Bird Park Excursion!

Excursion on Saturday again! Started off with a good breakfast and I tried to opt for the healthier option – kway chup, but there’s no “intestine” inside T.T
 photo 20151031_093945_zpsntlieylz.jpg

Arrived at the destination of the day – Jurong Bird Park! I can’t even remember when was the last time I was here or if I had even been here before~ Probably did during primary school excursion???
 photo IMG-20151031-WA0010_zpskppvmvcf.jpg

 photo IMG-20151031-WA0074_zpsl9qnetbs.jpg

Complimentary tickets from Ah Lyn!

 photo IMG-20151031-WA0014_zpsjlgpxqcx.jpg

Off we go~

Just missed the Kings of the Skies show when we reached!
 photo 20151031_112640_zpshz4lqaep.jpg

Didn’t take that many photos because most of the birds are caged up, obviously, and I don’t like anything being caged or trapped. I like seeing birds flying around, animals able to run around and even human enjoying their freedom~ This scene just feels so sad…
 photo 20151031_113159_zpsetacg25w.jpg

So thanks to the photo contribution from Lyn! Most of the pictures are from her and I only took more of the un-caged ones…haha~ But I don’t remember most of their names now xD
 photo 20151031_115520_zpsabqn7rg2.jpg
 photo 20151031_115452_zpsyhr4zzow.jpg
 photo 20151031_115459_zpsjxeqwpvb.jpg

Happened to catch the big birds’ feeding time and it’s so scary!!! The food is scary, the way the staff just grab the bunch of meal worms is scary, and the way the birds gobbled up the worm is even scarier!

 photo IMG-20151031-WA0070_zpsygspghv9.jpg

Feeling itchy all over already!

Felt disgusted watching them eat!

 photo 20151031_114730_zpsczc2va53.jpg

The tale of its long tail~

 photo 20151031_120041_zpsdbmzrwce.jpg


Hornbills and Toucans!
 photo 20151031_1201460_zps5xwd6ag2.jpg
 photo 20151031_121018_zpsbzj1seme.jpg

I was asking why this bird is opening its mouth so big and I realised that is its beak -_-”
 photo 20151031_121826_zpskvpriqm0.jpg

 photo 20151031_125431_zpsq1p0ztzl.jpg

Huge iguana!!!
So scary! >.<

Came by the Lory Loft where we can feed the birds and I think we had the most fun here! Cause Lyn went to buy the food for 3 bucks and she got rejected by the bird! LOL!
 photo 20151031_122901_zps6etgtmg0.jpg

Super funny because everyone else were like busy feeding the birds with the same food, which means the birds are very greedy kind, and yet this particular bird flew off after tasting Lyn’s…hahahahahahaha!!!

Her embarrassed face after the rejection xD
 photo 20151031_122949_zpssazxginn.jpg

Waited and waited for the birds to come but none came!
 photo 20151031_123222_zps5iesrual.jpg

I guess you need one who can speak the bird language to attract the birds~
 photo 20151031_123609_zpsz6jqklk8.jpg

The pretty Lories happily eating! 😀
 photo 20151031_123555_zpsc7peetfz.jpg
 photo 20151031_123553_zpsnnropvyf.jpg
 photo 20151031_123852_zpstalmtqys.jpg
 photo 20151031_124011_zpsylixkqfl.jpg

 photo IMG-20151031-WA0069_zpscazvvfh3.jpg

Yay! 成功!

Lyn tried feeding again and this time round she managed to attract some birds 😀
 photo 20151031_124604_zps4eemtycz.jpg
 photo 20151031_124636_zpsuvjj0n8i.jpg
 photo 20151031_1246400_zpsfxcsgh6u.jpg
 photo 20151031_124649_zpstyigwyrz.jpg
 photo 20151031_124808_zpsx1f8xyrw.jpg

The naughty Lories love to splash the food around while eating, that explains the food bits on her face and shirt xD
 photo 20151031_124827_zpsjeo216dq.jpg

With the birdies~
 photo IMG-20151031-WA0049_zpsjhoojj6q.jpg
 photo IMG-20151031-WA0050_zpsns5v7cdx.jpg
 photo IMG-20151031-WA0057_zpsesltdepc.jpg

Super cute Lory!
 photo 20151031_124116_zpskt242itl.jpg
 photo IMG-20151031-WA0062_zpsovp0vzpr.jpg

My turn to feed! Hehe!
 photo IMG-20151031-WA0046_zpscy0vazbj.jpg
 photo IMG-20151031-WA0040_zpsqy1ikyug.jpg

I was having fun feeding, until one of the birds tried to shoot its pee at me and I got scared! That explains why I kept wanting to end the feeding session in the feeding…LOL!

