Back To School! :D

Monday at Timbre again! Same Timbre, same band, same pizza! 😀 It was to “celebrate” our Mahjong loss by pooling the fund together for a meal! Yes, that was the “good cause” that I mentioned ._. Very optimistic good cause…hahaha!
 photo 20151116_200305_zpsm3jka1pr.jpg

 photo 20151116_200248_zpselxoacpo.jpg

Mixed berries, lime & apple cider again!

 photo IMG-20151119-WA0000_zpsbgl0yrwy.jpg

Portobello Mushroom ❤

Requested for the mushroom pizza to be “wetter” this time because it was kinda overcooked the previous time, and this time it tasted great! Strong fragrance of truffle oil (:
 photo 20151116_200141_zpsebv7pwlw.jpg

Ordered like a boss and thought we still could order a lot more but after adding a pasta, we were left with not much from the fund! Hahaha! Guess we really 把钞票看得太大了~

Requested for some songs from a week ago and the band was surprised by the song dedication because the female lead mentioned something about she likes to sing 想你的夜 and I purposely chose that…hahaha! Even sabotaged a fake birthday girl xD
 photo 20151116_204917_zps0wmywflq.jpg

 photo 20151117_234101_zpsyskrfyoz.jpg

Gifts from Malacca! 😀

And more gifts from Malacca~!!! Macarons and Mille Crepe cakes, all my favourite! Hehe!
 photo 20151117_090610_zps8etabebh.jpg
 photo 20151117_090621_zpshjvymj0q.jpg

 photo 20151117_090556_zpswwxzvimk.jpg

Rum & Raisin flavour some more, double like!

 photo 20151118_171606_zpsza70ft3s.jpg

Red wine from alcoholic client while editing! Haha!

Patronised the same place for the third time but it seemed like each time it’s a different cafe! Haha! Got a good deal with the 50% off cakes! 😀
 photo 20151119_205902_zpsuz8jspi3.jpg

 photo 20151119_205746_zpsyob3h3cf.jpg

Chocolate Truffle
Thick and good! YUMS!

 photo 20151119_205805_zpsqdsljlxl.jpg

Not enough alcohol 😛

 photo 20151119_210242_zpsfx6aoivr.jpg

Thick and nice mushroom soup!

 photo 20151119_210704_zpsrzig66mp.jpg

Portobello mushrooms again!

But these caused a major ‘debate‘ which eventually led to a long-lost HTHT~
 photo 20151119_210727_zpsjg1qzawl.jpg

Although the conversation has more of a negative impact, I’m still positive and glad that it happened because at least I got to hear the 心声, like literally. It also makes me cherish and be even more appreciative for all the sacrifices.

But in conclusion, I still think it’s true that when you truly love someone, you will want the person to be happy, even if it’s not with you. As in I wouldn’t really wanna see someone I love suffering or not being happy when being with me, that’s kinda torturous for both. So I would rather see him being happy with someone else than to be unhappy 原地不动。The least everyone deserves in life is pure happiness, that’s what I believe. Hmmmm.

Went for Hot Stretch class again and I must say that I am starting to love it! But I used up all my energy and didn’t have much left to hold my bridge, so it collapsed pretty soon…hahaha! Supposed to head to town after class but my slipper snapped halfway!!!
 photo IMG-20151120-WA0021_zpsafqa4kfq.jpg

Mad embarrassing because it happened in the midst of changing train at Raffles Place and I was rushing to the opposite platform to catch the train, but my slipper flew off and I missed the train! Guess everyone saw it and were laughing at me for not catching the train…CRY!!!

Limped my way over for the next train and I didn’t know how I was gonna board the train -.- Could only use my toes to “kiap” the slipper across the platform gap and it definitely looked awkward….Zzzzz. In the end, I decided to be very 潇洒, took off the spoiled slipper and alighted with 1 foot bared!

Wanted to wait for buddy and Gui, who were in town, to help me get new slippers, but eventually I walked with the bare foot up to the control station in town, IN TOWN, I emphasised, and managed to find a pair of slippers shortly after I tapped out. Finally ended my embarrassing night >.>

The shops were closing by then and the guys were desperately looking for a dining place because they were famished~ Recommended them to Chir Chir Chicken because Limin highly-raved about it! Haha!
 photo IMG-20151120-WA0023_zpsnfzfn7l0.jpg

Started the Saturdate with a slice of Nutella Mille Crepe! 😀
 photo 20151121_101528_zpswumoun21.jpg

Followed by a nostalgic journey back to school!!! I was so excited to go back partly because of the food, and also because I had missed this place so much! It’s been years since I last visited and I am so happy to be able to come back again ((((:

I’ve always liked re-visiting an old place, walking through the paths I have taken before and sharing all the interesting memories of each corner 😀

 photo 20151121_113149_zpsnml59e7w.jpg

The admin block with nice sandwich!

