Hong Kong 2015 – Disneyland!

Spent Christmas day in Disneyland because that’s the main motive of this whole trip~ Le pig brother has got complimentary tickets for every of us (the perks of working in Disney) and Sis could finally bring Isaac for his first Disneyland trip! 😀

Since I was the one who planned most of the itinerary, I was in-charge of bringing them to all the good-food places that I had been to during my previous exploration~ Brought them to Kam Wah for breakfast first because their polo bun is one of the stuff I miss about Hong Kong!!!

 photo 20151225_101918_zps2b265q7u.jpg

香脆可口 polo bun!

 photo 20151225_102531_zpsxdlcx4dy.jpg

Our heavy breakfast to last us for the day!

 photo 20151225_102021_zpsiq3hb8z0.jpg


Made our way down to Disneyland and it was already so packed before we even has to go in…Zzzzz. Couldn’t take a proper picture without anyone behind~
 photo 20151225_114629_zpsoe38xeum.jpg

Vic and Bro went to queue for the tickets first while we did our mandatory cam-whoring at the entrance! 😛
 photo IMG-20151225-WA0009_zpsckb1tclh.jpg
 photo IMG-20151225-WA0010_zpsdkk3wcdy.jpg

 photo 20151225_114113_zpsfijrlrvj.jpg

With le cheeky boy!
Finally not a forced smile!

 photo 20151225_113955_zpsohothokq.jpg

Minnie Sisters! 😀

This shot looks hilarious because Lyn was helping Sis carry Isaac’s water bottle, and now she looks even more like a primary school kid with that water bottle and big bag! xD
 photo 20151225_114513_zpsmpp6enat.jpg

 photo 20151225_114450_zpsbqxagm5b.jpg

Welcome to Disneyland~! 😀

 photo 20151225_114412_zpsf15atag1.jpg

Greetings from Minnie~

 photo IMG-20160112-WA0062_zpszlisrzyj.jpg

And off we go!

Whenever people ask me how’s Disneyland, I don’t quite know how to describe. I am not a fan of the place, because it’s usually very crowded and the rides are all the kiddy kind. But then every corner of the place is so pretty! So I usually ended up saying it’s a nice place for photo-taking and to feel like you’re in a fairytale…haha!
 photo 20151225_120814_zps2m5ox1y9.jpg

 photo 20151225_120952_zpsnbz58kzt.jpg

With Mickey and the pretty castle!

 photo 20151225_120955_zpsgkfixmvl.jpg

Photobombed by Blackey aka Black Mickey xD

 photo IMG-20160112-WA0054_zpsxytfzdmi.jpg

Eyes cannot open -_-

 photo 20151225_115030_zpssdewccdo.jpg

Mickey fountain!

 photo IMG-20160112-WA0059_zpsusvp2djh.jpg

Mickey on my hand! 😀

 photo 20151225_120643_zpsnc4k2e0v.jpg

Our complimentary tickets! Hehe!

 photo 20151225_121422_zpstmtzc5j8.jpg

Big Christmas tree!

 photo 20151225_121500_zpsulgrk4qk.jpg

They should make it Disney-themed!

Chanced upon Donald Duck and Daisy!!! But they were just about to go off after their photo-taking session 😦
 photo 20151225_121325_zpsxz8vx4fa.jpg

The pretty shops and castlesssss! But since it’s not my first time in Hong Kong Disneyland, I wasn’t as excited and did not take as many photos like the previous time…haha! Like I said, the main motive was to bring Isaac there (:
 photo 20151225_121616_zpsgyvtdqev.jpg
 photo 20151225_130239_zpseegmsbwd.jpg

 photo IMG-20160112-WA0029_zpsyfjfg84s.jpg

Naughty boy bullying me again!

