Hong Kong 2015 – Happy Birthday Sis!

Did not spend Christmas in Singapore this year because I was in Hong Kong~! It was supposed to be a family but Mamemo backed out at last minute -.- Well, at least we had our very first siblings trip then!

I’ve travelled with my Sis before and I’ve travelled with my pig brother before, but this is the first time all 3 of us travel together! Nope, we never had any family trips before, hence this is also quite a memorable and precious experience for us (:

 photo IMG_20151223_162535_zps4hkgcw8c.jpg

More Christmas pressies from le colleagues and client! 😀

Had a very slack day at work again and I was chatting with Mr Ho about how much I suck in drawing. So I tried to explain how I can’t visualising, by attempting to draw a milk carton ._.

The ‘before‘ was after so corrections (so you can imagine how worse it looked); the ‘after‘ was after master Ho’s guidance.
 photo IMG_20151223_122316_zps0sh81xyr.jpg

Then somehow, the conversation went on to drawing portraits, and I got him to draw a portrait of me! LOL. I think it looks so much like Apple Hong please!!!
 photo 20151223_154338_zps6ql1tid4.jpg

 photo 20151223_161515_zps4haia8j6.jpg

After the final touches~ 有没有像???

 photo PhotoGrid_1452146877393_zpsvjublasc.jpg

头发很像 xD

And in return, I drew a portrait of him as well! ROFL!
 photo IMG-20151223-WA0009_zps1k09uldl.jpg

Left early to the airport to meet my travel mate as our flight was 8pm~ Not flying with Sis nor Bro because the former was already in Hong Kong and the latter would join us later.
 photo IMG-20151224-WA0016_zpsbzqb01qa.jpg

 photo 20151223_181705_zpsjdw3asxr.jpg

Yummy cakes before flight! (((:

 photo 20151223_191021_zpskalhsnkw.jpg

Cutting her yucky long nails just before flight -_-“

And guess who we met!
 photo IMG-20151224-WA0013_zpsywzurmpa.jpg

 photo 20151223_192513_zps4uzjysmr.jpg


 photo 20151223_192454_zps4o1tecak.jpg

R2-D2 x 2 😛

 photo IMG-20151224-WA0014_zpsexuxl4dw.jpg

Boarding time~!

 photo IMG-20151224-WA0010_zps3fjmtdsy.jpg

Second time flying SQ…hohoho!

Selfie time~! xD
 photo 20151223_194819_zpshs0oucez.jpg
 photo 20151223_194821_zpsotr6j21w.jpg

And someone tried very hard to photobomb…
 photo 20151223_194703_zpsgnhqnrwa.jpg
 photo 20151223_195041_zpstlxbokt0.jpg

 photo 20151223_195046_zpsa0jaxc2i.jpg

Nah! Let you bomb lah! 😛

 photo 20151223_195105_zpsnznraezi.jpg

Finally a proper SELFie!

 photo IMG-20151224-WA0006_zpsgppzeolt.jpg
 photo IMG-20151224-WA0009_zps6fzxt1sv.jpg
 photo IMG-20151224-WA0008_zpswr55vk6l.jpg

 photo IMG-20151224-WA0012_zpszts8gvaq.jpg

Flying off~!

 photo 20151223_211848_zpsedv8rox9.jpg

FOOD!!!! 😀

 photo 20151223_214632_zps8c9zx4nt.jpg

Dislike the ice-cream 😦

Felt asleep while watching The Little Prince, but only managed to sleep for probably an hour plus. Spent the remaining time watching 康熙 before we finally arrived in Hong Kong~!!!

 photo IMG-20151224-WA0011_zpsstrmuwit.jpg

Shagged face @ 12am

The queue at the custom was damn long and by the time we cleared it, it was already like 1am. The bus journey to Mongkok took like 1 hour 20 minutes because it was the midnight bus, so the route was 40 minutes longer than usual day-bus T.T

Did not really get to sleep on the bus because it was so packed and even though we found seats for ourselves, my luggage was threatening to roll out of the door anytime. So at every stop, I had to turn to make sure my luggage was still around~

