Hong Kong 2015 – 买东西吃东西!

After a good rest, we decided to wake up earlier to queue for the legendary Jenny cookies! Since neither of us had not tried it before, we decided to give the cookies a priority over the usual egg roll that we would buy~

We actually passed by the place on our first day and the queue was crazy! So we thought if we were to go around the timing when the shop opens, we might skip the queue a lil’~ But not at all! There seemed to be a whole kampong lot of people waiting there already when we reached!

The queue started from the train station and it goes in a zig-zag manner, so you have to queue till the first few then you would be given a special card to enter the shop ._. It was probably the craziest thing I have ever queued for and the whole process took us 90 minutes, which equates to 1 HOUR 30 MINUTES!!!
 photo 20151226_095654_zpse6exzlli.jpg

Finally got our precious “VIP” cards!
 photo 20151226_103412_zpsycdifl9f.jpg

And this is the shop where you have to give your order clearly, because everything’s rather hectic. And they actually limit your orders, so each person can only buy like 5 tins? But if you are a PRC or can speak Mandarin at least, you can probably buy more. That was what I read online and it really works. (Review will be in later post.)
 photo 20151226_103423_zps51z9eotl.jpg

Went back to hostel to meet le pig brother and it was finally breakfast time~! But AGAIN, we had to conquer another long queue!!!!!!!
 photo 20151226_113352_zpsiu0juooa.jpg

And this was like the longest queue I have encountered for Australian Dairy Company! –CRY!– Seriously, most of the time spent during this trip was on queuing! Zzzzz.
 photo 20151226_114835_zpsxyaxk7x4.jpg

Thank goodness the queue moved quite fast for this and the hungry me finally got my macaroni!!! 😀 The must-have breakfast set in Hong Kong!
 photo 20151226_115743_zps0oigfknv.jpg

And the must-have 炖奶 no matter how full you are!!! In the end I couldn’t finish it and Lyn had to help me…hahaha! But super love it!
 photo 20151226_120815_zpskqlmkvk3.jpg

 photo 20151226_120840_zpsanzyg8fu.jpg

Favourite breakfast place! (:

I was full to the brim but the two hungry ghosts still wanted to have desserts at 許留山 next door~
 photo IMG-20160112-WA0060_zpswbq4dznk.jpg

Still prefer the first time I tried 許留山 in Hong Kong! The standard seems to have dropped a little, or maybe I was just too full =/
 photo 20151226_122819_zpskgxisdlx.jpg

Tried the new durian dessert as well!
 photo 20151226_123346_zpsbhmuyynn.jpg

But still not a fan of warm durian~
 photo 20151226_123423_zpshjrrksoo.jpg

Attempting to walk to Yau Matei to take train! And during this trip, I realised that I can navigate better in Hong Kong than in Singapore, whereas Lyn, who is usually good with directions (in SG) could not make use of her skill abroad! Hahaha!
 photo 20151226_131218_zpsjxuia9es.jpg

 photo IMG-20160112-WA0057_zpsc5jti99h.jpg

At Temple Street aka 庙街!

 photo 20151226_131618_zps9vp1aqmr.jpg

Real gold Rilakkuma!!!!

On the way to our next destination~!
 photo IMG-20160112-WA0056_zpsfleohufm.jpg

 photo IMG-20160112-WA0052_zpsjjhvrt7v.jpg

That “拍够了没有” face -_-

And ta-duh~! We arrived at 黄大仙 and it’s my first time at this station! Doing a 仙女 pose…ROFL!
 photo IMG-20160112-WA0033_zpsc5u2jzzi.jpg

It’s also my first time at the 黄大仙 temple and I didn’t know about this place previously, until I heard about it from Ally! Apparently it’s a very 灵 temple and many people got their wishes granted after praying here! I’m not usually superstitious but I always don’t mind giving it a try 😛 Furthermore, it was one of the destinations that Bro wanted to visit for its exterior~
 photo 20151226_141617_zpswy2lw08u.jpg
 photo IMG-20160112-WA0043_zpszjlpyene.jpg
 photo 20151226_145646_zps2k0brlwv.jpg

Please remember this photo of us at the entrance! I have something to say about it later -_-”
 photo IMG-20160112-WA0051_zpsubjmimjr.jpg

 photo 20151226_143552_zpse9blwwyw.jpg

Interior of 黄大仙!

 photo IMG-20160112-WA0046_zpstdsepqro.jpg

Fat snake x 2!

