CNY 2016 with Family!

Spent 初二 with my dearest loveboy and family! To me, they are the only family members that truly matter to me and the only visitors that I look forward to see! So one day of CNY for me is more than enough for me to spend time with them! (:

 photo IMG-20160209-WA0040_zps1mzz8myx.jpg

Miss my cheeky loveboy! ❤

 photo 20160209_122201_zps7ysdbyrf.jpg

Annual 饱饱 steamboat!

 photo 20160209_121245_zps9trmiduh.jpg

Eating like a boss again while watching TV~

Tried to take a photo with him but it’s always like the biggest challenge -.- Super 大牌 one~ Need 3984793286438926 before you can get a proper shot!

 photo IMG-20160209-WA0030_zpsino9jb0e.jpg

Monkey-ing around~

 photo IMG-20160209-WA0049_zpsaypxkdft.jpg

Because it’s the year of monkey!

 photo IMG-20160209-WA0037_zpshycch8ug.jpg

Signature forced smile!

Saggy cheeks~
 photo IMG-20160209-WA0047_zps7syfpgrn.jpg
 photo IMG-20160209-WA0032_zps8cpvvtlr.jpg

He’s like 24kg now but he loves to think that he’s still a baby, always climbing onto your lap to sit on you all of a sudden, causing you to lose your balance especially when you are squatting down -_- If not struggle and struggle on your fats while sitting on them!
 photo IMG-20160209-WA0042_zpsaneqghr0.jpg
 photo IMG-20160209-WA0041_zpswjcunoja.jpg

Because we told him to bring his oranges closer together -___-|||
 photo IMG-20160209-WA0045_zpsrsmoqduj.jpg
 photo IMG-20160209-WA0044_zpsdqab5dz3.jpg

Finally a more decent though still not perfect shot! But beggar can’t be chooser!!!
 photo IMG-20160209-WA0048_zpsf6mfpqpz.jpg

Went out for a chit-chat session with Ms President before heading to Lyn’s house for a HUAT session 😛 Won $96 for the night and it’s my biggest win in Mahjong so far!!! Thanks to the 2 自摸五台, but it was a very guilty win because it’s very rare that Lyn’s Sis played with us, yet she lost 100 bucks in the end x.x
 photo 20160210_000426_zps1vqd26vh.jpg

 photo 20160209_004357_zpsybuwodfp.jpg

Letterbox surprise from Limin again!
Handmade ❤

 photo IMG_20160210_004513_zpsuj9dlcbs.jpg

Only 4 angbaos~
Dad, Mum, Sis & Lyn’s mum!

Back to work after the long break but it was still a kiao-kah period before the next project comes in! Had company lunch at the same place where we had last year and I was looking forward to the salted egg dish again but there wasn’t any this year! T.T

First dish! Filled half my stomach with these because I was hungry! Did not eat my breakfast on purpose…hahaha!
 photo 20160210_124724_zps23kszdkm.jpg

 photo 20160210_134017_zps3h8hkzdy.jpg

Last dish – dessert!
Taste like red bean ang gu kueh~

I only took pictures of 2 dishes because my bosses were judging me and taking photo of me taking selfie with the cute dessert! Tsk! I just think the chefs deserve some credit for the cute desserts!

 photo 20160210_134412_zps47vdbwah.jpg

Mini apple!

 photo 20160210_134256_zpsgdkykrrm.jpg

Mini orange!

Gambled our remaining day away because we really had nothing to do and were still in CNY mood! Hahaha! Mr J even put some Ferrero Rocher into his coin box in case boss comes in, then he can put the whole box into the fridge…LOL!
 photo 20160210_162015_zpsqoasuso4.jpg

My luck wasn’t very good because I think I used up my luck the previous night during Mahjong, but I still had rare heng moments!
 photo 20160210_163118_zps99usnife.jpg

Decided to catch a movie and I was in a comedy feel~ Chose Mermaid out of all the CNY comedy movies because the reviews seemed the most promising, but somehow I think it’s overrated. Or maybe I am really too serious about life to enjoy such lame movies anymore because the whole cinema of people kept laughing, but I only laughed at a few parts and they are also not the kind that made me laugh very hard =/

 photo 20160210_185104_zpskbux4j59.jpg

Deadpool clones!

 photo 20160210_185905_zps9z6pkpvn.jpg

Disturbing people & taking selfie~


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