Office VIP

Spent the Sunday at home re-watching Inside Out with le pig brother and he brought these home for me the next day from office! Hahaha! The perks of working in Disney~
 photo 20151028_221149_zps5shxo1fa.jpg

Tom yum hor fun for lunch! Documenting it because I always cannot recall if I have tried this and that or not! xD
 photo 20151028_140615_zpsfq9osst0.jpg

Mondate with the recent hot film -《我的少女时代》to chase the Monday blues away! 😀

For those who haven’t watched it, please do! I actually quite like it, and cried a bucket for it~ At first I was skeptical that it would be like another trying-too-hard-to-copy-那些年 kind of movie, but it’s actually different in a way. (By the way, can’t believe it has been 4 years since 那些年  was screened?!)

Both are about reminiscing the youthful days (though 我的少女时代 belongs more to my Sis’s generation), but 《那些年》 is a story told from a male’s point-of-view, while this is from the female’s point-of-view and I can tell you that a male and a female’s thoughts are drastically different. 

This has its own points that you will be nodding your head vigorously with, in agreement, and it has its own touching story behind too. Even the ending is different. Probably because girls tend to perceive relationships as happily ever after while guys look at it in a more realistic way. Or maybe not.

Oh well, it’s just pretty entertaining I would say, the kind that makes you laugh for a moment and cry for another, the kind that I like (:

 photo 20151029_213946_zpsixrclfjd.jpg

Cake-crave satisfied!
Baileys Black Velvet!

 photo 20151029_221619_zpsxfziqh8e.jpg

Round 2 with le bear @ Windowsill ❤

 photo 20151029_221646_zpsnfdcxgbk.jpg

New item – Yuzu tart!
Love it too!

Had a VIP visiting the office on Friday! He still looks so tiny in real! Not as chubby as his photos…hahaha! Had fun playing with him and watching him threatening to throw my Brown around >.< But as usual, he fell into his deep sleep once again~~~
 photo 20151030_132225_zpsaudq0sl2.jpg

It was a short nap because Mummy keeps playing scary scenes for Mr Director to watch!

 photo 20151030_140748_zpsaymoeerw.jpg

Heading out for lunch~

Giving his signature blur face probably because he also recognised me as Ping?! LOL.
 photo 20151030_140734_zpsvwhptl70.jpg

It’s like everyone is saying we look alike, even her own husband!!! So what happened was the other day Momo was looking through his wallet and found Ping’s driving license, his first reaction was, “How come Vivian’s stuff is with me???!” ROFL. 有酱像 meh -_-|||

 photo 20151030_140743_zpslebqz1f7.jpg


 photo 20151030_145114_zpsfud7q6jg.jpg


And he said Bye Bye to us!!! So cute one! ❤_❤
 photo 20151030_145117_zpsany6ambl.jpg

Goodbye VIP Dylan! See you again soon! 😀
 photo 20151030_145118_zpshchtdhtx.jpg

Was happy to have finally checked out 爱琴海,which is the 民歌餐厅 that is shown in the 9pm Channel 8 drama right now~ I had wanted to visit even before this show because I had been there once during Poly days when they were still located in Marina Square.
 photo 20151030_193559_zpsy2dswify.jpg

But things didn’t turn out the way I had expected and I didn’t enjoy it as much as I had wanted to. I mean the music was good, I know probably every song they sang and I could sing along, so I like it. The bands, especially the second session one was very entertaining too~ But probably it’s a better place for big group kind of gathering so that you will not kanna seats that make you feel like you are watching a 7th month getai >.>

Worst of all, it was right under the air-con and I was freezing! Probably one of the tactics to chase people off since they earn by cover charge -.- Their whole trying-hard-to-squeeze-as-many-people-in-so-can-earn-more-cover-charge kind of arrangement pissed me off. Like things hadn’t been bad enough.

Well, at least I directed my displeasure to the staff herself and she shifted us to another table once there was a vacancy (though that was after a long time; it was full house). She also gave me a glass of warm water because she could tell that I was really pissed off, but another geh gao auntie staff came by to say that by right the warm water should be chargeable and blah blah blah. Oh com’on, need to be so niao or not?! Didn’t allow us to choose seat in the first place and tried to freeze us by giving such a bad seat, still don’t know what’s service…Zzzzz.

Yea so apart from the yucky seats, which can be avoided if you come in a group, and the food, which takes forever to come, plus the very kaopeh auntie staffs there, it’s actually not a bad place. Just make sure you go with people who enjoy such concept as well and put your focus on the nice and also nostalgic songs.

 photo 20151030_231756_zpshqufns9s.jpg

Round 2.


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