Wrap Party @ HANWEI’s House!

Starting the brand new week with the nice Maltesers milk from Nad! 😀
 photo 20151214_090121_zps1jydlzqx.jpg

She smuggled it from Dubai for us and I love it!!!

First day of editing with my director and we had fun mimicking the awful dialect song and the irritating poem in the show…hahaha! I used to hate editing with client, but now I enjoy it for drama because it’s also shake leg and watch show time! 😛

Chillin‘ out at Paulaner on a Monday night~
 photo 20151214_202506_zpsoxqt9fbn.jpg

Ditched the usual Tom Collins and had Tequila Sunrise this time! (:
 photo 20151214_202418_zpsagqy6jex.jpg

Tea break at work~! Ever since MZ 导演 came, tea break becomes a daily tradition…hahaha!
 photo 20151215_153015_zpszn7gfvw4.jpg

And I found a new gem near office! My director brought me to get these beancurd tarts and they were awesome!!! ❤
 photo 20151215_153019_zpsdorbknmf.jpg

Durian puffs to add on! Very sumptuous tea break indeed…
 photo 20151215_153025_zpsjz85mbck.jpg

Wanted to be healthy after lunch and was drinking my Vitagen, then the EP poured some wine for all of us~ Ahhhhhhh.
 photo 20151215_140407_zpsfyp2y2j3.jpg

Off to the west to get my dangos! 😀 Chanced upon the pretty Christmas trees! Hehe!
 photo 20151215_204845_zpsvd6bnfwt.jpg

 photo 20151215_205048_zpszmyapgau.jpg


 photo 20151215_204928_zpskhbfxuxm.jpg

Red hot Christmas!

Wasn’t expecting a chance to be inside for some pictures (((:
 photo 20151215_205331_zpsmgt0vzox.jpg

 photo 20151215_225345_zpslffuni0o.jpg

Not so sour lemon cake~

 photo 20151216_133729_zpsipv0umu8.jpg

It’s been long since my last sinful indulgence!

Had a memorable night on 14th December! It was yet another drama project wrap party, but it wasn’t an ordinary wrap party because it was held at HAN WEI’S HOUSE!!!!!!!!!!!!! I exclaimed upon knowing it, so much that the EP made a call right away to include us for the party on the day before…hahaha! Cause he recalled that I even have his photo on my desk xD

I was so damn excited about the party that I even dreamt of it the night before! LOL. We chatted so much in the dream, from my first BJL project to 祖先 and so on~ But of course in reality when we arrived at the party, I was so damn shy and nervous!!!

Ping and I created a bit of a hoo-ha when we reached and MZ 导演 announced to everyone that we are the editors. Somehow all the crew were surprised to see that we are so young! We later learned that it’s because the editors in their company are usually aunties…hahaha!

Then as expected, my director and everyone else who knows that I am a fan girl of Han Wei started teasing me and finding him! Suddenly I regretted going because I wanted to dig a hole and hide, knowing how they are gonna mention my craze to him! But of course that ‘regret‘ only lasted for a minute 😛

Han Wei appeared shortly after and the EP immediately did an introduction for us, of course adding that I am his fan and I edit while looking at his photo on my desk -______-||| Embarrassed max!!!

I believe Han Wei had already heard about this creepy editor who collects screenshots of him and he could also sense that I was super paiseh already, so he tried to change the topic after a humble greeting and handshake with me ❤_❤

They ordered the famous 好彩薄饼 and so we met Ah Boy again! Hahaha!
 photo 20151216_202956_zpsm9sslubl.jpg

 photo 20151216_203056_zps51dewchu.jpg

Super spicyyyyyyy chilli!

 photo 20151216_205231_zpsu2qz6svz.jpg

Cute cupcakes from us! 😀

 photo 20151216_205235_zpsrfvxr5y0.jpg

Our entertainer of the night! xD

It’s always so funny when he’s around! Although his mouth is more 毒 than mine, I’m sure we all gonna miss his entertainment when he finished his edit!
 photo 20151216_204808_zpsdfd0ubwg.jpg

 photo 20151216_205904_zpsmlsuell2.jpg

慧慧姐 giving a try to popiah-making!

 photo 20151216_210811_zpsbu4pwa82.jpg

My semi-drunk AP~

 photo 20151216_210823_zpstjfbtmjx.jpg

Got 台妹 feel! LOL.

