SCMS 2015

December is a really packed month and this was probably one of my busiest weekends ever! Super shagged one too~ Started the hungry Saturday with a good brunch!!! And this meal actually kept me so bloated throughout the whole day @.@
 photo 20151205_114226_zpsnkxpv0pe.jpg

Spent a short while 吹海风-ing before leaving for my practice~
 photo 20151205_123652_zpsc2uchzjc.jpg
 photo 20151205_123646_zpsbv39h77u.jpg

Sooooo many steps to absorb and I seriously don’t know if I can master them within the next few practices! I hardly have time to practise at home too, so I can only depend on the remaining practices, which I am already gonna miss 2 x.x

Blessed to have a ride back home because it was pouring shortly after! And I also had a really long day to go, so it definitely saved me some time from travelling all the way back from the west! (((:

Only had enough time to shower and prepare then I was out again for Germain’s wedding! Somehow everything just fell on this 5th and 6th December weekend and I could only squeeze them back to back~
 photo 20151205_201636_zpszn72nhfl.jpg

Only had this picture of the pretty bride! The photo we took with her is with the photographer~ Anyway, it was a Malay-Chinese wedding, so most of the time the couple was on the stage and they do not have the tradition of going table to table for photo-taking, so we only took 1 photo with her…haha!
 photo 20151205_201036_zpszit8xyz1.jpg

Left to nua at Lyn’s place because I didn’t know where to go till midnight~ Cookie Jam-ed all the way till we finally left to take the shuttle bus for our Standard Chartered Marathon volunteer duty.

 photo 20151206_015724_zpspm9uocoq.jpg

Supper @ 1am!
But I was still full from brunch!!!

For the past 3 years that I volunteered for SCMS, it was with Joanjoan. This year she couldn’t make it but I have also recruited more friends to join me! I guess they all regretted after this experience though, because it’s damn tiring and there were some hiccups, again.
 photo 20151206_015833_zpsoddrtqy7.jpg

Asking us to report at 12.30am when our official duty only starts at like 5-6am is something that I still cannot figure out why. And then we were stationed at East Coast Park again, which means it’s feast time for the mosquitoes!!! Arghhhh. Got bitten all over even with the mosquito patch on and we had to resort to putting Tiger Balm muscle cream (meant for the runners) all over ourselves to prevent the mosquitoes from coming…Zzzzzz.

Helped to prepare the drinks by carrying carton after carton of water down the tables~ Then we basically had nothing else to do most of the time except feeding the mosquitoes and feeding ourselves with junk food to prevent falling asleep.

Towards the start of the duty, we volunteered to take the banana station because I remember how disgusting it was in our first year when Joanjoan and I also helped out at the drinks station! Our shoes were soaked with 100 Plus at the end of the day and I even had to throw my shoes away in the end!

Yea so we helped to pluck bananas instead, as in make them into individual bananas from the bunch~ A chore too challenging for me because I have difficulty plucking without peeling the bananas! Hahaha!
 photo 20151206_063223_zps933ejn7g.jpg

 photo IMG-20151206-WA0007_zpsp3dzcmng.jpg

With our cartons of bananas!

But in the end, there seemed to be a lack of manpower in our team this year and a few of the drinks table were unmanned, so Lyn and I decided to help out there since we were wearing slippers and the rest were not. By right slippers are not allowed according to the volunteers’ handbook, but it’s not as if SCMS is gonna pay us for a new shoe -.- So yea…some rules are meant to be broken; sticky feet is better than disgusting shoes.

The duty was boring at the start, but got better when more runners came by~ Lyn and I belonged to the last 2 tables in the row, so it wasn’t as hectic as my first year because most runners already got their drinks at the first few tables. Still busy having to constantly fill the drinks and arrange the cups though, and feet were still sticky and gao wei at the end of the day x.x

I think I still prefer being a route marshal than being at the aid station~ Or maybe it was because this year’s team was not that enthusiastic, so no one actually cheered or anything, which is kinda the part that I enjoy most. I like giving moral support and having that smile or thumbs-up sign of appreciation in return, but I didn’t wanna be 自-highing alone, so I only gave occasional words of encouragement to the runners who came to our table to take drinks. That kinda made the duty a mundane one I guess~

The only part left to look forward to was seeing familiar faces! Waited a long time before I spotted Vic walking towards the drinks station! Thought I had missed him while busy filling the drinks, cause I think we missed many people~
 photo 20151206_102156_zpse1v0tyis.jpg

This was the part he said, “Eh faster leh, very shagged leh“, when I kept asking for retake of the photo…LOL!
 photo 20151206_102226_zpsec6iwdqr.jpg

I think it’s a matter of age as well because this year’s volunteering seemed extra tiring even though it was less hectic. Just felt damn shagged, damn sticky, damn smelly, and couldn’t wait to go home! I think I am just too old for such overnight activities -.- Even sat down and rest eventually when the runners lessened, leaving the duty to the 100 Plus people. And that’s when we spotted Amir! Haha!
 photo 20151206_103658_zpsnmzj9r2g.jpg

And just like us, the poor cleaners stayed overnight with us just to clean up this aftermath~
 photo 20151206_105202_zpsk7qc9nhy.jpg

 photo 20151206_105205_zpsmcvisbzs.jpg

The road soaked with 100 Plus

 photo 20151206_105209_zpsnda2jwrn.jpg

Bags of rubbish~

Glad that we didn’t have to wait till the last runner this year because I was really feeling so tired!!! More than 24 hours without sleep and when we were finally released after 10 HOURS, we thought we could finally go home but guess what! They screwed up the buses for volunteers once again!

