Christmas Mood!

Chillin‘ out on the Monday that felt like a Friday because it’s public holiday eve! 😀 Usually I don’t look forward to public holiday, but this time round I was~ Hehe.
 photo 20151109_211005_zpsillaycrz.jpg

The same nice and unique drink + Apple Ciders Honey ❤
 photo 20151109_205837_zpszsakjyzr.jpg

 photo 20151109_210931_zpstg2neyhe.jpg

Mushroom pizzaaaaaaa!

 photo 20151109_211017_zpsddk6kvmg.jpg

A little too dry though =/

 photo 20151109_205223_zpspbjvtv2r.jpg

Live band singing all the songs I dedicated! 😀

Current favourite song! ((((:

Deepavali brunch! Finally tried my Tom Yum hotpot!!!
 photo 20151110_114357_zpsifoxrf8q.jpg

Brewing in progress~ But maybe it’s a bad idea to have that in the morning; had stomachache during Mahjong session later on x.x
 photo 20151110_114853_zpsh9lqqsea.jpg

Lost another hefty sum again and though it’s not the most, it’s pretty close to the other time~ But at least the fund is for a “good cause” this time round…hahahaha! Still, ouchhh!

 photo 20151110_195418_zpsxliowykw.jpg

Trying out Double Scoop! (((:
Very strong Ferrero flavour…YUMS!!!

Miss the privilege of escaping from the train crowd~ Managed to reach office more than 30 minutes earlier and lucky me, a parcel delivery was waiting for me upstairs when I reached! Hehe!
 photo 20151111_093108_zpsxjhy08uj.jpg

 photo 20151112_141146_zpsworowfr6.jpg

Sinful lunch 😛

 photo 20151112_175508_zps1ktcwrcy.jpg

The nostalgic 眼镜糖!

 photo 20151113_135033_zpsyy749mrn.jpg


Met up with Kai Bin and gang at Cedele! After giving away my toasts and avocado (because I don’t like them), I was only left with eggs and salmon T.T
 photo 20151112_201931_zpsinpjuboi.jpg

 photo 20151112_205114_zpsvywfi4ib.jpg

The self-proclaimed “complimentary” cakes =X

 photo 20151112_205035_zpsifvpqezt.jpg

Eggless truffle! Probably my favourite at Cedele!

 photo 20151112_205012_zpsx8iynd4x.jpg

Sea-salt Caramel cake was way too sweet for my liking~

Came up with the idea of playing “Who is the first to make the cake fall” and cake-eating became extra fun somehow! But also stressful…LOL.

 photo 20151112_201644_zpsebtso9w0.jpg

My first dream-catcher from Shuning! 😀

 photo 20151112_204351_zpscyuckbyd.jpg

Even Abby brought random goodie bags for us with nice snacks inside! Hehe! So cute~

We wanted to take photos with pretty Christmas trees but they were all not ready yet. Found one that was still under construction outside Robinsons and we just made do with it! xD
 photo 20151112_222347_zpsrc997op5.jpg

 photo 20151112_222338_zpso9ce8fql.jpg

It’s a mushroom treeeee~!

As you can see, we had a really hard time taking a wefie without a selfie stick! Our 6 big faces covered a large part of the Christmas tree most of the time and it’s like every time one of our faces will be cut off! LOL.
 photo IMG-20151113-WA0059_zps0xhnfwib.jpg
 photo IMG-20151113-WA0058_zpsw9o9x2nq.jpg
 photo IMG-20151113-WA0055_zps2oxbhumc.jpg
 photo IMG-20151113-WA0052_zpsjrtyeuoh.jpg

Managed to squeeze 6 heads in but can’t see much of the tree! xD
 photo IMG-20151113-WA0048_zpskpztzpva.jpg
 photo IMG-20151113-WA0050_zpsdhmhl58v.jpg

We really tried and tried all sorts of angles, tried different arm lengths, different distance and etc! Hahaha! Trying very hard for a good shot~
 photo IMG-20151113-WA0044_zpsdf4pna4p.jpg
 photo IMG-20151113-WA0041_zps0hvcslrd.jpg
 photo IMG-20151113-WA0038_zpsbtmfohu1.jpg
 photo IMG-20151113-WA0031_zps53vma9t2.jpg
 photo IMG-20151113-WA0027_zpsfnchhnoa.jpg
 photo IMG-20151113-WA0026_zpsik89zbei.jpg

 photo IMG-20151113-WA0037_zpsqawa0lco.jpg

Candid nostril shot.

 photo IMG-20151113-WA0036_zpsull4cdqn.jpg

After some of them gave up…LOL

 photo IMG-20151113-WA0035_zpsro3ja7f9.jpg

Shuning photobombed and blocked Abby!

 photo IMG-20151113-WA0033_zps8qx0cmhb.jpg

鬼脸 shot~

 photo IMG-20151113-WA0047_zpsls4rxgmy.jpg

Selfie is easier! 😛

 photo IMG-20151113-WA0010_zpsowhkjzti.jpg

With Abby!

 photo IMG-20151113-WA0008_zpsitabfdyv.jpg

With Chii Hian!

And finally, we found a good angle that can capture our 6 heads + the beautiful Christmas tree! 😀
 photo IMG-20151113-WA0025_zps8rgs2bac.jpg
 photo IMG-20151113-WA0016_zps6vgk65wn.jpg
 photo IMG-20151113-WA0020_zpsetyrb6yx.jpg

Friday night was spent enjoying a shiok shiok Hot Stretch class and I am getting closing to being able to do a split now 😀 Hopefully I can really do it like how I managed to do bridge now~

Started Saturday morning with a bowling session! Did terribly though D:
 photo 20151114_104232_zpsb8xblrqt.jpg

Improved for the second game but still not as good as last week when I played with Isaac! Maybe it’s the morale running low, or maybe it’s the lane~ Or maybe it’s really because I wasn’t wearing my specs this time! xD
 photo 20151114_111752_zpsxc8nyg72.jpg.

