CNY 2016 With Friends!

Spent this CNY in Batam again! Hahaha! People who don’t know might start thinking that I have a husband there, gotta go back every year ._. But that’s just the cheapest and most convenient getaway we could find each year~ It’s definitely still better than rotting at home for 4 days!

Day 1 – 6 February 2016

Though we were missing of Mommeyyyyyy this year, thankfully I still have these two who also wanna get away 😛
 photo IMG-20160206-WA0016_zpsl2xaudi3.jpg

As expected, it was pretty crowded at the ferry terminal~ But mostly Malays who were making use of the long weekend opportunity for a nearby leisure trip.
 photo 20160206_084423_zpszwf4gexp.jpg

 photo IMG-20160206-WA0017_zpsvz7fta6q.jpg

With the crowd!

 photo 20160206_091307_zpsi8xjquvt.jpg

Off we go!

Starting the day with my favourite banana milk all the way from Korea!!! Thanks to Chii Hian again, who always provide me with her trip-ly supplyhehe!
 photo 20160206_082813_zpsipuo5du1.jpg

 photo 20160206_091820_zpsc0yexwvw.jpg

My precious milk! ❤

Only managed to sleep for a short while because there was an irritating kid trying hard to “拔萝卜“…Zzzzz. Thankfully it was a short ferry ride and we also cleared the custom queue pretty fast this time!

Our driver from the hotel was already waiting to pick us up so we reached our hotel in no time! Tried a new hotel this time – The Hills, which is just like opposite the Nagoya Hill Shopping Mall!!! Super damn convenient cause we don’t have to spend money on cabs to travel out to eat anymore!
 photo 20160206_173645_zpsbayg42ox.jpg

After staying here, I don’t think I wanna stay anywhere else like Harmoni One or Pacific Palace anymore…haha! But then of course, the downside of this hotel is that there is no swimming pool~ At least the room was clean!!!
 photo IMG-20160206-WA0028_zpsod7aoyer.jpg

Saw this anti-Kelly signage…hahahaha! Cause Kelly is () 鸡!!!xD
 photo 20160206_100201_zpsqs7ryhfq.jpg

Our room before adding the extra bed! 😀
 photo 20160206_101122_zpsgzgabkys.jpg

Though not as spacious as Pacific Palace, we had a comfy stay and most importantly, NO cockroaches at all! Hahaha!
 photo 20160206_101322_zpseihkjzah.jpg

The 2 cam-whores insisted on modelling when I wanna take photo of our room -_-”
 photo 20160206_101133_zpsyv0hpaqy.jpg

Lyn went “OMGGGG” upon seeing this because the bathroom is see-through from the bed room!!!
 photo 20160206_101156_zps4mgvx2qz.jpg

But of course there were blinds that we can draw down..hahaha!
 photo IMG-20160208-WA0057_zpselz691rn.jpg

Filling up our snacks corner with CNY goodies and tibits as well! 😛
 photo 20160206_102451_zpsegntkgfe.jpg

Then it was time to count money!!! Clearing all debts before CNY! Hahaha!
 photo IMG-20160208-WA0062_zpsricjillo.jpg

 photo 20160206_103129_zpsprfwlqtq.jpg

Miss Banker

 photo IMG-20160206-WA0027_zps9gm5cbdx.jpg

算到乱 -_-“

 photo IMG-20160206-WA0029_zpskmkks1fj.jpg


And then off for lunch at Nagoya Hill! Just 3 minutes away, so convenient!!!!!! But first, you have to conquer a heavy-traffic road~
 photo IMG-20160206-WA0032_zpsxvpcskvt.jpg

Booked our massage and had the standard Ayam Penyet~

 photo IMG-20160208-WA0064_zpse6m39lxk.jpg

Eat lunch also need to take photo!!!

