Chingay 2016 – Rainy Parade 1!

Took half day off from work because of Chingay~ But since there was still some time before reporting, I decided to make full use of my half-day AL and struck off another to-do item off my list that I did not manage to do so during my dental break!

Bought some Krispy Kreme over and off I went 😀 Wanted to buy Twelve Cupcakes but thank goodness I did not, because that’s exactly what they bought (the box right beside the donuts) to welcome me! Hahaha! 几有默契~
 photo IMG-20160220-WA0019_zpswqwbnuhb.jpg

Had not seen them ever since I left 2.5 years ago and I definitely missed them a lot! After all they were like a second family to me~ But I just couldn’t find the chance to pay them a visit because my working hour clashes with theirs, yea so thanks to this precious half-day leave, I finally managed to!!!

They had moved from the previous office space to a really big and beautiful office now! Had a good chat with them, talking about the past and updating me about what they had been doing. It’s just like old friends catching up! Watched their new programmes too and I think they were even better than before! I am really happy to see that they are doing well (((:

Some mandatory pictures under our memorable Lala rainbow before leaving for my Chingay! Everyone still looks the same and they said I look the same too! I guess that’s good news…haha!

 photo IMG-20160220-WA0022_zpszuhukahd.jpg

With Reiko-chan!

 photo IMG-20160220-WA0021_zpshedfozcv.jpg

With the ever-cute (and blur) Uncle Y!

 photo IMG-20160220-WA0020_zpsyrk43tna.jpg

With the creative Shairul!

Hope to see them again soon! 😀 Off to JAS to prepare for our performance and Kumamon came again this year to help us 打气! Hehe!
 photo 20160219_173238_zpsjxavejvp.jpg

He fell down on purpose, not accidentally. I only managed to capture these 2 shots of him because I was busy preparing~
 photo 20160219_173229_zpsqn0jztiu.jpg

Done with our face paint! We realised it’s always so difficult to get a group photo of all 12 of us because every time there would be 1 or 2 running somewhere! -_-|||

 photo IMG-20160219-WA0021_zpsxsrj2uq9.jpg

10 pax!

 photo IMG-20160220-WA0009_zpsm0xmgj3k.jpg

Then 1 came back~

 photo IMG-20160220-WA0011_zpskg5ezvcn.jpg

Still missing of 1!

And finally all 12 of us from the Star Shine group! Are we shining bright enough? 😀 I just came up with a random name because I couldn’t think of one when we registered! Haha!
 photo IMG-20160220-WA0010_zpsbq4ersoe.jpg
 photo IMG-20160220-WA0008_zpskoy1ztr0.jpg

On the way to F1!
 photo 20160219_180040_zpsmyb0q79z.jpg

There was traffic jam everywhere due to the rain and it took us pretty long to reach~ Wefie time in the bus! 😀
 photo 20160219_180103_zpsnevbsou9.jpg
 photo 20160219_180133_zpsou7pevaq.jpg

Joke of the day: Got judged for taking selfie x.x
Hahahaha! SK’s expression was just priceless!
 photo 20160219_180250_zpsofjxjmlo.jpg

Finally reached F1 pit but it was still raining 😦
 photo 20160219_191311_zpsjd2nnnip.jpg

Everyone could only stay within the tentage where there is shelter…
 photo 20160219_192621_zpslmlw2r53.jpg

Rain rain go away, Vivianbee wanna go out to take photos! D:
 photo 20160219_192706_zps3h4qasll.jpg

But the rain did not stop and in fact continued all the way throughout our performance! Could only stay inside and take wefies on our own~
 photo 20160219_195233_zpsi8dtpcnz.jpg
 photo 20160219_195251_zps8wejnq8v.jpg
 photo 20160219_195330_zpsvdaaraao.jpg

This is a throwback photo from Thursday‘s full-dress rehearsal, hence there wasn’t face paint on us…haha! Mojo came up with the weird pose and we decided to do a few variations! The bananas were random ideas when I was editing the photo! xD
 photo IMG_20160219_1_zps9qws52b4.jpg

 photo 20160219_195545_zpsqcv2bsid.jpg

With my lantern prop!

 photo IMG-20160221-WA0088_zpsoakpoppn.jpg

Another full group photo!

The rain did not stop so we had to put on poncho to perform 😦
 photo 20160219_201656_zpswfrfuwlo.jpg

But at least we were allowed to do so! Initially the Chingay committee (NOT JAS) did not allow us to perform in poncho even though the rain was pretty big! I find that pretty ridiculous because we still had 1 more show to go the next day, what if everyone fell sick???