Very bad score for the third game too x.x
But at least I enjoyed it! Hahaha! Don’t wanna make it into something stressful that I wouldn’t enjoy anymore~

 photo 20151114_122202_zpsmabzuuw3.jpg

Mango & Durian crepes! 😀

 photo 20151114_130839_zpscpbyzx4s.jpg

Super shiokkkk Tom Yum mee sua!!!! ❤

 photo 20151114_154256_zpskqqv4uhj.jpg

That occasional tau huey crave~

Back to MINDS after another long hiatus due to the haze project cancellations + renovation~ Though I only made it for the second half of the project, it’s still good seeing everyone again! Residents and volunteers! (:

Mr Mah banned me from his car but ta-duh~! Another “chauffeur” happened to come by and we just hopped on without asking! LOL!
 photo 20151114_185835_zpsrzpghi0p.jpg

And Janelle bought tutu kuehs for us!!! 😀
 photo 20151114_192021_zpsesob5mv5.jpg

Off for the Triple-D session with the nurses and Clique and it was bride-to-be – Germain’s idea to “relive” our younger days before she gets married~ But somehow I think as we grow older, we naturally grow out of that “chiongster mode” and we just aren’t as crazy anymore..haha!

They order 2 towers of beer for the night and a bottle of Chivas because I am not a beer person. But I am also not a hard liquor person, just that I prefer that to beer. Still prefer my sweet fruity cocktail or wine though!
 photo 20151114_213425_zpsuqf3zdgb.jpg

And speaking of that just reminds me of my heartbreak~ Cause I actually brought 2 bottles of Moscato from home, since Germain said they allow that initially, and I carried it along with my to MINDS and throughout the night…

But upon meeting Shrine, Gui and Queen, Germain informed that I won’t be able to drink my wine there. So I was complaining to Shrine about how heavy the bottles are and he offered to give me a hand. But within 5 minutes after I passed him, my wine were gone forever x.x

Not that he drank them all, but he did a really stupid stunt that caused the bottles to be offered to 土地公~ We were crossing the road and he was telling me how good my bottles are as self-defence because if someone attacks, I could just … and before I could help him finish his line, I saw my cooler bag containing the 2 bottles flying across the road.

I swear we were all in shock when that happened and I watched my bottles fly right in front of my eyes and landed on the ground! I could only shout Shrine’s name because I couldn’t believe he actually really swing my cooler bag just to demo how I can use it as a self-defence weapon!!!

Everyone laughed at his stupid stunt (I didn’t know to laugh or to cry) and he also realised how stupid it is eventually. Because who on earth would swing such a heavy bag and not think of the possibility of the handle snapping off, which was exactly what happened!



I was in shock yet feeling so so so 心痛 for my wine, and 1 of them was purchased from Nadine! I had been looking forward to try it because the girls raved about it and I just didn’t have the right occasion to try it yet. Thought tonight will be but T.T

Shrine was feeling damn bad throughout the night obviously, but I wasn’t angry, and I can’t be because he was doing me a favour by helping me carry~ So I tried to explain that I was just really looking forward to try the bottle but it’s all gone now before I could even take a picture, and I felt it’s damn wasted! But somehow the more I explained, he just felt more guilty, which wasn’t my intention! LOL.

Sigh~ The scene of my cooler bag flying right in front of my eyes just kept playing in my mind after that… Really feel so 心痛 and wasted!!! But anyhow, still gotta enjoy the night since it’s been really long since all of us gathered~
 photo 20151115_004456_zpss1x2gyt1.jpg

Did not drink much though, only drank the most when we played our signature Death Circle and Si Kai set the stupid rule of “every time any guy gotta drink, the girls will drink instead“…Zzzzzz. Really kept drinking after the rule was set and no doubt we also kanna the ‘Death Circle glass‘ eventually. But thank goodness we used our 美人计 to get some random guys to help us drink up that disgusting glass of Chivas on the rock -.-”

Nobody really got drunk at the end of the night, which is kinda rare, except that Alice was slightly crazy after Germain’s brother kept disturbing her with the drinks…haha! Spent more time singing and enjoying songs instead; guess this age is more of chilling out than chiong-ing~ Nevertheless, it’s a nostalgic night, especially thinking back on our crazy days! 我们的少年时代!xD

 photo 20151115_231530_zpsim4xtros.jpg

One more added to my Brownies collection – Brown in bee suit! 😀

 photo 20151115_145614_zpseywmmjxt.jpg

For Paris.

Spent the Sunday accompanying buddy and Shrine for shopping in town, because the latter wanted to get shoes and we shopped from ION to 313~ The 2 guys left me waiting in the middle of Robinsons while they shopped and suddenly I understood how guys felt when waiting for their girlfriends to shop -_-”

 photo 20151115_200754_zpsgynkbmde.jpg

$4 each sushi

 photo 20151115_204526_zpshpxzhsru.jpg

Christmas display outside Gateway!

 photo 20151115_204547_zpsgjffx8bx.jpg

Looks much prettier after the colour changed (:

 photo 20151115_211336_zps7fmagqen.jpg

Giant tutu kueh!

 photo 20151115_210221_zps6mrxfg01.jpg

My only motivation to go to town – Lady M!!!

Thank you Shrine for satisfying my craving because he still felt bad over the bottles xD
 photo 20151115_210402_zpscpoeeagd.jpg

 photo 20151115_210428_zpsfo6ofys0.jpg

Layers of goodness! ❤


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