Hmmmm… If travelling with 1 closet cam-whore to Hong Kong was tiring enough, imagine having 2, who went “Eh let’s take photo” every few minutes -.- It’s not that I hate taking photos, but sometimes you just have bad hair day or shagged face or even bad face day that you don’t really wanna cam-whore, yet you are forced to take shot after shot. FAINT~~~

Did our standard “grocery” shopping where we stocked up our snacks and pads before heading off for our 90 minutes full body massage! So looking forward to it because I needed one! Always! And it’s only like S$15!!! 😀

Asked for a strong masseur and I really got a pretty strong one that got me struggling in pain but also shiok-ness…hahaha! Felt so relax after going through all the pain! Back to Nagoya Hill to explore and snack~
 photo 20160206_165131_zpsjxwfisrv.jpg

Waited damn long for this giant crepe but it was yummy!
 photo IMG-20160206-WA0026_zpstbajsufj.jpg

Felt so relieved when we finally finished eating though…hahaha! I like to eat it but it’s always so messy and difficult to eat!
 photo IMG-20160208-WA0055_zps7pqjnd3c.jpg

Back to unload our loots first after our exploration~
 photo IMG-20160208-WA0061_zpsckvnhix7.jpg

Then off for dinner at Wey Wey Seafood! It’s apparently quite a famous seafood place that we passed by during our previous trip and Lyn was looking forward to visit~
 photo IMG-20160206-WA0033_zpsptox7fms.jpg

Dining by the sea!
 photo IMG-20160208-WA0060_zpspt7rcroj.jpg
 photo IMG-20160208-WA0058_zps0vofk5or.jpg

 photo IMG-20160211-WA0007_zps6bzmwfoz.jpg

Bad hair day.

 photo IMG-20160211-WA0003_zpscr1cxlxn.jpg

Mickey’s photoshoot again~

 photo 20160206_181126_zpsh2rvs6uz.jpg

Enjoying the nice view (:

 photo 20160206_181054_zpsib4aojl1.jpg
 photo 20160206_181059_zpspke2audu.jpg

 photo 20160206_181947_zpse0myboku.jpg

Selfie with the sea!

 photo 20160206_182054_zpsw75tl7n2.jpg

Photobombed by Mickey again >.>

 photo IMG-20160211-WA0002_zpsbocmg1dv.jpg

Behind the scene~

 photo IMG-20160208-WA0063_zpsx00xqyrp.jpg

Emo shot!

There weren’t any prices on the menu which made it quite inconvenient for us to decide on our orders. It’s like every time we wanna order something we gotta ask. Felt a bit like being scammed also without proper prices being stated, so we only ordered a few dishes to try~

This plate of salted egg yolk calamari cost us around 7 bucks and although the quantity isn’t a lot, it was quite nice at least.
 photo 20160206_183226_zps37snoov2.jpg

Didn’t take photos of the remaining dishes because I don’t see the need to give them much publicity. We ordered a fish that cost S$30+ (goes by weight, so you won’t know the price till you get the bill) and a plate of veggie as well; both were okay, quite average taste.

We were quite shocked by our bill at the end of the night because even though we only ordered 3 dishes, 2 rice and 3 drinks, our bill was close to S$50 ._. Perhaps we just weren’t expecting the fish to be so expensive since it really tasted like something that my mum has cooked before.

Well anyhow, it’s the experience that counts and at least it was still nice dining by the sea (:
 photo 20160206_182404_zpsb0oqeoa9.jpg

 photo 20160206_184224_zps2mqskpez.jpg


 photo IMG-20160207-WA0009_zpszyfz5lww.jpg

Because there must be before & after shot………………

Explored a mall near the seafood place where we had all not been to before~ But all the shops were closed by then (it was only 8pm!) except the supermarket, so guess we ended up again? xD

The ladies who were obviously not full from our dinner decided to dabao satay from the roadside stall behind our hotel for a supper feast! I was okay because dinners are not mandatory for me…hahaha!

 photo IMG-20160207-WA0004_zpsmdumyxoq.jpg

Still think sweet meat taste weird, just like char siew.

