Ugly Ugly Ugly!

Started the new year drinking excessively over the long weekend…hahaha! Actually not really excessive but just drinking for 3 consecutive days~ Oops.

Spent half of the New Year’s Day at home continuing with JHQ’s wedding montage before finally heading out for gathering with le volunteers!

 photo 20160102_004109_zpsd5srqwyt.jpg

Second visit to Wild Oats (:

 photo 20160101_184652_zpsr7iesfoh.jpg

My lime Daiquiri!

We were rather disappointed with the sides because the $10 truffle fries came in a rather small portion and don’t really have truffle smell, while the chicken wings were the skinniest I have ever seen ._.
 photo 20160101_184738_zpsrxrhqlyn.jpg

Thank goodness their mains were still okay! The hungry me digging into my first meal of the day~! I can really starve to death if I stay at home…hahaha!
 photo 20160101_185901_zpsbqqfr9eg.jpg

The early birds before the rest joined us after their Star Wars movie~
 photo 20160101_194751_zpsol1b6bf3.jpg

Sitting by the sea! (I wanna imagine it as a sea okay.)
 photo 20160101_204520_zps8vplswbq.jpg
 photo 20160101_204608_zpsoqzdj6ak.jpg

 photo 20160101_215438_zpsrevdxqvy.jpg

Second round (:

Ended the night with super lame jokes! I was dozing off and after listening to the ‘potato‘ one, I thought I should have fallen asleep instead -___-|||
 photo IMG-20160102-WA0007_zpsd93kmswx.jpg
 photo IMG-20160102-WA0008_zpsmkx6njil.jpg

 photo 20160102_103205_zpsywvtr7lf.jpg

Trying out bak kut teh at new stall! 😀

Was sad to leave for Chingay but who knows when I reached, there was no one there… Because there was no practice that day! –CRY!!!!– Wasted a Saturdate just like that 😦

Went back to nap instead before meeting Clique to celebrate the silly couple’s last weekend before married couple! Hahaha! We have all sorts of reason to party!

 photo 20160102_211757_zpsdzkzvbfa.jpg

Snacking all night long!

 photo 20160102_214702_zpsluwnrgrj.jpg

Pretty lights!

We potluck-ed alcohol over to Queen’s place for the party and it was full attendance! 😀 So glad that non-drinkers like TCC and Shi Min also joined and gave face by drinking a bit during the games! We all had so much fun!!!

3 (and later 4) big guys opening my bottle of Moscato because I kept reminding them of Shrine breaking my bottles incident…LOL! This bottle took super long before it was finally opened xD
 photo 20160102_213232_zpsczsxkkl9.jpg

Played Daidi with the Na-sisters while some of us played Bluff~ I kept winning the Bluff game! Hahaha! And I won not because I am good at bluffing, but because I am always very honest 😛
 photo 20160103_002806_zpsljxpfbzk.jpg

It was damn hilarious watching the Na-sisters play because Tenna loves to catch people, while Sheena kept stopping Tenna from catching so that she can clear her cards…ROFL. It’s time like this when I wonder how 5 sisters of such different personalities can live together!

 photo 20160103_004326_zps8w65haic.jpg

The president doing her 老人 activity – watch TV…LOL.

Then Sheena gathered us for a game of Ugly Ugly Ugly so that everyone who were not playing Daidi can play as well~ I have played this game previously but this is my first time playing with Poker cards!

Basically each player takes turn to open a card and when there are 4 of the same cards opened, you are supposed to snap your hand on the table and shout, “Ugly Ugly Ugly!” And as expected, we made so much noise while playing this! LOL!

Imagine a bunch of crazy girls screaming away and all the cat-fights for the cards…hahahahaha! Worst of all, Zeena’s poker decks are these visually-unfriendly black and white cards and it was really difficult to spot!!!
 photo 20160103_011417_zps3nlncv0a.jpg

I actually sucked in the game and Shi Min had to keep telling me what cards to look out for next; the forte of an optometrist…LOL. But I still kept drinking because my reaction is always damn slow! So happy when I finally managed to get cards!!!

And despite all the violence and din, we all had so much fun during the games! As you can tell from these pictures taken by Queen! I was so surprised the next day when I saw these photos inside my phone (with me inside)!!! I didn’t even notice her taking…hahaha!
 photo 20160103_000057_zps8njyb62q.jpg
 photo 20160103_000122_zpswiygkmr2.jpg
 photo 20160103_000107_zpsk4eatcu1.jpg

Heard that many more funny stuff happened after we left…hahaha! Seriously a fun-filled night and even the Na-sisters said we should do this more often! 😛

 photo IMG-20160103-WA0003_zpspoydaju2.jpg

Damage for the night! =O

Spent Sunday catching up on sleep before heading to Veron’s house to make for props for Chingay! I remember I had a hard time making last year’s and this year’s is even more challenging!