Like I mentioned before, I think I pray more when I’m abroad than in Singapore ._. But please grant my wishes!!!
 photo IMG-20160112-WA0047_zpsoq0ervzg.jpg

I was so excited to see this well with lots of coins inside and naturally, I started digging for coins as well because I thought it’s a wishing well! I never let any chance slip when it comes to wish-making…hahaha! I wish upon 11:11, fallen eyelash and every single shit that I can wish upon! xD

Yea but a staff came by and stopped everyone who were attempting to throw coins in. She pointed to us the rule on the signage saying “Do not throw coins in” and yet everyone still throws somehow…LOL! I guess everyone doesn’t wanna let any wish slip too~
 photo 20151226_144142_zpsqo0sk97y.jpg

Touring around after we finished praying!
 photo IMG-20160112-WA0045_zpsjehdzmii.jpg

 photo IMG-20160112-WA0044_zpskufmcfk6.jpg

At Wan Xin something? ._.

 photo IMG-20160112-WA0048_zpschflg0h3.jpg

That “拍够了没有” face

And this is the picture that I wanna talk about. As we were leaving the temple, the closet cam-whore asked, “Eh? Did we take a picture here just now?” I told her we did but she still insisted on taking again -_- And this is why my face was so 僵硬 in some of the pictures – She loves taking pictures again and again at same place, with multi-cams and multiple shots! FAINT! Anyway, at least this version was different with a cute photo-bomber…haha!
 photo IMG-20160112-WA0053_zpstntj09lz.jpg

Dim Sum ICON – Little Twin Star theme is coming! Why no Rilakkuma theme except Taiwan T.T
 photo 20151226_161117_zpsrkitu7v9.jpg

 photo 20151226_160011_zpseripjonq.jpg

VIP key to the washroom!

 photo 20151226_155921_zpsc3zdn7jx.jpg

In the VIP washroom 😛

Met up with Sis in Central for dinner first before heading to The Peak – another destination that Bro wanted to visit! A photo with the chubby China boy while Sis was surveying the restaurants xD
 photo IMG-20160112-WA0034_zpsgdjwuigq.jpg

Skyscrapers in Central!
 photo 20151226_173938_zpsohz5jwkx.jpg
 photo 20151226_173312_zps1nhthqeq.jpg

When we finally arrived at the tram ticketing counter, we were shocked by the queue! This is like the most kua zhang queue I have ever seen!!!
 photo 20151226_174359_zpstqozyd7u.jpg

And we couldn’t even find where the start of the queue was at!
 photo 20151226_174421_zpsd31hutnq.jpg

Trying to capture of super kua zhang situation and apparently this is just part 1 of the queue. The ticketing counter is right across the road, so the queue continues there…Zzzzz!
 photo 20151226_174441_zpsbrsrohxo.jpg

We were in a dilemma of whether to go or to drop the plan, but there was no way we gonna go through this queue! The staff told us this queue would take more than 2 hours and we still had to queue again to board the tram after buying the tickets…FAINT~!!!

In the end, we found an alternative plan to go up! One of the nice staff told us that we could get a cab to drive us up at around HKD 60, which is only like 10 bucks in SGD if we walk further away. The private cabs near the ticketing office all marked up their fares by many times!

Vic didn’t wanna take the cab up since their main motive was to let Isaac take the tram~ So in the end only Lyn, le pig brother and I went up, while Sis they all went for shopping. Lyn could tell that Sis wanted to go up with us too, but well, it’s not up to her to say =/

The cab ride up felt like I’m in the Initial D movie…haha! But at least we managed to skip the queue and be up on The Peak much much much faster than the rest who were still queuing!
 photo 20151226_185529_zps9eb4lezh.jpg
 photo 20151226_200904_zpstc3damtu.jpg

And then it was endless cam-whoring again with the same view………..
 photo IMG-20160112-WA0041_zpsrol4pctm.jpg
 photo IMG-20160112-WA0039_zpsttpijyy3.jpg
 photo IMG-20160112-WA0038_zpsr4bawz5x.jpg
 photo IMG-20160112-WA0035_zpsc0hubpvd.jpg
 photo IMG-20160112-WA0040_zpsbcn9qi0g.jpg

 photo IMG-20160112-WA0036_zpsodwq6rmm.jpg

It’s cold up there!

Crowded everywhere~
 photo 20151226_185859_zpstcotj1vb.jpg
 photo 20151226_185915_zpsjd5nlrmo.jpg

Finally tried Tai Cheong egg tarts and we love it! I did not manage to try both Tai Cheong and Honolulu egg tarts during my previous trip but I tried them both this time! Yay! 😀
 photo 20151226_191445_zpsas2izjes.jpg

Knowing that I like egg tart so much, my brother was like, “There! Egg tart!” And he was pointing to this gigantic egg tart!!!!!!!! *delighted*
 photo 20151226_193249_zpspnc7yjbr.jpg

 photo 20151226_193221_zpst8uknd2v.jpg

Gonna take me a long time to finish~

 photo IMG-20160112-WA0030_zpstrunubbz.jpg

I wanna carry it home!

 photo 20151226_194405_zpsnfnpkbev.jpg

Toy-shopping with 2 kids -_-“

 photo 20151226_200400_zpsc0jp4mxc.jpg

Ding Ding bus!