 photo 20151121_113308_zps400w1bcm.jpg

Convention Centre which I’ve only been to a few times for major events (:

 photo 20151121_112906_zpsqrmkpnga.jpg

The study area with occasional entrepreneurship bazaar~

 photo 20151121_113408_zpsamgrs8rr.jpg

The steep slope up to our block that we all hate…

The nostalgic Block 52! But so so so sad to see that the building is under renovation! 😦
 photo 20151121_112353_zpsybiavmcf.jpg

 photo 20151121_104629_zpsn49fhbvk.jpg

FMS! (:

 photo 20151121_104812_zpseg08ppp5.jpg

Back to school!!! ❤

Went up to explore but a pity the studios and suites where most of the memories are were out of bound, because there were no students at all on a Saturday! Unbelievable~ Would really love to re-visit the whole place to see what has changed and what not…


The signature corridor where we filmed at a few times!

 photo 20151121_105210_zps1wnky6dr.jpg

Top view of the canteen where I had been to for less than 5 times =/

Everywhere looks a little different except this little corner outside the lift, where we used to discuss projects at (:
 photo 20151121_105645_zpshu5cwc2p.jpg

 photo 20151121_105636_zpszmb1d0yj.jpg

The same painting is still there!

 photo 20151121_105816_zpsvxcq9972.jpg

Staff office where we rushed to submit assignments!

 photo 20151121_105826_zps6vsh14pr.jpg


 photo 20151121_110023_zpsbsvuhqwj.jpg

Proud Alumni of FMS 😀

Off for lunch at Makan Place, which was only built in our final year~ But it’s the nearest eatery to our block, so it still held some memories for projects discussion and occasional lunch (:
 photo 20151121_112339_zpsi4qoul4f.jpg

Actually Makan Place was the main motive for the day’s visit, but sadly, what we wanted was not available after a long wait! 😦 It’s only available on weekdays so I doubt I will ever get to try it…booohoooooooo~

But looking on the bright side, despite the hiccups on the food, as well as disappointment of not being able to visit the rooms, I’m still glad to be back after at least 5-6 years! And I just chanced upon a post from back about the stuff I missed about school, so thank you for bringing back these memories ((:

Ending with a shot with Block 52 in the school-magazine-cover-girl-wannabe pose! LOL.
 photo 20151121_112440_zpsdfchpn1h.jpg

Off for my second Chingay practice and just when we are finally having a grip on the steps we learned the previous week, we were taught more challenging steps! This time round I could hardly catch because there were too many turnings involved and I am confused when to turn! OMG~

Doesn’t help that we have been transferred to the Happi group now (cannot wear Kimono…CRY!!!) and the steps are much more challenging than the Kimono group’s, which is more gentle and slow x.x

 photo 20151121_161727_zpsx1cnkiss.jpg

夜来香 cheng teng after practice!

And from west to east, to the food fair in EXPO! 😀
 photo IMG-20151121-WA0003_zpshxsbh3bq.jpg

Didn’t buy much because I was still feeling full from lunch~ But the more I like to walk when I am full, so visited Robinsons fair after that too! Wanted to play bowling because I wanna see if it’s really the absence of my specs that affected my score, but too bad everywhere was full =/

Requested for a stroll by the beach instead and it was such a cooling night after the rain! Then settled down for an impromptu chilling session by the sea…hehe!

 photo 20151121_215109_zpsi73wnuzt.jpg

Miss my Midori Illusion!
So little places have it!

 photo 20151121_223451_zpsbd6mx1lw.jpg

Under the moonlight (:

Woke up early on Sunday for badminton session with le volunteers~ I was rather reluctant to go but Mr Mah specially bought the famous Haig Road market tutu kueh to lure me, and I agreed because there were only 3 people initially -_- Who knows the turnout rate suddenly became so many!

Started to regret going after I spent at least 20 minutes walking up and down, round and round, trying to find the damn back gate to enter the school! It didn’t help that even my GPS was bringing me the wrong way! Was really pissed off with myself and the sun and everything else because the sun was sooooo hot and I was sweating like crazy and it felt like I have had my exercise already -.-”

It was a total waste of my sleep time and at that point of time, I really regretted going and wanted to just go home instead! Zzzzz. In the end, I had to make such a bigggg round just to finally reach the gate! Guess everyone could feel my aura (which I hardly showed to them) and tried to cool me down~

Left with less than 1 hour to play but I kinda fully-utilised it. Still, I’m not gonna go back to that school anymore because I’m angry with its stupid gate location :@

 photo IMG-20151122-WA0006_zps9fpickf8.jpg

When 3 become 11~

Everyone tried to 灭 my aura by even suggesting to eat in AMK…hahaha! And because of this, I finally get to try the famous Soi 19 wanton mee!!!
 photo 20151122_142129_zpsihztfcsk.jpg

The queue moved quite fast and ta-duh~! Here’s my Bangkok style wanton mee!
 photo 20151122_143634_zps95mocubu.jpg

 photo 20151122_143556_zpsviqz68li.jpg

Not bad, for one who is not a fan of wanton mee (:

 photo 20151122_144219_zpsldibk99k.jpg

Dim sums to share!


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