The ladies enjoying their supper~ It’s either the satays were so good, or they were just so hungry that I kept hearing Lyn say, “I eat one more ahhh…“, “I eat one more…“, “Okay, I eat just one more…” And she was disappointed when they ran out of chicken satay the next day! Hahaha! Tio gong tao liao~~~
 photo 20160206_204841_zpsldewqxza.jpg

 photo IMG-20160207-WA0011_zpsqsdl3cbl.jpg

Stretching after supper xD

 photo 20160206_211823_zpsadpromhx.jpg

Party time!!! 😀

 photo IMG-20160207-WA0007_zpsevekg3pp.jpg

Colours of our night! 😛

 photo IMG-20160207-WA0008_zpsyiuhyyzy.jpg

Unglam sitting position -.-“

 photo IMG-20160207-WA0010_zpsfr2aavx3.jpg


 photo IMG-20160207-WA0006_zpsyctpf8m0.jpg

The one who finished less than half a bottle holding on to 2 bottles -_-|||

Day 2 – 7 February 2016

Dragged ourselves up for hotel breakfast because it ends at 10am! Seriously, who wakes up at 6am to eat breakfast -.- They should have the timing like at least 7-11am instead of 6-10am…Zzzzz.
 photo 20160207_085011_zpszafkgu9u.jpg

But thankfully, there were still quite a lot of food left at 9am! 😛
 photo 20160207_085059_zps1xvolvsn.jpg
 photo 20160207_085114_zpsg7o0jvld.jpg

The ladies were surprised by how much I can eat in the morning as compared to how much I eat at night…hahaha! But this isn’t a lot, is it??? Just some keropoks (my must-have!!!), a bit of side dishes, a bowl of porridge and a bowl of cereal with my banana milk~ A lot meh? ._.
 photo 20160207_085805_zpsqhpuslif.jpg

 photo 20160207_091654_zps1ydkdkal.jpg

Completely accidental shot! >.<

The initial plan of the day was to travel out to Kelly’s friend’s hotel to swim, but it was raining the whole day! So we ended up nua-ing the morning away in bed, which totally surprised Kelly, because she doesn’t know we are such good nua-ers…hahahahahahahaha!!!
 photo IMG-20160207-WA0013_zpss9eadlol.jpg

 photo 20160207_110705_zpsgcklyybi.jpg

Someone caught snacking away 😛

 photo 20160207_110949_zpsmldbskrj.jpg

*sings* OMG~ Look at her butt~

Played Monopoly Deal while waiting for 老天爷 to decide our swimming fate for us via the weather! Hahaha!
 photo 20160207_113358_zpscovxedlg.jpg

Won the first 2 rounds and Kelly, who was such a noob in the game initially (she kept making bimbo mistakes!), got trained by me to win the third round! Hahahahaha! The super competitive kid was like shhhh-ing me away whenever I gave Kelly tips xD
 photo IMG-20160208-WA0035_zpsebhmn0sa.jpg

So she took unglam photos of us when we accidentally dropped cookie on her bed! xDDDDD
 photo IMG-20160208-WA0036_zpsur1oj2i3.jpg

After doing some calculation the previous night on our cash, we realised we had gone from millionaires to paupers…LOL! I was left with like 30 bucks to survive for the next 2 days, after deducting all the money for the transports~ Thankfully I had already bought all my things including my chips and kueh lapis!!! And I had also eaten a good share of brunch at the buffet breakfast earlier on…HAHAHA!

I seriously think I can survive with that $30 and maybe even go for 1 more massage~ Because I don’t spend much on food and I may not even have to eat the next day after another buffet breakfast! LOL. But if we were to forfeit the swimming plan, that means we would get back our transport money that we have set aside and we would have even more money!

So in the end, we decided to follow the fate that 老天爷 has set for us, which was to skip the swim! That decision finally ended our nua-ing morning 😛
 photo IMG-20160208-WA0022_zpsxzzuhrdj.jpg

Off we go to Nagoya Hill again! This time round we took the hotel’s complimentary transport service – not that we were lazy to walk 3 minutes, but that road is just a bit dangerous to cross…haha!
 photo 20160207_1427280_zpst7avwwfb.jpg

 photo IMG-20160208-WA0015_zps7xwcvdts.jpg

Chauffeured! 😀

 photo 20160207_144229_zpssj1kly22.jpg

Found my shop!!! xD

The ladies suggested singing K somehow, which kinda surprised me because they had never been a fan of karaoke???! And Lyn hardly sings in front of us -.- She sings either without a mic or with a mic that is 30cm away from her.

