A Brand New Year!

Back from Christmas holidays but it was a super short week at work! 😀 And it was mainly kiao kah days because my director was still having his holiday~
 photo 20151229_110226_zpsxzft3xy2.jpg

 photo 20151229_110120_zpsvuunardt.jpg

Darth Vader OOTD!

 photo 20151229_110124_zps5dm8owly.jpg

Friendly Darth Vader okay 😛

 photo 20151229_174525_zpsjjyplupn.jpg

The legendary Jenny cookies!!!

So excited to share it with everyone because I think it’s quite nice and I think it’s worth trying at least once in your life~ Very buttery and 脆!I don’t know if I would queue 90 minutes again for it, but at least I’ve finally tried it! 😀 Coffee-lovers would love the coffee ones too!
 photo 20151229_130325_zpsqgxbfecm.jpg

Impromptu decision to catch Ip Man 3 after the KBox plan failed, but love it! As expected 😛

Donnie Yen acted so well and definitely touched every woman’s heart with his gentlemanly acts. Like after watching, you will feel that the real kind of dream guy you want is like him!!! Able to protect you anytime, anywhere (even in a cramped lift!), and always respects you (:

I think there’s a huge difference between being henpecked and respecting your partner~ Being henpecked is like when you have done nothing wrong but still got scolded/punished again and again and you let it be. Being respectful is when you have done something wrong and you don’t let your ego gets ahead of you – you admit to your own mistakes. Or if you have done nothing wrong and have been misunderstood, instead of getting mad, you tried to understand why your partner got angry and how you would have felt when being placed in his/her shoes, then explain your point to resolve the problem.

Although the movie was not as exciting as the prequels, it didn’t disappoint me either. Still enjoyed it very much and looking forward to all the sequels!!!

 photo 20151230_134239_zps9fq2tljd.jpg

My energy for Hot Static class at night! (:

Finally visited the revamped “headquarter” office after boss 一而再,再而三的 invite us to go over…haha! But disappointed that the initial bar + pool table leisure concept did not happen~
 photo 20151230_163903_zps6seqahms.jpg

Becomes more of a relaxing living room concept…hmmmm.
 photo 20151230_163823_zpsqfeic7eb.jpg

This spider-light never fails to remind me of 《摆家乐》! Because there’s one episode that they bought this…haha!
 photo 20151230_163842_zpsugzocv5c.jpg

 photo 20151230_163828_zpsqlnb9lwj.jpg

Prefer this lighting (:

 photo 20151230_164007_zpsctzv6vsx.jpg

Relaxing at the comfy sofa 😛

 photo 20151230_164855_zpsrzg0gdof.jpg

Found bosses’ loots ._.

 photo 20151230_213542_zps8jobek1u.jpg

Letterbox surprise from Limin!!! (((:

And after 2 days of “hard work“, it was officially the super long weekend for us because boss has declared New Year’s eve as an off day! TEEHEE~!!!

 photo 20151231_142945_zpsmfczfzwn.jpg

Happy NYE starting with a good lunch! ❤
Tom Yum noodle! YUM~!!!

 photo 20151231_142323_zpsxd05uoyx.jpg

Mini spring rolls!

And then I finally got to sing!!! 😀 Forgot the last time I had the chance to go for afternoon-K~ We should have more of such weekdays off! Hahaha!
 photo 20151231_174901_zpsqjnfgcfs.jpg

Off for first round of NYE party at Mah’s house with le volunteers! I couldn’t make it every year but this year I made the effort to at least drop by for a short while 😛
 photo 20151231_192211_zps9hfblofh.jpg

 photo 20151231_193521_zpsjxi4b58p.jpg

Digging in their potluck feast!