Finally reached our hostel at 2.30am!!! Stayed at the same Dragon Hostel that I stayed during my previous solo trip to Hong Kong. Thought the room would be a bit bigger for 2-pax but it was still pretty small~ (Pictures taken on the last day)
 photo 20151228_102534_zpsgncswftj.jpg
 photo 20151228_102538_zpseikqne67.jpg

The shower head was right above the toilet bowl, so you can actually shit and shower at the same time ._. At least the bathroom was still quiteeeee clean~ But the water is either scorching hot or normal temperature (not warm) – same problem as what I remembered.
 photo 20151228_102557_zpspmbmvyad.jpg
 photo 20151228_102604_zpsnr3irbyl.jpg

Concussed and forced myself awake for the official day 1 of the trip, which is also Christmas eve! Made our way down to Central for some dim sum breakfast and spotted Gundam!
 photo 20151224_112317_zpsca5ivwxs.jpg
 photo 20151224_112307_zpsm0mgdhpw.jpg

 photo IMG-20151224-WA0034_zpsjczfyh7b.jpg

The obviously-not-interested-in-Gundam face…LOL

The first place in our itinerary was Dim Sum ICON aka the Gudetama cafe!
 photo 20151224_123336_zpsrmcaw9xa.jpg

Thank goodness it wasn’t crowded when we reached, so we managed to get a table right away. These pictures were taken after our meal, and there was a queue outside~ Phew.
 photo 20151224_123234_zps0kzhpova.jpg
 photo 20151224_123311_zps6ubsnr8g.jpg

 photo 20151224_123321_zpsurm1ro5q.jpg

Gudetama merchandise!

For those who don’t know, Gudetama is a relatively new Sanrio character that resembles an egg! He is often seen in his lazy poses, which is what that makes it cute I guess! Haha!
 photo 20151224_112930_zpsm345fywp.jpg

Waited quite a while before our food was finally served! 😀
 photo IMG-20151224-WA0038_zps5nvaz2dx.jpg

But like the reviews I had read previously, all the dim sums are more of gimmicks than real good food. So the taste was all okayyyy only, even though the price is not cheap. Luckily we only ordered 3 dishes; enough to take photos can liao 😛

Our mango cake dessert was served first, somehow, but the super cute Gudetama fondant was a good distraction!
 photo 20151224_120152_zps7esg7mjj.jpg

 photo 20151224_115858_zpsmoewfh64.jpg

Super duper cute one! xD

 photo 20151224_115912_zps73uvjphp.jpg

Reminds me of the round after-meal belly 😛

 photo 20151224_120455_zps15wf1hkh.jpg

With my Gudetama! ❤

 photo IMG-20151224-WA0039_zpsdwnewwc7.jpg

Caught trying to mimic the face -_-“

 photo 20151224_120507_zpscz1mz4up.jpg

Super ugly version…hahahaha!

Next dish – Gudetama Chocolate Custard Buns! Also super cute one!!!
 photo 20151224_120228_zpsaccu0f4k.jpg

 photo IMG-20151224-WA0036_zpsaw77krpq.jpg

With the lazy egg man!

And of course we have to eat the buns the way they are supposed to be eaten! xD

 photo 20151224_120600_zpsudinchjp.jpg

Poking the backside xD

 photo 20151224_120556_zpsurnkgnxa.jpg


 photo 20151224_120636_zpsflbmrdx2.jpg

Squeezing the chocolate sauce out 😛

And ta-duh~! A shitting Gudetama! LOL!
 photo 20151224_120629_zpswiwpakwf.jpg
 photo 20151224_120810_zpsngaaxyjx.jpg
 photo 20151224_120814_zpsnr7yl00s.jpg

 photo IMG-20160107-WA0006_zpsbcxfwxwr.jpg

Sucking the “shit” out xD

Next we have the Gudetama custard buns!
 photo 20151224_120253_zpsra1xxecq.jpg

This time round, it’s the vomiting version! Hahaha!

Poor Gudetama, 上吐下泻!xD
 photo 20151224_121243_zpsfs4j7g0m.jpg
 photo 20151224_121249_zpsv1rsa9cu.jpg
 photo 20151224_121336_zps7ebswxum.jpg

 photo 20151224_121412_zpsm5ygmpvu.jpg

With the puking Gudetama!

 photo IMG-20151224-WA0033_zps3h49wyl2.jpg

Had an ultra cute meal! 😀

 photo 20151224_123741_zpsxst28g9x.jpg

Bee-duck spotted!