Lots of cutting, measuring and taping to be done, so we decided to 分工合作, hoping that it will make the process easier~ But I still think it’s rather complicated for girls to make such thing…
 photo 20160103_164606_zpsaqqfigqj.jpg

Well, at least the result was rather desirable and hopefully we will appreciate this 血汗-prop even more! 😀 It’s quite pretty, isn’t it!
 photo IMG-20160103-WA0014_zpsgqgmh5am.jpg

I wasn’t in the photo above because I had rushed off to meet buddy for JHQ’s big day preparation~ Had to go down to the venue to check if my video can play and etc. 好忙啊!!!But only left 1 more week to the big day!

Back to work after the long weekend with new friend in my room! Hehe! Apparently boss caught it in an arcade on NYE and gave it to my colleague, whom decided to give it to me!
 photo 20160104_095937_zpsibny7sot.jpg

And my director is finally back from holiday with yummy  goodies from Europe!!! 😀 I also finally ended my kiao kah days for a while…haha!
 photo 20160104_125632_zpsnf56l9be.jpg

 photo 20160105_200627_zps77i3owga.jpg

Finally tried Awfully Chocolate’s mille crepe & ice-cream! ❤

 photo 20160107_133548_zpskjrwlga0.jpg

Super cute Monkey!

Super happy to be back to Rochester Park again after so long! Found and tried a new place (((((:
 photo 20160107_201428_zpssjj5yleo.jpg

But too busy playing Sudoku and I forgot to take picture of the pizza until it was left with this! x.x
 photo 20160107_201413_zpsylpxf9os.jpg

 photo 20160107_201321_zpscnjekq3k.jpg

Lime Daiquiri again!

Guess who visited the office again! 😀
 photo 20160109_121422_zpsos860sia.jpg

LOL at his football socks!
 photo 20160109_121424_zpsva8yn2z0.jpg

 photo 20160109_121357_zpsbo8e7nxq.jpg

Busy walking around while Mama is working~

 photo 20160109_134512_zpseyu39hzr.jpg

Happy Dylan!

 photo 20160109_125546_zpsvb2oofro.jpg

Attacking my toys~

 photo 20160109_121909_zpscnrajjkh.jpg

And he chose Rila before throwing on the floor again!

 photo 20160109_121904_zpsvmjeyvmt.jpg

He makes this super cute face whenever you say 丑八怪!xD

Playing peek-a-boo with Jie Jie! He enjoyed it so much somehow and could keep on playing…haha!
 photo 20160109_123507_zpswpb2mwdh.jpg
 photo 20160109_123501_zpsy36rvv4u.jpg

 photo 20160109_123522_zpsmknlqsyr.jpg

Off to visit the next room~!

 photo 20160109_125001_zpsuk8b7exk.jpg

Watching his favourite Twinkle Twinkle Little Star~

 photo 20160109_123701_zpspjvp89t8.jpg

“Who is Dylan?”

Catching him for some wefies! xD
 photo 20160109_134251_zpskhgah3vc.jpg
 photo 20160109_134250_zps7gl6wmlh.jpg

 photo 20160109_134255_zpspbceml8p.jpg

面包脸 *pinch!*

 photo 20160109_181100_zpsuwfocg2z.jpg

The 3rd AP caught sleeping on my couch! Tsk tsk!

Wanted to sleep a bit more on Saturday because I thought my practice was at 2pm, but it was actually 1pm! Ended up having a rush lunch x.x

 photo 20160109_123236_zpswjjxhltl.jpg

Yummy curry!

 photo 20160109_123240_zpsl5qmprki.jpg

And “bacon” sandwich!

Off for practice after 3 WEEKS!!! There were some changes for the dance and somehow I couldn’t even recognise the dance anymore! Seriously lagging behind this year T.T

Went to trim my brows after practice to prepare for the big day the next day! Like machiam my wedding…haha! So much to pack and prepare! Lucky to be the last customer on the shop’s last day!
 photo 20160109_164639_zpszvrsllf8.jpg

Had a short night watching half of The Longest Ride before I was chased home for an early rest, because I had to wake up like 4.30am the next day! Boohooo~ But I really enjoy simple nights like this ((((:

 photo 20160109_193348_zpsu0cwuvhi.jpg

Found tutu kueh again!!! HEHE!


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