While heading off, we saw the queue for the tram… Thank god for cabs!!! Managed to get one easily and it was another Initial D session down!
 photo 20151226_200429_zpste33v1ln.jpg

Brought the 2 hungry ghosts for supper again and finally tried the cheese noodle this time!
 photo 20151226_221019_zpsbxxddrto.jpg

 photo 20151226_213214_zps4zwommbg.jpg

Sun Kee cheese noodle!

You will love it if you are a cheese lover! I am not a fan of cheese except nachos kind of cheese, so I may not be able to finish a bowl on my own~ But I love the cheese balls!!!

Impromptu plan to visit the Victoria Harbour, which is near the Avenue of Stars we went on the first night. It was the best alternative plan for Bro to catch another night view of Hong Kong, apart from his Jumbo restaurant, which is damn far and impractical to go.
 photo 20151226_223933_zpsutvtd55f.jpg
 photo 20151226_224050_001_zpsiobheol5.jpg

 photo 20151226_224416_zpsgaurmz0j.jpg


 photo 20151226_225059_zpscoogm3xm.jpg


Spotted the Mobile Softee van! Too bad there’s only vanilla flavour T.T
 photo 20151226_224639_zps4z0isvmr.jpg
 photo 20151226_224650_zpsfukkft5d.jpg

Christmas is officially over 😦
 photo 20151226_225254_zpsfwyewags.jpg
 photo 20151226_224011_zpsvawp1bsk.jpg

Back for a good rest before waking up for Bro’s last day in Hong Kong! He didn’t wanna take too many leaves, so he only wanted to make this a short trip~ Sis was also leaving on this day, but on an earlier flight, so we did not meet them. Brought le pig brother to try the 2 famous wanton noodle in Central!

First up – Mak’s Noodle!
 photo 20151227_115802_zps37wmvj1h.jpg

I did not try this the previous time I came because I only had space for 1 bowl, and I decided to try Tsim Chai Kee, which is just opposite. I remember I love Tsim Chai Kee‘s, and I was quite sure that it would beat Mak’s when I finally tried the latter, even though it was indeed quite tasty and the wantons are nice!

Mak’s noodle came in a pretty small bowl, so it is kinda pricey. I think it costs around S$4-5 per bowl =/
 photo 20151227_112231_zps7bcdlnmh.jpg

Off we went to the opposite to try the competitor’s noodle for a final verdict!
 photo 20151227_115820_zpsgjyujmxo.jpg

It turned out that either we were a bit full from the previous bowl, or I was just too hungry during my first visit (or it was the spring onions…Zzzzzz), I actually think the noodle wasn’t as good this time! The soup has got this slight bitter after taste from the noodle which I don’t like that. Neither do I remember it being like this the last time I tried ._. Yea so in the end, the verdict is, I think Mak’s Noodle is nicer…hahaha!
 photo 20151227_114535_zpskl4ym0le.jpg

 photo 20151227_122455_zpstbqkfmp3.jpg

In the VIP toilet again! 😛

Went on separate ways with Bro and Lyn because it was the last official day to shop, since we had a noon flight to catch the next day! So Lyn went for her toy-shopping while Bro went for his solo expedition, and I, of course went back to my favourite Argyle Centre to finish up the mall!

Chiong-ed from the top level since Sis said she managed to find some loots there~ The rest of the shops were mostly selling winter wear! Thank goodness I indeed managed to find some cheap loots at that level and suddenly I was afraid that I would run out of money to continue shopping! Haha!

Finished Argyle Centre and off to chiong another place! But need to recharge some energy first!
 photo 20151227_153530_zpsaabyybo2.jpg

The must-try 百味 packet noodle! Something quite special (:
 photo 20151227_153536_zps4xzn30vj.jpg

Chanced upon this bridge that reminded me of our Lucky Plaza……. But this bridge also brought back memories from my previous trip as I used to take it often to get back to hostel at night 😀
 photo 20151227_154109_zpsouqkftq2.jpg
 photo 20151227_154105_zpsq9m1n4ww.jpg

Chanced upon Fa Yuen Street Market while I was looking for the shop that I found cheap shoes at previously! ❤ street market and I managed to do a quick browse before meeting Lyn and Bro again! Hehe! 冲冲冲!!!
 photo 20151227_154620_zpswpuianwn.jpg

Found the shop that I bought my Rilakkuma bolster and the shop that I bought Isaac’s toilet cover xD
 photo 20151227_161734_zpsxlhr9xg2.jpg

Rushed off to meet the two at Yau Ma Tei to buy lao po bing~
 photo 20151227_164631_zps5hbqhu8t.jpg

 photo 20151227_175416_zps3asm5fdh.jpg

Curry fish balls!

