Christmas Wonderland!

Christmas outing with NDPeeps again! Missed the Christmas Wonderland at Gardens By The Bay last year and I am glad that I finally got to go this year! 😀

 photo 20151129_175319_zps293g4ze2.jpg

Cutie gifts from Ah Lyn!

Heading off to our destination after dinner!
 photo IMG-20151129-WA0040_zpsgpkibm0o.jpg
 photo IMG-20151130-WA0014_zps4a5zrwkl.jpg
 photo IMG-20151129-WA0039_zpssa8zj8h6.jpg

Arrived at the Wonderland! (:
 photo 20151129_192310_zpsx4wzrlfs.jpg
 photo 20151129_DSC_5686-1_zpsqky6j02i.jpg

 photo 20151129_DSC_5687-2_zps55p3ntrx.jpg

The ever-crazy Mommeyyyyyyy!

The lighting at the entrance area wasn’t that impressive though, felt a bit like Deepavali =X
 photo 20151129_195359_zpscyrae9fn.jpg
 photo 20151129_DSC_5691-3_zpskj66grpp.jpg

My artistic shot minus the spoilers >.>
 photo 20151129_195654_zpsmcvbswph.jpg

This is my third or forth time at GBTB but I haven’t been to the dome before…hmmmm.
 photo 20151129_195612_zpsadoulcm3.jpg

Stopping point to gather everyone because it was pretty crowded and we kept losing one another! Brought out my gears because one of them mentioned about dressing up and I brought some props just in case…hahaha!

 photo 20151129_200600_zpssmlfed83.jpg

Miss Wonderwoman!

 photo 20151129_200713_zpsidpeuk59.jpg


 photo 20151129_200846_zpsb8g8dttb.jpg

When Wonderwoman meets Badman xD

 photo 20151129_201207_zpsbuainz9s.jpg

Transformed to Minnie!

 photo 20151129_DSC_5714-7_zpsunfsoww1.jpg

Mouse gear, mousey face, but kitty shirt xD

Took lots and lots of selfies! 😀
 photo 20151129_DSC_5717-8_zps0yut7ygv.jpg
 photo 20151129_202043_zpsoyvebg1g.jpg

 photo 20151129_DSC_5711-5_zps59vsk4w9.jpg

Mickey & Minnie!

 photo 20151129_DSC_5712-6_zpsqqev7ayt.jpg

Group photo by Eric!

 photo 20151129_201846_zpsxgl1g87d.jpg

Spotted a bee stroller!!!!

 photo IMG-20151130-WA0013_zpsv35xacuc.jpg

With Superman!

 photo IMG-20151130-WA0010_zpszcx1wxzd.jpg

Literally 鬼脸!LOL.

With the little one!
 photo IMG-20151130-WA0011_zpsyxwctrnm.jpg

Whom we loveeee to bully 😛
 photo IMG-20151130-WA0009_zpsdgtggmbf.jpg

Looks Deepavali right????!
 photo 20151129_201239_zpssoppvito.jpg
 photo 20151129_201322_zpswx1alinf.jpg
 photo 20151129_202603_zpsrexhstvh.jpg

Finally arrived at a beautiful spot – the Christmas tree! 😀
 photo 20151129_203137_zpslwxrvcj0.jpg

 photo 20151129_203210_zps8xags7xi.jpg

Pretty reindeer!

 photo 20151129_203523_zpsj8gakizo.jpg

Bear <3!

 photo 20151129_202440_zpsdbedoseb.jpg

Closet cam-whore!

 photo 20151129_203417_zpssdkcx2z4.jpg

Super tree VS Christmas tree!

 photo 20151129_202849_zps8jsi9y7k.jpg
 photo 20151129_202408_zpsp2xi6ane.jpg

 photo 20151129_203907_zpsysuqbtwz.jpg


 photo 20151129_202322_zpsatcnaalj.jpg

Wefie with selfie king!

Pretty shots by Eric!
 photo 20151129_DSC_5731-10_zps8h2upllx.jpg
 photo 20151129_DSC_5733-11_zpsyyksz1iu.jpg

Okay lah, this one also pretty 😛
 photo IMG-20151129-WA0026_zpsrkyc7tr8.jpg

Finally reached the highlight of the Wonderland – the part that I saw in news and wanna visit! 😀
 photo 20151129_205405_zpsnbfni2eg.jpg

So pretty please!!! Indeed like a Wonderland!
 photo 20151129_205159_zpsmxamvoph.jpg
 photo 20151129_205155_zps5fhzynaf.jpg
 photo 20151129_205440_zpsrpxitffq.jpg

So glad that we managed to catch the light and sound show! It’s so beautiful (((:
 photo 20151129_205958_zpsh10w2sox.jpg
 photo 20151129_205633_zps5novxizo.jpg
 photo 20151129_210443_zpske49fxg7.jpg

In the Spalliera!
 photo 20151129_211231_zpsfsxde3bs.jpg
 photo 20151129_211239_zpsnaecciig.jpg

A big thank you to Eric for helping us take so many nice pictures! As usual…hehe.
 photo 20151129_DSC_5756-15_zps4fdeq5xt.jpg
 photo 20151129_DSC_5757-16_zpsqnywupwe.jpg
 photo 20151129_DSC_5752-14_zpszsf2a133.jpg
 photo 20151129_DSC_5748-13_zpsvhsc1mys.jpg
 photo 20151129_DSC_5760-17_zpszwsnicrt.jpg
 photo 20151129_DSC_5761-18_zpsfvqdux7s.jpg

 photo 20151129_212219_zps676uoqcp.jpg

Carousels are pretty (:

 photo 20151129_DSC_5773-19_zpsezqot9or.jpg

Cheeks look super rosy (@ ^.^ @)

 photo 20151129_213108_zpsuepbl2oj.jpg

Wefie #83497893740928

 photo 20151129_220500_zpsquqyxxmv.jpg

Trick Eye @ GBTB~

 photo 20151129_213233_zpspewuszol.jpg

Floating baby spotted!

 photo IMG-20151130-WA0020_zpsvxn7xuqn.jpg

We managed to get the very last ice-cream sandwich!!!

 photo IMG-20151130-WA0019_zpsnaspmlhw.jpg

Green tea which turned out surprisingly yummy! (:

We were trying so hard to find the swinging chair ride that Lyn mentioned, because it’s one of my favourite rides, but it turned out to be such a mini one!!! -_-”
 photo 20151129_215224_zpsuolxdbne.jpg

Finally ended our long walk for the night and settled at Mac for some sinful snacking session! Each of us brought something to share so we ended up being spoiled for choices and snacked so much!!! >.<

Nevertheless, it was definitely a happy night with the NDPeeps, and my Brown! (((:
 photo 20151129_222828_zps3ptwlbqz.jpg
 photo 20151129_222852_zpsgpbmkroz.jpg
 photo 20151129_222834_zpsykfkst2p.jpg


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