But anyway, since we had no other plans for the day, and since it was damn cheap (less than S$3 each!!!), we decided to book an hour to sing! 😀 But off for lunch first because the 2 non-breakfast people were getting hungry after not having much in the morning~
 photo 20160207_150617_zpsdqdtlfiz.jpg

 photo 20160207_150631_zpstmapqhsw.jpg

While waiting for them to buy food…

 photo 20160207_155817_zpsjkuhrelb.jpg

New pram???

Recharged energy for our K-session~! The 1 hour was pretty short because we weren’t familiar with the system, and there were many weird songs appearing on our playlist that we did not choose. But at least it was a fulfilling 1 hour and the big room was worth it! (:
 photo IMG-20160207-WA0026_zpsmulwdaje.jpg
 photo IMG-20160207-WA0025_zpsnjqpac7s.jpg

 photo IMG-20160207-WA0029_zpsl61aamwn.jpg

Ms Controller

 photo IMG-20160207-WA0028_zpsfotpd7wo.jpg

除夕 wefie~

I definitely didn’t mind singing longer but I was with 2 non-karaokers, so I didn’t wanna end up having to sing most of the session myself~ Especially when Kelly is always the one suggesting doing something but she backs out from it….Zzzzz.
 photo 20160207_173621_zpsysyh7zdm.jpg

 photo 20160207_180254_zpsblkm3y0s.jpg

Ms Golden Teeth finally sang!

 photo 20160207_180304_zpsxm2ra6i6.jpg

With Ms Only-Sang-2-Songs >.>

 photo IMG-20160207-WA0024_zpshwbaj9qe.jpg

1 hour passed so fast!

 photo IMG-20160207-WA0030_zps8e5dctcp.jpg

Wefie before leaving~!

Then off for our next leisure activity – massage, again! Hahaha! Because we were all richer again after splitting our transport fee for the swimming plan and hence we used the money for a good 1-hour foot massage! 😀
 photo IMG-20160208-WA0019_zps2moqmo5p.jpg

I wasn’t in the picture because I was split to the other room, which I didn’t mind because I was busy playing Cookie Jam…haha! Still prefer body massage because foot massage is always so painful yet not as shiok after that as body massage!
 photo 20160207_195526_zpsspfbha0h.jpg

Back to Nagoya Hill to spend the rest of the evening~ Chanced upon this massive collection of Thomas & Friends!
 photo 20160207_145125_zpsn6l4iomt.jpg

Had the must-have A&W waffle before heading back to hotel for our countdown 😛
 photo 20160207_213600_zpsyg0e5z54.jpg

 photo IMG-20160208-WA0010_zpsle2ehvgl.jpg


 photo IMG-20160208-WA0020_zpspjyeawf8.jpg

See you again, Rooty! 😉

Got attracted by people putting fireworks at a nearby hotel and the 2 buay kia si ladies went into this random dark place to catch a glimpse~ Reminds me of last year when Lyn and I were also watching people put fireworks and then we started running away from it…hahahaha!
 photo 20160207_202821_zpsofd6gnrc.jpg
 photo 20160207_202822_zpsbgzpcazv.jpg
 photo 20160207_202826_zpsmlp4xpdy.jpg

Fireworks are pretty but somehow I am no longer a fan of it after seeing it every year at Chingay and NDP. Perhaps I just dislike anything that is short span and pretty for that moment~
 photo 20160207_202831_zpsxlrblrhy.jpg

Went to another hotel to take photos with their CNY decorations! Hahaha! Hotel-hopping xD
 photo IMG-20160208-WA0029_zps5jh3k6pz.jpg
 photo IMG-20160208-WA0024_zpsqdncuemw.jpg

 photo IMG-20160207-WA0043_zpsp0vxe0kj.jpg


 photo IMG-20160208-WA0023_zpsamuneloy.jpg

Everyone HUAT AH~!!!

