The End Of Chingay!

Had my first CNY open house and I invited the NDPeeps over! I seldom invite friends over because my house ain’t very glamourous, at least that’s what my brother thinks. I am more afraid what they gonna do here, because I think my abode is damn boring~

Well anyhow, since they expressed interest in coming over and I have people to help clear the CNY goodies, I shall just leave my door open 😛 So long since I last invited friends over that I almost forgot to serve drinks…HAHAHA.

Waited for Leng Leng to reach before we could finally lohei! Yes, again after 1 week! Yay!!! Karen even specially prepared extra ingredients, hence it was a huge lohei! The biggest I had this year! Hehe!
 photo 20160221_152517_zpsdnyvo73y.jpg

A picture at my unglamourous dining room before we literally DIG IN! 😀
 photo IMG-20160222-WA0001_zpsqjjjnpv1.jpg

And as expected, I got carrot and radish all over my hand again! This time, we even 捞 till our hair and shirt! No one believe that I am the victim, not the culprit~ Lyn’s video would be a good evidence! T.T

Anyhow, the poor girl was busy working away on my Rilakkuma nano block from Chii Hian! I really have no patience to build such thing, hence I left it to the expert…HAHAHA.
 photo 20160221_155909_zpsdvmwdcmb.jpg

 photo 20160221_155623_zps8swj8ant.jpg

Rilakkuma block is born!

And after 2 hours, the whole set is completed! *clap clap!*

Nice homemade beancurd from Ah Tiff! Too bad we were all very full from the snacking + big lohei, if not I wouldn’t mind a second bowl 😛
 photo 20160221_155447_zpstyqdvcn4.jpg

Everyone left for their Chingay night fiesta duty while I left for my annual reunion dinner with Clique too~ I chose a zi char in Buona Vista area this year because I was craving for salted egg yolk calamari and this was the best recommendation from Google…HAHA.

But it wasn’t the best in my opinion. Salted egg yolk gravy not thick enough. Oh well, it’s an annual thing – all we need is a date and venue and what matters is the company. So yup, a successful Clique Reunion Dinner 2016~!!! ❤
 photo 20160221_184331_zpsij5ilpph.jpg

Was looking for someone to help us take a shot and I happened to spot a familiar face – Mommeyyyyyy’s friend! Hahaha! Such coincidence!!! And just when I needed a little help xD

Went to Bishan Park to check out the night fiesta after that! So sad that JAS is always not involved in the remaining Chingay activities…booohoooo~
 photo 20160221_213427_zpsa2fntprx.jpg

Borrowed the big balloon props to cam-whore with while everyone else was busy with their duties…hahaha!
 photo 20160221_200007_zpsrx6quyzg.jpg
 photo 20160221_200045_zpsuj9cinpa.jpg

So many huge helium balloons!!!
 photo 20160221_200706_zpsiritgs9a.jpg

But they also started to fly into the sky one by one accidentally 😦
 photo 20160221_201359_zpsrftjqgvr.jpg

 photo 20160221_201535_zpsiyjz0j1j.jpg

Lyn’s tortoise friend!

Only managed to explore a little but there didn’t seem to be much~ Or maybe there wasn’t much that interest me, so I only took a few photos while loitering around.
 photo 20160221_202051_zpsbozizota.jpg
 photo 20160221_202327_zpsizeaic12.jpg

Managed to catch the fireworks from a good angle though! I just happened to be there and the fireworks popped out!
 photo 20160221_202732_zpswd75ybh0.jpg
 photo 20160221_202735_zpscecfak63.jpg
 photo 20160221_202742_zps0x75vn8q.jpg
 photo 20160221_202743_zpskqvnbqtz.jpg
 photo 20160221_202806_zpszijlrk9h.jpg
 photo 20160221_202818_zpsrlshs7oy.jpg
 photo 20160221_202819_zps2cgeyvoo.jpg
 photo 20160221_202820_zpspuw9kgr2.jpg
 photo 20160221_202822_zpsyizyjneq.jpg

 photo 20160221_204953_zpsggdfzero.jpg

Nothing to cam-whore with, only these balloons again~

 photo 20160221_211847_zpsyz2kjtop.jpg

Night Fiesta


The visitor VS the workers! Haha!


Visitors + Workers + Performer

Trying to create a full circle with the light souvenir~ In every real man a child is hidden that wants to play.” – Friedrich Nietzsche. I surely believe so! 😛
 photo 20160221_211947_zps4knaqxne.jpg
 photo 20160221_212046_zpspektgvb3.jpg
 photo 20160221_212017_zpsckwlr3aw.jpg
 photo 20160221_212044_zps44bhppvm.jpg
 photo 20160221_212047_zpskh36txar.jpg

Paparazzi caught the lovey-dovey side of the cute Minion couple again! Hehe! So sweet!!!
 photo 20160221_212348_zpseb7iqikx.jpg

 photo 20160221_212340_zpsnnhrz7x0.jpg


Singapore Chase Our Rainbow definitely doesn’t make sense; there is a Brighter word in front, but that doesn’t make sense either -.-”
 photo 20160221_212519_zpsv8ye1gr9.jpg


Really the end of Chingay 2016 liao!!!

