Isaac’s Concert 2015!

After merely 3 hours of sleep after the late night Mahjong, I woke up to accompany my little prince for bowling! He has been jio-ing me to play with him since weeks ago but it’s always either the lanes were occupied for tournament, or I wasn’t free~ So this time round I have to fulfill his wish! (:
 photo 20151108_115450_zpskt1nmqix.jpg

 photo 20151108_115454_zpseerbybur.jpg

With his orange ball!

Bowling on his own after Vic guided him a few times~
 photo 20151108_103257_zpsdzgffigf.jpg
 photo 20151108_103258_zpsy6g3phlo.jpg

And we realised that he likes to do this pose whenever he watch his ball roll down the lane! Like a boss~ Hahaha!
 photo 20151108_103304_zps5il45l2i.jpg
 photo 20151108_104035_zpsafmbzckg.jpg
 photo 20151108_103942_zps2olhgjbz.jpg

Wanted to take selfie with him but I forgot to zoom out -.- (My front camera is spoiled, that’s why I can only use the back camera 😦 )
 photo 20151108_103755_zpspcuyr2hy.jpg

By then he has lost his patience for another takes~
 photo 20151108_103830_zpstafpk7pb.jpg
 photo 20151108_103831_zpsyjkgu76t.jpg

I won him for the first game and he wasn’t very happy…hahaha! Because he was winning initially until he started losing his patience again and anyhow played xD
 photo 20151108_110517_zpswrdywhmi.jpg

But he caught up again in the second game with the help of Vic! Haha! Happy boy again~
 photo 20151108_115413_zps59be6lnf.jpg

Sis: You got no strength to hold the ball yet leh… No muscle~

Isaac: But I am good (in bowling)! *proud*

And then he said to me, “Maybe you should use my orange ball, then you can be good like me” xDDDD

It was a busy Sunday because the bee had to fly back to AMK to meet the president aka Shi Min, who asked for a rare meetup! It’s so rare that I just had to rush back no matter what and then rush off again for Isaac’s concert~ Short but good catch-up session discussing about human’s sensitivity…hmmmmm.

Off to attend my loveboy’s concert and of course Yiyi’s gonna show support this year as well! 😀 How can I miss my cheeky boy’s performance (:
 photo 20151108_180101_zpszdibala4.jpg
 photo 20151108_175736_zpsimnsupk2.jpg

This year’s concert was held at a proper auditorium in a civil service club, so there is proper stage and all~ Even met an old NDP-mate whom I had not met for so long! She happened to be the niece of Isaac’s teacher and was helping out at the reception 😀

Isaac is PG2 this year so he performed 3 items! Or 4, to be exact~
 photo 20151108_183706_zpsulzkxmxy.jpg

Took the higher row on my own because I wanted to catch the full view and not get blocked by the props, whereas my super-excited Sis was determined to have the first row, of course…hahaha! The concert started off with the graduation ceremony, and that’s Isaac’s crush from last year! Apparently, he has new target now >.>
 photo 20151108_181223_zpstejaze2b.jpg

Then the graduating batch put up a performance of Miley Cyrus’s The Climb and I was surprised because this isn’t really a kiddy song!
 photo 20151108_181714_zpsvzulyfwy.jpg

But they 笑场 shortly after and the whole concert was pretty funny because of all these bloopers xD
 photo 20151108_181801_zpsx98xta2h.jpg

They ended up shouting into the mic because I think they remembered their teachers saying, “Sing loudly“, and they sang really louddddddd~ LOL.

 photo 20151108_182150_zpslndrmn2g.jpg

The little emcees! 😀

 photo 20151108_182332_zpsxqzzghvi.jpg

Mr Sun by the youngest group!

Cho~ cute one!!!
 photo 20151108_182403_zpsudbwzddp.jpg
 photo 20151108_182408_zpskijacntr.jpg
 photo 20151108_182532_zpssxvd8fop.jpg

Time for our sunshine to make his appearance! 😀
 photo 20151108_183017_zpsoe71zl4v.jpg
 photo 20151108_183019_zps3gnl2lm1.jpg

He didn’t seem nervous and was still posing for Sis! Too bad I was sitting a few rows behind so he didn’t spot me from the stage~
 photo 20151108_182650_zpswetklamy.jpg

Performing I’m Gonna Catch You!
 photo 20151108_182753_zps66lcyhpp.jpg
 photo 20151108_182755_zpsy1dyz51h.jpg
 photo 20151108_182709_zpsam4eplur.jpg

He wasn’t making funny faces, the expression was part of the song…haha!
 photo 20151108_182847_zpstsxfgque.jpg
 photo 20151108_182937_zpszodsmq0t.jpg
 photo 20151108_182904_zpska6la10z.jpg

Looking shy after the performance xD
 photo 20151108_183017_zpsoe71zl4v.jpg
 photo 20151108_183019_zps3gnl2lm1.jpg