Pretty fountain outside the hotel (:
 photo 20160207_220058_zps5ngm7hti.jpg
 photo 20160207_220006_zpsftjeojqv.jpg

 photo IMG-20160208-WA0034_zpslqywmu46.jpg

Our hotel is just opposite!

Back to our own hotel to have our mini lohei session and countdown! 😀
 photo 20160207_225200_zpsmrx329ds.jpg
 photo 20160207_225555_zpstpvv3c0k.jpg

Even though we were 1 hour slower in Batam and miles apart from our homeland, we were still counting down along with everyone okay!
 photo IMG-20160208-WA0028_zpscijrp0xx.jpg

 photo 20160207_225922_zpsd0jitqmq.jpg

Live countdown! 😛

 photo 20160207_230004_zpsachbz5c2.jpg

Ready… Get set…

 photo 20160207_230044_zpscmqjml1h.jpg


Yum yum! I’ve grown to love eating lohei over the years and I finished like half of it! Haha! I used to hate it because I puked once in the middle of the night when I was a kid~
 photo IMG-20160208-WA0025_zpsiiiitebk.jpg

 photo 20160207_231808_zpsf35timc9.jpg

Hope it’s really a good year for Snake…

I was pretty excited over the 天灯 that I brought from Singapore because I know Batam allows that! But we couldn’t find a space big enough for us to put, so in the end we decided to try the space outside our hotel!
 photo 20160207_234607_zpsa5hbbyux.jpg

Writing our wishes on the lantern! 😀
 photo IMG-20160208-WA0013_zpsxm34chnt.jpg
 photo IMG-20160208-WA0026_zpsfdlrxkej.jpg

Our greedy wishes!!!
 photo 20160208_000601_zpsgt986wug.jpg
 photo 20160208_000627_zpsxkfwqy9f.jpg
 photo 20160208_000704_zps8ncuqlq3.jpg

 photo IMG-20160208-WA0027_zpsgiogk5jo.jpg

With our 天灯!:D

But maybe because our wishes were too greedy, the lantern failed to fly up… 😦
The security guard lent us a helping hand as well because he could see that we were excited about it, but in the end the wind was way too strong and it threatened to burn off our whole lantern many times!
 photo 20160208_002222_zpsi3yh7igf.jpg
 photo 20160208_002225_zpschdwfwro.jpg
 photo 20160208_002227_zpsmnudc2ef.jpg

In the end we had to extinguish the fire before it really burns up our whole lantern~ Not wanting to give up (because all our wishes are there!!! 😦 ), we decided to go to the dark area of the other hotel where people were putting fireworks to try! It was like past 12am and yet we made an adventurous trip there for our last glimpse of hope!

Again, the staff there offered their help and when we failed to re-light the lantern, because the wax had been used up, one of them even took some petrol from his bike to help us ignite the lantern! So damn touched but also damn scared that it might explode or something!

We did manage to light up the lantern in the end but again, the fire was too big and the wind was too strong… Before the lantern could fly up, the wind already forced the fire towards the side of the lantern, burning a few holes 😦 So we had to extinguish the fire again and accept the fact that it’s a failed 天灯 experience –CRY!!!!!!!

Super sad because that may mean my wishes are not gonna come true, but also very embarrassed by the 2 failed attempts. Like I was so excited to put the 天灯 that I kept pestering the ladies about it, yet it caused more trouble than fun…sigh! Made our way back to our hotel embarrassingly to announce our failure to the security guard who helped us T.T

Forced a mango into our stomachs before bed because we bought it the previous day to try and forgot about it~
 photo IMG-20160208-WA0050_zpsfogr0cmp.jpg

I usually eat my mango by the basin because it’s always so juicy and messy! Hahaha!
 photo IMG-20160208-WA0053_zpsltq45p7c.jpg

 photo IMG-20160208-WA0049_zps1y5ydxb3.jpg

Our toilet-mango-eating woe! 😛

Day 3 – 8 February 2016

Woke up early for my sumptuous brunch again!!! Hahaha! Bought Yakult for the cereal this time~

 photo 20160208_090740_zpsvkbohkeh.jpg

Last day to spam keropoks!!!

