JHQ’s BIG Day!!!

So it was finally the day! Finally my 2 good friend’s big day! Woke up at like 4.30am because I was one of the sisters~ To be honest, this is one of the reasons why I dislike being bridesmaid, but of course exceptions for my close friends and loved ones, cause they are definitely worth more than my sleep! ((:

Bumped into the brothers (buddy and gang) while limping to the train station, and I was still hoping it wasn’t them when I saw the bridal car driving towards me…Zzzzzz. Damn paiseh because I was carrying so much stuff (laptop + clothes to change for the lunch and etc) -.- But I should have asked for a ride since my heels were killing me in less than 5 minutes walk! Thank goodness Queena’s friend – Rachel was fetching us from the station!

We had less than 30 minutes to prepare for the games before the brothers would reach, so everything was really in a rush! Cause the Na-sisters were still putting on makeup and etc, while I also needed to do some adjustments to my outfit. Luckily we still managed to prepare everything just on the dot when the guys reached! Haha!

The excited bride Face-timing with Zeena because she wanted to see the guys going through the games too! xD
 photo 20160110_064108_zpsgsl5o4ru.jpg

I didn’t get to take many pictures during the games since I was also involved~ But I think our games were pretty easy, totally nothing humiliating or anything because Queena would hate that, let alone the petty groom.

Started the games from the playground downstairs and the guys were just supposed to find the alphabets hidden all around the playground to form the words – I Love Queena, within a certain timing. In the end they did not manage to complete in time -_- First game failed liao.
 photo 20160110_065031_zpsoobpmu0o.jpg

So as a result, their forfeit was this! Hahaha! The groom had to sing a S.H.E love song lying on top of the brothers, who were in push-up positions~ Lucky Kai! Did not have to endure the heavy weight of Gui xD

But being the fittest in our Clique, Kai did his part for the next game, which was to piggyback the fat Gui up 7th floor! I wasn’t involved in this game because I had to rush up to lock the gates and prepare for the next game, and we all thought they would take some time to reach upstairs.

I was even happily ironing my hair when suddenly the guys were already at the gates! Apparently, the Na-sisters said the game wasn’t a problem for the guys at all because Kai alone could piggyback Gui up 3-4 levels!

The next game was a questionnaire consisting of 10 questions about Queena~ For every wrong question, one of the brothers gotta sacrifice a hair from the eyebrow or leg…hahaha! Gui totally sucked in this because he doesn’t even know the name of Queen’s university!!! Tsk tsk. And guys getting married, please remember your mother-in-law’s birthday…LOL.


Thinking very hard~


The brothers having a good time laughing at the groom!

The next game was the one that the brothers hated the most and also the one that drove our petty groom angry on his wedding day -_- Basically it’s a Bingo food game consisting of disgusting food like bitter gourd + wasabi, gummy bears soaked overnight in salt water, raw celery + garlic, blue cheese + raw onions, spicy Korean ramen with chilli padi and etc.
 photo 20160110_070751_zpsemmd3hvr.jpg

Well, I think you can tell from Kai’s face how disgusting they were ._. But I have to emphasise that none of the games were suggested by me because by the time I was there for the bridesmaids’ meeting, everything had been planned…hahaha!
 photo 20160110_070808_zpsw38wfzjf.jpg

The groom was still smiling away while his brothers suffered, until he poured all the remaining ones into his mouth (because none of the brothers could take it anymore) and he almost puked! That’s when he kinda flared up and started complaining THE WHOLE DAY about how his mouth stinks from the disgusting blue cheese =/
 photo 20160110_070810_zpsdnsbfxxt.jpg

I don’t know if any other groom has ever flared up on his wedding day over gate crash games so far, but I think our poor photographer was kinda shocked…hahaha! But we were kinda used to it because we know how petty Gui is, just wasn’t expecting him to really get so mad over these games on such an important day 😛 So Leo!!!!!!
 photo 20160110_071203_zpsxivu2w3d.jpg

He almost didn’t wanna continue anymore and kept demanding Queen to come out -.- But we managed to convince him to complete the last round, which is just to read out the wedding vows~
 photo 20160110_071453_zpsvqnxlivp.jpg

And still, he purposely tried to skip #5 – To help out with the household chores….Zzzzzzz.
 photo 20160110_071332_zpsn7ecqvap.jpg
 photo 20160110_071330_zpsgkgviwol.jpg

Signed with a thumbprint! 逃不了了~

And that also marked the end of our mission! Got our angbaos! 😀
 photo 20160110_083651_zpsxb8uxqvh.jpg

Here’s a glimpse of the gatecrash, thanks to Winnie!