And this pretty much explained this un-glamorous shot too, when the other bird suddenly flew over to join at the end! Hahahahaha! Epic face~
 photo IMG-20151031-WA0075_zpszekhzqmu.jpg

Went to visit the owls next!
 photo IMG-20151031-WA0024_zpsxwgnbwhw.jpg
 photo IMG-20151031-WA0028_zpsbvsyv39t.jpg

Beautiful snowy owl!
 photo IMG-20151031-WA0036_zpspehgq7fc.jpg

 photo IMG-20151031-WA0009_zpsany7jb1l.jpg


 photo IMG-20151031-WA0031_zpsnqjssugc.jpg

One of the noisy parrots!

The ugly ostrich! Their legs look so fragile for their heavy body! >.<
 photo 20151031_130930_zps3nnbktao.jpg
 photo 20151031_130949_zpsakzlx3ce.jpg
 photo 20151031_130939_zpsqlqbdshe.jpg
 photo IMG-20151031-WA0038_zpspq0kzlu9.jpg

Wefie with the ostrich‘s backside!
 photo IMG-20151031-WA0044_zpszmehvpxj.jpg

Birds and more birds~
 photo 20151031_132844_zpsm0p2ymwa.jpg
 photo IMG-20151031-WA0033_zps6plgdfus.jpg

Arrived at the Pelican Cove!
 photo 20151031_133205_zpsgjipbuog.jpg
 photo 20151031_133241_zpsp5igqth7.jpg

Looks like some supervisor supervising his workers xD
 photo 20151031_133215_zpslvl1jzps.jpg
 photo 20151031_133343_zpsjk9h6rmk.jpg
 photo 20151031_133222_zpshqjsa4b0.jpg

Wefie with the Australian Pelican!
 photo IMG-20151031-WA0030_zpse1n2cio6.jpg

I was excited to visit the Swan Lake because I imagine it to be like Hyde Park‘s but there were only very little swans! D:
 photo IMG-20151031-WA0032_zpsvilrigw1.jpg
 photo 20151031_134206_zpsrxoch0z9.jpg
 photo 20151031_134210_zpsphspdlmq.jpg

Managed to catch the Pelican feeding show!
 photo 20151031_140028_zpshprhcmh8.jpg

All the pelicans were already on standby upon hearing the music! So cute~
 photo 20151031_135650_zpsfgpxlagf.jpg
 photo 20151031_135021_zpsnewycu67.jpg

Guess I learned quite a bit about pelicans after the show (:

 photo 20151031_144050_zpsvshqyhb1.jpg


 photo 20151031_152606_zpspujoromb.jpg

Impressive Kings of the Skies show!

Last stop, we visited the penguins! 😀 They are so cute!!! But I still prefer the fatter ones~
 photo 20151031_153201_zps3jli0ueo.jpg
 photo 20151031_153208_zpsfgbuc0xj.jpg
 photo 20151031_153210_zpsosuncjmf.jpg

 photo IMG-20151031-WA0007_zps7oirbdny.jpg

Diving in!

 photo 20151031_153351_zpsndbpoo3l.jpg

Happily eating!

Went to visit the ones indoor and those are the fatter ones that I like! 😀
 photo 20151031_153823_zpsqohcg7db.jpg
 photo 20151031_154003_zpszi2buoow.jpg
 photo 20151031_153952_zpssqhz7bmu.jpg
 photo 20151031_154025_zps8vnhfnzl.jpg
 photo 20151031_154247_zpsm59qvzmn.jpg

 photo 20151031_154303_zpswq7oxszo.jpg

The fattest one kanna labelled as body builder…LOL

Some shots at the entrance at the end of our bird park excursion! 😀
 photo IMG-20151031-WA0026_zpsohxqniy1.jpg
 photo IMG-20151031-WA0023_zpsgzg8gsnk.jpg
 photo IMG-20151031-WA0034_zpsutkyifcm.jpg

 photo IMG-20151031-WA0017_zpswmv4ukxb.jpg

Thank you little girl for the tickets! ((:


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