The Force Has Awaken!

Mondate at the airport! Finally got to see the Star Wars displays 😀 Not that I am a fan of Star Wars, but my pig brother is one pig ultimate fan (I think he has watched the whole series for like 23971590723712 times by now), so there’s bound to be some kind of influences~ At least I know the names of the popular characters! Haha!

Life-size X-wing fighter!
 photo 20151130_195602_zpsmn5wyqxc.jpg
 photo 20151130_195628_zpspuqgjv6i.jpg
 photo 20151130_195813_zpsiqyblqto.jpg

Even the Christmas tree is Star Wars-themed! xD
 photo 20151130_203059_zpsd0ucrwlz.jpg

 photo 20151130_203239_zpsuhpjd8rq.jpg

With cute Star Wars plushies!

 photo 20151130_203128_zpspgshrag0.jpg

But it’s blur T.T

 photo 20151130_203157_zpsdjntwoam.jpg

Yoda master!

 photo 20151130_203147_zps9xj0r373.jpg


 photo 20151130_203205_zpspzlf7mhx.jpg

Cutest of them all! ((:

 photo 20151130_204829_zpsuxvzd5vs.jpg

TIE fighter at T2!

 photo 20151130_204907_zpsio6bro5v.jpg

With the Stormtroopers!

 photo 20151130_221608_zpsq2qyo0hk.jpg

Ending the night with tangyuan beancurd 😀

Checked out a new place on Tuesday and had a good dinner followed by an impromptu K-session!

 photo 20151201_195440_zpsowvrfjha.jpg

Yummy mushroom soup!

 photo 20151201_195446_zpsv6iecytc.jpg

Thai-style fried mushrooms!

 photo 20151202_101210_zpsbzhpwgps.jpg

Gifts from Korea & Japan! Weeeeee~
Thank you FaithX for smuggling my dango back for me!

 photo 20151202_135530_zpsd3ifq23l.jpg

Long-missed ‘fish’ soup again! ❤

Went for Hot Flow class this week and I almost died~ Now I realised I prefer Hot Stretch! Challenging but still manageable, unlike Hot Flow, which is way too exhausting x.x

 photo 20151203_163426_zpsxagkiym7.jpg

Swiss roll party in office!
A tradition whenever MZ 导演 is here! 😛

 photo 20151203_205825_zpsfpd1abpg.jpg

Thursdate – Beer + pizza + lots of cookies (jam) xD

Friday was spent partying at Abby’s house with the girls!

Not the alcohol kind of party but cake party! 😀 Bought 6 different mille crepe for them + Swiss roll to try because I didn’t buy any gifts this year~
 photo 20151204_211316_zpsyszxmcub.jpg

I am a sucker for cakes, especially mille crepe ❤ Now I have an excuse to eat them!!! HAHAHA.
 photo 20151204_211515_zpsuvhlcpxn.jpg

Gift exchange time!!! Hehe!
 photo 20151204_220216_zps1z0obord.jpg
 photo 20151204_220208_zpsuvyrlrdy.jpg

This year I was a bit spoiler because I already chose my elf – Kai Bin, since I know what she wants already! And coincidentally, she also picked me as her elf and I also told her what I want – digital weighing scale! Haha!

But because it was too heavy for me to bring the gift to Abby’s house to show off, Kai Bin actually made a card with the “gift” inside! I totally burst into laughter when I opened the thoughtfully-designed card! Hahahahahaha!!!!
 photo 20151204_220641_zpssdhmes6f.jpg

With her beer (got caught by 3 different friends – Shi Min, Queena & Gui while buying it -.-“) and blackhead mask which I brought to Bangkok to let them try and she liked it! Hehe! Happy with my gift too! 😀

It’s such a coincidence that this year, the girls all picked their own Santa as elf! So Limin got her favourite handicraft stuff from Abby while Abby got a Starbucks cup from Limin!

The possessive Chii Hian bought a hoodie of the same colour as her outfit for Shuning (so that she can force her into couple-wearing) and in exchange, she received a matching hoodie for her upcoming trip and some food!

Happy with our gifts! 😀
IMG-20151205-WA0006 IMG-20151205-WA0007

And more gifts from the girls!!! Hehe! Time for a sinful Christmas again! 😛
 photo 20151204_221555_zpsxnqhfktm.jpg

And like Chii Hian’s first time driving us, it was Limin’s turn this time!
 photo 20151205_001331_zpste3yxwlx.jpg

Thank you for sending us back! ^^
I hope I will have the chance to drive them one day too! Or maybe not~ Hahaha!


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