Chingay 2016 – Parade 2!

Had planned to eat my long-missed Tom Yum mee sua on this day but sadly, it has closed down! –CRY!!!– Tried another new stall and had the signature porridge instead! Not bad, but will be even better with more 料 (:
 photo 20160220_125246_zpsnlaf4bo2.jpg

Off for the final lap of Chingay! Reached a bit earlier this time so that I have ample time to prepare!
 photo 20160220_170418_zpsadlpbjpx.jpg

Done with face paint! I painted it on another side this time because I realised from the previous day that I usually show this side of my face more…HAHAHA.
 photo 20160220_170355_zpsmj8kkjeg.jpg

Told Mickey-san that our photo after the rainy night was not very glam so I requested for a glam shot before our show! xD
 photo 20160220_170048_zps8xkf6a3h.jpg

 photo 20160220_170102_zpsearw9bjm.jpg


 photo 20160220_170724_zpsxsjakmjf.jpg

Full dress + prop!

 photo 20160220_170852_zpsvgqoqaqk.jpg

Hand paint done too! 😀

I was telling Joanjoan that the previous hand sign is actually a vulgar sign, hence we changed pose to this cutesy one that can also show off our hand paint! Hahaha!
 photo 20160220_170941_zpstv7xwo0t.jpg

Went down to take more photos since we still had time!
 photo 20160220_171359_zpssqswyyx0.jpg
 photo 20160220_171509_zpsuq8vt8pf.jpg

Proud to be able to perform with JAS for the 6th year! (((:
 photo 20160220_171622_zpsal3rqzas.jpg

Joanjoan’s Sis said I have an enthu face for this shot…hahaha!
 photo 20160220_171849_001_zpsbrvbocsv.jpg

Group shot before we set off! And again, we were missing of 3 -_-”
 photo 20160220_173725_zpswd7uofup.jpg

We purposely painted our face paint 6 on the right and 6 on the left, but still short of 2 here~
 photo 20160220_173837_zpsneawuzvx.jpg

Reached F1 and the weather was good! 😀 Couldn’t wait to go around and take lots of photos to make up for the previous day!
 photo 20160220_182735_zpscdvzjh4a.jpg

With my favourite people! ❤
 photo 1345_10153895573611774_2423096581945883065_n_zps9ehasjpj.jpg
 photo 12715645_10153895573671774_3505543582211508660_n_zpsugcmqy7m.jpg

 photo 20160220_184248_zps12k0jazs.jpg

I have funny feet >.<

 photo 20160220_183911_zps3dalkyct.jpg

With JAS float!

 photo 12729395_10153895572976774_1501033394138406640_n_zpsjwstdpuh.jpg

Annual mandatory shot! ((:

 photo 12670474_10153895573061774_2405847216479682020_n_zpspn0gcc0b.jpg

Another mandatory shot with my assistant aka 小天使 xD

 photo 12715632_10153895572586774_6266446438788970525_n_zpsh4nr3f4a.jpg

With Leng Leng!

 photo 20160220_184043_zpsqjvecbes.jpg

She always looks so happy in photo! Hahaha!

 photo 12741961_10153895572741774_5369571532048637915_n_zps1satkekj.jpg

Lots of LOVE!!! ❤

 photo 12728847_10153895573211774_3040002264513789790_n_zps91eodxti.jpg

Our selfie stick! xD

Because someone wanted to take the exact same shot as the past 2 years…hahaha!
 photo 12733526_10153895573961774_5030644823665360314_n_zpsbotbcr1g.jpg

Went to look for Kelly and we spotted Stormtrooper!
 photo 20160220_184900_zps0jgldbcp.jpg

Wefie with Stromtrooper!
 photo 12718280_10153895573526774_8149569859162104274_n_zpsoxgcqjji.jpg

Did not manage to find Kelly because the char boh is very dua pai~ But I found my 2 crazy but gorgeous siao char boh instead! 😀

 photo 20160220_185029_zpsw7geyxk5.jpg

With Anna!

 photo 20160220_185109_zpsojtmeero.jpg

And Jenny!

 photo 20160220_190215_zpsjlwu9yd5.jpg

With BS 老师!

Another shot with the siao char boh because she said the background is nicer…hahaha! Miss hanging out with her and miss her craziness even more!
 photo 20160220_190447_zpstsfmgwyf.jpg

 photo 20160220_190855_zpstmgcsa2n.jpg

With my mentor – Lily!

 photo 20160220_190900_zpsjbbetfz1.jpg

My 2 respectable seniors (:

 photo 12734046_10153895573401774_8361872766962294177_n_zpskewep3d2.jpg

With the pretty Pris!

 photo 10683542_459203270955272_1477348994871563225_o_zpsckxxjxsg.jpg

And more friends from NDP!