He looks like he was really enjoying this performance! 😀

Then the hip-hoppers!
 photo 20151108_183321_zpswknu9gie.jpg
 photo 20151108_183410_zpse0nicztu.jpg

Followed by an Indian dance by the K2 again!
 photo 20151108_183814_zps6ewrf7jw.jpg
 photo 20151108_183954_zpsd21zqh0d.jpg

Quite entertaining! And it featured both of Isaac’s crushes from last year…hahaha! (Yes, Isaac likes 姐姐s)

Then it was Isaac’s turn to perform again! Geared up in ducky costumes for 丑小鸭~
 photo 20151108_185043_zpshehtxqry.jpg

And here comes the ugly duckling!
Yes! Isaac was the “main lead” so he made a later appearance than the rest…hahahaha!
 photo 20151108_185108_zpsh8mmw4hr.jpg

It’s really funny because Sis was so excited when the teacher called to say that they have changed Isaac to be the main lead because he can dance very well and has volunteered to take on the responsibility of being the main lead… But in the end Isaac told us it’s because he’s too fat to fit the yellow ducklings’ costumes! LOL!!! Kids are just so honestly hilarious xD
 photo 20151108_185402_zpsgdiujvyh.jpg

But at least he was a happy duckling! 😀
 photo 20151108_185221_zpsftkn2fpo.jpg
 photo 20151108_185452_zpsfmy6exr1.jpg
 photo 20151108_185457_zpskbwnwolo.jpg
 photo 20151108_185519_zpsmeln48c9.jpg

He was kinda distracted by then so he didn’t do all the actions, but still cute, my fat duckling! ❤ (The fat duckling wanted to try dancing like a swan at the end…LOL!)

A continuous performance of 两只老虎~ If you hear the crying in the video, it’s because there was this Indian girl who cried during every of her performance ._.

The K1 performing 小水壶, which explains why they are posing like a spout~
 photo 20151108_190010_zps56me38a3.jpg
 photo 20151108_190127_zpsayuoskqj.jpg

And then they turned into little army for my brother’s favourite childhood song – 只要我长大!
 photo 20151108_190143_zpsdmrjw8b6.jpg

Isaac’s crushes performing 老师早, in the shouting way again xDDDD
 photo 20151108_190740_zpshejrkrsv.jpg
 photo 20151108_190807_zpsrbkeggl6.jpg

The cute little bees!!! Okay, they were actually performing as some bugs but I choose to believe they are bees~ So cute!!!
 photo 20151108_191134_zps1w1ydylp.jpg

Isaac’s last performance was a long one, and he was acting as a little dog! 😀
 photo 20151108_191524_zpsnlkb7yji.jpg
 photo 20151108_191539_zpsxudpc5q9.jpg

The teacher gotta keep coming out to help them because the kids were all getting distracted by then…hahaha!
 photo 20151108_191819_zps9mlfbnjg.jpg

The kids are supposed to take turns to make the sound of the animal they are representing and it was a long way before it was Isaac’s turn, so the boy got distracted again and started his cheeky acts~
 photo 20151108_191838_zps7vob8b7d.jpg

The teacher gotta hold him back because he kept running to the mic to say his funny stuff like, “Gotcha!“, which I believe he learned from the end of the first song – I’m Gonna Catch You -_-”
 photo 20151108_192046_zpscbmrhs0b.jpg
 photo 20151108_192104_zpsghflqwa2.jpg

Finally his turn to woof!
 photo 20151108_191938_zpsscee5340.jpg

Although the whole performance felt like a rehearsal because the kids were distracted and the teacher was having a hard time controlling them, I think Isaac sang the clearest amongst the other animals during his turn! 😀

Didn’t take many photos after that because my phone was running out of memory~ This was a performance by the Chinese Speech & Drama group and these two look like a little couple xD
 photo 20151108_193150_zpsoj6rjips.jpg

Last but not least, a skit put up by Isaac’s sweethearts again, with his no.1 crush as the narrator…
 photo 20151108_193518_zpstgtb5n2v.jpg

And his no.2 crush as Little Red Riding Hood!
 photo 20151108_193702_zpsec7o1oxa.jpg
 photo 20151108_193743_zpsmy0huoge.jpg
 photo 20151108_194027_zpskdk81yfu.jpg

Overall I think even though this ain’t the most professional concert I’ve watched, in fact it’s full of NGs; teachers were roped in at last minute; it felt like a rehearsal at times, it was still a very entertaining one! This is a stage for the kids to enjoy themselves and have the excuse to be hyperactive, and I could tell that they were all happily doing so! (Okay, except the one crying~) Yea so I think that’s more important for this concert than to be expecting a “professional” or no mistake one (:

Proud of my mischievous baby nephew of course! I remember just last year, he was still crying badly before the rehearsal and holding on to me, refusing to let me go out of the room~ But this year he did not cry at all and was seen happily dancing away! Big brave boy now! Hehe! 😀

 photo 20151108_210027_zpslxtrkk8p.jpg

The very rare and precious Sundate ((((((:


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