Happy Jaybeeeeeeee!

Was super excited for the Saturday because the 3 musketeers gonna hit JB! I know it’s not the first time, but it’s the first time via public transport…haha! It was a worrisome yet excitable trip! Worrisome because of the jam; luckily the traffic was pretty smooth, but the human jam wasn’t that smooth ._. Was stuck pretty long at the Malaysia custom because we didn’t queue the right counter~

I had actually even planned what to have for lunch and dinner, but due to the unforeseen human jam and hunger pang, we decided to switch the lunch and dinner. So had lunch at Thai Express first before travelling to KSL~ I forgot about photos again because I was so hungryyyyy! We ordered like so much and I actually didn’t feel full…hmmmmm.

Had our first “memorable” encounter of the day when we actually got chased off the cab after a failed bargaining! LOL! Luckily we still managed to find another cab and reached KSL at a reasonable price…bleahhhhh~ Got attracted by this couple eating this smoky thing in the mall and the 2 playful ones decided to buy one to play as well!

Smoking” in the mall~
 photo 20160305_150024_zpsamno115k.jpg

It’s actually liquid nitrogen! But mine always got the least “smoke” D:
 photo 20160305_150129_zpskhdiesdn.jpg
 photo 20160305_150131_zpsodwlcp8k.jpg
 photo 20160305_150139_zpslknhg6u2.jpg

Decided to catch a movie after we had finished our shopping, but perhaps the main motive was to find a comfy place to sleep, because I had one dozing off on one side and the other looking like gonna doze off anytime on another side…hahaha!

I think London Has Fallen is quite an exciting film, but perhaps I had enjoyed it more because I had been to various places shown in the movie. So watching those places exploding into flames is pretty … scary I guess? Nevertheless, it doesn’t really have a very unique story line or anything that would “wow” you. It’s quite a typical terrorist-attack kind of movie~

Skipped our dinner plan in the end because no one was really hungry yet, so we went back to City Square to eat instead. Then our second “memorable” encounter happened! We happily boarded the bus that is heading to City Square, paid and got seated comfortably, then suddenly Lyn went, “OH SHIT!!!” For a moment I thought she had left something in the mall, but she jumped out of her seat and said, “I forgot to buy assam laksa!

And she quickly got the passengers who just boarded to buy over our bus tickets and we hurried down from the bus…LOL! First it was boarding the cab and then getting down, now it is boarding the bus and then getting off! HAHAHAHAHA! Mad funny!!!

So in the end we ended up back in cab to get back to City Square for some last shopping and dinner~ And even at the dinner place, we encountered yet another “memorable” encounter! The staff who served us had a tiff with his superior and started throwing a tantrum in front of us, threatening to quit right away ._. Super drama day!

Ended the night with Mahjong and yours truly won! Yayyyy! Although it’s just a small win, at least my luck for the 2 nights was pretty good already~ Especially when I was playing with a bad headache and fever on the second night. And it doesn’t help that I keep getting KP-ed for trivial matters. There are times when I had to reach out to take the tiles too but I don’t remember complaining? It’s not because my hands are soooooo much longer but I just simply don’t like to KP over such matters.

Worst still, being KP for things that are not even against the game rules – counting the number of tai of your opponents during the game. Zzzzzz. And I was told that that’s a technique and I was supposed to do that, yet I got KP-ed for doing so. Damn lame. I think everyone who is so scared of people counting your tai should just not 吃 or 碰 at all then >.>

Finally a meetup with the bitches after almost a year? Location was set in Waterway Point because everyone seems to be living in Punggol now~ But everywhere was so crowded and we finally settled in Din Tai Fung after a long wait!

 photo 20160306_133508_zpsc1nczyvm.jpg

Crab roe XLB!

Wasn’t having much appetite though because I was feeling a little sickly already~ And after Ping brought us to walk 2 LRT stations under the super hot sun to her new house (because she forgot there’s LRT), I think that’s when the fever was being triggered =/

Played with the cute and smiley Dylan before I really couldn’t take it anymore and KO-ed on the sofa. My head was like exploding and I was so so so tired!!! Got woken up when they suddenly started singing the birthday song for Ping and I think my face was as shocked as Dylan here…LOL.
 photo 20160306_154347_zpssh2eaejv.jpg

I mean I do know about the cake, since we already sang once in DTF. Oh but I still can’t believe the staff just brought the whole cake (still in the box) and put it on our table!!! Have these people never ever celebrated birthdays before??? Anyhow, Ping wanted to celebrate with Dylan’s presence, hence we were having an encore but it seems like Dylan was pretty lost xD
 photo 20160306_154344_zpsogivsqbe.jpg

A very tired just-woke-up group shot with 大家!The maid took like 3628764782632 shots before we finally got this, so cannot hiam about no head room…hahahaha!

And then, it was 38°C that night, a $60+ medical bill and 2 days MC T.T


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