But that also means the start of my war week T.T
After weeks of shaking leg, I finally had a project, but it was a pretty rush one. I realised I really can’t work on tight deadline because I will end up skipping my meals and all when I am stressed. And I can’t live with that dissatisfaction knowing that it isn’t a good job done because of the tight deadline. Oh I get really grumpy too.

Well anyhow, I survived the hardest part, even the day when we had to report at 8.30am to brush up everything before the EP’s viewing~ It was a torturous day because I only had 5-6 hours of sleep and I remained like a walking zombie for the next few days.

Having so used to starting work at 10 or even later, I really can’t imagine if I have to work at such timing everyday! 1 day was damaging enough to my body, mind and soul…Zzzzzzz. No matter how early I get to go home, I never wanna have such working hour @.@

 photo 20160222_095641_zpso5gcorh1.jpg

Haven’t seen this door for a long time~

Was dying to destress and a movie would definitely help a bit! Caught Deadpool even though I had to wake up early the next day, but destress is my priority now, not sleep!!! So glad that I caught it, because it’s a comedy (I didn’t expect that), so definitely helped in destress-ing!

 photo 20160224_201810 copy_zpsnhrjpuik.jpg

Spying xD

 photo 20160226_141345_zpsdtimusjs.jpg

$1 ice-cream after lunch!

Cheap thrill!

Can’t open my eyes~~~

Another destress session on Friday night – chilling at East Coast! 😀 The 海风 was so big! Shiok~!

 photo 20160226_195202_zpsyk598cyf.jpg

Love Me More, Blue Lagoon!

But I was actually feeling a little unwell initially. Felt soooooo much better after puking out my afternoon’s Tom Yum soup! Still trying to figure out was it the Thosai that client bought for us that caused my 3 days of diarrhoea and puking. But no one else kanna except me!

At least I didn’t feel any pain or much discomfort, except for nausea and loss of appetite~ I didn’t feel like eating anything initially but after puking, I could enjoy the pizza now! Haha!

 photo 20160226_195703_zpsfdg22diw.jpg

Because I forgot photo of the food again~

 photo 20160226_200203_zpsds3eqflw.jpg

My way of eating pizza =X

And the next morning, I had a hot ass. Oops. Felt weak after the diarrhoea and again, there was no pain, but I just didn’t feel like eating anything at all even though I’m a little hungry. And I just felt like sitting down the whole day because I feel weak even just standing.

Postponed my pre-planned Tom Yum noodle lunch and had beancurd instead to fill my tummy 😦 But felt nauseous again after eating…Zzzzzz. Like 吃也不是,不吃也不是 -.- And I just wanna sit down or lie down the whole day (but not at home)~~~ So much that I had an impulse to just book a staycation! HAHAHA.

But my impulsive idea was rejected ._. Went to MBS instead to walk walk and I went to puke out all my beancurd and Po Chai pills right away! Oh gosh~ Felt so much better after that! Can finally hop and jump around, let alone stand!

And could finally have some appetite for the TWG dessert that I had been wanting to try!!!!!!!!! IT TASTED SO HEAVENLY PLEASE~!!! I think even the bacteria in my stomach love it so much that they did not make me puke this out xD
 photo 20160227_140958_zpsv7vqfsh7.jpg

 photo 20160227_144916_zpswmxyvddv.jpg

Because it’s rare to be at the CBD area, so must selfie!

 photo 20160227_144856_zpsdxxlku4z.jpg

Happy first Saturday without Chingay!!! ❤

Went for bowling after that and even though I did not do very well, I still enjoyed the games very much because it’s been some time since I last played! I think it’s still fun to play even if you are not an expert 😛 This is one of my better scores; the rest I am too embarrassed to show. Hahaha!!!
 photo 20160227_164021_zpsbbmaoaqo.jpg

Off for night cycling after that! Another activity that I had not done for some time other than very short distance with buddy nearby~


I quite like the bike! (:

Tried cycling from East Coast to Marina Barrage for the first time! It was much shorter than I had expected and the route was also not very challenging, which is good for me! xD

Did not expect myself to be able to cycle for 2-hour plus because I was starting to feel a little weak again after some cheng teng~ And after all, I only had the TWG dessert and a bowl of cheng teng left in my stomach for the whole day!

 photo 20160227_210313_zpsetvdtyei.jpg

Back to MBS! Hahaha!

Enjoying the night views and breeze ((:
 photo 20160227_213022_zpselbrlsoh.jpg
 photo 20160227_213008_zpsbeandgjh.jpg

Ended the night with Mahjong again! Lost 19 bucks and I’m okay because I am happy to have spent my Saturday to the fullest! I was supposed to be working this weekend, but I was lucky to have escaped this fate, so this weekend was definitely extra precious to me! Happy to have spent it the way I want and with activities that I had been wanting to do (((:

Definitely exhaust myself out to the max too because I didn’t even realise that I dozed off on the way home…haha! But I could finally have a good sleep after not sleeping well for the past few nights due to work + stress + stomach flu. So I’m happy to be exhausted! Doesn’t that even make sense??? xD


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