Finally crossed the border again to stock up my necessities! Went in late this time round and surprisingly, there was no traffic jam nor human jam! Managed to get most of the stuff I want and conquered the whole KSL~

 photo 20151101_183916_zpsyhqrij8c.jpg

Booby cushion, anyone? :-1

Actually I was kinda surprised that we finished the mall so soon this time! But we spent some time waiting for food, buying this and that back so in the end it was still like 10pm by the time we left…haha!

 photo IMG-20151102-WA0001_zpsnd8buadv.jpg

The don’t-wanna-selfie day

Didn’t feel like I’ve bought a lot but I still ended up with 大包小包 again! x.x
 photo IMG-20151102-WA0002_zpsr9peqybl.jpg

Met up with Mr Owwwww and had a short catch-up session over at Brewerkz! We gave him a treat as well for his upcoming birthday and even though he doesn’t need us to treat, it’s a 饮水思源 kind of 心意~ After all, he used to treat us very often when we were still schooling or just started working (:

Finally tried the highly-raved Honey Butter Chip from Korea! Thanks to Nad Nad for the delivery! It’s apparently always sold out in Korea or something~ Not like the best chip ever but I like it for its unique taste; sweet and buttery smell (:
 photo 20151102_233854_zpsz9wuri1x.jpg

Souvenir from an old primary schoolmate! Touched by his kind gesture for even remembering me! (‘:
 photo 20151102_233714_zpssbz7nu7l.jpg

K-session on Tuesday and we smuggled in a yummy chocolate mousse cake! Hehe!
 photo 20151103_203751_zpsqnkwla5l.jpg

So chocolatey and nice!!! ❤
 photo 20151103_203820_zpssqgignnn.jpg

Didn’t have such a good mid-week and wasted a night roaming because of some very stupid stuff~ Dislike!!! Went for Hot Fusion class for the first time and I didn’t know what to be expecting. But now I know – aching thighs @.@

 photo 20151105_183916_zpsuihb8zlr.jpg

Tutu kueh delivery!
吃了 tutu, 嘴就不嘟嘟 (((:

Night cycling with Trinity to clear my mind and even though I was the one who suggested, I started complaining that I’m tired after like just 200m? Cause I started feeling the aches from the previous day’s yoga class on my thighs!!!

So throughout the night I complained that I’m tired for like 12937802373 times and kept stopping every now and then in the middle of the pavement to take breaks… Seriously shagged out!

Me: *cycling halfway* I’m tireddd………….

Gui: Just keep going~

Me: But I’m tireddddddd…… I’m going to stop. *brake immediately and rest in the middle of pavement*

Gui: What?! -_____-||| You seriously nonsense leh! *got no choice but to stop with me*


The guys kept bluffing motivating me that there’s a resting point in front and so on to keep me going, but every single slope, no matter how gentle, is killing me! In the end, we finally reached the fitness corner where we took a long break and I started doing my yoga stuff…hahaha!
 photo IMG-20151106-WA0013_zpshi55bpcu.jpg

Continued on our journey and it was another tiring route with multiple stops before we finally reached Mac~ Tried their lemon tart! Like the filling but the crust can be better =/
 photo 20151106_223742_zpsjbokkqzp.jpg

Masking time~! Finally followed the trend of weirdo mask…hahaha! Mask all the way from Japan! It’s damn ugly though xD
 photo 20151107_003045_zps4jlmvtki.jpg

Re-visited a place with much bad memories and fear… Or maybe it isn’t fear but more of discomfort. Just a place that I didn’t feel at ease and makes me really paranoid. Like there are eyes everywhere kind of feeling.

Resumed the Saturday with a VIP and we went Pasir Ris Park for a stroll! A pity I had to leave for my practice, so it was a short time together 😦 But a precious and happy one! ❤

Off for my very first Chingay  practice and it was an important one to me because I was given this chance to be there. I almost couldn’t be part of the performance this time round because we submitted the application late, and they were full by then! Thank goodness Mickey-san actually called the in-charge, who is his friend, all the way from Japan and helped us put up a few good words so we managed to get in!

Super touched by his kind gesture because although I have known him for many years now (since my first Chingay), we haven’t been that close to the extent that we will meet up for tea or anything. It’s only our annual meet-up at Chingay and occasional chats on Facebook. Yet he went that extra miles just to help me, after knowing my disappointment and he said he just doesn’t want me to be sad! Really really touched and blessed with a friend cum 救星 like this (((((:

This year I have so many who are interested to join with me, so we managed to form our own group with 12 people! People from everywhere – NDP, friend, friend’s friends and friend’s sibling! Haha! Hopefully they will enjoy the culture as much as me!

Speaking of culture, this year’s dance is a bit more cultural than past years, in my opinion. It’s kinda like 民族舞 and I’m not so used to it! The steps are not that difficult but the music is really fast this year, so still struggling a bit and having tangled legs~ Fun nevertheless! 😀

Mahjong session again till 3am! *zone out mode* I was winning after the first round, but lost and donated some fund again in the end~ This is really bad for the wallet in the long run x.x


Pine Garden cakes again!


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