Goodbye Glass House

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爱情 > 面包 (:

Tried 麻辣香锅 for the first time as recommended by Ping! It’s very popular in many food courts now; you get to choose your ingredients and they charge by weight, so can be quite expensive~
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S.H.Y shared one bowl and it was huge! The price was also pretty huge – $24 =/
 photo 20160211_133653_zpssszvagsr.jpg

But it was pretty nice and shiok that we actually managed to finish it!
 photo 20160211_135952_zps2pc8pjjv.jpg

Dropped by to visit my ex-colleagues in BHG since we were waiting for Ally and got 2 angbaos! I totally wasn’t expecting that because I didn’t even bring oranges, I was really merely dropping by to say Hi! Tried to run away and they held on to me…OMG~ Super paiseh! x.x
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Had a “reunion dinner” with Kai Bin & Co and this time round it was my turn to choose the venue. We take turns to decide on where to eat, going by birthday~ Took the chance to ask the girls to accompany me to Fish & Co Glass House for one last visit before they officially closes!
 photo 20160211_191324_zpswlvbxbrv.jpg

It used to be my favourite restaurant because I think it’s pretty cool, so is the name…hahaha! But it’s also been damn long since I last visited!!!
 photo 20160211_225112_zpsg1gq5zr9.jpg
 photo 20160211_225103_zpsupew5xty.jpg

I think people, especially Limin, remember Fish & Co the most for its embarrassing birthday celebrations ._. I think we have all past the age of standing on the chair holding sparklers while all the staff sings birthday song for you in front of the whole restaurant, let alone getting dressed up in shark outfit this time O.O
 photo 20160211_200008_zps5ll85wup.jpg

Another birthday boy that got sabotaged~ I felt sorry for them and after witnessing that, we quickly informed the staff that we don’t want such a “big” celebration because we were intending to celebrate Abby and Chii Hian’s birthdays there! LOL.
 photo 20160211_204655_zps9d5a5bjx.jpg

I can’t imagine being in that… People, please don’t sabotage me for such thing ah!
 photo 20160211_204917_zpsdnppntc2.jpg

Shared the butter mussels, as recommended by the girls, and a small platter with Limin!
 photo 20160211_201407_zpsaahlkec0.jpg
 photo 20160211_201300_zpsktljxzxo.jpg

Time for celebration~! 😀 Wanted to take a photo of the cake and Chii Hian kept photo-bombing -_-”
 photo 20160211_210817_zpst8dvv5d9.jpg

Happy super belated birthday to Abby & happy advanced birthday to Chii Hian! 😀
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 photo 20160211_210735_zpsijzyasmu.jpg

Turning 27 @.@

The big reunion because Abby is finally back from Europe again and Chii Hian is also back from Korea!
 photo 20160211_210843_zpsucru77rz.jpg
 photo 20160211_210848_zps8k1mmrcg.jpg
And so we got gifts again from Europe and Korea! Hehe!
 photo 20160211_211153_zpsoa2ygka8.jpg

 photo 20160211_225203_zpsblrqa25p.jpg

Goodbye Glass House!

 photo 20160211_225222_zps3rrapcy7.jpg

Trying to take a last selfie with the place~

 photo 20160211_225235_zpspi0f0dtn.jpg

Photobombed by the girls!

 photo DSCF2253.jpg

Gonna miss this nostalgic place!
Taken 8 years ago =O

 photo 20160212_105006_zpscda5wt4s.jpg

Guess who won $10 for TOTO?!
Not me! T.T

 photo 20160212_140437_zps9vrxflwn.jpg

Very simple and healthy lunch (:

It was a short week! Went for Hot Stretch class before heading down to WJ’s place to spend the remaining Friday night~
 photo 20160212_234431_zpshlo8w9wi.jpg

 photo 20160212_230243_zps2v609cfn.jpg

Look what I found in the fridge! Muahahaha~

 photo 20160212_225239_zpsyk1yzbci.jpg

And some good stuff!

