Europe Day 3 – London!

23 March 2015

Had breakfast at our hostel before going out~ Can’t believe I didn’t take any photo of the food for any day! But actually it was just jam and toast or cereal, and we would have it in the dining area where all other stayers are eating as well.

 photo 20150323_103042_zpsmmgzx1n1.jpg

View from dining area

We wanted to use our last day in London to go for the Windsor castle, Stonehenge & Bath tour as recommended by Nad~ But it was quite expensive and one of the staff in the hostel wasn’t very keen to lend us a phone to call the tour agencies.

We were told to use the payphone in the hostel but firstly, we had no idea how to use the payphone in London. Secondly, I think the minimum amount you have to insert is 50 pence (S$1); that’s a very expensive phone call. Thirdly, I believe the dusty phone was not even working anymore because it ate up my 1 pound (S$2) >.>

So we approached another friendlier staff for help and she lent us the hostel’s phone right away! But that also caused a quarrel between her and the auntie (that unfriendly staff)~ That unfriendly auntie just seemed to dislike us very much ever since we moved in, whether it’s racism or we had accidentally offended her, I don’t know. But anyhow, we apologised to the nice staff for getting her into “trouble” and decided to give up on the tour.

Sending a postcard to Sis! The red mailbox is another icon of London (:
 photo 20150323_111637_zpsrctxlkmn.jpg

Since it was the last day in London, Bro granted my wish of trying The Breakfast Club!!! Initially we thought the queue is like this…
 photo 20150323_113044_zpsaiepaaol.jpg

But it was actually this long! O.O
 photo 20150323_113105_zpspjmcbm5a.jpg

Despite Bro’s reluctance to usually queue for such thing, he still agreed to do it with me and it took us 1 hour to conquer this queue!
 photo 20150323_113019_zpszjperfoz.jpg

Finally in and I definitely love the interior!
 photo 20150323_123913_zpscxwewy3v.jpg

Even the food looks so damn nice in all the pictures!!! But Bro thinks they tasted okay only, as usual, while I think it’s not bad but just not worth the 1-hour queue + pricey price tag~ It costs us around S$60 for this meal if I’m not wrong ._. But I would still queue for it to try at least once in my life!
 photo 20150323_124749_zps8q28domq.jpg

 photo 20150323_124823_zpsseixgdrd.jpg

Bro’s Full Monty

 photo 20150323_124637_zpsohvaefcr.jpg

My standard Eggs Royale

Bro insisted on ordering the Pancakes & Berries (because he loves pancakes!) even though I knew it was gonna get us god damn full, and indeed! So full that I couldn’t move!
 photo 20150323_124706_zpst6n1qeqm.jpg

Off to take the train to where Thapa recommended us to go, because we had no other plans. There really ain’t much in London in my opinion. Anyway, Thapa’s sister was moving house on this day, hence he couldn’t join us~

I forgot how we got there, but I remember it was quite a journey. And I think we took the rail instead of the tube (subway) to get there.
 photo 20150323_140859_zps1m99q6je.jpg
 photo 20150323_142048_zpsnr1p1kst.jpg

Chanced upon this and I think it is Greenwich Pier? Well anyway, anywhere with water is just coldddddd.
 photo 20150323_150001_zpsiksuypoe.jpg

Finally arrived at the Royal Museums Greenwich!
 photo 20150323_150035_zpstewu06w1.jpg

But this huge place is actually made up of various attractions – National Maritime Museum, Cutty Sark, Queen’s House and the Royal Observatory!
 photo 20150323_150524_zpsid2gui7l.jpg

 photo 20150323_150647_zpsokmvgmaa.jpg

Queen’s House

 photo 20150323_150535_zpsx1finxly.jpg

Feeling chilly~

Our main destination was still a long walk away and we had to walk through this beautiful park to reach!
 photo 20150323_150842_zpswqi3dnci.jpg

Reminded me of Korea’s Nami Island somehow (:
 photo 20150323_151034_zpsagvfehim.jpg

 photo 20150323_151310_zpsh23adegb.jpg

A steep slope to conquer!

 photo 20150323_151733_zpspgvbvgdy.jpg

Light rays

Finally reached our destination – Royal Observatory!
 photo 20150323_151607_zpsbfge2kuk.jpg

Got our tickets and mine is 1 pound cheaper because I had been fully-utilising my overly-expired Poly student pass throughout the trip 😛 Saved 2 bucks just like this! Most of the attractions’ age limit for student price is below 26, so I still had a few more days to use! Hahaha!
 photo 20150323_152130_zpsfi3pftnc.jpg

Where the tickets led us to~
 photo 20150323_151746_zpsa01atd6y.jpg
 photo 20150323_152604_zpslp1tdhzy.jpg

