Start of Chingay Marathon!

It was my last kiao kah week and I definitely fully-utilised it by trying to clear some backlogs~ Opened up all my angbaos in hope to fund for my upcoming trips but they are barely enough for even 1 trip 😥
 photo 20160215_114912_zpsvd3tzqnl.jpg

Some idiot burned a hole in my Rilakkuma bedsheet! Double cry!!! If I know who did it I’m gonna burn down his/her house or stuff that cigarette butt up his nostril!
 photo IMG_20160216_232441_zpscoyaz5yh.jpg


Something that cheered me up a lil’~

Look who I bumped into while queuing up for Din Tai Fung! The 2 chairpersons were there for meeting, how sad xD

 photo 20160216_201329_zpsgkn3di93.jpg

My favourite @ DTF!

 photo 20160216_211443_zps5y0zn3he.jpg

Super belated Christmas pressie!!!

Finally, finally had our belated Christmas gift exchange and I got the Chia Seeds on my wishlist from my Santa – Nad! 😀 Heard a lot about Chia Seeds when I was editing Ladies Night and I had been wanting to try! I am kiasu~ I wanna try everything that people say is good…haha!
 photo 20160216_212547_zpsxxwuufsv.jpg

Celebrated Nad’s slightly belated birthday as well! (:

 photo 20160217_114035_zps5p1dgehd.jpg

My big breakfast! ❤

Felt good to be able to catch the sunset by the sea on a weekday~
 photo 20160217_190909_zpsd2bvqowm.jpg
 photo 20160217_190918_zpsxciujpxq.jpg
 photo 20160217_192001_zpsm99keqmj.jpg
 photo 20160217_192405_zpsyjvpgjcn.jpg

Reminds me of the egg yolk in Bali ((:
 photo 20160217_190608_zps7boqdbrx.jpg
 photo 20160217_190640_zpssiygonhx.jpg
 photo 20160217_190857_zps4jhcebjw.jpg
 photo 20160217_193801_zpskyagu94f.jpg

 photo 20160217_195747_zpswunhhoad.jpg

Chilling by the sea!

 photo 20160217_211021_zpsl8segryp.jpg

Favourite fish soup after that! 😀

Bought lohei for office because I was craving for it plus I hadn’t lohei with le colleagues this year! Haha!
 photo 20160218_132448_zpslny5bgl4.jpg

Lohei-ing with forks and we totally made a mess out of it! LOL!
 photo 20160218_132549_zpsbnd4jtih.jpg
 photo 20160218_132601_zps3bwtsp2q.jpg
 photo 20160218_132553_zps0olk9z4q.jpg

And later on we sent this video to our boss to hint him for bonus~ I hope he watched it till the end?! 😛

Off for the last Chingay full-dress rehearsal and also the start of the 3 consecutive days of Chingay! But I reached pretty late after work so there wasn’t many photos taken…booohooooo~ Nevertheless, guess who was the 3rd 有心人士 who came to take photo with me? Hahahaha!

 photo 20160218_195123_zps0ttl20sk.jpg


 photo 20160218_203343_zpsocf6iuz2.jpg


 photo 20160218_194430_zpsjsszon7p.jpg

Mojo’s Rilakkuma lantern!!!

 photo 20160218_200015_zpsakwlx2xw.jpg

Our flatten Japanese lanterns 😦

Couldn’t go anywhere to take photos, so I could only stay within the tentage and take photos with our own props~
 photo 20160218_200131_zpskcfvvtn9.jpg

I think I did pretty well for the rehearsal and am ready for the show!!! 😀 Our pretty float is finally ready too! Hehe!
 photo 20160218_200940_zpswxsjeusz.jpg


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