Ah Lyn joined us in the Disney world with her Mickey headband! 😀 Kudos to le pig brother’s staff pass for the 40% off…hehe!
 photo IMG-20160112-WA0058_zpsbrszwf0d.jpg

Went to take the Jungle River Cruise at Adventureland because Isaac loves boat rides, but he ended up looking more scared than enjoying because there were fake animals roaring here and there…LOL. Off to catch the Mickey and the Wondrous Book show!

I was looking forward to the show because one of my deepest impressions of Disneyland was the awesome theatrical show we caught! I remember it was very impressive, with mini fireworks and all and we enjoyed it very much! Thought it was the same show but sadly, it wasn’t 😦

Went 1 hour in advance to queue for the show but despite of that, there was already a long queue there!!! Super kua zhang one~ But this wasn’t the scariest queue we encountered throughout the trip; the queues just gets scarier and scarier!

 photo IMG-20160112-WA0061_zps0chbyh3f.jpg

Conquering the queue!

Finally went into the theatre but we did not really get a good seat~ We were pretty far behind, hence it was quite difficult to capture the characters. But then again, I couldn’t recognise many of the characters that appeared because they all belong to the newer movies! I miss the old show with all the old characters that I grew up with D:

 photo 20151225_140308_zpskub2pl3k.jpg

Spot Mickey and Goofy!

 photo 20151225_140710_zps5fgl4ypj.jpg

I have no idea which movie is this…

 photo 20151225_140729_zpse8ocsjvh.jpg

This is probably Lion King?

 photo 20151225_142454_zpsxqw0bvq6.jpg

And thank goodness I still know Frozen!

Live performance of Let It Go~ Not a fan of the song though, cause I believe more in holding on than letting go…HAHA.

Oh another reason I think this show wasn’t as good is because there were more 3D stuff involved, whereas the show that I caught 5 years ago involved more REAL characters~
 photo 20151225_142301_zpsjqrsiybt.jpg

The finale! But no fireworks T.T
 photo 20151225_142635_zpsqr1fjrn2.jpg
 photo 20151225_142759_zpsdpf22wxk.jpg
 photo 20151225_142812_zpsxdral3xs.jpg
 photo 20151225_142823_zpsf0y3nepw.jpg
 photo 20151225_142831_001_zpsmnvs8qg6.jpg

 photo 20151225_143543_zpslc81kimr.jpg

Stormtroopers spotted!

 photo IMG-20160112-WA0011_zpsgi1l8hfj.jpg

Starting to get tired………

 photo 20151225_145448_zpsl4jpxeeu.jpg


Managed to catch the Flights of Fantasy Parade which I personally think is more impressive than the show we just watched! Love the parade because we, or rather, I got to see the characters up close because I was sitting in the first row! Hehe!

There was actually a lot of people camping around, waiting for the parade to start, but I was lucky enough to be standing next to the open pavement, so when the pavement was closed right before the parade started, I managed to squeeze to the front! Then the two girls in the first row got tired of squatting, so they gave up their positions to me and I managed to catch very clear view of the parade 😀
 photo 20151225_150608_zpsjjwheu9o.jpg

First up, Mickey and friends~!!! Mickey was on the other side so I did not catch him…haha!
 photo 20151225_150720_zpss2hikimb.jpg
 photo 20151225_150721_zpslv4fjmkr.jpg
 photo 20151225_150724_zpsky0ynoit.jpg
 photo 20151225_150727_zpszhyzp0ns.jpg
 photo 20151225_150725_zpsh12kkbmd.jpg

 photo 20151225_150731_zpsmvtqy6z3.jpg

Cute Goofy!

 photo 20151225_150728_zpsgduv2ceb.jpg

Very happy Minnie! 😀

 photo 20151225_150735_zpsa7vcw6i7.jpg

Chip & Dale!
Wait, this is Chip or Dale??? xD

Love the parade because it was pretty cool! And that was the only time we got to see the REAL characters without queuing~

Next up – Pooh and Friends!!! 😀
 photo 20151225_150759_zpsrpt447rf.jpg

 photo 20151225_150812_zpsrrsqmdxy.jpg

Pooh waving to me! Hehe!

 photo 20151225_150826_zpsqg1dctjj.jpg

Eeyore waving to me too!

