Alive Museum!

Was given a free half day off from work on Monday, thanks to Taiwan’s public holiday! I was working on a Taiwan earthquake project and because it was public holiday over there, we couldn’t get the materials we needed to complete the video. So client suggested we call it a day and save the hours for the next day~

Yay!!! Off for a good lunch! 😀 Finally tried the legendary green curry which I had been waiting for probably 2 years??? It’s because the menu is “seasonal“, so once you miss it, you gotta wait a long time to try some of the dishes again!

I had green pau during the last leap year and green curry for this leap year xD

Took the opportunity to catch a movie as well!

I’m not like a huge hugeeee fan of Jack Neo’s films, but my Sis had been encouraging me to catch Long Long Time Ago because she said I can relate to it for sure. And indeed! All the 重男轻女 stuff, all the superstitions, all the stupid traditions and beliefs – we grew up with them. Although we had not experienced the kampong life before, our parents did and their minds are somehow still in the kampong.

The father in the movie totally sounded like our dad, especially that “Not I say one hor! Guanyinma say one hor!” Like seriously DAFUG? And listening to all the pandang people’s bullshit instead of having a mind of your own. Worse of all having the mentality that daughters are 泼出去的水, whereas sons are precious gems.

The reason why I hate traditions so much is because I grew up with them. I am not as pissed as my Sis after watching, but I just feel disgusted. Disgusted by these old people and their stupid uneducated minds. As much as they are our elders and deserve our respect, there’s also a fine line between being respectable and being reasonable. Don’t ever forget that you were given birth by a daughter too, that’s how I always fight back. And the funny thing is even the mother, who is also someone else’s daughter, has the same mentality that daughters are useless. Well, daughters are useless probably because they have a mother who think they are worthless, period.

Like the newborn girl in the show, I was also almost given away to my second aunt because I was an unexpected child and definitely an extra burden to the family (unless I am a son). This story was told to me since young and till now, it is still often being discussed whenever I see my maternal relatives, as though it’s something enjoyable listening to – being told that you were almost being tossed away, like a worthless trash. Nevertheless, I understand why my Sis could feel more from the movie because she’s the eldest, so what I have experienced is nothing as comparable to hers. She’s really like the poor sister in the movie who has to take care of the younger siblings and get scolded if anything happens to them.

I don’t remember a clear incident similar to the chicken essence scene in the movie, but the gender inequality in our family has always been made/said obvious. I remember growing up fighting rights for myself, something that my Sis didn’t have the privilege of doing back then. I just cannot stand anyone being unfair…Zzzzzz. But anyhow, I was really more entertained by the movie than pissed because there are some things that cannot be changed. The movie was definitely better than The Mermaid, in my opinion, since it at least made me laugh a couple of times! But I think you will only enjoy it fully if you understand Hokkien…haha!

Breakfast is tasting extra yummy with my new heart-shaped bowl! It’s a free gift from buying the soy milk and I love it because I love heart shapes!!! 😀

Thought we gonna OT till pretty late to pay back for the half day, but in the end we only paid back half an hour! Haha! 赚到~~~ Went for the Sun Series class for the first time since I missed the Hot Stretch and initially it was still okay, I could still manage with the speed of the class and even quite like it. But later on when we started to go into the challenging poses, I started to wonder if this is the class for me. Hahaha!

Managed to do the crow pose for a split second though! I remember when I first saw my Muay Thai mates doing, I was pretty amazed, but it turned out easier that I had expected! Still need to conquer the fear of falling forward and the right technique so as not to injure my wrist though~


Crow pose

Had Wednesday all planned out and was looking forward to it! Stepped into Capitol Theatre for the first time~
 photo 20160302_192423_zpscz9icw4u.jpg

But that wasn’t the destination of course…haha! The plan for the night was to enjoy the Happy Hour and $6 Moscato! 😀

 photo 20160302_193343_zps4o4jwkh6.jpg

I definitely did not change my surname in my online reservation leh -_-“

 photo 20160302_195514_zpszlilkfxk.jpg

Illusion again! ❤

Ordered the same Scotch Eggs again because it was nice! But the waitress clearly did not have enough product knowledge and almost landed me with a big sin! >.>
 photo 20160302_200955_zpsm55ny7of.jpg

 photo 20160302_212657_zpsyc6jdluw.jpg

Moscato for round 2 & 3! Hehe!