Taking turns to take photo on the iconic Greenwich Prime Meridian!
 photo 20150323_152845_zpsmuc2sphj.jpg
 photo 20150323_153552_zpsniwtcv9i.jpg
 photo 20150323_152339_zpsyshlk2e3.jpg

So this is actually the line that separates east from west of Earth in the same way that the Equator separates north from south. Though years later, they discovered that the line is actually about 102.5 m off, which means it’s not exactly centralised. It has still become a popular attraction of London nevertheless and has still been recognised as the Prime Meridian.
 photo 20150323_153526_zpspvu63wof.jpg
 photo 20150323_153516_zpsc6zbua04.jpg

 photo 20150323_153233_zpsuowq2oor.jpg

Spot Singapore!

 photo 20150323_153304_zpsswtanjle.jpg

My pig brother only allows me to take photo of his feet >.>

 photo 20150323_153204_zps3swtqapl.jpg

Secret snapshot of him! Bleah 😛

 photo 20150323_152314_zpspx2s54dk.jpg

A couple brought their Monchichi toys to take photo xD

London view from the hill top!
 photo 20150323_152802_zpszcuas5vc.jpg
 photo 20150323_1523560_zpscfpryet6.jpg
 photo 20150323_152713_zps1ja5w9jl.jpg

Oh did I mention that another reason I hate cold countries is that you either ended up looking like shit, or you look like you’re wearing the same clothes everyday because it’s always the same jacket – or both -.-”
 photo 20150323_162104_zpsmcxxauwi.jpg

Went into Time and Longitude Gallery to take a look and to be honest, I am totally not a museum person, but this is considered a pretty interesting museum to me (:
 photo 20150323_153854_zpskwalachg.jpg

 photo 20150323_1625580_zpssycgoa6r.jpg

More information about the Greenwich Meridian

 photo 20150323_155504_zpsqsopm9kf.jpg

John Harrison’s H1

 photo 20150323_155547_zps4pgpdi87.jpg

John Harrison’s H3

The antique clocks when people still did not know how to fix so many mechanics into a small little box like our clock today!
 photo 20150323_161314_zpsbglb2fck.jpg

 photo 20150323_161644_zpst5cdp7yn.jpg

The giant clock

 photo 20150323_161626_zpsl4ithl1y.jpg

What’s running behind the clock

For those who still do not get what has the meridian line aka the longitudinal line gotta do with time, the easiest way to put it is that’s what that causes the time difference between country to country~
 photo 20150323_155224_zpsiz6foi0s.jpg

I never thought much about these time differences before so I think this globe that illustrates the time difference is pretty interesting!
 photo 20150323_154636_zpsbxig0rki.jpg

So with each longitudinal line, 1 hour is added~
 photo 20150323_155039_zpsyp74fapr.jpg

 photo 20150323_155018_zpsjkmzbbrq.jpg

Time in London – GMT +0!

 photo 20150323_154804_zpszcbh2vit.jpg

Time in Singapore – GMT +8!

 photo 20150323_161803_zpso6v9prrh.jpg

Back to the chilly outdoor~

I don’t know what timing this clock is showing but it’s basically time to go off~! 😛
 photo 20150323_163703_zpswcxb7tiz.jpg

Views from the steep slope before heading down~
 photo 20150323_163838_zpsyxdljqj8.jpg
 photo 20150323_162016_zpsvth8nmsl.jpg
 photo 20150323_163904_zpsccovauei.jpg

 photo 20150323_164016_zpsfqbnc16f.jpg


Spotted a super cute squirrel when we came down!!!!
 photo 20150323_164245_zpsnzvfeqwd.jpg

There was a couple teasing the squirrel with some food and he was trying to reach for it! Mad cute please!
 photo 20150323_164249_zpsmyxbx4dl.jpg
 photo 20150323_164251_zpsykdsthvj.jpg

Finally got it and happily eating away! 😀
 photo 20150323_164235_zpsaj4unf5r.jpg
 photo 20150323_164258_zpsfiwldpey.jpg
 photo 20150323_164240_zpsciv5tavx.jpg
The acorn-looking butt reminds me of one of the episodes of Ice Age somehow…hahaha! The one that kept showing silly scenes of the 2 squirrels fighting over an acorn xD
 photo 20150323_164248_zps5wa4lw6k.jpg

Back to the city~ But I forgot where was this =X
 photo 20150323_173303_zpssbxbsb8q.jpg

I remember it was still pretty early when we came back, so having no plans for the evening, Bro granted me to continue my Primark shopping!!! But at the same time, nagging that we still have a long trip to go and my luggage would become too heavy -.- It’s not like I get to come back every year…tsk.

This time round he was smarter though, he asked me how much time I need…hahaha! So I shopped while he went to explore and I finally managed to complete the store after like 1-2 hours! Primark is probably the place I miss most in London 😛

 photo 20150324_075202_zpsuxzjwlbe.jpg

Goodbye London!


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