Eeyore is just so cute!!!! ❤
 photo 20151225_151058_zpsbwaixytr.jpg
 photo 20151225_150822_zps5dvhko96.jpg

 photo 20151225_150749_zpscqy6gise.jpg

Funny Tiggers hopping around xD

 photo 20151225_150927_zpsznzbmysf.jpg
 photo 20151225_150837_zpsoh4t0ivw.jpg
 photo 20151225_151137_zps11hockyn.jpg

Poohpooh in honey pot!
 photo 20151225_151157_zps3o6euasj.jpg
 photo 20151225_151154_zps5g8dwwmn.jpg

And when there’s honey, of course there’s BEEssssss!!! It’s quite amusing watching the bees! Hahaha!
 photo 20151225_151311_zpsycmufd2u.jpg
 photo 20151225_151245_zpscwvcmq6g.jpg
 photo 20151225_151448_zpsvqo6vs1v.jpg
 photo 20151225_151315_zpsecqoehmd.jpg
 photo 20151225_151453_zps2xk5ijix.jpg
 photo 20151225_151500_zpsmbzrhwhy.jpg

 photo 20151225_151506_zps93dxghq7.jpg

Bee-elephant xD

The bees doing their stunts 😀

And then we have the Disney princesses!
 photo 20151225_151540_zpsdlsi49pk.jpg

Followed by Lion King!
 photo 20151225_151626_zpssjz9gwsq.jpg
 photo 20151225_151634_zpsifcih71p.jpg

I don’t know what movie are these funny ladybug cars from. Is it A Bug’s Life??? Looks so funny! xD
 photo 20151225_151715_zpsxrmowj5y.jpg

And then Lilo! No Stitch because he was on the other side as well =/
 photo 20151225_151817_zpseifysdpk.jpg
 photo 20151225_151824_zpsbdgb4t2a.jpg

Last but not least, we have Toy Story!
 photo 20151225_151838_zpsrrhivap4.jpg
 photo 20151225_151901_zpsplhmn2ue.jpg

Enjoyed the parade at least! Hehe!

Reunited with the naughty boy, who went for lunch, and off we went to It’s A Small World~!
 photo IMG-20160112-WA0014_zpsdfcmi3xh.jpg
 photo IMG-20160112-WA0021_zpslbuthpqf.jpg

 photo IMG-20160112-WA0009_zpsolunowlf.jpg

The BIG baby!

I remember taking photos here before! (:
 photo 20151225_153130_zpslz3xe6hk.jpg

 photo dscf3816.jpg

5 years ago!

 photo 20151225_153151_zpsh85ka0ji.jpg

5 years later! Hehe!

 photo IMG-20160112-WA0007_zpsdjmk6uus.jpg

At 小人国!

And I remember taking jump shots here with Queena too! Actually I didn’t remember until Sis reminded me…haha!
 photo 20151225_153435_zpsdxgs7u5z.jpg
 photo 20151225_153421_zpsrmnddn6n.jpg
 photo IMG-20160112-WA0010_zps0usv5ets.jpg
 photo IMG-20160112-WA0013_zpseadbksnq.jpg

Took a boat ride again through the Small World because Isaac loves the ride and the “It’s a small world after all” song~ Sis had taken the ride previously and said it’s very beautiful inside the Small World, so we decided to take the ride as well, since we did not queue for any rides so far except the first boat ride.

 photo 20151225_155059_zpsyjpve2rl.jpg

Photobombed by Vic!

 photo IMG-20160112-WA0020_zpszbj3b47z.jpg

A precious group wefie!

