Hunger Games!

Chillin‘ on a Monday again after a second visit to the EXPO food fair!
 photo 20151123_214923_zpsqz8rc3bq.jpg

 photo 20151123_215217_zps1fnjet2i.jpg

Mushroom craze ❤

I think I have a very low tolerance for ‘ai mai ai mai‘/婆婆妈妈 people because I’m the kind that I wanna eat means I wanna eat, I don’t wanna eat means I don’t wanna~ I wouldn’t be like, “I wanna eat but … *think of 893749723 reasons not to*” -_- And most of the time the reasons are greatly affected by others (e.g. no one’s eating). I like people who are in control of their own lives, in short.

 photo 20151125_134839_zpsurr6tjnv.jpg

梅菜 for lunch! Love it!

 photo 20151125_203201_zps4eegw0rw.jpg

菜脯蛋 for dinner! Love it too!

 photo 20151125_203314_zpslvoelej7.jpg

The satisfying dinner! 😀
The salted egg yolk pumpkin is yummy!!!

Rushed off to catch The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 2!

To be honest, I’ve only caught the very first Hunger Games movie and I missed all the rest, then now I’m watching the last! Hahaha! Forgot a lot of stuff by now but still able to enjoy the excitement of the movie (:

Perhaps I am not able to feel as much of the emotional part because I did not go through the middle “journey” with them, but makes me wanna catch all the prequels! The incentive would be a comfy sofa and a good snuggle…hehe!

 photo 20151126_001006_zpsg83enuoj.jpg

My new digital weighing scale from Santa! xD

Rewarded ourselves with a good lunch because it’s Frrrridayyyyyyyyy! But sadly, we all agreed that the expensive lunch wasn’t as filling as our $3 – $5 market lunch~ Haha! Which explains why this hungry ghost is spreading butter hungrily on my bread which I don’t want and she rejected initially, but still ate it in the end! 😛
 photo 20151127_140902_zps53qlbj71.jpg

Finally checked out Workbench! 😀 It’s in AMK yet I had never been to it until I was tempted by a friend’s Instagram photo…hahaha! How to resist such yummy-looking lava cake?!
 photo 20151127_194909_zpsbebqacbm.jpg

Super flowy chocolate lava with caramel biscuit ice-cream ❤ Awesome!!!
 photo 20151127_195058_zpsl1thxdnf.jpg

Enjoying the night view at high up! (:
 photo 20151127_205401_zps0tgbl2ch.jpg

Nostalgic place with silly memories…hehe! Remember I stood there for a really long time, refusing to talk~
 photo 20151127_205313_zpskp8n9ia8.jpg

Happy and fulfilling Saturdate with lots of good food and then lots of good wine 😛 Was so hungry and wanted to be the first customer of O’bean, but who knows they were not ready for business yet! They actually stated that they open at 10am and yes, they are open, but there will only be food from 11am onward…Zzzzzz.

Tutu kueh to chiam si tong first~ So happy whenever I see pasar malam!!! 😀 So much 椰 some more!
 photo 20151128_111109_zpsx8bdr6gs.jpg

Finally back to O’bean for the first meal of the day and I was confident that I could finish everything this time because I was so famished! Hungry since the previous day’s not-so-full lunch x.x
 photo 20151128_114102_zpsv8ne3nu9.jpg

 photo 20151128_114125_zpskka51qed.jpg

酸辣 “pork ribs”!

 photo 20151128_114119_zpsca8w9iqy.jpg

Braised platter!

 photo 20151128_114112_zpskvqozsgz.jpg

Egg with sausage porridge!
Surprisingly nice!!!

 photo 20151128_114108_zpsadzaq9n8.jpg

My 酸辣 noodle for the very-hungry tummy!

Indeed finished everything! Hehe! But so so so full after the sumptuous meal (:
Time for some shopping to digest! Went for some wine warehouse sales and left with a carton! I only got 2 bottles; wouldn’t mind getting more if I have got space to store! I need a wine cellar at home…hahaha!

More shopping at Chinatown Point and I ended up with 1 more bottle from Wine Connection! OMG~ Indeed a wine shopping day. But I got attracted only because of the name, and it turned out to be pretty nice!!! Gonna go back to get another 😛
 photo 20151128_223248_zpsghut0b7k.jpg

 photo 20151128_154254_zpskzy1er2y.jpg

Délifrance peach tartttt ❤

 photo 20151128_162330_zpsnuprj3x3.jpg

Lychee Rose ice-cream from Seriously ice-cream xD

Somehow the time passed really fast and it was soon the end of Saturdate~ Off for a meeting cum my virgin visit to Queen’s new house! It’s been some time since I last met the Na-sisters and they made me feel so welcomed ❤_❤

Na-sister: Vivian, what do you wanna drink?

Shrine: Why nobody asked me that?

Na-sister: You can only eat a grain of rice later.

(At dinner)

Na-sister: *served me some food* This is only for Vivian, not for you.

Shrine: . . .

Hahahahaha!!! Seems like Shrine has made enemies everywhere~

Was supposed to discuss the major details of the big day but I was down with a terrible headache. Couldn’t think properly but thankfully the meeting still went on and we managed to discuss pretty much everything that we wanted to. Had fun digging through the childhood photos of the 5 Na-sisters too! xD

Had some wine and ta-duh~! My headache was gone! Told you I am born to be alcoholic. Just like Shrine is born to be a comedian.

 photo 20151128_234719_zps4krjiycs.jpg

Hiding his double chin.

 photo 20151128_234740_zpswuegs80j.jpg

But I caught him with triple. LOL.

Off to Wonderland now!!! 😀


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