Next destination – I-MAG store, which is near where the Dim Sum ICON is located~
 photo 20151224_133212_zpsg2hnsrvv.jpg

I was excited to visit this place because of its horoscope ice-cream (they have different flavours representing different horoscopes!), but it turned out that it was a seasonal thing so they no longer have it 😦

Nevertheless, we decided to give the ice-cream a try since we were there and we chose some Sakura flavour. The ice-cream making process was pretty cool and the staff even asked if we wanna take video! Haha!
 photo 20151224_133236_zps8ueuswgo.jpg

The birth of our cool ice-cream!

 photo 20151224_133300_zpss8xycosz.jpg


 photo 20151224_133303_zps7mjl5uo0.jpg

Comes with a jelly ball thingy!

 photo 20151224_133600_zpsypermmvf.jpg

And it has real flower inside! So pretty!!!

With our cool ice-cream! But it was way too milky for our liking and we couldn’t finish the cup in the end =/
 photo IMG-20151224-WA0040_zps1lwenyu3.jpg

Back to Mong Kok where I chiong-ed my favourite Argyle Centre before my brother arrived!
 photo 20151224_140734_zpslo4fx1us.jpg

 photo IMG-20151224-WA0041_zpsqh9eukbk.jpg

Favourite stop of the whole HK 😛

Selfie one after another because Miss Lyn was a closet cam-whore ._. And after she took with her phone, she would wanna take with her camera as well! FAINT~
 photo IMG-20151224-WA0037_zpsbzcxajpd.jpg

Only had like 1 hour to shop before heading back to the hostel to meet le pig brother~ Only managed to cover 1 level…boohooo! In the end, we waited like 1 hour before the pig brother arrived!

Headed out for early dinner cum Sis’s birthday celebration! Dined at Tim Ho Wan because Sis had not tried before and it was also Bro’s first time in Hong Kong, so I wanted him to try the authentic Tim Ho Wan char siew polo bun (Singapore’s sucks)~ Everyone loves it!
 photo 20151224_165925_zpsjtn3f6cb.jpg

But a pity the standard seems to have dropped, even for the Sham Shui Po outlet, so only the char siew polo bun was nice, the other dishes were all mediocre. Perhaps that’s why there wasn’t any queue anymore when we reached…hmmmm.

 photo 20151224_170306_zpsiq0y39ph.jpg

Chee Cheong Fun

 photo 20151224_170648_zpsv1lg50up.jpg

Har Gao

Only managed to take a few pictures even though we tried quite a number of dishes…haha. Then it was time for the celebration! Chose this pretty cake with colourful jellies because we knew Isaac would love it! 😀
 photo 20151224_182102_zpstoi7xksh.jpg

 photo 20151224_182107_zpsvohq0x8j.jpg

Eyeing on the cake…

Singing birthday song for Mama!

 photo 20151224_182126_zpsut6cy2tv.jpg
 photo 20151224_182142_zpszagyfvgp.jpg

Cheeky boy peeping at Mama when making wish xD
 photo 20151224_182210_zpslkvkfhlp.jpg
 photo 20151224_182211_zpsfkslryav.jpg
 photo 20151224_182212_zpshyo2nzlg.jpg

Blowing the candles together! (:
 photo 20151224_182214_zpsqfxorjwk.jpg
 photo 20151224_182216_zpsdwhcaerg.jpg
 photo 20151224_182218_zpsyuh9reat.jpg
 photo 20151224_182217_zps94umn4iq.jpg
 photo 20151224_182234_zpsiyemupmc.jpg

Giving his very 勉强 smile again -_-”
 photo IMG-20160107-WA0010_zpsspmautlv.jpg
 photo 20151224_182300_zpskrvyr4tb.jpg
 photo 20151224_182304_zpshbv8xgoy.jpg
 photo IMG-20160107-WA0007_zpsbingbwk4.jpg

 photo 20151224_182335_zpskrab0h5m.jpg

Happy Birthday to my dearest Sister!
Love you many! ❤

And as usual, the naughty boy insisted on having the first cut…Zzzzz.
 photo 20151224_182453_zps2nd2aihw.jpg
 photo 20151224_182505_zpshyckm3xi.jpg

