Spruce Night!

Started Saturdate with a little shopping for CNY steamboat, then off for a good claypot lunch! Bak kut teh mee sua! Worth scalding my hand twice! Hahaha!
 photo 20160116_120834_zpsyyfajtrs.jpg

Finally kick-started the weekly exercise! (I hope it really becomes a weekly thing??? Hahaha!) Back to the cow place again (:
 photo 20160116_131518_zpsaqljoi8b.jpg

Strolling in the drizzle! The slope is actually pretty steep but the photo doesn’t justify. Tsk.
 photo 20160116_131033_zpszsx6gx7w.jpg

Saw a big monitor lizard! Yuck!!!
 photo 20160116_131127_zps2auqolsh.jpg
 photo 20160116_131142_zpsb4rkorij.jpg

Off for Chingay practice and it was the last one before the official full-dress rehearsal! Still struggling with the steps and it was embarrassing because Mickey-san was there this time! Really need to gambatte for his sake since without him, I wouldn’t have been able to perform this year.

 photo 20160113_084555_zpseqfsybsx.jpg

BKK goodies from Joanjoan & pressie from her sis! HEHE!!!

Shiok maki treat from buddy for being his emcee partner (the excuse) and because I am craving for it (real reason)! HAHAHA! Thank you for always putting up with my nonsense ❤
 photo 20160116_190227_zpsce3jhami.jpg

Stayed over at Sis’s place and off to JB the next morning! I couldn’t stop complaining that I am hungry the moment I met Lyn and Bevan…hahaha! But actually they should be the one complaining because they still had to wait for me to clear the custom queue (which luckily wasn’t very long) when they can just go through the MACS.

 photo IMG-20160120-WA0005_zps369ch76o.jpg

Hungry face while queuing for curry fish head!

Almost had a heatstroke trying to get a cab to KSL -.- I think the 2 regulars also 烧坏脑 that they started leading all the wrong directions and we ended up walking round the new mall as though aimlessly…hahaha!

I didn’t have much to buy (though I still ended up with 大包小包) so we decided to catch a movie~ Bevan wanted to watch Mr Unbelievable so badly while Lyn and I were totally against it. But in the end there wasn’t many choices left, so we granted his unbelievable wish (pun intended).

The movie was pretty ridiculous that it was really unbelievable that we watched it! But somehow Bevan seemed to have enjoyed it so much that he kept laughing during the movie! OMG~ Just when I thought I finally found something more lame than May Who.

 photo 20160117_145855_zpsfh1r37ki.jpg

Sausage mash!

We were supposed to go back earlier because that was Bevan’s request, which was why we decided to go in earlier. But somehow after all the shopping and eating, it wasn’t that early anymore…haha! Why is there always so much to buy in the end?! ._.

Missed the bus back to City Square and we had to wait 30 MINUTES for the next one! Imagine we were carrying so much stuff, waiting outdoor with no air-con, for 1800 seconds, and when the bus came, suddenly 2 aunties appeared beside you from out of nowhere…

I usually don’t say a word when anyone tries to cut my queue, I just give them a deadly stare and geh geh don’t let them cut in. But the people in front of us got angry with the aunties as well and when asked to queue up, guess what the aunties replied?

Some of them behind also cutting queue.

Like WTF. Seriously the most eff-up excuse I ever heard. Com’on lah auntie, there are also people jumping off building, why I never see you go jump? Seriously ridiculous! And they just geh geh buay paiseh wanna cut through us, which of course we refused to let them, so they went up behind us.

Then they went on and on ranting about how we should let them go up first because they are ELDERLY. FYI, they are not THAT old. They are just healthy-looking aunties carrying only a handbag and a small recycle bag! It really disgusts me how the elders nowadays expect to have priorities in EVERYTHING. I think queuing up is a BASIC COURTESY we were trained from young and there is no exceptions for kids or elderly!

I don’t think if you go to a bank, you will get priority queue just because you are older right? The same goes for public transports! And everyone wants to get home too! Everyone is tired too, let alone us who have queued 30 minutes! So if everyone was to have such mentality that they get to cut the queue because others are doing so too, or because they are older, then are we youngsters supposed to be in the queue forever till ALL those older than us go home first???

Seriously pissed off and the worst kind of people are the ones who have done something wrong, yet full of bullshit excuses and reasons, insisting that they are right! 强词夺理!!!

Trying to take a picture of the unreasonable auntie in yellow but she tried to siam our wefie in the second shot…hahaha! Still caught’ya!!!!!!!
 photo IMG-20160118-WA0000_zpsydzvnq5f.jpg
 photo IMG-20160118-WA0001_zpsb9umguds.jpg

Another queue-cutting incident happened to us again while waiting for the bus at custom~ Another woman with lame excuse that she’s carrying a cabin luggage with her so she took the lift straight down. I just feel sorry for everyone else who queued all the way down the stairs from the custom. Lame people with lame excuse should really be lame someday since their legs cannot queue.

Finally back to SG!!!
 photo IMG-20160118-WA0003_zps49dj2ra4.jpg
 photo IMG-20160118-WA0002_zpsuyycxzq7.jpg

Our loots! >.<

Our loots! >.<

Had our own mini wrap party lunch for our drama project and I had Cedele salad again!
 photo 20160118_135506_zpsr1kc4irf.jpg

I actually love salad but I seldom order that because it’s always so expensive and not worth the price. This is one salad that I think is more worth the $9.90 because at least you get to customise what you want (so no tomatoes…YAY!!!) and the portion is really generous!!! Love it so much! 😀

Surprised that the “Just thought of a place to go” brought me here! Because it’s my first time coming at night! Haha!
 photo 20160119_222611_zpswwxdbku2.jpg

 photo 20160119_205944_zpsdspbwscm.jpg

Back after a year ❤

 photo 20160119_205914_zpszoqbr5on.jpg

The $10 cocktail of the month is nice and worth it!

 photo 20160119_205531_zps05i5z1bt.jpg

It’s rare that I ate most of the fries this time round >.<

 photo 20160119_205526_zpsplt48v3k.jpg

Nice red velvet for dessert!

Finally gave muesli a try and I had always thought it would taste like hamster food, but it’s actually not that bad and I quite like it (:
 photo 20160121_102545_zpsdvd3dno2.jpg

Caught the movie – Room, under the recommendation of my director and I love it! Was already excited to catch it after watching the trailer~

The story is about this lady being abducted by a stranger, who later impregnated her. So she spent 7 years living with her son in the room where the man had hidden her. It’s quite a touching film and most importantly, it gets you thinking and reflecting.

This was one of most significant lines the boy said after he finally escaped from the “room” – There’s so much of “place” in the world. There’s less time because the time has to be spread extra thin over all the places, like butter. So all the persons say “Hurry up! Let’s get going! Pick up the pace! Finish up now!”

Having your world within a room may be boring, but it makes life much simpler too (:

 photo 20160122_132139_zpsqsu4yqzw.jpg

Lunch @ Founder’s BKT with lots of 明星!Hahaha!

I have extra round face whenever I have my period –CRY!!!
Ended the Friday night with another round of Mahjong and I lost again because no flying kiss this time x.x



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