Entertaining ourselves with selfies! Because we were still too shy to ask the actors and actresses (and HANWEI!!!) for photos >.<
 photo 20151216_211017_zpsbax3q8nl.jpg

 photo 20151216_211041_zpsrnxzalnn.jpg

Photobombed by my director and a crew!

 photo 20151216_211130_zpsqp3mq8ev.jpg

With the funniest MZ 导演! xD

 photo 20151216_211143_zpsjz9kcn8t.jpg

Mr Kopi-O~

Hinted some APs to take picture with Han Wei so that I have excuse to take as well and MZ 导演 overheard or something. So he used his usual loudhailer voice to ask Han Wei over for a picture! Everyone started teasing again and I was super paiseh again!
 photo 20151216_211602_zpsztfyc3uc.jpg

In the end, the shot did not turn out nice because I stood on the wrong side! I was so shy and paiseh that I just wanna get over and done with because my face was gonna explode from the redness!!! (@^.^@) I even rejected when Ping said I want a solo shot, but actually I do want! Just not with all the teasing going on………. FAINT~

The APs and crew started taking pictures with the rest of the artistes so Ping and I joined in as well! 😀 We usually wait till the opportunity comes because we didn’t wanna be so unprofessional, behaving like some fan girl, which I was trying not to be, but everyone already knows I am! Zzzzzz.

With the handsome Desmond! My first time editing his show; didn’t quite know about him at the start but discovered his charisma after editing this show…haha!
 photo 20151216_211827_zpsor4ecxl1.jpg
 photo 20151216_211833_zpsusmworrx.jpg

With the pretty Rebecca! Second consecutive time editing her show after 住家!(:
 photo 20151216_212404_zpsdatpcnkp.jpg

With the forever-young Zhu Zhu! That’s her name in 敢敢做个开心人,if everyone remembers! Hehe! She seems like she never aged at all!!! And it was so funny when she asked, “你们这么美为什么要做 editors??? Editors 不是全部都是 aunties 做的 meh?” LOL. But honestly, I know more young editors than auntie-editors!
 photo 20151216_215339_zpsqnklm56x.jpg

Back to our own world~!
 photo 20151216_212653_zpsigxshwrw.jpg
 photo 20151216_212655_zpsbrohzsbr.jpg
 photo 20151216_212717_zpsqgn9z6dy.jpg

The stressful crews’ world! Haha! All drinking away~ And first I got offered Moscato, then Chivas on the rock, then red wine! Each time EP would say I need to represent our company, since Ping can’t drink >.<
 photo 20151216_212751_zpshrp2zv5z.jpg

MZ 导演 being the highlight of the night again when everyone was forcing him to drink…hahaha!
 photo 20151216_213559_zpsz7ur197j.jpg

We were actually only supposed to drop by for a short while because the main motive was to take photo with Han Wei~ But I still wasn’t satisfied with the shot and I knew I would regret if I left without taking a solo picture with him!

So we waited and waited for the chance to come, but Han Wei was upstairs most of the time~ When he finally came down, we were too shy to ask! Then finally, the APs and all started taking photos with him as well and ta-duh~! Here comes our chance! xD
 photo 20151216_215548_zpsryxglwan.jpg

Ping even captured my precious 30 seconds of shy solo moment with him as he was finding a good spot for us to take selfie ❤_❤

And with that, mission accomplished for the night!!!!!!
 photo 20151216_215649_zpsbdmubrzk.jpg

This is seriously like a dream because who would have thought that one day you could be in your idol’s HOUSE taking selfie with him?! This is like a step even further than taking a solo picture with him at RWS! Hehehe! Maybe I should dream of going to Ryan Gosling’s house next 😛
 photo 20151216_215650_zpsbxlqppsz.jpg

First time editing detective kind of show so it’s a bit challenging, but I am blessed with a good director with good shots! Really thankful to be involved in this project and hence having this opportunity to be at Han Wei’s house! Of course also very grateful to the EP for his immediate invitation upon my exclamation!!! 😀


CCI, it’s a WRAP~!!!!!!


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