As much as there was still some 不舍 for not being able to spend this Christmas eve in Singapore, it was quite a memorable one because I spent it with my two dearest siblings~ We may have spent it together before when we were young, but spending it together even after we have grown up just seems more meaningful and heartwarming ((:

Off to visit the Avenue Of Stars which was one of the destinations that Bro wanted to visit for his virgin trip here~ Unfortunately, the actual site is under renovation, so all the statues and stuff were moved to a temporary location, which ain’t as impressive.

The temporary site was rather small and even though we walked quite a long way to reach there, we only took a short while to finish seeing everything. Did not take many photos because I had been there before, so it was mainly bringing Bro there to see~

Did not notice this signature pig of Hong Kong the previous time I came!
 photo 20151224_193630_zps63xhor62.jpg

With 麦唛 the pig! My only impression of him is the “纸包鸡包纸包鸡包纸” video…hahaha!
 photo IMG-20160112-WA0032_zps6du9cxbj.jpg

 photo 20151224_193939_zpszrctil7j.jpg

Pig x 2! 😛

 photo 20151224_194243_zpskhkck8rf.jpg

Found a palm print that fits my hand! 😀

The silly boy was trying to find one that fits his but obviously there wasn’t any xD
 photo 20151224_194149_zpssgdzlhgs.jpg

 photo 20151224_194317_zpsu9adbm7l.jpg

Spot the familiar faces!

 photo 20151224_194413_zpsdw0unpem.jpg

Spotted my Louis Khoo!!! ❤

 photo 20151224_194445_zpscxr994lh.jpg

Failed selfie with 古天乐 x.x

Since the Avenue Of Stars took us shorter than expected, we did not really where to head next. So we bought some bubbles to play with Isaac (:
 photo IMG-20160112-WA0027_zpsv3flfezm.jpg

But the “chor lor” boy always blew too hard and no bubbles came out! -_-”
 photo IMG-20160112-WA0031_zps1af2rxpq.jpg

Decided to head back to shop at the night markets but in the end, Sis encountered some problem when topping up the Octopus card and the staff took quite a long time to fix it. Distracting the naughty boy while they rectify the problem~
 photo 20151224_204218_zps7lftdom1.jpg
 photo 20151224_204219_zps73styqqt.jpg
 photo 20151224_204222_zpsgseyfisy.jpg

Sis finally got her refund back after like 40 minutes or longer~ Initially they even wanted her to wait 7 working days before they can investigate the problem and refund her…Zzzzzz. Anyhow, after the long wait it wasn’t as early anymore, so Sis decided to head back to let Isaac rest while we headed to the ladies market.

It didn’t take us very long to finish the night market because many stalls were selling similar stuff and all the prices are marked up like 3 or 4 times. Very ridiculous and I find it a waste of my energy to bargain, hence I did not buy anything for myself~

Brought le pig brother and Lyn to the famous claypot rice, knowing that both are hungry ghosts and they wouldn’t mind supper. Lucky Lyn, she has my brother to eat with her, if not she might just starve to death travelling with me, cause I’m always not hungry! Haha!

The queue was pretty long when we reached, but thank goodness it moved quite fast. I was so tired after having lack of sleep the previous night that I couldn’t wait to go back! Guess we really chose the wrong flight timing…Zzzzz.

 photo 20151224_224043_zps7sgikysm.jpg

Four Seasons Claypot Rice!

Did not manage to try this during my previous trip but I couldn’t finish it on my own. This time round I get to try a bit from theirs at least 😛 I find it not bad but Bro thinks Singapore ones are more ‘flavourful‘~ How can it be!
 photo 20151224_225759_zpsnzysrrgd.jpg

Walked from Yau Matei back to Mongkok (which eventually became our nightly routine) and finally back to hostel for a good rest! HOHOHO~ Welcoming Christmas with my Santa mask! Merry Christmas, everyone! xD
 photo 20151225_005745_zpszktgujs4.jpg


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