The petty groom was still throwing a tantrum and whining non-stop to Queen about how disgusting were the food -_____-”
 photo 20160110_071637_zpsxmdy3cda.jpg

 photo 20160110_071640_zpsgyxnfj6z.jpg

“How can you make me eat such things?!”

 photo 20160110_071633_zpsdzh7gywg.jpg

Very 勉强 face because he was still angry -.-“

 photo IMG-20160112-WA0068_zpssnoetaei.jpg

And refusing to pose nicely for the photographer!

Kissing the bride!
 photo 20160110_071654_zpspayuahkg.jpg
 photo 20160110_071656_zpszaw4kfwi.jpg

 photo 20160110_071726_zpsnnuyy0ju.jpg

“Wait! You still have to wear my shoes for me!”

 photo 20160110_071715_zpsvrihuorr.jpg

“I still have to wear shoes for you?!?!”

 photo 20160110_071749_zpsom2cqpye.jpg

Still have to no matter how angry you are!

 photo 20160110_071752_zpssbrpcggl.jpg

My most egoistic and petty Leo friend!!! 😛

 photo 20160110_071757_zpswbgj1asv.jpg

And then he went on complaining…….

The egoistic boy refusing to smile to the camera even though all the family members are around -___-”
 photo IMG-20160112-WA0065_zpsfzti5au6.jpg
 photo IMG-20160112-WA0067_zpsc7dwwfzs.jpg
 photo IMG-20160112-WA0069_zpsgv7krddq.jpg

Group shots before leaving for the groom’s house, starting with family photos! (:
 photo 20160110_072245_zpsmvhtrtiv.jpg
 photo IMG-20160112-WA0066_zpsmvajec4v.jpg

 photo 20160110_072154_zpsd5j6mfsl.jpg

The 5 sisters!

Then during the brothers’ shot, I blurt out to Shrine, “你的肚子!!!” And everyone burst out laughing! But I didn’t do it to embarrass him! I was just trying to tell him that his tummy flesh was showing ._.
 photo IMG-20160112-WA0072_zpsvccupgez.jpg

So he tried to sit very straight for the next shot…LOL.
 photo IMG-20160112-WA0070_zps022t8fxb.jpg

 photo IMG-20160112-WA0075_zpsiwdurfbd.jpg

Brothers for life!

Off to Gui’s place! 😀
 photo IMG-20160112-WA0077_zpsdddwuwpn.jpg
 photo IMG-20160112-WA0079_zpsj4pye8vw.jpg

While waiting for the bridal car!
 photo 20160110_073236_zpspoineprb.jpg
 photo 20160110_073259_zpsd7x1rhk0.jpg

 photo 20160110_073434_zpsdrq2booi.jpg

Time for 4D 😛


While waiting for OUR car too! xD

 photo 20160110_074826_zpsrgwy45nb.jpg

In Rachel’s cool car!

 photo 20160110_074723_zps1f9cjijg.jpg

With Winnie and the sleepy Sheena! xD

Dropped by Bishan Park for a short photoshoot first while heading to Gui’s house~ And finally a picture with the bride! ❤
 photo 20160110_080206_zpsvkvbv0ts.jpg

Couldn’t wait to get out of that dress because it doesn’t look nice on me ._. Another reason why I dislike being sisters. Not that the bridesmaid’s dress is not nice, but I’m just not suitable for such dress…haha! I am very fussy with materials and designs, but I also didn’t wanna have too much requests for the dress since it’s not my big day =/

 photo 20160110_080221_zpsluepqmwp.jpg

Queen & Min!

 photo 20160110_080401_zpsfupqsfk3.jpg

With the cute Na-sister #4 – Vanna!

 photo 20160110_080258_zpsp8m8rsib.jpg

Pretty sky!