After waiting for a long time under the HOT sun at the carpark, there was no sign of the bus to take us back to Padang! We were stranded there while our desperate group leader tried to make calls to the logistic side but to no avail because the person was not picking up! So we had no idea what’s going on or when the damn bus is coming because apparently the other volunteers along ECP were also still waiting for the bus…Zzzzz!

I remember complaining about the exact same bus issue during SCMS 2010 in my blog and someone from SCMS even commented to apologise for the hiccup. But now all I can say is an apology doesn’t promise that the problem will be rectified. And it seem like I am always complaining after each SCMS event, so the next time I said I wanna volunteer again, someone please stop me and remind me of all these okay!!! -.-”

In the end, we decided to take our own public transport to Bedok, even though the route was a detour. We were simply tired and desperate to get home! So borrowing a line said by Eunice during our NDP retreat, I hope while the SCMS team is busy pampering our runners, don’t forget to pamper your volunteers or at least provide proper welfare! Don’t forget that we reported way earlier, we did not have any sleep, and what we received was just a $20 token and a T-shirt. (The goodie bag this year was almost empty; just a few sweets and snacks, not even any bread or drinks!)

Super long journey back home and I was even caught in the rain halfway x.x
Eventually I only managed to reach home at like 1.30pm. For the past years, the Sunday would be spent catching up on sleep after the overnight duty, but this year it was a really xiong weekend because like I said, everything seemed to be happening over this 5-6th weekend!

Rushed home to finally shower – removed makeup and put on new one (to look more refreshed), then I was out again in a short while for a primary school gathering with Mr Ow and old schoolmates! As much as I was really very lethargic to go, I didn’t wanna miss the chance of meeting old friends whom I had not met for yearssssss!

 photo 20151206_145522_zpsxdz32clf.jpg

Too sleepy to eat, so I wanted something light…

It was a great meetup and no regrets for going because we had so much fun talking about the stuff that happened in school! So many funny memories including the eye exercise that we had to do everyday for a period of time, the naughty stuff the boys did (though Yong Bing was the only boy present), updating each other about old schoolmates and trying to revive Mr Ow’s memory with schoolmates’ Facebook photos! Haha!

I had not met some of them for more than 10 years but we still remember one another of course! And Mr Ow was amazed that he was our age when he first taught us -.- Suddenly 26 felt extremely OLD!
 photo IMG-20151206-WA0005_zpst0fijeza.jpg

Finally back home to rest and I actually KO-ed from like 5pm all the way till 11pm! I even thought it was midnight when I got woken up…haha! Continued sleeping again shortly after and I guess I was really tired, because I managed to complete my 14 hours sleep marathon.

 photo 20151207_145235_zpsukq6wup0.jpg

Wish I could continue sleeping like the lazy cat at my office though!

 photo 20151210_105722_zpsirimvsgt.jpg

Raining aircon x.x

 photo 20151205_110138_zps6tylpqsn.jpg

Proud sister of le pig brother, who just got an award at the latest Promax!

Caught Point Break and I thought it was not bad, good enough to recommend to friends. Felt kinda an adrenaline rush while watching, but of course that doesn’t mean I would dare to attempt any of the activities. Too old for these too =/

Anyway, Point Break was much better than May Who for sure, a movie which I watched few weeks ago but forgot to mention. Or maybe too embarrassed to mention -.- Because my fellow colleague highly-raved about it and even said it’s better than 少女时代 and Kingsman, but in the end, I hardly laughed even though it was a comedy…Zzzzz.

I was so embarrassed for suggesting that I did not even know how to react after the movie. I mean it wasn’t atrocious, but it just wasn’t that good and definitely NOT better than 少女时代!Maybe it’s a different kind of ‘frequency‘ that I can’t catch -.-”

 photo 20151211_091242_zpsd1varhl2.jpg

❤ my gold shoes!

 photo 20151209_165550_zps3sbvuhaa.jpg

Director’s tea break treat again! xD

Spent the Friday night with PPGs celebrating Xiao Qian’s super belated birthday! Because everyone was finally back from their trips – Yinning from Korea, Nad from Dubai and Xiao Qian from catching her northern light!
 photo 20151211_211919_zpsmreh1pf6.jpg

The very surprised girl at her doorstep because she didn’t expect a cake 3 weeks after her birthday! Hahaha!
 photo 20151211_212000_zpsg9j3qqjp.jpg

 photo 20151211_212007_zpsfj1zk93h.jpg


 photo 20151211_212041_zpsxvhbvqs6.jpg

The very happy birthday girl! 😀

 photo 20151211_212029_zpsjktkjc3f.jpg

Happy Birthday, Xiao Qian! ❤

 photo 20151211_212105_zps3a1lnnni.jpg

Making her belated wish~

 photo 20151211_212110_zpsiahafgy8.jpg

Then she huffed and she puffed…

 photo 20151211_212111_zpsqh1hr6n7.jpg

And she blew the candle off!

Had so much food for the night because we were eager to let each other try so many things! The girls bought McDonald’s, then we brought special chips to let each other try, white wine from Nad, cheese from Xiao Qian’s Europe trip, desserts from Xiao Qian’s parents, and also the mango cake! =O
 photo 20151211_235114_zpsqywcrttb.jpg

Wine and cheese is supposed to be a great combination, but I’m not a fan of such good cheese except nachos cheese! =X
 photo 20151211_231309_zpsy5mo8czl.jpg
 photo 20151211_233613_zps2sw70rrt.jpg

So much to catch up on again! (((((:


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