 20150321_105152_zpscogvfrhe.jpg
 photo 20150321_104655_zpsdaxtlzw2.jpg

Finally arrived at our first planned destination – St. Paul Cathedral!
 photo 20150321_110002_zpss5mpyslm.jpg
 photo 20150321_114511_zps5ijzfjs0.jpg

It’s pretty inside but I find it ridiculous that you gotta pay to go into a church. Furthermore photography was not allowed inside, so it kinda defeats our purpose of going in. Only went in to take a peek and then cam-whored outside~
 photo 20150321_112229_zpsfjrszuiq.jpg
 photo 20150321_111958_zpsjhmjhw5q.jpg
 photo 20150321_112246_zpsaeg7nbik.jpg
 photo 20150321_112254_zpsx6i1s0qd.jpg

 photo 20150321_112302_zpsjhlbd8tt.jpg

With my chubby pal! 😛

 photo 20150321_112423_zpsjwtdwqmb.jpg

Is that my knight on horse? xD

 photo 20150321_111123_zpss8vcotwk.jpg
 photo 20150321_114531_zpsdsg4qaxh.jpg
 photo 20150321_142412_zpsavqzaqlf.jpg

Oh throughout this trip, I have seen many many many buskers and I am quite amazed by the different ways they can earn money! Apart from the usual street performance, some actually sing on the train, some sing in the middle of the road when it’s red light~ This is another common kind of street art there (:

 photo 20150321_142342_zpsa6ds85cc.jpg

Floating witch!

 photo 20150321_142314_zpsg5hixl9q.jpg

Floating Yoda!
Looks a bit scary.

Bro and I later on found the trick behind this when we saw another of them in Paris! Haha!
 photo 20150321_142423_zpsdrzpqv2z.jpg

Chanced upon the area where there was some protest going on >.<
 photo 20150321_142504_zpsbowknh05.jpg

Or maybe it was more of the activists kind of event, since it’s about ending racism. Probably quite an uncommon sight in our country, but it’s pretty common there too!
 photo 20150321_142509_zpsnx648hqw.jpg

Happened to pass by The National Gallery and since it’s free, we decided to go in and take a look~ Actually it’s more like go in for some warmth…haha!
 photo 20150321_143541_zpsvbrr3ryx.jpg
 photo 20150321_144829_zpsjid1rz8d.jpg

Even a normal museum’s interior is quite pretty!
 photo 20150321_143417_zpsrcm39zsj.jpg
 photo 20150321_143619_zps4rukk3z0.jpg
 photo 20150321_143434_zpsh2ks6fzc.jpg

Not the kind of stuff that we will appreciate but who cares~ It’s warm inside.
 photo 20150321_143901_zpssgsyiahm.jpg
 photo 20150321_143808_zpsbxhse7au.jpg
 photo 20150321_143355_zpso5oeiolk.jpg

 photo 20150321_143932_zpsdyjzgwrr.jpg

One of the nicest paintings there (:

Continued our random walk and we chanced upon a few more nice architectures that we have no idea what they are~
 photo 20150321_150355_zpsd1aqrxfm.jpg
 photo 20150321_150921_zpshmpxbnfn.jpg

Saw this horse statue just a moment ago and as we walked a bit more, we saw the real horse and guard! Haha!
 photo 20150321_150833_zpsxtq8fjxt.jpg
 photo 20150321_151016_zps64ggd0me.jpg

I was so damn scared that it would suddenly charge at me!
 photo 20150321_151220_zpsdn07hwnr.jpg

 photo 20150321_152400_zps2b0iqwcm.jpg

Loving this foreign feel~

 photo 20150321_151508_zpsguiucxx3.jpg

Another random building!

Looks magnificent but there are actually horse poo all around the grasses xD
 photo 20150321_151619_zpsbwyendwe.jpg
 photo 20150321_151441_zps1kksnubq.jpg
 photo 20150321_152209_zpstqkhme7j.jpg
 photo 20150321_172119_zps1zeah6fj.jpg

Off for our next destination – the legendary Big Ben!
 photo 20150321_152815_zps2vrkukp6.jpg

It is this famous clock tower that is linked with Palace of Westminster and I think it would look more beautiful at night~
 photo 20150321_152704_zpse7u1qgyz.jpg

