Mission JHQ

Managed to get home to rest for a while after the retreat before heading out again for an important night! And that’s of course our dearest Shrine’s birthday celebration! xD
 photo 20151213_194157_zpswv4yzudc.jpg

After missing his birthday for at least the past 2 years (and he complained every single time about it), I was determined to be present this time! Din Tai Fung for dinner~!
 photo 20151213_194154_zps8h5bp69x.jpg

Spotted the cute crab there? Because it’s crab roe xiao long bao! ❤
 photo 20151213_194149_zps5bs90sj9.jpg

Super full but still gotta try the mango pudding that Queena raved about!
 photo 20151213_201541_zpswpwcfkrb.jpg

Then off for our real mission of the night… So Shrine’s birthday was actually just a smokescreen to get everyone together and most importantly, to trick le Queen to the actual venue where le King had been waiting!

Le King aka Gui was absent for Shrine’s birthday dinner on the pretext that he had to meet a client, but in actual fact, he had been waiting at Gardens By The Bay since we even started our dinner! We had already planned to visit GBTB to see the light show after the dinner, so there wasn’t much hiccup in getting Queena there~
 photo 20151213_204328_zpsjnmedejn.jpg

But who knows, our biggest mistake actually started from the entrance. First of all, Gui’s phone was flat, so he had to go through Joseph and the other guys, who were with him all the time, to coordinate with us. Shrine ended up being the one from our group coordinating with Gui’s side, hence we trusted him, and he was also the only one who recce the place with Gui few weeks ago.

So when Shi Min said the entrance was on the right and Shrine said it’s the left, we trusted the latter and thought that Gui didn’t want a crowded place to propose, so maybe he chose a “secret place“~ But who knows after a long walk in a part of Gardens By The Bay I’d never been to before, we realised Shrine brought us on the wrong way -_-”
 photo 20151213_211334_zpsndtaygkg.jpg

And the aimless walk continued for the next 45 minutes because Shrine did not know where is the place Gui was referring to! First he said it’s near the dome, and when we finally found the dome, there was no sign of Gui.

So we continued walking towards the light show area, which was what we were supposed to come and see, but that’s not where Gui was hiding and our real motive was to find him! Thank goodness Queena did not suspect at all when we walked away just when the show started! Zzzzz. (Ugly pictures taken while pretending to be interested.)
 photo 20151213_210026_zps8ynjllz0.jpg
 photo 20151213_210440_zpsxul5udp5.jpg

I was getting impatient and worst of all, I was not being in any control of the whole situation but just being brought around aimlessly. Both an Aries’ weaknesses – impatient and not being in any control of what’s going on -.- And most of the time, Shrine was walking way ahead of us, trying to find “the place“, while buddy was trying to be himself by always delaying us, like wanna go here or there, wanna buy this or that. But I desperately wanted to find Gui because they had been waiting for the past 3 hours and I was afraid that Queena would start to get suspicious if we continue walking around like this!

Finally got hold of Shrine and this time, he said it’s near the floating baby. I brought them to where the floating baby is because I remember seeing it when I went with NDPeeps, but that’s still not where Gui was hiding!
 photo 20151213_211603_zpsuqte9sji.jpg

Then somehow, the location changed from the dome to the floating baby and now a bridge with fountain at the side -.- I don’t know which part of the communication went wrong but it seriously felt like a hide-and-seek game. Not to mention, I was rolling my video since we stepped into the garden and by the end of the night, I had like more than 10 videos of us just walking around! FML.

So we went around trying to find the bridge instead, which Shrine’s “friend” claimed that it’s a beautiful bridge, that’s why we had to spend the whole night finding it. And suddenly the most unpopular Shrine had so many calls coming in in a night! Who wouldn’t get suspicious?! Yet Queena still wasn’t!!!

Then we finally arrived at the bridge after the 45 minutes walk… But of course, we did not see Gui and gang again.
 photo 20151213_212110_zpsu5y2ztbn.jpg

 photo 20151213_212723_zpsocyua5vx.jpg

The damn fugly fountain

We waited at the bridge, taking random pictures, trying to delay time while Shrine did all his communication to locate the other group. At this point of time, Queena even asked if we wanna go back to the game stalls area because buddy mentioned that he wanna play games earlier on -.- Aren’t we already playing one here???! And it was so obvious that we were waiting for something to happen!
 photo 20151213_212027_zpsiw1fyxma.jpg
 photo 20151213_212344_zpsk5bxvrlp.jpg

Taking group photos to delay the time further~

It turned out that Gui and gang were hidden further away at the bridge’s extension because it was least crowded there and the egoistic boy didn’t wanna do it in front of the public -.- The extension was pretty dark and it was obvious that there’s nothing there, hence we had a hard time convincing Queen to go over. She even wanted to wait for us at the main bridge while we go “explore” the dark extension! FAINT~!
 photo 20151213_212017_zps9hw6h7jo.jpg

After much persuasion, we finally got her up on the bridge extension! I couldn’t quite see anything because it was pretty dark, and at a point we even thought we were on the wrong extension (there were 2 sides)! Thank goodness Gui and gang popped out before we decided to U-turn, if not it would be yet another detour…Zzzzz.