Buddy came the latest but also the richest~ Can’t believe he brought this stack of notes out for gambling?! -_-”
 photo 20160212_233611_zpsu0925rmh.jpg

Supposed to look shocked but I don’t know why Gui looks stabbed ._.
 photo 20160212_233649_zpshqvbqt1u.jpg

WJ’s uncle joined in the game as well and won some money in just a while!
 photo 20160213_000304_zpschy1h92g.jpg

I did not play because my luck wasn’t very good when I played in the office the other day. But Zhen Hao insisted that I help him play instead so that the drunken him could walk around and disturb people -_- I won 10 bucks in the end! Yay! But not my money…haha!

 photo 20160212_235030_zpsnpe05irq.jpg

Annual gathering! ❤

 photo 20160213_113741_zpsumckuuqv.jpg

Saturday brunch!

Went for the last Chingay practice at JAS but we only managed to practise like 2 times 😦 Most of the time the committee and sensei were having their discussion and changing some positions… Thought we could like practise non-stop since our show is just next week!!!

Off to Queen’s house for visiting after that but only stayed for a while because I had another house visit to rush to! And I was too lazy to travel all the way, so thankfully I had 马车接送!xD

It’s my first time celebrating CNY with le volunteers and they prepared a spread!
 photo 20160213_190654_zpsjsivj22h.jpg

 photo 20160213_194016_zpsejoyov6g.jpg

Not everything yet~

 photo 20160213_194011_zpsagm8f4f1.jpg

Yay! Got lohei to eat! 😀

捞啊~ 捞啊~
 photo 20160213_194144_zpswxz2hnf8.jpg
 photo 20160213_194142_zpssfm4bnwu.jpg

Vegetarian army stew prepared by SY & SS! I chose the vegetarian side immediately upon seeing the red hot soup! Hahaha! It was pretty nice and to some extent I think it may be even nicer than Boneless Kitchen‘s because at least this was spicy! 😀
 photo 20160213_203715_zps0tdipnx3.jpg

Love the vegetarian hebe hiam too!!!
 photo 20160213_203734_zps2w8dwik9.jpg

After a really full meal, we tried to digest a little by playing Black Jack 😛 Since I helped Zhen Hao win some money the previous night, I decided to try my luck and I really won 20 bucks!

I kept complaining that everyone had their Black Jack except me, then when I decided to be the 庄 for one round, I got the Black Jack immediately! LOL. There was even once when I got 1 Ban-Ban + 2 Black Jack in a row!!! xD

 photo IMG-20160213-WA0008_zpsmtjul4cf.jpg

Wearing my 3D glass to peep at cards…HAHAHA.

Another house visit on Sunday and this time round to Eric’s house! Another lohei session because it was 人日…YAY! 😀 Added bak kwa so that will 红运当头!
 photo 20160214_140709_zpsbxgenoup.jpg

 photo 20160214_140544_zpsilije0pq.jpg


 photo 20160214_140600_zpsnsmwpy7h.jpg

毛手毛脚??? xD

 photo IMG-20160215-WA0006_zpsdtticyku.jpg

CNY with NDPeeps! ((((:

I can easily catch who lo all the hei onto my hand! Hahaha!

Look at my sticky hand with all the carrots and radish!
 photo IMG-20160215-WA0003_zpsx30iera1.jpg
 photo IMG-20160215-WA0004_zpsupnjj69p.jpg

Feasting time~!!!
 photo IMG-20160214-WA0010_zps9ou3ubi3.jpg
 photo IMG-20160214-WA0009_zpsawbsmxml.jpg

And what’s a feast without a good drink? 😛 Love occasions when I can bring my wine to share with everyone! It’s like the best visiting gift ever because I got an excuse to drink! Hahaha!
 photo 20160214_142911_zps1a29nkui.jpg

 photo IMG-20160214-WA0011_zpsqdmcqplf.jpg


 photo IMG-20160214-WA0014_zpsnxh6gkhf.jpg


Happy Birthday, everyone! 😀
 photo IMG-20160214-WA00131_zpsb22vciyv.jpg
 photo IMG-20160214-WA0012_zpsq7lgffoe.jpg

Ended the visiting with Black Jack again and I kept my winning at $10 for a long time before Eric tapped on my shoulder, then I lost till only $1 😦 But at least I still won! I guess Snake’s luck is indeed not bad this year? Hopefully not just in wealth.


Handmade Valentine’s Day cookie from Kelly!

 photo 20160214_204604_zpsc4qqtoyu.jpg

14 February 2016

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