Wisdom-less Days

Woke up very early on Sunday specially for my cute residents! Since I couldn’t attend this year’s camp due to Chingay, I decided to at least show some support on day 2 of the annual camp 😀 Reached just in time for breakfast…HAHAHAHA!!!

And because the breakfast was rather sumptuous, it got the residents so energetic! Dancing in their own world with the blasting music~ They just love to dance so much! Seriously could use some of these energy for Chingay or NDP!
 photo Screen Shot 2016-02-01 at 11.55.09 am_zpsx89d44wc.jpg

An unfortunate thing happened just shortly after I arrived – my slippers broke once again! This time round it broke while I was just sitting down -_- And thank goodness I had the nicestttttttt MBW to drive me to get a new pair! Hahahaha!

Me: I think my slippers snapped because I was sitting on the same bench as you >.>

MBW: Do you wanna get down the car now?

LOLOL. 真的是没有死过~ In the end I managed to find a decent pair of shoes like within 1 minute after getting off! Haha! And it was only 7 bucks! Not bad looking some more 😛

Back to join the residents for their movie screening! Actually I had already heard a lot from buddy about how bad The Lego Movie was but I guess you really need to experience it yourself to understand how bad it really is. Omgosh~ I couldn’t stop going “WTH” throughout the movie. It’s damn lame!!!!!!!!!!
 photo Screen Shot 2016-02-01 at 11.54.52 am_zpss5rljnji.jpg

Ended the camp in the afternoon and even I was feeling tired, let alone all the volunteers who stayed overnight. There were so many hiccups in just one afternoon – residents throwing tantrums, resident not feeling well, residents quarreling with each other, residents crying after fights and all~ And these are all pretty common stuff that happen every now and then by the way, which is what we are there for.

But some of them can be really, really stubborn that even we can’t do anything. So there was this resident who was sitting alone, throwing tantrum and refusing to join us for the group photos, probably because of something that happened earlier on. A few volunteers tried to coax her and persuade her to join in, but she just refused to move an inch…

Everyone gave up eventually because most of the time we just leave them aside to cool down, knowing that most of them will usually not listen to anything you say when they are upset. I went over to try my luck too, but usually their persistence > my patience. Not that I am not patient enough with them (they are the ones I am most patient with already), just that they can really be compared with a bull sometimes ._.

Yea so I tried and tried and tried to coax her in different ways, but she just kept shaking her head to decline. She refused to even talk to me or tell me what happened; she was just in her tantrum mode and refused to care about anything else. So just when my patience was running out and was about to leave to join in the photo, I gave it one last try and said, “跟姐姐一起拍美美的照片啦~ 我们一起摆 pose!

And then after 3 seconds of hesitation, she stood up suddenly and held my hand! Jiang jiang jiang jiang~! And so we managed to have a full group photo! Muahahahahahaha~~~ Achievement unlocked! The feeling was better than clearing a tough stage in Cookie Jam 😛

A pity I still couldn’t help as much this year, as compared to the rest, but I guess I had already done what I could. Most importantly, at least I had ensured that everyone had a good meal! I am really fortunate to have found Deli Hub Catering, which is under Neo Garden, to sponsor our residents’ meals this year! I received a few messages from fellow volunteers telling me how nice the food were! Hahaha! Made me envious because I was trying to swallow my awful Chingay bento x.x

It’s quite a challenge to find sponsors each year because I would say it’s like trying to hit one bird with many many stones. But I have been lucky to have found 烤功夫 last year (unfortunately they are not around anymore) and even luckier for Deli Hub‘s generous support this year! It makes me happy to know that my residents are enjoying good food too! (((:

Back home for a short rest before the little monster attacked our house! The naughty boy was hiding in my room because he knew that the moment he steps out, Papa will say it’s time to go home…LOL!
 photo Screen Shot 2016-02-01 at 11.56.15 am_zpsaz9s5quv.jpg

Had a painful Monday because I finally pluck out my wisdom teeth! I have all 4 of them fully-grown; not giving me any problem but because they are way too inside, I can’t reach to brush them completely and a few of them are starting to decay a little x.x

I grew up telling myself I am never gonna remove them because my pig brother once told me that removing wisdom tooth was the most painful thing he had ever experienced! Furthermore I had always hated the dentist, so I usually try to avoid them as much as possible. But I guess I have to face the fact some day rather than wait till it’s too late~

Yup, so I finally plucked up the courage to visit the handsome dentist that my colleague had recommended to pluck off my teeth! I wanted to remove all 4 to go through the pain once and for all, but the dentist discouraged that and so I only removed the top and bottom ones on my right…

The dentist was probably the nicest and the most friendly-looking dentist I have ever seen, which made the experience a little less scary. He spent some time explaining the X-ray of my teeth to me and I was even given blanket and headphones to listen to music during the extraction so that I won’t hear the scary noises!

But I was still shivering like mad because this is after all the first extraction that I can remember – I usually leave my teeth to drop on their own because I really hate visiting the dentist. It doesn’t help that my extraction took much longer than other people because firstly, I needed like 5-6 anesthetic jabs before my mouth was finally numb!

Okay, the extraction process wasn’t really painful because my mouth is numb by then. But the jabs were painful!!! And imagine I had to have so many jabs when people usually just do with 1 or 2 jabs. So I went through 3 times more pain than the others –CRY!!!!