So it turned out that they were really near the entrance, just that we went in from the wrong “entrance” from the start! Everyone couldn’t stop cursing and swearing at Shrine after that for the poor navigation…hahaha! But seriously, what’s up with guys and their never-fix-a-proper-location recce in the first place?! Everything was arranged and decided on the day itself even though we planned this weeks ago -.-”

But at least, Queena was surprised because she totally did not expect this! (Though her first reaction was, “你 siao 啊?!” LOL) I was surprised too because with so much hiccups, I thought any girl would have suspected something!!! First it was to catch the light show which we brushed shoulder off, then it was all the aimless walking just to find a stupid bridge, like who would believe?!

Apparently, Queen buy it all because her egoistic boyfriend had been telling her that he will never propose in public…hahaha! Thank goodness she was still a blur queen after all and at least she was a bit dressed up for the outing too, because I will be so embarrassed to be proposed in slippers!!! xD

I think Gui was damn nervous and paiseh because he just kept saying “I Love You” while Queena just kept laughing non-stop because she said if she doesn’t laugh, she would cry…LOL!
 photo 20151213_213042_zpstc99uaqt.jpg
 photo 20151213_213046_zpskr4gdqfo.jpg
 photo 20151213_213043_zpsugl91hus.jpg
 photo 20151213_213047_zpsdppzzmhz.jpg
 photo 20151213_213049_zpsptkvessm.jpg

My most egoistic Leo friend kneeling down! 😛
 photo 20151213_213102_zpsdkevzdif.jpg
 photo 20151213_213059_zpsilytvfwt.jpg
 photo 20151213_213107_zpskkrjdrmb.jpg
 photo 20151213_213109_zpspmlznxs1.jpg

And when asked “Will you marry me?“, Queen kept laughing and answered, “Okay“. I was like, “You’re supposed to say I do, not okay!” And then she said okay again the second time…hahahaha!!! Think she was still overwhelmed by the whole thing xD
 photo 20151213_213128_zpsttn7mhqo.jpg
 photo 20151213_213125_zpsh4hnotke.jpg
 photo 20151213_213143_zpsslxjh1xo.jpg
 photo 20151213_213141_zpsrqupuios.jpg

Putting on the ring!
 photo 20151213_213150_zpscanxstyy.jpg
 photo 20151213_213151_zps6dntyhu1.jpg

Congratulations silly couple!!! So happy for these 2 good friends of mine! ❤
 photo 20151213_213254_zpsmlbjejcb.jpg
 photo 20151213_213306_zpsl4iy60ah.jpg
 photo 20151213_2133110_zpsrsn1xbc5.jpg

The commotion after that whereby the birthday boy kanna many arrows for the 45 minutes detour! LOL.
 photo 20151213_213207_zpswzpvzjm9.jpg
 photo 20151213_213537_zpsmmjb7sz4.jpg

 photo 20151213_213423_zpsxt2xpvwo.jpg

With the NA sister-helpers!

The NA sisters!
 photo 20151213_213601_zps5a9y6uzm.jpg
 photo 20151213_213556_zpsvm9evcgd.jpg

And this is also why I said I’m gonna be so busy for the whole of December, cause I am one of their wedding planners! But looking forward to the BIG DAY of the first two in Clique to get married!!! 😀
 photo 20151213_213740_zps3xknlxpl.jpg
 photo 20151213_213839_zpslfp6cwsq.jpg

And finally, it’s a wrap~!!! 😀 Still considered a successful one since Queen was surprised! Haha! (But really could have been better with proper planning!!!)
 photo 20151213_213648_zpsvwojn0sa.jpg

Returning the night to the birthday boy! LOL.
 photo 20151213_213808_zps1dq2p9pc.jpg
 photo 20151213_213810_zpsdfosmvae.jpg

 photo 20151213_223156_zpsyjdsjnk1.jpg

Bride-to-be cum birthday boy xD

And we embarrassed him with a loud birthday song in front of all the passerby walking to the MRT station…hahahaha!
 photo 20151213_223146_zpsbduwbf8q.jpg
 photo 20151213_223154_zps1pjkmizd.jpg

 photo 20151213_230742_zpsejowwx4c.jpg

What’s a proposal without a bouquet!

 photo 20151213_222322_zpsmhqxp13o.jpg

Marking an end to the memorable night – 13.12.2015 ((:


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