Lesson learned: Never take a full-length shot beside Gui. LOL.
 photo 20160110_080906_zpszubvhm38.jpg

So I took a wefie instead! xDDDDD
 photo 20160110_080852_zpsq2649ucg.jpg

Wefies still look nicer!
 photo 20160110_080415_zps3iidzotr.jpg

With my big-head buddyyyyyyyy~
 photo 20160110_080931_zpslnmbpjtk.jpg

Tea ceremony at groom’s place! We were all so ignorant about the traditions and Gui’s grandpa had to guide the sisters step-by-step what to do while he was being served the tea…hahaha!
 photo 20160110_082406_zpseiavgdxp.jpg
 photo 20160110_082408_zpshkhrvb8n.jpg
The little brother 敬茶-ing to his elder brother and sister-in-law! 😀
 photo 20160110_083014_zpskvu5hy20.jpg
 photo 20160110_083016_zps4jjdjmbm.jpg
 photo 20160110_083026_zpsupjrl9ei.jpg
 photo 20160110_083027_zpsfjs1qj8z.jpg

 photo 20160110_083020_zps7rvhoy1e.jpg

“Wah! 还有红包拿啊!”

Time for the bride to change outfit before heading back to her house for another tea ceremony! This also means I finally had time to take out the camera that I borrowed from Lyn to take some pictures! Haha!
 photo P1100005_zpsktvloreu.jpg
 photo P1100004_zpsx3rptptv.jpg
 photo P1100006_zpshcxaxb8x.jpg
 photo P1100007_zps7lyha10n.jpg

And in the midst of that, the rest of the brothers and sisters were taking their first break of the day~
 photo P1100008_zpshcyfcmm4.jpg

A handful of us headed straight to the lunch venue instead of going back to Queen’s place because we still had stuff to prepare. The bridesmaid duty may be over but I still had the video to worry about and also my emcee duty! x.x

Had so much to coordinate with the staff at Orchid Country Club’s Peach Garden and thankfully they were really helpful! Everything went pretty smoothly even though there were some delays due to some of the important guests being late. So damn nervous because it’s my first time emceeing and I get super nervous even during presentations back in school…Zzzzzz. All thanks to buddy for pulling me into his “water (拉我下水)!

But I think I did quite an okay job because I was expecting much stuttering but I did not say anything wrongly at all! The usually eloquent Buddy, who was doing the Chinese version was the one who misread his lines a few times…hahaha! Luckily I wrote the script so I know it better! 😛

Though it was a small lunch banquet, it was still kinda stressful to be on the stage with so many eyes staring at you! Thank goodness Clique was seated all the way at the back, if not I might have 笑场!
 photo 20160110_115526_zpsyagzz1wp.jpg

Welcoming the groom and bride in!
 photo 20160110_115248_zpsulvv2gfj.jpg
 photo 20160110_115305_zpst9qsvpda.jpg


❤ Queen’s pretty gown!

The wedding lunch started with the solemnisation ceremony, and that means break time for buddy and I! Took the chance to snap some pictures…hehe! Who cares about professionalism~ My duty as a friend capturing the precious moments of my 2 good friends is more important than my duty as the emcee!
 photo 20160110_115317_zpsx0m1blck.jpg
 photo 20160110_115320_zpsw6emscgu.jpg
 photo 20160110_115504_zpsipsdlkyw.jpg
 photo 20160110_115501_zpsm0fmlbud.jpg
 photo 20160110_115515_zpswapoxx3a.jpg
 photo 20160110_115506_zps5knc7knq.jpg

 photo 20160110_120435_zps947pq17p.jpg

Finally see him smiling to the camera!

 photo 20160110_115803_zpsjrxkacwz.jpg

Selfie with buddy while the solemnisation is going on! LOL.