麻辣香锅 again! Sudden craving for it and I decided to try 1 level higher~ I think I can go for the spiciest level next time! Haha! It’s yummy but expensive though. Just a bunch of veggie and a few mushrooms cost me 7 bucks x.x
 photo 20160303_131828_zpsxwc5ypzw.jpg

Another yummy lunch – Assam Curry! Finally tried it too! ❤
 photo 20160304_132932_zpsvguugwk3.jpg

Although it says “curry“, there weren’t much traces of curry or coconut milk in it, which is good because it’s less jelat! In fact it’s very apppetising because of the sourish assamYUMS~!!!

 photo 20160304_132857_zps1clloami.jpg

But yuck, lady’s finger =X

 photo IMG-20160303-WA0010_zpsmfhhttbw.jpg

When you got really bored at work and started Photoshopping your colleague. ROFL.

Spent Friday night with Kai Bin & Co at Alive Museum! All thanks to Shuning, who invited us along using her corporate pass! I think she chose the right group of friends since we all like to take photos…haha! But I don’t have all of them with me cause they are mostly in the #1 cam-whore – Chii Hian’s camera~

A sexy shot to start off with! xD
 photo 20160304_195532_zpsn1k9cayf.jpg

To be honest, there wasn’t many interesting things to take photo with as compared to Trick Eye Museum. The whole place is rather small and empty, and the supposedly-3D stuff really don’t look as realistic as those at Trick Eye. Nevertheless, we still had some fun posing and laughing at each other~
 photo 20160304_205454_zpsphokoggr.jpg

 photo 20160304_205603_zpsnpyq0vtw.jpg

The very-reluctant Kai Bin posing xD

 photo 20160304_205708_zpsbajd17fo.jpg

Why would anyone wanna EAT a raw dick?! Damn sick.


Having fun on the trampoline!


Unglam frog jump xD

This is probably my favourite part of the museum~ Although there’s nothing special about it, at least the setup is pretty!
 photo 20160304_210606_zpsgjdyvy6r.jpg

 photo 20160304_211314_zpsvyrhflkn.jpg

Falling in love!

 photo IMG-20160304-WA0021_zps7peawkd9.jpg


And our many attempts of creating a L.O.V.E group shot!
 photo IMG-20160304-WA0020_zpsfdkfgrpk.jpg

Shuning even got disqualified by Chii Hian when she just couldn’t do the heart-shape pose well, hence Abby took over…LOL!
 photo IMG-20160304-WA0025-2_zps2hp7bvvg.jpg

I guess this was one of the more successful 3D optical illusions. The rest were really quite mediocre~
 photo IMG-20160304-WA0027_zpsu5tsajuv.jpg
 photo IMG-20160304-WA0023_zpsptvkuvwz.jpg

This was supposed to be like a re-ennactment of the movie – UP, but got 3D feel meh???
 photo IMG-20160304-WA0030_zps6h19u1za.jpg

 photo IMG-20160304-WA0028_zpsantknm2e.jpg

Almost got eaten by the monster!

 photo IMG-20160304-WA0029_zpsdbog87tu.jpg

But Superman came to my rescue! xD

 photo IMG-20160304-WA0031_zpsbmcqzq4f.jpg

Limin taking a ride~

 photo IMG-20160304-WA0026_zps7zmw7dmh.jpg

Please visit our ice-cream van!

And goodbye Alive Museum! Thank you Shuning for the experience! 😀
 photo 20160304_213424_zps3fyrhuzp.jpg


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