The Small World was of course filled with miniature characters and stuff, and some were cute, but some just look plain eerie! Le pig brother commented after the ride that the place looks kinda scary, with the music humming in the background like it’s trying to hypnotise you…LOL!
 photo 20151225_154959_zpseylc0w9u.jpg
 photo 20151225_154932_zpsv8ulsfyr.jpg
 photo 20151225_155020_zpslbp5phrc.jpg
 photo 20151225_155239_zps29gxcuja.jpg

But it seems like Isaac really enjoyed the ride!
 photo 20151225_155426_001_zps6ii9ql4u.jpg
 photo 20151225_155421_zps8fzb9btt.jpg
 photo 20151225_155805_zpsq5jefple.jpg
 photo 20151225_155814_zpszwoqsgpb.jpg

Will look nicer without the eerie Japanese-looking dolls =X
 photo 20151225_155828_zpsky4krl2d.jpg

Sis went on to the other rides while we went to queue to take photos with Mickey instead~ Seriously, the queues were a major turn-off because I really have no patience waiting for such thing, let alone QUEUING for it. Which is why I didn’t bother queuing for any of the rides because I reckon each is gonna take like an hour at least.

We queued like 1 HOUR just to take photo with Mickey, so even when Pooh was just at the pavilion beside, I did not wanna queue for it because that will mean another hour -.- And the Pooh wasn’t very cute anyway.

 photo 20151225_164439_zpsuldxedn9.jpg


 photo 20151225_164450_zps4qb3e8fc.jpg

With Mickey x 2!

And soon, the night has fallen and we ended the trip with some shopping at the souvenir shops~ I was mad exhausted by then and having a headache because I still did not manage to make up for the lack of sleep on the first night!

I actually couldn’t wait to end the night to go back and sleep~ Haha! That’s why I love travelling alone or in the smallest possible group – it’s free and easy and you get to decide when you wanna go back and when you wanna wake up! 😛

 photo 20151225_182319_zpsdiwsu3tq.jpg

Night view; equally beautiful (:

 photo 20151225_183151_zpsendwz2ew.jpg

And goodbye again, Disneyland!!!

Another round of precious wefies! I kept using the word ‘precious‘ is because I can’t remember when was the last time I took a picture with both my siblings in it! The last I could remember was a picture of us in Haw Par Villa when I was probably 5???

My pig brother hates taking photos so much that he refused to take any with me throughout our Europe trip and even on my birthday! -_- So thanks to Lyn, he decided to give face and obliged to a ‘Goodbye Disneyland wefie‘! Haha!
 photo 20151225_183444_zpssb6ermaw.jpg
 photo 20151225_183501_zpsblu2yd0c.jpg
 photo 20151225_183458_zpsx75kdoja.jpg

In the Mickey train, on the way back to city! 😀 (I look damn shaggedddddd~)
 photo IMG-20160112-WA0018_zpsdh1awdo9.jpg

The loves of my life ❤
 photo IMG-20160112-WA0019_zpsquvxb6oy.jpg
 photo IMG-20160112-WA0023_zpsapolvpuh.jpg

It’s so rare to see Isaac grinning to the camera! Haha! Takes a kid to make another kid smile xD
 photo IMG-20160112-WA0024_zpssysldp81.jpg

Supposed to have the famous roast goose for dinner together but Isaac started throwing tantrums and behaving like a China boy on the way back~ Seems to happen whenever he did not take his afternoon nap…Zzzzz.

So Sis they all went back again while we made our own way to Wan Chai for Kam’s Roast Goose!
 photo 20151225_195439_zpshcyff47u.jpg

But of course, we had to conquer yet another queue first >.>
 photo 20151225_195447_zpsuqzutql9.jpg

I was too tired for any food but I did try the roast goose since it’s famous~ It was nice but not to the extent of WOWWWW! The taste is a bit similar to duck meat but perhaps with more fats? And the skin is crispier also. Not bad, quite nice, just not wow.
 photo 20151225_200631_zpskafcukc7.jpg

Or maybe I was just too tired x.x
Attempted to find the cheese noodle that an AP recommended me since it’s nearby and the 2 hungry ghosts weren’t full yet, but it was closed in the end! Ended the night walking back from Yau Matei again!


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