Exchanging rings and officially husband and wife! 😀
 photo 20160110_115852_zps2if5a5ae.jpg
 photo 20160110_115849_zpshi8ke48x.jpg

Congratulations to my 2 dearest friends!!! ❤
 photo 20160110_120600_zpszjuwh6ya.jpg

I actually prepared a longer script just in case the guest had to wait a long time for the first dish to be served and we could crap some stuff to entertain them. Thought we wouldn’t be needing it, but in the end we had to use the script! And the worse part was even after we finished the backup script, the dish were still not served yet! I was like thinking, “Oh shit. What else are we gonna say!” But I decided to end it off as scripted because I didn’t wanna come up with something impromptu that buddy couldn’t “接台”…hahaha! Luckily once I finished the closing line, the first dish was served right away!!! PHEW~

And so it was also means buddy and I could finally get off the stage and have my first meal of the day! Mad hungryyyyyyy!!!
 photo 20160110_121632_zpssxr44u8y.jpg

Love this salted egg prawn dish!
 photo 20160110_124108_zpsnefuwcsb.jpg

But while we were enjoying our meal, Shi Min was nibbling on her unglam-looking bread…LOL. Because it was 初一 so she was on a vegetarian diet!
 photo 20160110_123751_zpsocdoo2az.jpg

Only could enjoy a few dishes before we were up on the stage again for the video montage~ I was so worried that there would be some technical error or something and my hard work will not be fully enjoyed by everyone! There were indeed some problem initially like the video didn’t show on both screens, but thankfully the staff managed to solve it and the video was played smoothly! 😀

It was a very simple montage because I had very limited time to do, but I think I managed to capture all the moments that the silly couple had went through together! Most importantly, the bride was indeed touched by my video! Haha!

Moving on to the champagne toasting ceremony!
 photo 20160110_130703_zpsxcv0yyza.jpg
 photo 20160110_130701_zpsy3jkwh0m.jpg
 photo 20160110_130807_zpsebsx2v8p.jpg
 photo 20160110_130808_zpsqouxmjgj.jpg
 photo 20160110_130809_zpso8javxvb.jpg

And then it was the couple’s wedding speech, which got the bride, the bride’s mother, and the Na-sisters to tears! As the emcees, we were kinda lost as to what we should do – whether we should interrupt the awkward moment and say something, or we should just let the emotional scene continue~ In the end, we decided to just let the bride say her words because it was a touching scene (:
 photo 20160110_131907_zpsja7asedo.jpg

Even I was touched and almost wanna tear on stage!!! Because I could understand why Queen was being so emotional, given the things she has went through these years with her sisters and I would have too, if I were her! I have always thought that I will definitely end up in tears during my wedding speech, because I am 哭包…hahaha!
 photo 20160110_131905_zpsnomv1fbz.jpg

Gui tried to salvage the situation by saying things to make Queen laugh~ He said he doesn’t understand why everyone is crying because he promised that everything will still stay the same, as in Queen will still get to see the sisters and her mum…hahaha!
 photo 20160110_131611_zpsya8z08t6.jpg

But I understand because even though auntie has 5 daughters, this is after all the first daughter that is getting married! (:
 photo 20160110_131918_zps2z3llhck.jpg

And being the eldest sister, Queen has always had that responsibility to take care of her 4 sisters since young. I remember she even once said to us that she did thought of not getting married, so that she can take care of her sisters. So it’s not hard to imagine why the Na-sisters were touched by their eldest sister’s words too! :’)
 photo 20160110_131909_zpsh4dhhs5e.jpg
 photo 20160110_131911_zpsvd1vksfg.jpg

Ended our emcees’ duty after the touching scene and then Germain took over the stage with a surprise impromptu performance for the newly-wed!
 photo 20160110_133309_zps6lcq5fsr.jpg
 photo 20160110_133532_zps25ohdybf.jpg

Check out her 小幸运 performance! 😀

FINALLY END OF ALL DUTIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yahoooooooo~ Although it was tiring, I am still glad that we did it! Our 22 years 默契 paid off after all! Hahaha!
 photo 20160110_143903_zpsszfa6sax.jpg

Finally back to the table to clear the food that Clique has saved for us too and also for some wefies~!
 photo 20160110_134942_zpsemmy0po6.jpg

WJ taught us this new hand sign which means love! It’s apparently a popular hand sign in Korea now and I didn’t even know that! It indeed looks a bit like a heart shape…hahaha!
 photo 20160110_135049_zpsmhxqjhgi.jpg

Took the opportunity to take a wefie with every single one in Clique! 😀

 photo 20160110_124034_zps9dnyufap.jpg

With Ms President Shi Min!

 photo 20160110_142847_zpscc8qwnle.jpg

With the ever-crappy Shrine!

 photo 20160110_142930_zps7ax2npe1.jpg

With the becoming-稀客 TCC!

 photo 20160110_142954_zpsgrho5pni.jpg

With the big boss Joseph!

 photo 20160110_143026_zpsasyddh7d.jpg

With the party boy Zhen Hao!

 photo 20160110_143045_zpsugxp77yx.jpg

With our fittest Si Kai!

 photo 20160110_143103_zps0fywoc4a.jpg

With our future sister-in-law Winnie!

 photo 20160110_143135_zpsjzmqmmpx.jpg

With the white hair fetish WJ!