Back to Mongkok and after sending Bro off for his flight, it was left with two of us in Hong Kong! And I suddenly became richer because Bro gave me all his remaining money! Muahahaha~ Walked around Mongkok and eventually walked to the Temple Street night market, but there wasn’t much to buy there x.x

 photo 20151227_185434_zps1kyf0ehw.jpg

LINE characters!

 photo 20151227_201358_zps7y17lrub.jpg

Found caramel pudding!
I remember I love to eat this in Japan!!!

Some street performance, which is another highlight of the vibrant night life in Hong Kong (:

Sudden craving for 炖奶 but Australia Dairy Company was too out of the way, so I decided to give Yee Shun Milk Company another try and it was yet another disappointment! Even though they specialise in steamed milk, supposedly, I still think the one at Australia Dairy Company is so much nicer!!! D:
 photo 20151227_223010_zps2ducb1wc.jpg

Took our night stroll from Yau Ma Tei back to Mongkok again and we had a mission to complete before going back! We were collecting these stickers from 7-11 and we needed 1 more to change to the cute highlighter prize x.x
 photo 20151227_230454_zpshcsgg7fh.jpg

Stood around a few 7-11 trying to find people who threw the sticker away after making their purchase and in the end, we finally found a kind soul who 大方-ly gave us his sticker! 😀 Weeeeee~ Completed our mission! Hehe!
 photo 20151227_230610_zpsnjjpdyg2.jpg

 photo 20151227_231228_zps5thvb2o6.jpg

Got our prizes! xD

Back to pack but there wasn’t much to pack actually. Really didn’t buy much during this trip because it was a short one and most of the time was spent queuing as well. So did not have much time to really shop until this last day~

Happy with my loots nevertheless!!! 😀 Although it’s not a lot as compared to my other trips, at least I managed to buy quite a bit and I wasn’t expecting to~ Guess I am still more suited to shopping alone! 冲啊~!!!
 photo 20151227_233844_zpsdo1ulcfg.jpg

Adding 1 more pair of shoes! Hehe! ❤ my panda room slippers by the way! Had been trying to find a pair to replace the worn out one in office and I finally found a cheap and cute one! HOHOHO!
 photo 20151227_234419_zpsbjt2ccqq.jpg

Set an earlier alarm because Lyn wanted to get her roast goose before flight, but somehow I was woken up by an even earlier alarm…Zzzzzz. And the alarm owner – Miss Lyn was still snoring away, so I don’t understand what’s that alarm for in the first place >.>

In the end, the goose wasn’t ready and so we decided to go for breakfast first~ Spoiled for choices for breakfast because I didn’t mind the crispy Kam Wah polo bun too ❤_❤ But I also want my 炖奶 and yummy eggs! So in the end we settled for another meal at Australia Dairy Company…hehe! Thank goodness the queue wasn’t as long~

 photo 20151228_091548_zpsgegekjlk.jpg

Tasty macaroni!

 photo 20151228_092219_zpsncp1ftet.jpg

Super nice eggs with toast!

 photo 20151228_093229_zpsgtqbznei.jpg

And my NICE 炖奶!!!

Gonna miss all of these T.T
Plus my egg tarts and polo buns~~~

Spotted the funny-looking Monchichi!
 photo 20151228_100930_zpsaek5jbr8.jpg

 photo 20151228_100935_zpsrkmq8x0b.jpg

Sun Wu Kong + Monchichi

 photo 20151228_100937_zpsms4j8aro.jpg


Rushed back to do our final packing after finally getting Lyn’s 飞机鹅 aka roast goose for flight~ And off we go to the airport! 😀
 photo IMG-20160112-WA0026_zpsv8hr3t4q.jpg

 photo 20151228_125236_zpsqb8jcana.jpg

Christmas holiday’s over~

 photo 20151228_123337_zpsqkdwjsmg.jpg

Can’t wait for my big big hug! 😛

 photo 20151228_162101_zpsomyf5uc6.jpg

Our special meal from probably the business class xD

 photo 20151228_163640_zpsdng3rkql.jpg

Yay! Häagen-Dazs!
But why banana T.T

 photo IMG-20160107-WA0011_zps6biumvxz.jpg

Happy to be back!!!!!!!!!! 😀


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