I was still super full from lunch (again) so I didn’t eat. I even told them if I can resist this smoked salmon tarts, it means I am really damn full!!! Hahaha!
 photo 20151231_192513_zpsfrwznnjl.jpg

The only thing I ate was this homemade tangyuan in soy bean milk from one of the volunteers! No regrets for trying because it’s super nice!!! Everyone loves it!
 photo 20151231_195657_zpsdgmzbocj.jpg

Definitely couldn’t resist this too! xD
 photo 20151231_195357_zps5b4hst6m.jpg

Watching them nervously as they played a stressful game of Uno stacko~ But they were all so pro!
 photo 20151231_202003_zpsueldy0zd.jpg
 photo 20151231_202012_zpshjhzgve6.jpg

 photo 20151231_195921_zpspjdkzipv.jpg

The alcoholics’ add-on…haha!

Left shortly after for second round of NYE party! 😀 I don’t know why but I suddenly suggested the oldie bar which I had been wanting to visit again! And it turned out that the oldie bar is no longer so oldie-looking anymore because they have revamped!
 photo 20151231_211625_zpsyu2avhrk.jpg

Looking so happening now especially with all the decorations!
 photo 20151231_211905_zpsnbxw1e1g.jpg
 photo 20151231_211934_zps2mifc6pa.jpg

 photo 20151231_211919_zpszzicyetk.jpg

Colourful bottles of liquors!

 photo 20151231_211559_zpskixo2vdi.jpg

A variety of beer!

And no more uncle and auntie singing weird Lady Gaga song but good singers now! Hahaha!
 photo 20151231_211442_zpssgduvhrh.jpg

Good singers cum hot dancers~

 photo 20151231_211244_zpszhrxw5xz.jpg

Enjoying my wine (:

 photo 20151231_211230_zpslv1mkot0.jpg

And yummy salted egg yolk fries!

 photo 20151231_235911_zpsj1vjagwp.jpg

Party props provided by the bar! 😀

Made a new friend who happened to be that same person who was celebrating her birthday in this bar the first time we came! It’s really so coincidental that I wouldn’t doubt that it’s fate. How is it possible that you can meet the same person again at the same place on both the first and second visits?!

Although the night turned emotional and she made me have my last cry of 2015, I appreciated her words and her honesty. In a way she felt like Mommeyyyyy June too, with that honesty, that’s why I like her already and felt like I can just chat with her easily.

Perhaps what she said are what I have been trying to hide within, and hence I felt like she can understand how I am feeling. She just knows everything somehow, even without me saying. I am just thankful that she spoke for my heart, and thankful for the reminder as well. I just hope the reminder will not just be a reminder, but an enlightenment and reflection too…

 photo 20160101_003458_zpsnz8t0ywo.jpg

Thank you, angel (:

Anyhow, wasn’t expecting it to be a wild night or anything but just a simple night chilling out~ But somehow the bar turned into a rather happening party place and the regulars of the bar even brought their own party masks!

One of the regulars gave me this masquerade mask and I love it! It’s pretty!!!
 photo 20151231_235404_zpshiab8co4.jpg

Then it was time for the count down and everyone was so high!
 photo 20151231_235946_zps6zwrim4u.jpg
 photo 20160101_002628_zpsp7ogunvo.jpg

Definitely wasn’t expecting this kind of a party but honestly, I miss it and I have enjoyed it! (((:

 photo 20160101_000516_zps57dnokeh.jpg

May 2016 be a truly happy year for me, for us, and for everyone around me!!! ❤

On the last day of 2014, I mentioned that I want 2015 to have a major difference, and I wanna be more 坚强 too. I don’t know if I have really achieved that, or have the difference been major enough, but I think I have definitely become stronger; stronger to face whatever that comes.

This year I had more trips than expected and I had also visited a few places for the first time like Europe and Bali! Also experienced many first-time like first time meeting my Hanwei, first time travelling with my loved ones, and many more precious first-time ((((:

The biggest difference I can identify for 2015 is that I have a clearer idea of what I want now, and I am ready to pursue that. I am not going to accommodate to things that make me unhappy and I will not hesitate to go after what I want instead. Just like my Europe trip – I said I will make it happen, and I did! So cheers to 2016 and many more adventures to come!!! (:


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