VIP from Aussie!

Didn’t have a good start of the week partly due to PMS and also the ultimate anti-climax moment -.- Seriously that kind of “aeroplane flying downwards – eeyooooooooo” kind of feeling when you’re at the climax…Zzzzzz. So angry and thought of so many “If only” after that 😦

Spent Tuesday chillin‘ out at FIV五 instead~ Cheap but good wine!
 photo 20151020_203134_zpsbsrzihsj.jpg

Rushed down for my hot yoga class on Wednesday but ended up waiting till 7.30pm before class finally commenced. Felt something’s wrong somehow so I asked the staff and got to know that the class was cancelled! This was the wall rope class and the next hot class will only be in another hour’s time, but I really didn’t wanna wait any further x.x

Me: I came for the Hot Yin Yang class but I didn’t know it has been cancelled >.<

Master: Oh yes, it was last minute and we sent out emails this afternoon to inform. You didn’t sign up?

Me: No, I was afraid I couldn’t make it on time. So how… Should I join the wall rope class? Will I break my bone?

Master: You mean you have not tried the wall rope class before?!

Me: No…

Master: *immediately dragged me into the class*

LOL! So I ended up having my very first wall rope class experience, doing different stretching with the ropes attached to the walls. It’s not the very xiong kind of class like hot yoga, but the stretching is pretty intense with the help of the ropes’ resistance and it was quite fun!

We ended off with one of these Spiderman pose called inversion and I was kinda scared when trying to turn myself upside down initially, but it wasn’t that scary actually. Stayed like this for a few minutes before everyone started getting up and I was like, “Errr I don’t know how to get up“…LOL. The female instructor came to my rescue and said, “Oh Vivian! It’s you! I couldn’t quite recognise you upside down!” Hahaha!

I seriously think it’s Spiderman-inspired 😛

But not easy being Spiderman too~

Satisfied my K desire with NDPeeps on Thursday! Finally got to sing all the new songs I am into lately but still need to brush up on them~ Perhaps by singing them more? Hehe.

 photo 20151022_212940_zps2rbqptb1.jpg

The sweet lovebirds sharing a shawl like 2 winter animals 相依为命 together 😀

 photo 20151022_223019_zpsmhcsnuod.jpg

Spotted @ Prinsep!

It had been a pretty free week for me since my director was on reservist and I didn’t have much to edit~ So I crashed Ping’s suite on Friday and found her Taobao loots! Felt so happy opening them up even though none are mine…LOL! It’s like opening up Christmas presents xD
 photo 20151023_153851_zpshedljfau.jpg

Ping decided to have her mini fashion show by trying on all the new loots and posing to the CCTV…LOL. She also made me try on her long skirt and we had a good laugh at it! Ally burst out laughing and said WTF when I cat-walked over to her room in it…HAHAHAHAHA!!!!!
 photo 20151023_163503_zps4amx4h0e.jpg

Of course it wasn’t supposed to be worn this way, but it looked much worse when I wore it the right way -_- Ally’s remark was, “I feel ‘heavy’ for you” and I’m like IKR….Zzzzz. This is why most of the time it’s not because I don’t dare to try new style, but I just know what will look bad on me!!! >.<
 photo 20151023_163357_zpsm6g7jrtq.jpg

Mahjong session early in the morning on Saturday and after winning the very first game, they decided to 洗牌!And I mean literally 洗牌 T.T
 photo IMG-20151025-WA0015_zpslunnvdwj.jpg

Because the tiles were feeling sticky~
 photo IMG-20151025-WA0024_zpsr28aeivz.jpg

But perhaps the stickiness was my luck because I only won like 2-3 times after that! –CRY!!!

 photo IMG-20151025-WA0022_zpsx1adf1se.jpg

“What kind of shitty tile is this?” x.x

Break for burgers as Ah Lyn started making Portobello mushroom burgers for us!

