Europe Day 2 – London!

22 March 2015

Not as many photos for this day because half the day was spent shopping! Thapa had to help his sister for her house-moving so we decided to check out Tottenham and Oxford area where all the shoppings are! 😀
 photo 20150322_112622_zps3mnbbvtg.jpg
 photo 20150322_112418_zpsdeozvex9.jpg
 photo 20150322_112125_zpsa8ka0q9o.jpg

Wanted to try to The Breakfast Club that Nad recommended but the queue was damn long! 😦 Bro figured that the queue might take us 1 hour and he wasn’t very keen to queue. Furthermore we might have very limited time to shop before meeting Thapa in the late afternoon~

A pity the shops there only open around 12pm on weekends, so we also wasted some time roaming around waiting for them to open. I wasn’t expecting this would be much of a shopping trip because everything there is pretty pricey, but I figured that I have to get something to keep myself warmer for the remaining 11 days x.x

Got another thicker pair of tights and a heat-tech from Uniqlo to wear inside. Not that they helped a lot but because everything else is too expensive 😦 The only, only cheap shopping place we could find is Primark, as recommended by Nadine too!

Totally loveeeeeee that place and it’s basically a 4-5 storey store selling all affordable clothes, shoes, bags and accessories!!! And by affordable I mean like tank tops @ S$3, shorts @ probably S$5, shoes @ less than 8 bucks too! It’s a complete heaven for every girl and I could totally spend the whole day there!!! Hahaha!

So while I was shopping for my stuff, my caveman brother was shopping for our dearest nephew~ The only thing I remember him buying for himself was socks. SOCKS, seriously? -_- Or maybe Primark is more of a female paradise, since most of the levels are ladies’ stuff…hehe!

Did not manage to cover the whole store because it’s just too big! Only hastily finished like 2 levels and Bro was done~ Went back to the hostel to put our loots first and had our microwavable lunch again! This is why I got fatter during this trip, it’s always pasta (or later on, pizza) there T.T

Set off to Bro’s long-awaited Abbey Road, which was apparently The Beatles’ recording studio. But he wasn’t there to see the studio (it’s not open to public), he was there to see this zebra crossing!!!
 photo 20150322_171256_zpslup4awko.jpg

I was kinda shocked to see so many people trying to take a picture with the zebra crossing, but apparently it’s a really famous one because Beatles used to cross them! FAINT~ Left to meet Thapa after le pig brother snapped enough pictures of the zebra crossing -_-|||

There wasn’t much plan for the day either except for visiting Hyde Park and checking out a museum at night. Walked aimlessly around the park because it’s so damn big that we couldn’t quite figure out which way to go, so we just walked randomly in the cold…haha!

It was freezing in the park but we saw many beautiful cherry blossom because it was the season! 😀
 photo 20150322_174825_zpsrwmanyoo.jpg

Saw this pretty pink one and I decided to take some photos there even though we were all shaking like mad!
 photo 20150322_175714_zpsi9yv1kzx.jpg

 photo 20150322_180420_zpsloiwhjfa.jpg

My nose was freezing!

Selfies with Thapa and took Polaroid shot as well! (:
 photo 20150322_180435_zpsevorbg3h.jpg
 photo 20150322_180438_zpsizxtpv52.jpg

Managed to catch the most beautiful sunset!!!
 photo 20150322_180524_zps8oj0khxx.jpg

Our random walk led us to this swan lake and it made me fall in love with the place!!!
 photo 20150322_182409_zpsljvzz1wf.jpg

It’s just so beautiful~
 photo 20150322_183336_zpslnozzn4x.jpg

We had fun feeding the swans and we ended up spending quite some time there with them…haha!
 photo 20150322_183240_zpsmqhhhruj.jpg
 photo 20150322_182943_zpsgvmapsuu.jpg
 photo 20150322_182805_zpsceff1rqi.jpg
 photo 20150322_182940_zpsy0ds9adq.jpg
 photo 20150322_182722_zps9dfvqsll.jpg

 photo 20150322_182701_zpsemszdkd2.jpg

Reminds me of the swan towel in hotels xD

Sunset by the lake! It was so, so, so beautiful! Totally worth the cold and I think Hyde Park is one place that I would wanna come back again! Could have spent the whole day there and it would be even better with a book!
 photo 20150322_182321_zps1betvisw.jpg
 photo 20150322_182330_zps3kmfyj8i.jpg
 photo 20150322_182317_zpstukfkpjo.jpg

 photo 20150322_182432_zpsjs59ddbv.jpg

Failed selfie with the sunset -_-“

Finally set off for our next destination and I remember we walked a long, long way there~ And here it is – Royal Albert Hall!
 photo 20150322_193436_zpsrths0luo.jpg

It’s a concert hall and we were not allowed to go in without a ticket, so we could only take pictures of the exterior 😦 But it’s beautiful!
 photo 20150322_191734_zpsxud4oljy.jpg
 photo 20150322_191959_zpsk7nvvuv1.jpg

 photo 20150322_192235_zpsjeausvlr.jpg

Some school or church opposite~

 photo 20150322_193926_zpsnnnwvxgc.jpg

Lan jiao???

 photo 20150322_193953_zpsbhcx3xlp.jpg

Some religious shrine~

The nearest train station was quite a walking distance away, so we gave up halfway and decided to hop on a bus! First experience taking their bus!
 photo 20150322_194548_zpsqcdkg23u.jpg

Last cam-whore session with Thapa! Teaching him the 喜怒哀乐 expressions! Haha!
 photo 20150322_195310_zps4v4hjf3h.jpg
 photo 20150322_195300_zps5ujangve.jpg
 photo 20150322_195147_zpspxb3zsrj.jpg
 photo 20150322_195150_zpsl6m37jav.jpg

It was the last day with him because he had to help his sister with the house-moving so he couldn’t join us on our last day in London 😦
 photo 20150322_195132_zpsy6wcx8zc.jpg
 photo 20150322_195102_zpsto2hj4mu.jpg

Thapa was famished and he wanted to bring us to their “Orchard Road” area to find food~ Supposedly the bus goes straight there but somehow he decided to hop off one train station earlier, so we got off with him hurriedly and I left my gloves on the bus! –CRYYY!!!– Ended up walking in the cold and had to endure the night with numb hands T.T

We walked a long way before we finally reached where he wanted to go~ Wanted to buy gloves because I definitely need them, but it turned out that Bro already bought a pair for me prior the trip but he didn’t give me because I already had mine! Awwwww~ Unfortunately, they were in the hostel so I still wasn’t spared from the cold x.x

Many shops were closed by the time we reached because I think the shops in London all close pretty early? Thapa didn’t wanna eat at the remaining restaurants because they were too expensive, so he decided to bring us to their Chinatown instead, which is another long walk away!

Bro and I were not hungry yet but we just wanna accompany Thapa for his meal, since he had not eaten since noon~ So when we finally arrived at Chinatown and Thapa still couldn’t decide on what he wanna eat, Bro randomly picked a Japanese place and we were finally saved from the cold! My hands were so numb and painful by then; did not even wanna take anymore photos D:

Finally back to the hostel and ended the short 1.5 days with Thapa~ I think I was more “annoyed” by the cold than to really enjoy and cherish our time together… But still glad to see him after so many years! If not for this trip, it may be many more years till I will fly to Nepal to visit him. So still happy to reunite with him and catch up with him! ❤


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