And of course, with my childish 姐妹 who is now a married man! I seriously hope he starts learning to be a MAN though ._.
 photo 20160110_143255_zpsw5yewois.jpg

And last but not least, with my best girls’ talk partner in Clique! Thank you for all the HTHT sessions we had together and I am so glad that Thapa brought you into our Clique!!! So happy for you (((((((:
 photo 20160110_143337_zpsmrwaqowc.jpg

I have known Gui and Queen for 14 and 12 years respectively, which is pretty much half of my life so far! We have seen each other grow, physically and mentally, watch each other go through different stages of life, witnessed them going from friends to couple, and now I am truly happy to be able to witness this new stage of their lives!
 photo 20160110_143827_zpsylkvo4w7.jpg

 photo 20160110_143412_zpspidmmj5b.jpg

Congrats once again! ❤

Finally had the chance to take out Lyn’s camera to use again but it was already the end of the lunch~ Took a nice shot for Shi Min instead! 😛
 photo P1100009_zpsasdpf2dm.jpg

And captured some moments of the drunk groom trying to taunt his relatives to drink! Shouldn’t the guests be 灌-ing the groom instead??? LOL.
 photo P1100012_zpsap3skbcm.jpg
 photo P1100014_zpszfgokvni.jpg
 photo P1100019_zpsu84l4lzr.jpg
 photo P1100013_zpshdllw63l.jpg

The victims~
 photo P1100010_zpsfkplgxei.jpg
 photo P1100017_zpscvmucwxr.jpg

He was just pretty high and went on and on with the games!
 photo P1100018_zpsv6gmk1nu.jpg
 photo P1100020_zpsv9ebc7qp.jpg
 photo P1100024_zpsofq7v4sq.jpg

Taking turns to take photos with the groom and bride because they were finally free…hahaha! The drunk groom couldn’t even open his eyes!
 photo 20160110_143541_zpsecksxjfh.jpg
 photo 20160110_143507_zps4f1qacew.jpg
 photo 20160110_143457_zps6kzgt3bf.jpg
 photo 20160110_143521_zpswppicbqa.jpg
 photo 20160110_143557_zpsqhlpbr1x.jpg
 photo 20160110_143618_zpsqnef05xp.jpg

Forgot to mention that OOTD was 90% sponsored by Sis! I was having a headache thinking of what to wear and thank goodness that I found this new dress that Sis gave me some time ago and I had not have the chance to wear! Belt was also bought by her some time ago and necklace was borrowed from her! Hahaha! So only the shoes are mine xD
 photo 20160110_143643_zpsosdktakm.jpg

In the end, I still took a full-length shot with my 好姐妹 and looking like a shortie -_-”
 photo 20160110_143703_zps0erqzuvs.jpg

But there’s always someone that is even shorter…HAHAHAHA.
 photo 20160110_143713_zps0ytvkmkt.jpg

Shi Min was unprepared for the 三连拍!LOL.
 photo 20160110_143716_zpsfhjwzhof.jpg
 photo 20160110_143718_zpsvz1wtuj4.jpg
 photo 20160110_143808_zpsj6dfy2ne.jpg
 photo 20160110_143758_zpssgqfrzvg.jpg

Back for a nap because everyone was exhausted after waking up so early, but we met up again after a few hours for dinner! Suddenly it felt like school days when we were so siao-on, meeting up almost everyday~

 photo 20160110_222929_zpsp07rlbho.jpg

Buddy looking suave during pool!

And that marked the end of this very special day for Clique – 10th January 2016! ((((:
 photo 20160110_134840_zpsfciwnlux.jpg
 photo 20160110_134848_zpssfaalydf.jpg
 photo 20160110_134849_zpser1b8dcu.jpg


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