Secondly, I had this problem since young whereby I can’t open my mouth wide enough! If my mouth is forced open too wide, I will like kinda retch. Yea so the dentist had to try different methods, like let me bite onto something that will keep my mouth open… But that still wasn’t big enough for the scary tools to get into my mouth for the extraction. So he had to try smaller tools instead and kept playing around with them before my 2 teeth were finally extracted!

After removing these two, I don’t know if I wanna remove the other two anymore x.x
It wasn’t as bad as I thought, and my dentist was really good I would say, but it was still a process that I wouldn’t wanna go through if I have a choice.

 photo 20160201_232404_zpsmocfwhsp.jpg

Those are more of gums than blood by the way =/

Was given 3 days MC, or rather 2.5 days, since my appointment was on Monday afternoon, and I had to be on an ice-cream or liquid diet! Perfect excuse for ice-cream now!!! xD
 photo 20160201_200007_zpszgja8bzw.jpg

 photo 20160201_204314_zps70oaqmcx.jpg

Obscene plant name spotted~

 photo 20160201_205006_zpshytu97k5.jpg

Hydrangea <3!

Chanced upon Häagen-Dazs promo again and I tried my luck to find my favourite Caramel Biscuit & Cream flavour again! Dug till my fingers all went numb again (and yet painful from the frost bites) and then I finally found it! Super happy!!!!!!!!!!
 photo 20160202_112109_zps6mdt7a23.jpg

 photo 20160202_130310_zpsjabxym3d.jpg


Was supposed to be on liquid diet so I thought of having some porridge… Just nice I recalled that there’s now an O’bean outlet in AMK! Hehe! Satisfied my O’bean crave and it’s cheaper at this outlet! Only $3.50, but of course this franchised outlet only has a part of the menu~

Caught The Big Short and the only part that attracted me was of course Ryan Gosling. But he doesn’t look that handsome in this movie somehow 😦 And the movie was rather chim; all about banking stuff, so you may need to have a bit of such knowledge to fully enjoy it.

 photo 20160202_223920_zpswvyj790z.jpg

A short night cycling cum catch-up session with buddy!

 photo 20160203_112345_zpskekqbc91.jpg


I can’t even remember when was the last time I actually went for K-lunch! It was probably more than 5 years ago or when I was still back in school and the schedule allowed. Ever since I started working, singing K in the afternoon just seems impossible~ But it’s so worth it! $10 nett with lunch included and most importantly, FREE FLOW ICE-CREAM!!! Just what I needed! xD

But somehow 3 days medical leave just passed really fast~ I envisioned to do many things during this “break” but in the end I did not accomplish all. Only managed to do a few like buying my mochi, singing K and watching movie… Time just seemed to pass very fast each day and I had so much to do, yet so little time again! Sigh! Guess I really need to pluck another 2 teeth…LOL.

But of course, I am still thankful – thankful for the time. When everyone else is busy working, I am thankful for the time spared for me, I am thankful for the companionship, if not I can’t imagine what I can do during these few days ((:

 photo 20160203_161623_zpsj0ghgmvj.jpg

Made a new friend while eating this sesame tang yuan! Haha!

Back to work and I spent the day watching 康熙, as “inspired” by Ping…hahaha! Then received a good news when boss declared Friday as an off day for us! Weeeeeee~ So excluding the 3 hours I worked on Monday, I actually only worked 1 day this week! But this is like kinda 先甜后苦 before the next project, or maybe it’s 先苦后甜 also since we just wrapped one too 😛

Celebrating the last day of work with the bottle of Moscato from client! Hehe!
 photo 20160204_174629_zpsfvrfxgme.jpg

Greetings from S.H.Y~!!! 😀 Ally has a serious problem posing for photos each time…hahaha!
 photo 20160204_175141_zpsovwz7g2p.jpg

 photo 20160204_175208_zpsljveorik.jpg
 photo 20160204_175207_zpssy2cyu8f.jpg

Sorry, I can’t help it! LOL! This was when we were laughing at Ally’s face and Ping thinks it’s a nice shot xDDDD
 photo 20160204_175129_zpsogso5onj.jpg

Spent the Friday clearing one more item off my to-do-during-this-break list – a date with le man’s best friend again! 😀 Highest record of sitting beside me alone~ It seems like I am starting to win his heart…hahaha!


Love turtle-watching at Punggol Park!

But they are so scared of me that this poor turtle even did a back flip while hurrying his way down! It was quite hilarious though xD

Was mad mad mad hungry and after visiting 2 dining places which were both closed, I finally got my first meal of the day at 3pm! Gobbled up this bowl of assam laksa as a result! YUMS~!!!

Did not get to eat my rainbow cake but at least I got to visit the new Waterway Point 😀 Then off to a new chill out place that I had not been to before and I happened to find 3 tokens at my favourite arcade machine!!!

I had been wanting to play this but I refused to change a handful of coins just for this game, so I think it was really my lucky day that someone decided to sponsor my game! Hehe! Furthermore I seldom find money on the ground kind, so I must be quite lucky today!

Off to OBar and I saw this person who looks 99.9% like Vic!!! I almost thought it was him until I recalled that he doesn’t drink…hahaha!

Not a bad place because there’s live music and it’s not overly-crowded. But the drink choices were quite limited and I had to make do with this overpriced Cider~ But at least it was nice! (:


Huge portion of cheese fries though!

And welcome to the season of fake-ness!!! Too bad I am too real for all these so I’m just gonna hang out with some real people 😉


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