Nevertheless, it’s still a pretty palace and every little girl’s dream home xD
 photo 20150321_153125_zpsrgbo91h8.jpg
 photo 20150321_1536370_zpsw3jza4e7.jpg
 photo 20150321_153624_zpsafrx9ahw.jpg
 photo 20150321_153630_zpsukdkyohf.jpg
 photo 20150321_153507_zps10khevj1.jpg
 photo 20150321_154123_zpsongbbgfi.jpg
 photo 20150321_153540_zpsxtydym90.jpg
 photo 20150321_153919_zpsquocxpzb.jpg
 photo 20150321_153758_zpsesric9ba.jpg
 photo 20150321_154235_zpsv4xwznog.jpg

 photo 20150321_154254_zpssyqvcphz.jpg

Looking tired after a long flight + a long day @.@

London Eye was in our itinerary but it looks quite like our Singapore Flyers, so we didn’t visit. Just saw it from afar and it’s enough~ It’s too cold to walk all the way there!!!
 photo 20150321_155059_zpsw610ulwc.jpg

Found the Borough Market where Nadine recommended and it’s a bit like Marche, with different food stalls around the open space! Pretty cool!
 photo 20150321_163317_zpsyokymxcn.jpg
 photo 20150321_163431_zpslc3vt2nu.jpg

Took me a while before I finally found the fish & chips stall on Nad’s must-try list 😀
 photo 20150321_164553_zpsvhslvtoc.jpg

It’s not very cheap (everything is expensive in Europe!) but there are still things that I don’t wanna go home without trying! The fish is quite big and fresh but Bro finds it so-so only~
 photo 20150321_164526_zpsmwl7nin4.jpg

Off to our last two destinations – London Bridge and Tower Bridge! You may imagine London Bridge to be the beautiful one since there’s even a song for it. But prior the trip, Nadine had already warned about its insignificance.

This is London Bridge. It looks like just a normal bridge that people will walk past everyday and hardly even notice that it is London Bridge =/
 photo 20150321_171512_zpsxy3wornt.jpg

But further down we have the Tower Bridge, which is the pretty one and you have probably seen it in many movies! Took us a long, cold walk by the river before we finally reached…brrrrrr~
 photo 20150321_171521_zpsxzdymejr.jpg

 photo 20150321_155332_zps5b6mjftw.jpg

London Eye again!

 photo 20150321_171524_zpsqa3xkfum.jpg

Too bad you guys can’t feel the wind!

 photo 20150321_171915_zpsgwwjs9km.jpg

I think it’s a bar or restaurant?

Finally reached the Tower Bridge!
 photo 20150321_171946_zpsbstffjy9.jpg
 photo 20150321_172435_zpsahxvebtg.jpg
 photo 20150321_172454_zpsbkw4mu9a.jpg
 photo 20150321_172933_zps3mgly1dr.jpg
 photo 20150321_172756_zps1h89yo6a.jpg
 photo 20150321_172741_zps9wk4kber.jpg
 photo 20150321_172804_zpsiwmheelc.jpg

We wanted to catch the night view of it when it lights up, but it was just way too cold to even take proper pictures there because it’s right beside the river! In the end, we managed to shiver our way to the nearest cafe, which is not very near by the way, and I splurged on a cup of hot chocolate. Gosh~ Best choice ever! I felt like I was in heaven!!!

It was really so damn cold out there with the sea breeze blowing us away and the kind of shiver I had everyday is like shivering from inside kind. Like physically you can feel yourself shivering uncontrollably, and internally you can also feel all your organs shaking along as well.

I’m not kidding. There are so many times I thought I would suddenly just shiver till I collapse on the ground because I had never felt this cold before! And when Thapa told us that Paris would be much colder, I felt so dead~ It seems like we will be needing winter wear but all I brought were tees, shorts and tights! T.T

Anyhow, shivered our way back to the bridge and the temperature has dropped even more by then. The wind was even stronger now and we were shaking even more along. Managed to snap a few pictures with our shaky hands before we hurried off! Haha! Can’t believe we waited so long just for these few pictures!
 photo 20150321_185959_zpspcwcjr76.jpg

Wish we could spend some time to marvel at its beauty but it was way too cold for that.
 photo 20150321_190454_zpsa7fr7ats.jpg

 photo 20150321_190932_zpsk2snv3gq.jpg

The blurry night view of London~

I was so cold but my brother knows I like to take pictures a lot so he insisted taking one for me on the bridge! 😀 This time round I wasn’t the one being perfectionist about photos because it’s too cold for anymore takes! I was like, “Aiya, can lah can lah~” Hahaha!
 photo 20150321_190851_zpstswhihhq.jpg

Made our way back to the hostel for an early rest after grabbing some pastas from the supermarket for dinner. I KO-ed while my brother was chatting with Thapa and I didn’t even know it when he left! Hahaha! Mad mad tired @.@


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