So rare to see her cooking! Hahaha! Even her Sis was laughing at her frying an egg xD
 photo 20151024_134703_zpsbcv5lab0.jpg

My turn to fry! Looking like a pro 😛
 photo IMG-20151025-WA0025_zpspwpqspa0.jpg

Yummy burger! But continued to 包 after eating the 包~ Lost exactly 100 bucks in the end 😦 My biggest loss so far! Shows that I’m really not a morning person~ I think I have better luck at night! Seriously need to save on my expenditure the next few weeks before our next game T.T
 photo IMG-20151025-WA0001_zpsjqcezwaq.jpg

Off for our night gathering but since we were still early, I brought Ah Lyn to try the legendary durian mousse at 一碗甜品!
 photo 20151024_164655_zpsm6hsot9r.jpg

 photo 20151024_164636_zpsjbiolr9r.jpg

The must-have ❤

I think they have the best durian mousse there but the AMK one still has better Mango Pomelo though~
 photo 20151024_164519_zpssps0acml.jpg

 photo IMG-20151025-WA0023_zpsidzaet7v.jpg

With our desserts! 😀

Off to Chomp Chomp for our welcome dinner with our VIP all the way from Aussie!
 photo IMG-20151025-WA0021_zpsfkwfs4t6.jpg

And he is none other than Mommeyyyyyyyyy’s beau – Wayne!
 photo 20151024_183211_zpsvwjescsc.jpg

He indeed looks so much like George Clooney that I would believe if you tell me they are brothers! But I do agree that he looks more handsome than George Clooney, so lucky June! xD

Moved on to a pub nearby because Karen wanted to experience the ah beng pub feel once again! Hahaha! Indeed a nostalgic place~ Reminds me of the chiong days with Clique and the crazy nurses!
 photo 20151024_215200_zpsibdkkull.jpg

Just the absence of enough alcohol~ Haha! But it’s the company that matters more, and we still had fun singing and playing darts! (:
 photo 20151024_215150_zpsjeg20g9f.jpg

With the “underage” one! Oh but speaking of that, I got my IC checked too when buying some shots from 7-11! 😛
 photo IMG-20151025-WA0018_zpsdmafpyqd.jpg
 photo IMG-20151025-WA0014_zps65gqtaoe.jpg

Trying out the shots that we smuggled in!
 photo IMG-20151025-WA0019_zpstc5ntmnc.jpg

 photo IMG-20151025-WA0013_zpsfgaucku4.jpg

Lychee shots!

20% alcohol! CHEERS~!!!
 photo IMG-20151025-WA0017_zpsarza0yny.jpg
 photo IMG-20151025-WA0012_zpsv2ojmp39.jpg

Got more courage to sing “publicly” after more drinks! Overheard one of the tables saying wanna 吊花…hahaha! Not a bad idea if I can earn some Mahjong money back just by singing xD

 photo IMG-20151025-WA0009_zpslfdsii8h.jpg

The beauties & the VIP! 😀

 photo IMG-20151025-WA0010_zpsdnn1zylb.jpg

And the beasts! 😛

So happy for Mommeyyyyyyyyy!!!! ((((((:
 photo IMG-20151025-WA0007_zpsi5fmj79l.jpg

Their public display of affection! That’s what I love about angmohs – their inability to hide their affections! 😉
 photo IMG-20151025-WA0006_zpssntiix6y.jpg

Group photos with all the VIPs~! June was so happy about the full attendance! Hehe! Indeed a happy gathering! ((((((:
 photo IMG-20151025-WA0002_zpsz4qooyme.jpg

This photo looks damn hilarious because Mr Black looks so angelic and he is fairer than all for us for once! LOL!
 photo IMG-20151025-WA0003_zpsdeyhis9r.jpg

Really happy to have everyone’s presence and even happier to see some of them with their new beaus! Which only says one thing – Never stop giving yourself a chance to love! So so so happy for them!!! 😀
 photo IMG-20151025-WA0005_zps1rlt5kio.jpg
 photo IMG-20151025-WA0004_zps0tkq9blk.jpg

Just like this plant, who would expect a plant to be able to grow out from tiles! Yet it still managed to 开花结果 ^^
 photo 20151025_105357_zpsd9vhf2q2.jpg


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