I thought I would be more free after 忙完 JHQ’s wedding, but my schedule still remained so packed that I have to squeezeeeeee out these 2 weeks’ posts as soon as possible~ And it didn’t help that Photobucket wasn’t working on the days that I was so free at work! So I ended up watching Dream Makers 1 most of the time =/

A photo of Kumakuma to start off since he hasn’t appeared on my blog for a long time~ Taken with Lyn’s camera while doing a test shot! Isn’t he so fat and cute here!!!
 photo P1090003 copy_zpsgvvgp8vm.jpg

Celebrated Yinning’s birthday in advance at Choo Choo Chicken! It was recommended by Yinning and the chicken was indeed nice, but the staff ain’t very friendly. We needed a fridge to put the birthday cake and there wasn’t enough space in their fridge, so the staff just gave us a really nonchalant attitude while we were looking so helpless with our mousse cake.

Thank goodness we met this really kind soul in the restaurant who actually helped us borrow a fridge next door! And he did it so voluntarily that really surprised us! He just suddenly went out then came back and told us that he found a fridge for us! Even the staff wasn’t willing to do that, yet a stranger just went ahead and asked for us! So touched by his kind act! (:

 photo 20160112_205426_zpsmbzmkipt.jpg

Happy Birthday, Yinning!!!

Every year when it’s Yinning’s birthday, Nadine got so scared because it will be her turn in 1 month’s time. And then it will be my turn… OMG~ Can’t believe we are turning 27!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Like TWENTY-SEVEN! 3 more years to the big 3 and totally not looking forward T.T
 photo 20160112_205508_zps1b5mwfvr.jpg

Mango cake again! Weeeeee~ Four Leaves cake never goes wrong!
 photo 20160112_205838_zpsfovq6c5f.jpg

Off for our rendezvous at a secret place~! It’s somewhere that we wanted to go 5 years ago, but we felt too under-dressed, so we figured that we would come back again another day when Yinning is back from U.S. Now that she has been back for more than 4 years, we finally visited the place! Hahaha!
 photo 20160112_211324_zps0frmruhj.jpg

It really looks so grand and atas inside that I felt like I was in the set of The Great Gatsby!!! But it’s a really nice and quiet chilling place! (:
 photo 20160112_211511_zps0dyryoig.jpg
 photo 20160112_230619_zps3pjrazsf.jpg
 photo 20160112_211913_zpsx47qjxdt.jpg

Pretty ceiling that reminds me of the palaces in Europe!
 photo 20160112_212937_zpsq2kza2xg.jpg

And the signature tall cabinet that is the highlight of the place! Whenever someone orders a bottle of wine, there will be an angel flying up to take the bottle from the cabinet! We were actually there to see that but yet we were all in a cocktail mood, so we were hoping that there will be other guests ordering the wine…hahaha!
 photo 20160112_211836_zpsjujlefja.jpg

With my Green Demon which is indeed quite strong; quite a demon~ But love it because I love anything with Midori!!!
 photo 20160112_213920_zpsotmumqnf.jpg

Even the washroom is so pretty! xD
 photo 20160112_230541_zpsc1bng2ry.jpg

And the mirror looks like a portrait being framed up…hehe!
 photo 20160112_230506_zpsomgxfpfh.jpg

Just when we were about to leave, there was a table of guests that ordered 2 bottles of wine so we managed to see the angel fly! YAY!!! Finally saw it! Hehe! Such a pity my full-length video is corrupted, but luckily I still have this short Insta-video~

Awesome night with my PPGs! 😀 Hope it’s not another 5 years before we finally go for our first trip and our first clubbing experience together!
 photo IMG-20160113-WA0004_zpsqzqzx1r3.jpg
 photo IMG-20160113-WA0005_zpsfyexyiwh.jpg

Met up with Kai Bin and gang the next day and guess what we had? Chir Chir Chicken! After eating Korean chicken for 2 consecutive days, I really had some phobia for chicken >.< But I didn’t wanna object because I am usually NOT the one who decide on dining places, since I don’t usually eat much for dinner, so I will just be a follower~
 photo 20160113_202910_zpsc3ymysr6.jpg

Saw this pretty cool 3D photo-taking thingy and we took some time to finally figure out the right position and angle to stand! Hahaha! Do I look like I am walking my dog in Paris? 😛
 photo 20160113_221938-01_zpsv3tpd4bq.jpg

 photo 20160113_132817_zpsv6x7s4lk.jpg

Occasional 擂茶 crave!

 photo 20160114_132333_zpsrdaahjmd.jpg

Because I am really meat-sick that week.

Had a durian gathering with NDPeeps again and it was supposed to be the season again, according to the news, but yet the selection ain’t as wide as the previous time 😦 The prices were also not very attractive, so we decided to just order 3 first and stall-hop for a second round!
 photo 20160114_200042_zpskw7h6xlt.jpg

But since I grow up eating $2 durian, I am really not fussy about the quality. I don’t know what is durian that is “not nice” (all durian are nice what!), I only know durian that has worm cannot be eaten xD
 photo 20160114_200209_zpscxiurtvp.jpg
 photo 20160114_200257_zpsxnwswpzs.jpg
 photo 20160114_200306_zpslerbnxot.jpg

 photo IMG-20160114-WA0014_zpsvxftdo7l.jpg

Happy durian-ing! 😀

 photo IMG-20160114-WA0015_zpsfycvlqkl.jpg

With a surprise guest – BS 老师!!!

Off to the next stall and we left it to the 2 experts to do the durian-shaking 😛 我们只会吃。。。哈哈!
 photo IMG-20160114-WA0020_zpsqbdbokry.jpg
 photo IMG-20160114-WA0019_zpsxgsalf2t.jpg

Round 2 – another 6 durians to go! YUMS~!!!
 photo 20160114_203632_zps27n6v3gt.jpg
 photo 20160114_203636_zpsogvsemoh.jpg

Till the next durian season~ Cya! 😀
 photo IMG-20160114-WA0018_zps6aka4aqh.jpg
 photo IMG-20160114-WA0016_zpsklpvzhy7.jpg

 photo 20160114_222959_zpsphc5o4i5.jpg

Belated Christmas gift from Kelly!

 photo 20160115_125853_zpsyprgvebb.jpg


Had an impromptu Mahjong session after yoga and I finally won again!!!!!!!!! Thanks to the flying kiss from Lyn’s mum! LOL. But only $27~ Still a long way to recoup back my losses x.x


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