Of course professionalism is one thing, but I think being a good leader/committee, taking care of the welfare of your members are fairly important too! I am sure even the audience wouldn’t be happy seeing us all drenched while they are in raincoats -.- So I really don’t see what’s with the objection of poncho. Luckily they changed their mind in the end (probably due to overwhelming complaints?) and we were all told to put on~

 photo 20160219_200100_zps5hf9mndm.jpg

Ready for our rain battle!

It turned out that it was more fun performing in the rain than I had expected! Although we were still pretty drenched even with the poncho, at least our makeup and face paint weren’t ruined and the rain also didn’t get into the eye as much~

Our costumes got much heavier after soaking up the rain water and that did hinder our movements a little, but I had so much fun hopping around! So much that I did not even realise my costume was going backwards towards the end (because it’s too heavy!) and my unglam tights were showing from the front! Luckily there weren’t many photographers around due to the rain too >.<

I think dancing in the rain makes you kinda forget everything, so you don’t have to be so conscious about making mistakes because the audience either can’t see your face or they can understand that it’s difficult to dance in the rain. Yea so I was just so damn high and wasn’t giving an eff about anything else, but just enjoying my dance in the rain!!!

Super love that feeling! The high-ness is almost like cloud nine and can only be experienced when you are drunk! But now I can feel that high-ness that I had always wanting to feel without any bit of alcohol! Hahaha!!! It’s a state of EUPHORIA! ❤

Some pictures of us dancing in poncho! I can spot myself in this! But I doubt anyone can recognise me…hahaha!
 photo 12745532_10153927794677192_4022524804906766168_n_zps9v6lzfk9.jpg

It’s definitely a memorable year because the last time that it rained during a Chingay performance was probably 2 decades ago? Though I had a similar experience 3 years ago when it also rained so heavily during our last full-dress rehearsal! I remember we were even in the newspaper because of that…haha! But raining on the actual day, this is my first (:
 photo IMG-20160220-WA0025_zpsstbramy4.jpg
 photo IMG-20160220-WA0026_zpsd0k0bkws.jpg

Trying to take a 狼狈 shot of ourselves after the show but somehow we didn’t look as 狼狈…hahaha!
 photo IMG-20160219-WA0022_zpse0d4dprc.jpg

Thanks to the poncho (which I added extra protection with scotch-tape found on the utensil package), our flowers were still quite intact! 😀
 photo IMG-20160219-WA0023_zpsjdwribdx.jpg

An un-glamourous shot with Mickey-san, who was equally drenched! Hahaha! Otsukare~!!!
 photo 12705723_897172057070843_276797299664646916_n_zps6u8djmrl.jpg

Finally reunited with my drenched NDPeeps! Did not get to take photos with them before the show due to the rain x.x
 photo 12717715_10153895424246774_9182506093672017919_n_zpsmf4gog88.jpg

Finding my guest of honour!!!
 photo 20160219_214731_zpsqouogyvc.jpg

And I finally found her in the rain! 😀
 photo IMG-20160220-WA0002_zpsnbxl39in.jpg

I had given a pair of tickets to Limin and she had gladly asked her brother along to catch the show! Despite the rain, she stayed throughout till the end and was very optimistic about the rain, saying that it’s an experience for her! She still remained excited for the show as she always is! So touched by her support!!! ❤

She even wrote this touching Facebook post about the rainy night and it clearly revealed my passion for performing! Yes, I was smiling so much and so widely because I was just enjoying so much!!! So glad that my passion was being recognised and appreciated…hehe!
Screen Shot 2016-02-28 at 9.03.53 pm

Gave 2 pairs of tickets to Nad and Yinning too but a pity they did not manage to catch it due to the rain~ The latter had her laptop with her so the rain really ain’t desirable. Still a little disappointed because the 4 tickets were quite precious and I always have the dilemma of who to invite…

I had been wanting to invite PPGs for the past few years but Nad was busy flying, so this year I thought she could finally come and watch, in the end we were still not fated 😦 Still met them up for a photo after the show though!
 photo IMG-20160219-WA0025_zps6cvrozw6.jpg

And a random wefie with NDPeeps!
 photo IMG-20160220-WA0014_zpsqcmgofzk.jpg

A little dessert to fill the hungry tummies after a tiring night! ((:
 photo 20160219_233521_zps8z8nyeea.jpg


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