Then the dua pai Kelly finally appeared! Even the sky was turning dark liao~
 photo 12728868_10153895574256774_7177447093267039553_n_zps5zfrhndb.jpg

Solo shots with my float! 😀
 photo 20160220_191909_zpsgsqeob8t.jpg
 photo 20160220_192107_zpsgldxfjed.jpg

And my old friend from JAS suddenly walked past! She had joined another group this year and we only managed to take a quick shot before her item started~
 photo 20160220_192135_zpsp8uivjhu.jpg

Since everyone had started to 忙,I walked around to take photos of a few other floats (:
 photo 20160220_192407_zpsipfmxirf.jpg
 photo 20160220_192433_zpsqmike3yc.jpg

Still think ours is the nicest 😛
 photo 20160220_192720_zpsvakka45u.jpg
 photo 20160220_194635_zpsbjhfrntd.jpg
 photo 20160220_194242_zpsjiw1eq50.jpg

 photo IMG-20160221-WA0065_zpszf5w0iqi.jpg

Group wefie!

 photo 20160220_192521_zpsmeuqoo6m.jpg

Annual shot with 教授!

 photo 20160220_192554_zpszbucivh8.jpg

Wefie with Uncle Tan!

 photo 20160220_194323_zpsuselqeap.jpg

With Karen!

More solo shots with our float after it lighted up! 😀
 photo 20160220_194116_zpsrnvvz8fa.jpg
 photo 20160220_194405_zpszsyv3uut.jpg
 photo 20160220_194932_zpsrjgm3u0v.jpg

 photo 20160220_194812_zps9mloej5z.jpg

Karen’s cute pose! xD

 photo 20160220_194703_zpsjuwtq9cz.jpg

With Mojo monster~

 photo 20160220_194544_zpsvlztzh6k.jpg

The Ong sisters!
Do they really look alike?! How come I don’t feel so!

 photo 20160220_194548_zpshyvtsx9h.jpg

Joanjoan’s prop tilts along with her Sis’s face xD

 photo 20160220_195102_zpsi0vhibo0.jpg

With our handmade lanterns of different designs! (:

 photo 20160220_195256_zpsfoknf9kd.jpg

With the kidz group!

 photo 20160220_195310_zpsm0djjrv9.jpg

Suddenly more and more joined in!

 photo 20160220_195656_zpspfhs6dpx.jpg

Suddenly a guy in our group???

Funny poses of the Ong sisters! xD
 photo 20160220_195615_zpsbcnzear6.jpg
 photo 20160220_195409_zpsskequnjr.jpg

 photo 20160220_195824_zpspqz46l8b.jpg

Cutest float!

 photo 20160220_195915_zpsun1gwozn.jpg

With the cute POSB squirrel!

 photo 20160220_195950_zpsyvtjre7o.jpg

Super 像!Haha!

 photo 20160220_200455_zpsqknnepgu.jpg

With Pris & an NDP member from my group!

 photo 20160220_202322_zps1zkkydij.jpg

June with the guest from Japan that is performing with us!

 photo 20160220_193608_zpsh4x68vb4.jpg

Group Star Shine, READY TO GO~!!!!!! 😀

Had been urging Karen to take a photo with Ronald but she didn’t get the chance to because the latter was busy with duty~ Since it was the last day and I personally think that it’s a precious memory never to be missed, I pulled them together right before our performance for this shot! Hehe! The cute Minion couple!
 photo 20160220_203546_zpsfrp0rsbg.jpg

 photo 20160220_203927_zpsfmikvosc.jpg

My supporter at the entry point >.<“

I felt that I was more high during Parade 1 whereas Joanjoan thinks that the atmosphere and audience’s enthusiasm for tonight was better…haha! But I still had fun, of course! Almosttttt danced wrongly because the host’s voice was covering our music, but luckily my 慢半拍 saved me 😛

I could still feel the audience’s 热诚, but somehow I think they were more enthusiastic in the past years? Especially at the free standing area where we used to high-five with the people, somehow no one did that anymore…hmmmmm. That used to be my favourite part!

But in anyway, being immersed with the music and just keep dancing on and on whenever you hear the music, over and over again for 6 times till you are breathless, that is the shiok part of Chingay! It’s all about having fun!!! Thanks to the photographer who captured my euphoric moment (((:

And another year of Chingay has come to an end again~ But it’s time to celebrate our 台下十年功!This year’s 庆功宴 was held right at F1 pit again, so I guess we are never going back for the same kind of big-scale celebration in JAS anymore. But at least there is something to make us feel appreciated!
 photo 20160220_221126_zpsfhmesoyj.jpg

And the food was yummy!!! ❤
 photo IMG-20160220-WA0029_zpsvnp71ejv.jpg

When there is good food (and beer), of course I have to share it with my dearest friends! Hehe! 大家都辛苦了,so 大家一起吃,也比较好吃!:D
 photo 12729012_10153895622781774_7672418344313337893_n_zpsfqkbssja.jpg

 photo 12734212_10153895624421774_3366988507781030328_n_zpsxcxdi5lm.jpg


I swear this was a 100% candid photo by Lyn when I was talking to Leng Leng -_-|||
I don’t even know what I was talking about! I look like a horse waiting for some grass…Zzzzz.
 photo 10670177_10153895623451774_3002098790224581234_n_zpsr3dvkxky.jpg

Karen and my tiring part-time job – to act as Japanese when being asked for photo =/
 photo 12741959_10153895622906774_8784447734803977221_n_zpsebq8etm6.jpg

 photo 12743786_10153895625941774_5691925564566760583_n_zpsy7tejhwb.jpg

Finally pang gang loh~!!!


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