Requested for a late check-out so that we could nua longer, since our ferry was in the evening~ Played Monopoly Deal again and Lyn finally won! Hahaha! She can sleep in peace now xD

 photo 20160208_122447_zpsrgifvxq9.jpg

Dessert – Magnum Infinity!

 photo 20160208_125821_zpsqbqlzodh.jpg

After clearing all our food 😛

 photo IMG-20160209-WA0003_zpsylquzhtg.jpg

Checking out after much nua-ing!

Then off to Nagoya Hill where the 2 ladies had their lunch because it’s their turns for their 肚子 to 开~ It was also Lyn’s third consecutive day of eating this Ayam Penyet for lunch!!! Really tio gong tao liao!
 photo IMG-20160209-WA0011_zps2bbsy9us.jpg

 photo 20160208_142251_zpsebtqdfh6.jpg

Lion dance in Batam!

Shopped a little with our limited cash before heading for our last massage of the trip! Hehe! Luckily I had already paid for mine when I made the deposit for the booking, so I didn’t have to worry about not having enough money for it (:

Went for 2 hours Tui Na (推拿) massage this time and I expected it to be very shiok, perhaps even more shiok than the 90 minutes one that we had on Day 1~ But in the end it was okayyyy only because it wasn’t exactly 2 hours – after all the waiting and washing feet, the massage itself was only left with around 90-100 minutes. Worst of all, I think my masseur actually fell asleep halfway when massaging me???!

I felt it when she was sitting down and massaging my arms, then suddenly the pressure got from painful-shiok, to shiok, then lighter and lighter till she was like just gently rubbing on my arm. I tried to pretend moving my fingers a little to wake her up, then the pressure went back to normal. But it just kept gradually going lighter and lighter till the extent that I was wondering is that a technique???

I couldn’t see because I was facing down, with the face-hole in the bed kind. I tried to look up a few times but every time I moved, she would sense it and become awake again -.- And it happened for my other arm as well till I was a bit irritated because I was supposed to be the one sleeping! But now I had to keep “monitoring” her and try to wake her up! Zzzzzz!

She requested for a toilet break later on and I guess she went to wash her face or something, because after that she was okay. I did not wanna lodge a complaint because that may cost her her job, perhaps she was just tired that day, so I only gave her less tips including all my unwanted coins left.

 photo IMG-20160209-WA0005_zpslkv7hybn.jpg

Looking revitalised after our massage! 😛

 photo IMG-20160209-WA0009_zpsuxciye8n.jpg

Enjoying our ginger tea at REBORN Massage & Reflexology!

Went back to the hotel to collect our baggage and prepare for home sweet home! Maria was sad to go back from her country xD
 photo 20160208_170219_zpsbcw6mqlg.jpg

 photo 20160208_170226_zpsumfpgvkw.jpg


 photo IMG-20160209-WA0000_zps0eoqhxxk.jpg


I think I had improved from my previous trips because I did not buy as much this time! I remember last year when we were departing, I regretted buying so much because I had to lug all of them home! And the kueh lapis alone were mad heavy already!!! So this time round I only had kueh lapis and some light snacks to carry, so not as bad (:

Thank goodness the queue at the custom wasn’t as bad this year too~ We were pretty early so we also queued for quite a while, but I remember last year was so much worse. At least it wasn’t that crowded this time because I think everyone were staying for 1 more day.

 photo IMG-20160209-WA0010_zpsxohmbqri.jpg

Boarded our ferry!

 photo IMG-20160209-WA0007_zpsg80uus8r.jpg


The ferry encountered the worst high tide I ever experienced and it got the people in front of us puking, followed by people on our side! Even I started to feel nauseous, which I seldom do because I seldom get motion-sickness, unless I am very hungry. Quickly shut my eyes to sleep because that’s the only way to distract myself from the roller-coaster ride~ Thank goodness it was only a short ride to Singapore and we were back safely! (:


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